About us

About us

Last updated: 11.07.2023

With the ever-growing variety of devices in the world of smart homes, keeping track of everything is difficult.

That's where we at Smart Home Fox come in to help. 🦊

We're a global team of smart home enthusiasts who have made it our mission to simplify this area for you.

We test the best and latest smart home products, so you don't have to.

Honesty, transparency, and complete independence - that's the Smart Home Fox guarantee! πŸ’―

About us

Who is Smart Home Fox?

Meet Smart Home Fox - your team of tech enthusiasts exploring the world of smart home devices since 2019.

We're a global team with members from all over the world. 🌏

Currently, we aren't only in UK but also two other European countries:

We have Smart Home Fox Germany and Smart Home Fox France!

Smart home fox websites marked on a map

And our journey doesn't stop here because we're constantly looking for new territories to grow in.

Together with our colleagues from Germany, Russia, the UK and France, our goal is to make buying smart home products easier.

We strive to provide the best tests and reviews of smart home gadgets. πŸ› οΈ

Every year, thousands of customers rely on our recommendations when choosing their smart home devices, and we're grateful for their trust.

Meet our team

Over time, our team has accumulated impressive knowledge about various smart home products. πŸ“˜

Our expertise isn't limited to smart home gadgets; we also have a solid foundation in editorial skills and digital marketing.

This combination allows us to review an ever-growing list of tech gadgets, from robotic vacuum cleaners to smartwatches.

Our dedicated and hardworking team has made Smart Home Fox one of the most important sources of information on smart homes in the UK.

Ilia smart home fox team

Product Tester and Robot Vacuum Cleaner Expert

When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, I'm your man. As an expert, it's my job to ensure every device is thoroughly tested. I make sure our reviews include all the details you need to find the perfect model for your home.

During my business studies, I had the opportunity to live in countries like Russia and China. This sparked my love for travel, and I'm always looking for the next great adventure. When I'm not testing robot vacuum cleaners or travelling, I like to cheer on my favourite sports teams.

Favourite smart home device: Robot vacuum cleaner, naturally

Joe smart home fox team​​​

Product Tester and Cordless Hoover Specialist

From studying business education to working with a renowned microchip manufacturer, my path took a turn towards education. My passion is teaching and exploring new things, especially in our tech-savvy era. I relish trying the latest products and seeing if they're as good as their makers claim.

What is my goal? To give our readers the best advice to save time and money and avoid disappointment when buying.

Favourite smart home device: VR glasses and a cordless hoover

Corinna smart home fox team​

Product Expert in Smart Wearables and Country Manager for Smart Home Fox UK

I love trying out the latest smart wearables, from smartwatches to sleep trackers to smart rings. Putting these devices through their paces at the gym and various other locations allows me to see what they can really do. Our website is a platform where I happily share all my findings, aiding you in finding the perfect wearable device for your needs.

I'm not doing this from a fixed location but as a digital nomad exploring different countries. Since finishing my economics studies, I've travelled to many different places. I'm always excited to see where I'll go next and what new smart home gadgets I'll find.

Favourite smart home device: VR glasses

Alex smart home fox team​​​

Air Purifiers and Drones Specialist and Country Manager for Smart Home Fox RU

After my studies, I managed various catering businesses. There I discovered how smart home products can help solve many problems and make processes more efficient. These products make everything easier and bring a touch of fun because you're always discovering new ways to make your life smarter. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion, and now I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm through helpful articles.

Favourite smart home device: Drones

Aeman Smart home fox team​​​

Content Writer

After finishing my Masters in Journalism, I found a new interest in copywriting. That’s when I figured how smart home gadgets can make life easier. Now, I love to explore new tech for SmartHomeFox and share what I find with our readers. When I’m not working with gadgets, you’ll find me capturing fleeting moments in the mountains or experimenting with new recipes that may or may not be edible.

Favourite smart home device: Apple watch

Findus smart home fox team​​​

Head of Cuteness

Findus is our appointed "Head of Cuteness". He loves to sleep most of the time. When he's not napping, he sometimes helps our team, but only if he's in the mood. Often, he'd rather be pampered with pets. Findus occasionally participates in product testing. He does this by going for rides on top of vacuum cleaners or using his paws to playfully test the strength of side brushes.

Favourite smart home device: Smart food dispensor and Smart cat flap​​​​​

Meet our smart home experts

Our writers have become experts in their respective fields with their accumulated knowledge and experience in smart products. πŸ†

That's why we're delighted to be able to add more Smart Home experts to our team.

These experts have successfully completed the TÜV Rheinland Academy examinations in the smart home field. πŸŽ“

Our dedicated team of authors and product testers works continuously with these specialists and participates in regular discussions, training and seminars.

This way, we're always up to date and can provide you with the best content and valuable reports.

Let's meet our smart home experts:

Alexander smart home fox expert

Product Tester and SmartHomeFox Author

Alex is an avid technology buff and has gained much experience with smart home appliances through his catering businesses. His knowledge and skills in this area have been further consolidated through courses at the TÜV Rheinland Academy and the subsequent examination.

Ilia smart home fox expert

Smart Home Consultant (TÜV certified)

Ilia is an expert in smart homes with a focus on data privacy and security. He has been certified as a Smart Home Consultant by the TÜV Rheinland Academy. His extensive experience in testing various smart home systems and components has deepened his understanding of this field.

Joe smart home fox expert

Product Expert

Joe's proficiency in the smart home domain extends well beyond the "Smart Home Expertise (Module 1)" certification he gained from the TÜV Rheinland Academy. His hands-on experience and comprehensive understanding of smart home technologies come from years of testing and optimising various devices in his home.

Maximiliano smart home fox expert
Maximiliano Geist

Smart Home Consultant & Planner, Blogger, and Owner of Easymotics

Maximiliano Geist has a master's degree in information technology and a career that seamlessly blends smart home technologies. He loves to test the latest gadgets in the field and keep a close eye on the newest trends and breakthroughs. With Easymotics, Maximiliano offers comprehensive consulting, planning and installation of smart home solutions.

Larissa smart home fox team

Expert in Sound Quality and Professional Musician

Larissa is a highly skilled musician who graduated from the famous Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory. She has extensive experience as an orchestral musician, violin teacher and member of chamber music groups. She now teaches violin and viola at the Wertheim and Heilbronn Municipal Music Schools.

Sergej smart home fox expert

Sound Quality Specialist

Sergej, often called "Sergio," is a devoted musician who has been dedicated to music for over 50 years. He graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Music in Minsk with top grades. He has participated in numerous orchestras and groups and even founded the Rastrelli Cello Quartet. Besides performing, Sergej also creates and publishes his own music through his company, "Rastrelli Musikverlag."

Check out our expert page for more information about our smart home experts.

Understanding our product testing process

Our dedicated team spends much time and effort testing and evaluating various smart home devices for you.

Let's walk through how we conduct our testing. πŸ‘‡

1. Exploring the Market and Conducting Research

First, we analyse the current market and understand the needs of users.

We explore the latest trends and interesting products that can simplify our lives.

The findings of this analysis help us decide which new devices we should test next.

2. Sourcing the Products

Once we have decided on a product, the next step is to purchase it. πŸ›’

Sometimes the product is sent to us by the manufacturer, or we buy it ourselves.

But no matter where the product comes from, we promise always to give unbiased and objective reviews.

3. Running the Tests

The actual testing process is next.

We set up standard testing situations for each type of product. πŸ”¬

This way, we can guarantee that our reviews are impartial, and it lets us compare products directly.

4. Writing Our Reports and Giving Advice

Once we finish testing, we summarize all our findings and observations in a comprehensive test report.

These reports contain all the important information you need to buy the product. πŸ›οΈ

We have specific testing procedures for different types of products.

Click on the links below to get more details:

How do we fund our work

Have you ever wondered how we manage the time, money, and effort that goes into each of our test reports? πŸ€”

We're all about delivering quality content and are happy to invest in it.

We pride ourselves on being independent, and our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best and most honest advice.

To support ourselves, we use what are called affiliate links. πŸ”—

Here's how it works: If you like what we do and want to support us, you can use our links to visit an online store.

We may receive a small payment if you buy something from that store.

There will be no additional cost to you.

Also, keep an eye out for our discount codes. πŸ‘€

You can save money and help us fund our product tests with these.

This way, we remain independent and can openly share our thoughts and give you fair advice, even if some manufacturers aren't always happy about it.

How to reach us?

Have questions about a specific gadget or want to share your thoughts on a smart home device you've purchased?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. πŸ“¨

The best way is to send us an email at: contact@smart-home-fox.uk.

You can subscribe to our newsletter if you want to keep yourself updated with all the latest news.

You'll never miss any new smart home deals and will be the first to receive our exclusive discount codes. 🏷️

Our commitment to inclusivity

We respect and value all our readers, regardless of your gender, background or your aspirations. 🫡

We always use inclusive language in our articles.

But sometimes that's not always possible for reader-friendliness reasons.

So when we use words like "the user", "the reader", or "the athlete", we mean everyone, regardless of your gender. 🌈

We believe in equality and strive to ensure our content reflects that.

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