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What is the best Oura ring alternative? The best smart rings in the UK

Oura Ring Alternative

Last updated: 09.11.2023 Reading time: 12 Min.

The Oura Ring is undisputedly one of the most well-known smart rings available in the UK at the moment. 💍

Sleep monitoring, activity tracking and recommendations for everyday life - the wearable offers users all these features. 🥳

But Oura is not the only smart ring brand.

There are also a number of other brands who have smart rings up their sleeves.

The functions range from unlocking doors to contactless payment and fitness functions. 💪

In our smart ring review, we took a close look at the best alternatives to the Oura Ring. 👇

Smart Home Fox is reviewing a smart ring.

Most important points at a glance

  • The best alternatives to the Oura Ring at a glance
  • What is a smart ring?
  • The different functions of smart rings
  • Which brands are there?
  • What is the difference between smart rings and smartwatches?

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Best alternative to Oura

RingConn Smart Ring

This ground-breaking piece of wearable technology offers innovative health and fitness tracking features right on your finger.

What sets the RingConn Smart Ring apart is its remarkable ability to provide accurate sleep analysis, packaged in a stylish and comfortable design.

We have tried out the RingConn Smart Ring in practice, and here's our take on it. 

This nifty device takes sleep analysis seriously and records sleep phases (REM, deep sleep, light sleep, waking phases), breathing rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and even heart rate variability. 💤

RingConn app sleep features
Sleep tracking features of the RingConn smart ring. Right: Sleep Score; Center: Sleep Phases; Left: Oxygen Saturation
Image: © Smart Home Fox

It gives a sleep score for a quick overview of the quality of your night's rest.

It even records naps too.

But it's more than just a sleep monitor.

The RingConn also measures the oxygen content in the blood - a practical indicator of your physical fitness. 💪

Heart rate measurement and heart rate variability tracking serve as useful signposts for your heart health and stress levels.

Plus, you can get alerts for abnormal heart rates.

It also keeps tabs on your daily activities by recording your steps, distance travelled, calories burned, and time spent inactive. 🏃‍♀️

RingConn app activity tracking features
Activity tracking features of the RingConn smart ring. Right: Activity Score; Left: Activity Intensity
Image: © Smart Home Fox

With sizes ranging from 6 to 14, this smart ring is suitable for all finger types.

It's designed for comfort and ease of use, especially with its user-friendly app. 📲

To wrap it up, the RingConn Smart Ring is a powerhouse of features that accurately records your sleep, health and daily activities.

Woman wearing a RingConn smart ring
Comparing the design of RingConn (gold) and Oura (silver) smart ring. Image: © Smart Home Fox

With its good looks and ease of use, it's a top pick for anyone who wants to keep track of their health and fitness.

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Precise sleep monitoring, complete with sleep stages and overall sleep assessment

Nap logging

Measures oxygen levels, heart rate, and their fluctuations to provide a snapshot of your health

Records daily activities such as steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned

Comes with a handy charging case

Has a solid battery life of about a week

All the recorded data is accessible for free in the app

No need for a subscription, so it's cost-effective in the long run


The app is still under development, but it doesn't affect its use

Lacks a smart alarm feature

Limited language options for the app - only English and Chinese versions are available for now

Detects sleep apnoea

SLEEPON Go2Sleep Ring

An innovative sleep tracking ring.

With Go2Sleep Ring, you can not only monitor the quality of your sleep, but also get indications of sleep apnea instances. The wearable can help detect this dangerous condition.

This innovative ring is specially designed to monitor your sleep. 

Detailed information about your sleep quality

The Go2Sleep ring is worn on your finger while sleeping. The oval upper side lies inside the hand.

The sleep ring can record heart rate, blood oxygen levels and your movements. 

From this data, the wearable calculates your different sleep stages. 😴

This way, the Go2Sleep ring can give you information about the quality of your sleep the next morning. 

Indications of sleep apnea 

One of the most important features of this smart ring is that it can detect sleep apnea.

You can see the Go2Sleep ring.

With this condition, you breathe particularly shallowly or not at all for some time during sleep. This is very bad for various organs, such as your brain. 

Detecting a mild form of sleep apnea is usually quite difficult. The Go2Sleep ring can help with the diagnosis. 🙌

Easy-to-navigate app

All recorded data is made available to you in the clearly laid out app. 

You can see the app for the Go2Sleep ring.

Here you can also get tips on how to improve your sleep. 

Thanks to the practical smart alarm, you will only be woken up during a light sleep phase in the future. You'll feel much better rested in the morning. 

Our conclusion on the Go2Sleep Ring

The Go2Sleep Ring is an innovative sleep tracking ring that allows you to monitor your sleep. 

It is especially worth mentioning that you can also detect the dangerous sleep apnea condition with this gadget. 🙌

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Monitoring your sleep

Indicates possible sleep apnoea

Comfortable while sleeping

Clear and easy to understand app


No measurement of respiratory rate

No other health and fitness data is recorded

Comparatively low battery life (3 days)

Contactless payments

McLEAR RingPay NFC ring

With this NFC ring, you can make quick and secure contactless payments at the checkout.

The McLEAR RingPay is a new NFC-enabled ring launched in the UK. It features advanced payment technology to make purchases easier.

With this innovative smart ring, you can not only make contactless payments at the checkout, but also access many other finance options.

Pay for your purchases easily with the smart ring 

With the McLear NFC RingPay ring, your wallet and mobile phone can stay in your pocket when paying in future. 

Instead, simply hold your hand with the NFC ring from McLear against the reader - that's it 🥳.

You can see how to pay with the McLear NFC ring.
© McLear

Rewards, donations and more

The RingPay app allows you to round up your purchase prices to make donations, as well as offering cashback rewards for making payments with your NFC ring.

The app also allows you to easily block and unblock your ring in case it goes missing, as well as offering PIN protection and 2-FA to make paying with your ring even more secure.

Other McLear NFC rings

Previous models of the McLear NFC ring also offered other features in addition to payments. 🙌

These smart rings had 2 NFC chips built in to offer you many different functions.  

You can still buy the OPN ring, which allows you to open NFC-controlled doors, unlock your mobile phone and carry out various functions on your smartphone. 🥳

However, these NFC rings are no longer payment enabled. If you want to make payments with your McLear NFC ring, you will need to purchase the RingPay smart ring.

McLear NFC RingPay - your finances on your finger

If you are looking for a payment system that can fit on your finger, the McLear RingPay is the right smart ring for you.

With many different options in the RingPay app, money matters are made easy.

And if you want to control your doors and phone with just your ring, McLear also has options for you! 🥳

Check price*


Contactless payment at the checkout

App with payment technology options

No charging

Security features

Water-resistant up to a depth of 50 metres


High price

Few design choices

Take a look at the original:

Best smart ring
Price from   £ 278

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is a smart ring that measures your sleep and activity.

From monitoring your sleep to recording activities and health-related data, it's all there! The app provides you with all the information and recommendations for your everyday life.

Can you buy the Oura Ring in the UK?

Yes! The new Oura Ring, one of the first sleep tracking gadgets in a smart ring, is now available on the UK market. 

The Oura Ring is seen being worn by a person on their hand.

Measuring the data

The Oura Ring has several sensors to measure pulse, heart rate variability, temperature and activity. 

Based on this data, the ring can also calculate the duration of your different sleep phases and the general quality of your sleep.

You can then see the information in the app.

The Oura app with an overview of the different data that has been recorded.

The Oura App 

The recorded data is transferred to the app as soon as the ring is connected via Bluetooth to the Oura app on your smartphone or tablet. 

We have various recommendations on how to change your behaviour to improve the quality of your sleep. 

However, these are only rough recommendations, not concrete suggestions for action.

The Oura app displays a recommendation for action

Early detection of diseases

Thanks to temperature measurement, the Oura Ring can detect diseases up to 3 days before they break out, according to various studies. 

Especially in the case of Covid-19, this could be an innovative way to contain the virus. 

Is the Oura Ring wearable?

Depending on the size, the Oura Ring weighs 4 to 6 grams. This makes it exceptionally light. However, you will feel it on your fingers when wearing it. 

This is because the Oura Ring is a bit chunkier than most other rings. After all, it has to accommodate various sensors for the heart rate monitor. 

However, most users report that they could get used to it quite quickly. ?

What is a smart ring?

Have you ever heard of Oura, Circular, Movano and the like?

If your answer to this question is "no", don’t worry.

Smart rings are currently still one of the lesser-known wearables on the market.

Unlike smartwatches, these gadgets are still trying to become established on the market.

At the same time, smart rings offer many useful functions for everyday life. 🥳

The Oura Ring.
Oura Ring

In our smart ring review, we were thrilled with the gadgets. We would like to explain why in this article.

But let's first start with what exactly a smart ring is. 👇

An electronic ring with many sensors

In terms of appearance, smart rings are reminiscent of plain old conventional rings.

Smart rings can generally be worn on any finger.

But rings like the Oura Ring would of course not be smart rings without the right technology.

You can see the technology of the Token ring.
© Token Ring

That's why smart rings come with all kinds of sensors. 🙌

These sensors enable, for example, contactless payment at the checkout, sleep monitoring or fitness and health tracking.

We’ll go into more detail about the diverse smart ring functions in the next chapter.

Smart ring apps

Since a smart ring usually does not have a display, you cannot view the recorded data directly on the wearable.

However, most brands offer a practical smartphone app for this purpose. 🤩

Smart rings can be easily paired with Android or iOS phones via Bluetooth.

You can see the Oura Ring lying next to a mobile phone on the table.
Oura Ring

In this app, you can access the settings of the wearable and receive reports on the tracked data.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers as alternatives to the Oura Ring

Are you looking for a good alternative to the Oura Ring?

Unfortunately, there are very few smart rings on the market with the same range of functions as the Oura Ring. 😕

Alternatives like the Circular Ring are now available for purchase. Others, however, are still in development.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are also good alternatives to the Oura Ring! 🤩

Data recording of smartwatches and fitness trackers

Just like the Oura Ring, smartwatches and fitness trackers record your health and fitness data both in everyday life and while exercising. 💪

You can then view the most important data on the display of the wearable.

The functions of smartwatches and fitness trackers naturally differ from device to device.

You can see the record of daily activity on a smartwatch.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Activity Tracking
You can see the recorded sleep on a smartwatch.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Sleep Tracking

You can get even deeper insights and access further analysis tools in the companion app.

Smartwatches offer you the following: 👇

  • Daily activity tracking
  • Preloaded workouts and training plans
  • In-depth analysis tools
  • Support to improve your performance
  • Sleep tracking

Smartwatches and fitness trackers offer you better support than smart rings, like the Oura Ring, especially during exercise.

By the way, you can find our big review of the best smartwatches here.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers to complement your smartphone

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are also an ideal complement to your smartphone.

In this regard, these smart gadgets offer you far more functions than smart rings. 🙌

Among other things, the wearables offer you with the following features:

  • Notifications and calls
  • Reply function to messages
  • Call function
  • Music control
  • Navigation function
  • Contactless payment
  • Alarm clock
  • Weather
  • Installation of further apps possible

Since smart rings do not have a display, they cannot compete with fitness trackers and smartwatches in terms of smart features.

One sees a received message on a smartwatch.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Messages
You can see the navigation function on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Navigation

Smartwatches usually offer a wider range of smart functions than simple fitness trackers.

Wearing comfort: Smartwatch vs. Oura Ring

However, the Oura Ring has one big advantage over smartwatches and fitness trackers: it is far smaller and lighter. 🥳

So you hardly feel it on your finger.

The Oura ring does not have to be worn on the ring finger - you can wear it on any finger.

One sees the Oura Ring.

When it comes to sleep tracking in particular, the smart rings really take the cake.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers can be quite large and clunky.

This makes them quite uncomfortable when worn at night.

Sleep monitoring and information about your sleep quality is usually more accurate and detailed on smart rings than with smartwatches.

However, high-quality models from Garmin and Samsung also perform quite well in this respect. Here, you can find our review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

Smartwatch vs Oura Ring - Our recommendation

Whether a smartwatch/fitness tracker or the Oura Ring is the right choice for you ultimately depends on your preferences.

Smartwatches and fitness watches offer you better support during training as well as in terms of smart functions.

But if your focus is on an unobtrusive sleep tracking wearable, the Oura Ring is the right choice for you 🤩

By the way, here is our review of the Apple Watch Series 8 one of the best smartwatches currently available.

Let’s take a closer look at the smart ring functions below. 👇

What can smart rings do?

Not all smart rings are the same. Smart wearables can have many different functions.

Mostly, smart rings focus either on tracking fitness and health functions, sleep monitoring or mobile payment.

Of course, a combination of different functions is also possible.

So let’s see what the innovative wearables have to offer. 👇

Monitor your sleep

The most important function of the well-known Oura Ring is, of course, sleep tracking. 😴

But smart rings from other manufacturers also offer you a detailed analysis of your night's sleep.

The sleep trackers provide you with the following information:

You can see the recorded sleep data in the Oura app.
Oura App

You will receive the recorded data in the corresponding app on your smartphone. 📱

In addition, you will usually also receive recommendations on how you can improve your sleep.

The Go2Sleep sleep tracker can even detect possible sleep apnoea.

Keep an eye on your fitness and health data

Many smart rings also function as fitness trackers. 💪

Thanks to the integrated pedometer and various sensors, such as an accelerometer, the wearables record your daily activity.

Metrics such as resting heart rate and HRV are also measured.

The Circular Ring offers a particularly accurate step count.

You can see the recorded activity data in the Circular, Oura and Apple Watch Ultra apps.
left: Circular, centre: Oura; right: Apple Watch Ultra
By measuring body temperature, smart rings can theoretically also predict diseases. 🤒

If you want to use the wearable primarily for sports, a smartwatch or fitness tracker is recommended instead of a smart ring.

These fitness trackers not only record more data, but also support you with extensive analysis tools and pre-loaded training plans. 💪

Contactless payment at the checkout

Besides fitness tracking rings, there are also many NFC rings.

These smart pieces of jewellery are equipped with an NFC chip.

NFC rings use the same technology as credit cards and therefore do not require power. So you don't have to worry about charging a battery. 🔋

So you can simply hold your hand up to the card reader at the checkout and pay for your purchases in seconds. 🙌

Some NFC rings require you to create a virtual credit card via a third party provider.

With an innovative NFC ring, you don't have to rummage around for your wallet or mobile phone.

The credit on the ring and the connected credit cards are managed via the app on your phone. 📱

Tip: If you should ever lose your ring, you can of course block it via the corresponding app or withdraw the money you have charged.

Open doors and locks with your smart ring

Smart doors with NFC technology are also becoming more widespread.

For doors with such locks, NFC rings can often also be used as smart door openers.

You can see how NFC technology is used to open a smart door lock.
© Wagner Sicherheit

Instead of rummaging in the depths of your pocket for your key, you can simply hold your hand in front of the lock.

If you ever lose your NFC ring, your doors will be automatically locked.

Your smart ring as a remote control

Some smart rings also offer the possibility to operate your smartphone as well as other devices. 🙌

Incoming messages and calls, for example, can be transferred directly from your mobile phone to your ring.

Your smart jewellery informs you about notifications by vibrating on your finger.

With gesture control, you can reject calls. This is particularly useful if you are in an important meeting, for example.

You can see different functions of the Circular Ring on the smartphone.
Smart control options are set to be released on the Circular Ring in the future. © Circular

In addition, music playing from your smartphone can often also be controlled via the smart ring and an alarm clock can be set. 🥳

The Circular smart ring offers a smart alarm function that is also silent. It will gently wake you up by vibrating during a light sleep phase. You can read more about this function in our review.

Smart rings: new gadgets for more online security

In times when the internet is becoming more and more important, we must of course not forget about security online.

Smart rings in particular have great potential in this regard.

Biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, are much more secure than passwords and PINs.

You can see the technology of the token ring.
© Token Ring
Smart rings have the potential to become part of such biometric recognition processes in the future.

Based on an electrocardiogram (ECG) or walking gait, smart rings can identify their wearer.

Smart rings could provide more security against hackers and identity theft in the future.

Which is the best smart ring alternative to the Oura Ring?

Undisputedly, the Oura Ring is currently one of the best-known and most popular smart rings on the market.

This is no wonder, after all, the innovative ring supports you with very accurate sleep tracking. 💤

You can see the Oura ring being worn.
Oura Ring

In addition, the wearable tracks a lot of other health and fitness data and makes it available to you in the clearly laid out app. 📱

Please note: Since Gen 3 of the Oura Ring, a paid subscription is required to access all analysis tools.

By the way, you can find our complete review of the Oura Ring here.

But the Oura Ring is of course not the only smart ring on the market. In our review, we looked at good alternatives to the smart wearable. 👇

Circular, Movano and more - Competition for the Oura Ring?

Currently, the Circular Ring is the only Oura alternative in the UK that tracks your sleep as well as various health and fitness data.

It poses some pretty interesting competition, especially in terms of fitness tracking and sleep monitoring.

There’s also no need for a paid subscription, which is a serious advantage over the Oura Ring.

However, the ring still has some flaws. Due to the fact it is still in beta, we are hopeful these will be smoothed out in the future.

There are a few other interesting wearables also being developed at the moment: such as the Movano Evie ring.

You can see the Circular Ring.
Circular Ring
You can see the confirmed design of Movano Evie ring.
© Movano

The features of this ring are also said to be similar to those of Oura.

This ring is due to be released later in 2023, so we will keep you posted here in due course. 🦊

So far, it seems like the Oura ring has some competition, although for gadgets like the Movano ring, we’ll have to wait and see!

NFC rings with smart features

The smart functions of the Oura Ring are quite limited overall.

For example, no incoming messages are transmitted from your phone to the fitness tracker. Contactless payments are also not possible with this wearable. 💶

An NFC ring often offers you more smart functions.

So if you're looking primarily for a ring to complement your phone, there are often better alternatives to the Oura Ring.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart rings

In our tests, we were thrilled with what smart rings can do. The wearables offer you a lot of benefits. 🤩

But of course there are always two sides to the coin. And so smart rings also have a few disadvantages, which we’ll get into below.

These are the advantages of a smart ring

But let's start with the good things first!

Here are all the advantages of a smart ring 👇

Many useful functions for everyday life

As you know by now, there are smart rings with many different functions: From fitness trackers to NFC rings, there's everything.

This way, smart wearables can support you in many areas of your life. 🙌

Long battery life of up to several days

Since smart rings don’t have displays, they consume far less power than, for example, smartwatches.

This way, the battery usually lasts for up to a week. 🔋

The Oura Ring is being charged.
Oura Ring
The Circular Ring is being charged
Circular Ring
Pure NFC rings do not even need a battery at all and do not need to be charged.

Top-end smartwatches from Garmin also have a particularly long battery life. By the way, you can find our review of the best Garmin watches here.

Particularly comfortable

Smart rings are not only small, but also super light.

As a result, we hardly felt them once we got used to wearing them for our tests. 🤩

In comparison, smartwatches are much more noticeable on the wrist.

These are the disadvantages of smart rings

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with smart rings.

Here are the disadvantages of wearables. 👇

Unfamiliar feeling for non-ring wearers

If you're someone who doesn't wear rings, a smart ring might feel a bit unusual. 🖐

Since the wearables contain a lot of sensors to measure your HRV and the like, they are a bit chunkier than conventional rings.

So in our tests, we definitely felt the smart ring on our neighbouring fingers.

Under certain circumstances, this could definitely bother some people.

Relatively new market

The smart ring market is still relatively young. So far, the gadgets have not been able to establish themselves in the same way as smartwatches and fitness trackers. ⌚️

Therefore, the range of smart rings is still quite limited.

However, it can be assumed that more and more manufacturers will enter the market in the next few years.

How to find the right size for your smart ring

As with a traditional ring, it is important that your smart ring fits well on your finger.

It should be neither too tight nor too loose.

But how do you actually find the right size for your piece of smart jewellery? 🤔

The free sizing kit

Most manufacturers offer a free sizing kit.

This usually consists of simple plastic rings in various sizes.

You can see the Oura Ring size kit.
Oura Ring Sizing Kit

By wearing them over a longer period of time, you can easily determine the optimal size for your smart ring. 🙌

How tight should a ring fit?

It can be hard to decide which ring is the best fit sometimes.

When you slide the ring over your knuckle, you should definitely feel a slight resistance.

But if you have to use force to pull the ring off your finger, you should go for a larger size instead.

Our tip: Wear the ring for 24 hours

We advise you to wear the ring from the sizing kit for at least 24 hours.

This way you can find out if it fits perfectly at all times of the day.

In the evening, your fingers usually swell up a bit.

Since your fingers also get a little thicker at high temperatures, we recommend measuring the circumference at room temperature.

Smart ring brands

The smart ring market is still relatively new. Consequently, there are not yet many brands offering smart wearables.

However, we have compiled the best-known manufacturers of smart rings for you:

  • Oura
  • Circular
  • Go2Sleep
  • Movano Evie (not yet available)
  • Token (not yet available in the UK)
  • Pago Ring
  • McLear

More and more companies are sure to enter the smart ring market in the coming years.

Amazon also had a smart gadget on offer for a while with the Echo Loop Smart Ring. However, the wearable was shortly taken off the market.

Is there an Apple smart ring?

Apple currently does not produce smart rings. However, the tech company has applied for a patent. Whether a smart ring from this brand will really come onto the market remains to be seen, however.

Is there a Samsung smart ring?

The well-known smartwatch manufacturer does not have any smart rings on offer at the moment. Furthermore, there is no official information whether such a gadget will appear in the future.

How much do the best smart rings cost in the UK?

A particularly important factor when it comes to choosing a smart ring is, of course, the price.

The Oura Ring is in the top price range. 💶

How much the various smart rings cost naturally also depends on the range of functions.

NFC rings that don't track your activity or sleep are usually a lot cheaper.

In addition, some alternatives have already been announced that have the same functions as the Oura Ring.

The Circular Ring is a cheaper alternative to the Oura Ring, with a market launch price of £239, as opposed to the £299 launch price of the Oura Ring 3.

Importantly, the Circular smart ring also comes without a paid subscription.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are also good alternatives to the Oura Ring. ⌚️

These are in a similar price range.

But you can definitely find smartwatches that are cheaper than the Oura Ring.

By the way, here is our big test of the best smartwatches for women.

Where can you buy smart rings in the UK?

The Oura Ring is currently only available directly from the manufacturer.

The alternatives to the Oura ring are generally the same story. Smart rings can usually only be ordered directly from the retailer's website.

However, ordering on the internet offers you many advantages!

We would like to tell you what they are below. 👇

Easy and comfortable from the sofa

Pick up your phone or laptop, sit on the sofa and you're ready to start shopping!

It couldn't be simpler! 🥳

Ordering online not only saves you long journeys, but also time and money.

And a few days later, your order will be delivered directly to your door. 🙌

Access the complete range of products

Don't limit yourself to the limited selection at your local electronics store.

Instead, you can find all the currently available products on the internet. 🤩

This way you can compare the different models and choose the one that suits you best.

Currently, neither the Oura Ring nor other smart rings are available in bricks-and-mortar stores.

Make use of the 14-day right of return

What happens if you are not satisfied with your order?

If this is the case, the Right to Cancel kicks in.

This allows you to return your order within 14 days without giving any reason. 🙌

The best smart ring alternatives to the Oura Ring - Our conclusion

In our review, we looked at the best alternatives to the Oura Ring.

At the moment, NFC rings for contactless payment are the most common alternative on offer. 💍

Smart rings with the same range of functions as the Oura Ring are currently limited, although some are now available for purchase, such as the Circular Ring.

The Circular Ring is a strong competitor to the Oura ring, and once it comes out of beta, we think it could be one of the best smart rings available in the UK.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are also good alternatives to the Oura Ring.

These gadgets offer you even better support during your workout as well as many smart functions. 💪

However, they might be a bit annoying to wear at night. So for pure sleep tracking, the Oura Ring is the better choice. 😴

Ultimately, the best choice of wearable for you depends on your personal preferences.

Find out more

  • How good is the Oura Ring?

    The Oura Ring is currently the best smart ring on the market. It offers you particularly accurate and comprehensive sleep monitoring. It also records various activities during the day and measures your heart rate variability (HRV).

  • How does an NFC ring work?

    An NFC ring uses the same technology as a contactless credit card. This technology enables the contactless exchange of data. No power is needed for this. Therefore, the ring does not need a battery at all.

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