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BOSCH Unlimited Series 8 Review (UK)

Last updated: 07.07.2023 Reading time: 15 Min.

Bosch throws its hat into the round to become the market leader of cordless vacuums with the new Unlimited Series 8 cordless vacuum. We put it through the wringer to find out whether it can make it to the top.

Bosch is known for high-quality German engineering and dominates many market areas worldwide. The Stuttgart-based company is also a leading player in the cordless vacuum market. It’s on par with Dyson, Vorwerk, Miele & Co.

Bosch promises to bring an end to the tangled cables-drama and filter bags of corded vacuums, too. They continuously improve their cordless and bagless devices.

The new Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner series 8 includes these two devices:

  • Unlimited Pro Power BBS1U224 and
  • Unlimited Pro Power BSS81POW1

Is it worth buying a new Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner? Our review will help you make that decision!

We focused on the Unlimited Pro Power BSS81POW1 in our review. The devices have only minor differences.

  • Tineco
    S12 PureOne Plus
    Price from   £ 549 £ (599 )
    Smart, smarter, Tineco. A popular cordless hoover on Amazon UK with outstanding cleaning performance. The first battery hoover with its own app.
    S12 PureOne Plus
    Smart, smarter, Tineco. A popular cordless hoover on Amazon UK with outstanding cleaning performance. The first battery hoover with its own app.
  • Bosch
    Ultimate ProPower Series 8
    Price from   £ 299 £ (499.99 )
    It’s the VW Passat among the 2-in-1 cordless vacuums and the BOSCH 8 series cordless vacuums flagship. Its special attachments are super handy for cleaning the car.
    Ultimate ProPower Series 8
    It’s the VW Passat among the 2-in-1 cordless vacuums and the BOSCH 8 series cordless vacuums flagship. Its special attachments are super handy for cleaning the car.


  • Powerful suction
  • 2-in-1 function
  • Versatile in use
  • Flexible crevice tool
  • Bagless
  • Replaceable battery
  • Battery works with various BOSCH devices
  • Cartridge filter


  • Smaller dirt container
  • Battery life
  • Longer charging time with the included charger

All important facts at a glance

  • Premium cordless vacuum
  • Powerful suction
  • 2-in-1: Very versatile in use (indoors)

Cleaning Performance of the BOSCH Unlimited Series 8: Our Review

The key question when buying a vacuum is: how well does it clean?

That’s why we put in our vacuum reviews so much focus on the cleaning test.

We spread three kinds of dirt (sand, oat flakes and lentils) on three different floor types (laminate, short and long pile carpet). Then we check how well the vacuum copes with the dirt in turbo mode.

Cleaning test of the Bosch Series 8 cordless vacuum cleaner

All in all, the BOSCH Unlimited Pro Power BSS81POW1 cordless vacuum impressed with its extremely powerful suction in the cleaning tests.

We even had to hold down the carpets so that we could vacuum them in turbo mode.

The Bosch came out with flying colours in our cleaning test thanks to the super-strong suction power. The cordless vacuum cleaner sometimes removed even more dirt from the carpets than we had spread on them.

Sucking up the deep-seated dirt from past tests - only the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V11 or the Tineco S12 have managed that so far.

How is the cleaning performance on hard floors?

The cleaning performance on hard floors was outstanding. It just took a little longer with the lentils and the oat flakes because it pushed a few lentils in front of the brush at first.

The Bosch’s cleaning test with before/after pictures

The cleaning performance on short pile carpets

The Bosch did a great job here, too and managed to clean up anything we threw at it. A minor drawback was that the brush blocked once or twice. The cleaning performance didn’t suffer from that, but it wasn’t such a great feeling of comfort anymore.

The Bosch’s cleaning test on the short carpet with before/after view

The cleaning performance on long pile carpet

On our long carpet, the Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner managed to suck out even more dirt than we had spread. It scored a whopping 101%. The Bosch achieved this top result thanks to its powerful suction.

The cleaning test of the Bosch on the long carpet with before/after pictures

Conclusion of the Cleaning Test

The Bosch achieved an outstanding cleaning result.

The only disadvantage was that it pushed coarse dirt in front of the brush sometimes. That’s probably because the suction power is too strong for the brush’s narrow slot.

It somewhat sucks in the carpet, and the brush’s slot becomes even more narrow. Thus it can’t suck in coarse dirt such as lentils or oat flakes immediately.

The Bosch Unlimited ProPower in everyday use

We also always track how the devices perform in everyday life over a longer period.

We were delighted with its cleaning performance. It had no problems removing everyday dirt.

It’s much less likely that dirt accumulates in everyday life as we simulated in our test.

It’s very versatile in use on all floor types, and we were able to clean everything without any problems.

The Design of the Bosch Unlimited Pro Power cordless vacuum

We all know that taste is a matter of dispute. In our opinion, the new Bosch Unlimited Pro Power cordless vacuum has a futuristic design, but its focus is on pragmatism.

Bosch’s practical design

There are no unnecessary additions, buttons or edges. The device’s design contains everything it needs for its actual task - no more, no less.

The handle is directly on the motor. That ensures a comfortable feeling when holding the vacuum cleaner.

The arrangement of the Bosch power unit

There’s a small LED light on the top that lights up when charging or when vacuuming. Then you can see what the battery status is.

However, a display would be more appropriate for today’s standards.

Is it possible to lock the power button?

To activate the Bosch Pro Power, you have to pull a pistol-like trigger. The button locks immediately, so you don't have to hold it down to vacuum.

It’s the same with the turbo button. To switch to turbo mode, you have to press the button on the top to activate the mode. You won’t have to hold that button, either. That’s quite convenient when cleaning.

Power for All

Another unique feature of the design is the exchangeable battery of the Bosch Unlimited Pro Power. You can remove the battery at the push of a button and insert a new one. Bosch was one of the first manufacturers in the UK to implement this, and many have followed suit.

Bosch’s battery of the Power for All series

But the best thing about the exchangeable battery is yet to come. The highlight is that you can use the same battery for many other Bosch tools, too. We’ll talk more about that later.

How big and heavy is the Bosch Unlimited from the Series 8?

The Bosch Unlimited has a size of 130 cm (51.2 inches) from top to bottom. That’s about the same as most other cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. Most people can vacuum comfortably with this size.

The size of the Bosch Unlimited ProPower

However, weight is a much more important criterion for a purchase! The cordless vacuum cleaner’s weight determines whether it’s comfortable to vacuum or not.

The Bosch brings 3.2 kg (7 lbs) to the scale. That’s a real heavyweight among cordless vacuums, and it shouldn't get much heavier.

It’s not a big issue when vacuuming the floor, but it’s somewhat exhausting when cleaning the furniture for longer times. After all, the motor unit alone weighs about 2 kg (4.4 lbs).

Size and weight of the Bosch Unlimited Pro Power BSS81POW1

Criterion Metrics
Height 128 cm (50.4 inches)
Floor nozzle width 25 cm (9.8 inches)
Width of the roller (in the floor brush) 21 cm (8.3 inches)
Weight (with tube and floor brush) 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
Size of the power unit (varies with the attachment) 45 cm (17.7 inches)
Weight in hand vacuum mode approx. 2 kg (~4.4 lbs)

The Accessories of the Bosch Series 8 cordless vacuum

The included accessories of a cordless vacuum extend or reduce the range of applications enormously. Therefore, accessories are also an important criterion when you’re looking for a new vacuum.

You’ll usually see the differences of manufacturer’s models in the delivery scope. Sometimes you pay much more for a particular model of the same series, even though only one extra gadget is included.

What about the Bosch Unlimited Series 8?

The Bosch Unlimited Pro Power BSS81POW1 cordless vacuum comes with many well-thought-out gadgets.

All accessories of the Bosch Unlimited ProPower

  • The centrepiece: The motor unit
  • The suction pipe
  • The High Power Brush
  • Flexible crevice tool
  • Multitool
  • Adapter
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Pipe Bracket for accessories
  • Wall mount
  • Charger

We’ll take a closer look at some of these accessories now.

The Bosch Automatic Electric Brush: High Power Brush

Power brush

Power brush below

The brush has its own drive and rotates automatically. This way, it transports the dirt better into the suction tube.

Our test proved that it works very well on hard floors (laminate, etc.).

On carpeted floors, the brush blocked more often and didn’t really improve the performance.

Another minor drawback is that the brush reacts with a slight delay. So if we press the power button, it starts after two seconds. We’ve got higher standards because other devices don’t have any delays.

The flexible crevice tool

This cleaner head is an exceptionally long crevice nozzle that you can bend. That was very useful when vacuuming, as you can reach every crack and crevice with it.

A long flexibel nozzle

The practical multitool

The Bosch multi tool

We already know this multitool from other manufacturers in the UK.

Who invented it?

No idea!

But it’s efficient.

You use the brush if you want to clean delicate objects. But if you want to get rid of stubborn dirt on non-sensitive surfaces, you can pull back the brush and vacuum with the hard end.

The pipe attachment bracket for the accessories

The pipe bracket is also a useful extra. You can plug it into the suction tube and then attach a cleaning head like the crevice nozzle. You’ll always have the necessary attachments at hand.

The pipe bracket for the accessories

The wall bracket

You can store the vacuum upright thanks to the docking station. This way, it won't take up much space.

A nice extra is that you can attach the charger. Now you can charge the vacuum cleaner when you stow it on the bracket.

The practical wall bracket

The differences between the two models

The main difference between the BBS1U224 and BSS81POW1 of the Bosch Unlimited Series 8 is the delivery scope, apart from the price.

The BSS81POW1 comes with a 5.0 lithium-ion battery, and the BBS1U224 has a 6.0 lithium-ion battery. That’s why the BBS1U224’s runtime is 5 minutes longer. However, it also takes an hour longer to charge (that’s the manufacturer's specifications).

The differences in the accessories

Criterion Unlimited Pro Power BBS1U224 Unlimited Pro Power BSS81POW1
The motor unit Yes Yes
Number of accessories 6 9
Suction pipe Yes Yes
High power brush Yes Yes
Flexible crevice nozzle Yes Yes
Upholstery nozzle Yes Yes
Multitool No Yes
Adapter No Yes
Pipe attachment holder No Yes
Wall mount Yes Yes
Charger Yes Yes
Price (from the manufacturer) 640 £ 595 £

Who should choose which model?

We recommend the Bosch Unlimited Pro Power BSS81POW1.

We think that 5-minute longer battery life isn’t worth an extra 50 bucks. And you get three additional accessories with the BSS81POW1: Multitool, adapter, pipe attachment holder.

Extra Tip: Sift through the offers before buying. Manufacturers sometimes vary the accessories included without apparent reason.

What else affects the cleaning performance?

How many suction levels does the new Bosch have?

The trend in the industry is three power modes. We were surprised when we found out that the Bosch has only two power settings. However, in our suction test, we saw that this doesn’t affect the cleaning performance.

The turbo button of the Bosch Unlimited

We could remove most dirt in the weaker mode. When it got really dirty, we made use of the turbo mode.

The attachments’ contribution to the cleaning process

As long as the High Power Brush electronic brush doesn’t block, it’s a real improvement for the cleaning performance. You can watch how the brush picks up the dirt and transports it into the pipe.

The brush is 25 cm (9.8 inches) wide, and its roller has a width of 21 cm (8.3 inches). That size is entirely sufficient for cleaning. We even reached the corners and got under most of our furniture.

The High Power Brush of the Bosch ProPower

The Bosch Unlimited Pro Power as a handheld vacuum

An essential advantage of cordless vacuum cleaners is the "2-in-1 function". It increases versatility in use enormously. Now you can also use it to clean your car.

Bosch Unlimited Pro Power as a handheld vacuum

You can convert the Bosch Unlimited Pro Power into a handheld vacuum cleaner in just a few steps.

You can attach each of the supplied attachments directly to the motor unit and the suction tube. Thus, you can also vacuum the ceiling or objects on cupboards without any problems.

Bosch Unlimited as a hand vacuum cleaner with the crevice nozzle

What’s the Handling of the Bosch Unlimited ProPower like?


We noticed that the cordless vacuum cleaner and the accessories came in an elegant package made of recycled paper during unboxing. Now Bosch only has to get rid of the plastic bags for the individual parts, and the packaging will be entirely eco-friendly.

Unboxing des Bosch Unlimited Pro Power

You just have to charge the battery after unpacking, and then you can move onto the easy start-up. Simply attach the desired accessories to the vacuum cleaner, and off you go. The plug-in system looks well-made and works smoothly.

What’s the runtime of one battery charge?

We had a more challenging time rating Bosch’s battery system.

A real advantage is that you can easily replace the battery. This naturally increases the runtime.

You can remove the battery with one click

The device also belongs to the Bosch series called "Power for all". All the appliances in this series use the same batteries, and you can swap the batteries between the devices.

Where there is light, there is also shadow

It’s an essential criterion for us that you can exchange the battery.

The Unlimited's runtime is about 34 minutes in normal mode, which is relatively short compared to other premium cordless vacuums.

The runtime of the BBS1U224 from the 8 series is about 40 minutes, which is also quite short. There are many devices with a longer battery life these days.

It also takes 5.5 hours to charge the vacuum, which is long, too. You can buy a rapid charger that takes only 70 minutes to charge the battery. However, this costs another 60 pounds, in addition to the expensive purchase price.

The battery performance of the Bosch Unlimited Pro Power BSS81POW1

Power Setting Battery Life
Level 1 (with electronic brush) approx. 34 minutes
Turbo level (with electronic brush) approx. 10 minutes

Soundcheck of the BOSCH Unlimited Series 8 cordless vacuum

The volume of the vacuum

We measured between 66 and 72 dB while testing the BOSCH Unlimited Series 8 cordless vacuum. This volume is tolerable, and you can still have a conversation while vacuuming.

The volume scale from Smart Home Fox

The volume of the BOSCH Unlimited cordless vacuum

Power Mode Volume in dB
Level 1 approx. 66 dB
Level 2 Turbo approx. 72 dB

The manoeuvrability of Bosch’s cordless stick vacuum

The device sits nicely in the hand when vacuuming. The weight is well-distributed, so it’s not exhausting even if you clean for more extended periods.

The High Power brush has great "gliding properties", which also contribute to the cordless vacuum’s smooth movement.

The brush has a practical joint with which you can move it well in corners. That improves its performance.

Joint of the High Power Brush

The Maintenance of the Unlimited Pro Power

Maintenance consists of a few tasks that won’t take up much of your precious time.

You have to do the following tasks regularly:

  • Emptying and cleaning the dirt container
  • Cleaning the cartridge filter
  • Cleaning the brush

Emptying and cleaning the dirt container

When emptying the dirt container, it’s crucial that you can carry the dirt from the device to the dustbin as easily and as cleanly as possible. Every manufacturer has its own system. Some work well, and others don’t.

Unfortunately, we experienced that the emptying function of the Bosch Unlimited from the new Series 8 leaves a lot to be desired.

Emptying the dirt container

There are two reasons for this:

For one thing, you have to disassemble the device entirely whenever you want to empty the container because the individual parts are arranged that way. We would have expected a better system from the traditional company.

Some dirt also gets stuck on the filter, and we had to help it with our hands. This frequently happened during our everyday test when we vacuumed hair, too. Dust and hair proved to be a pretty stubborn combination.

The emptying function is an obvious disadvantage of the Bosch Unlimited Pro Power.

Cleaning the cartridge filter

Bosch uses a so-called cartridge filter for its appliances. You can simply insert this filter into the dirt container. That’s where the plug-in module probably got its name from.

Bosch claims that this filter system that the air is 99.9% clean when it gets out of the device. And indeed, when you pull out the filter, you can see that it catches a lot of dirt and small particles.

The removable cartridge filter

The filter is durable, and you don't have to wash it, just tap it out. That works well, and we liked it.

Cleaning the brush

You should check the brush regularly from time to time. Hair or threads often wrap themselves around the automatic electric brushes, which can reduce the cleaning performance.

Hair wrapped around the brush of the Bosch Unlimited

You can simply remove the brush and cut off the hair with small scissors or a sharp knife to prevent this.

With other manufacturers' appliances, you need a coin to open the flap. At Bosch’s vacuum cleaner, you can simply turn a small wheel; this is very practical and well-thought-out.

Removing the brush for cleaning

BOSCH Unlimited Series 8 Review (UK): Our Conclusion

We were thrilled with the powerful suction of the device. You’ll get your money’s worth.

Almost no other vacuum has been as powerful as the Bosch Unlimited Series 8 cordless vacuum. The cleaning performance was also excellent thanks to the strong suction power.

The workmanship is of the highest quality and proves that Bosch stands for "made in Germany".

So if you want a premium vacuum that cleans carpets and hard floors perfectly, the Bosch Unlimited Pro Power is a good choice.

The device’s battery life is a slight drawback. However, it’s a nice extra that you can use the batteries also with other Bosch appliances. That way, you can extend the runtime as much as you like.

What we didn't like was the emptying function of the appliance. It’s somewhat cumbersome and unsuitable for allergy sufferers. We also tested a cordless vacuum cleaner that’s particularly suitable for allergy sufferers: The Vorwerk VB 100 review.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I buy BOSCH Unlimited Series 8 cordless vacuum cleaner on Amazon UK?

    Yes, the BOSCH Unlimited Series 8 cordless vacuum cleaner is available on Amazon in the UK.


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