UK Review: We turn the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute upside down ?

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

Last updated: 07.07.2023 Reading time: 16 Min.

You’ve had enough of cables, bags, short battery life or poor cleaning performance for a lifetime?

Then you've come to the right place with Dyson's new V15 Detect Absolute cordless vacuum.

The market leader from The UK continuously develops it's V series and adds some great features to its new device. Be prepared for improved suction power, longer runtime and more innovative ideas.

The V15 Detect Absolute also has a laser with which you can see even microscopic dust on the floor. Now you’ll know for sure whether the floor is 100 % clean or not.

All this adds up to the best cordless vacuum we have ever tested.

See for yourself in our detailed review below 👇

Dyson V15 Detect Review


  • Most powerful suction (230 AW)
  • Automatically adjusts cleaning mode (to floor and dirt types)
  • New laser technology in the Fluffy attachment to detect dirt
  • Battery is exchangeable
  • Over 60 minutes runtime
  • Comes with Torque Drive floor nozzle + soft roller (fluffy attachment)
  • Cordless
  • Bagless
  • Excellent at cleaning mouldings and corners


  • Expensive
  • Laser only works on hard floors

All important facts at a glance

  • Premium cordless vacuum
  • 2-in-1 cordless vacuum
  • Innovative technology
  • Detects the dirt type

The V15 Detect in the Cleaning Test

Cordless vacuums encounter many challenges during daily cleaning.

We have an objective test that all devices have to go through, so we can see whether a vacuum is up to the task or not.

How we conduct our test?

We spread different kinds of dirt (fine sand, porous oat flakes and red lentils) one after the other on various floor types (laminate, short and long pile carpet). Then we check how the device copes with it. We do all that in our specially designed test areas.

We don’t want to give away too much at the beginning, but one thing’s for sure: The cleaning performance of the V15 is sensationally good. ?

It outperforms even some other Dyson cordless vacuums.

It scored a whopping 100 % altogether.

Now we’ll get more into detail.

Cleaning on Hard Floors

We cleaned twice on hard floors, as Dyson UK has supplied the Torque-Drive standard floor nozzle and the Slim Laser Fluffy attachment for this.

Dyson V15 Detect: Cleaning with Fluffy attachment on hard floors

The soft roller works excellent on hard floors: Great mobility and top cleaning results, and it’s also gentle on the wooden floor — a real specialist.

The Torque Drive on Hard Floors

The Torque Drive also did a great job.

Dyson V15 Detect: cleaning with the Torque Drive on hard floors

It was a bit louder and rougher, but it didn’t leave a single grain of sand behind, either.

Cleaning on Low Carpets

The "new one" showed real class and worked very well on the low carpet.

Dyson V15 Detect: Cleaning on a low carpet

It made more sense to open the front slots wide with the lentils.

Cleaning on a High-Pile Carpet

The V15 is a real expert on high carpets. No one can hold a candle to it. Other cordless vacuum cleaners often fail here because their suction isn’t powerful enough to get the fine dirt out from the long hairs.

Not so with the V15 Detect. It gave the high-pile carpet a “deep cleanse” and hardly reached its limits.

Dyson V15 Detect: Cleaning on a high carpet

Cleaning Corners and Mouldings

It’s often quite challenging for a vacuum to clean the mouldings.

However, the V15 proved that it could also cope well with the dirt on mouldings.

A real advantage ?

Dyson V15 Detect: Before cleaning the moulding

Dyson V15 Detect: cleaning the moulding

It’s the same with the corners. Thanks to the powerful suction and the brush’s design, we got even into the last corners in the test.

Dyson V15 Detect: Cleaning in corners

Cleaning in Everyday Life

During our "long-term test" in everyday life, the V15 proved to be an excellent tool for daily and thorough (extensive) cleaning.

We liked the new Fluffy Laser on our hard floors. A simple solution…

...and yet you see an incredible amount of dirt (hair and fine dust particles, for example) that we couldn’t see before.

It's also super handy and works well for removing a little dirt that the kids often bring into the home.

The V15 has become such a relief in our household, thanks to its outstanding cleaning performance.

Dyson V15 Detect: everyday cleaning

The Design of the Dyson V15 Detect

The Dyson V15 comes in the well-known Dyson design.

It looks futuristic and has chic metallic colours. The colour variation of the motor unit is an eye-catcher: Dyson has incorporated a golden element here.

Otherwise, nothing has changed on the outside of the V15 compared to its predecessor.

The design of the Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson UK still relies on the proven "inline design". This means that the motor unit and dirt container are in one line.

A display for improved Monitoring

Here begin the genuine innovations.

The display itself isn’t a novice, and it still shows this information in chic colours:

  • The current cleaning mode
  • A live calculation of the remaining runtime
  • Error messages
  • And tips on maintenance as well as troubleshooting.

The Dyson v15 Detect display

The new feature is that the display (with the help of a dust sensor) shows what type and size of dust particles it vacuums.

The display shows the type of dirt particles

Dyson calls this "scientific proof of thorough cleaning on the LCD screen".

And that’s what they mean by that:

A piezoelectric sensor (more about the sensor...) permanently scans the vacuumed dirt.

The display shows the analysis before vacuuming the carpet
Before Vacuuming

The display shows the analysis after vacuuming the carpet
After Vacuuming

You can see the result on the LCD.

The piezo sensor recognises based on the size what kind of dirt it is. It detects dirt, mites, bacteria or even viruses, for example.

And this is how the matching result looks in the dirt bin ?

The dustbin after vacuuming
After Vacuuming

There are two advantages:

On the one hand, it’s some kind of proof that the vacuum cleaner removed even the smallest particles.

Secondly – and this is the highlight – the sensor combined with the new floor nozzle ensures that the V15 adopts the suction power to the amount and type of dirt.

How does the Dyson display work?

You can operate the display with one finger.

When you press the button while vacuuming, the vacuum changes the cleaning mode.

If you press and hold the button, you enter the menu.

Here, you have to press the button once to call up the next menu item.

Press again and hold the button to confirm.

The Size of the V15

The size of the Dyson floor vacuum is somewhat universal. No matter how tall you are, you shouldn't have any problems vacuuming.

Measuring the Dyson V15 Detect

The size of the Dyson V15 Detect at a glance

Category Dimensions
Total size as a floor vacuum cleaner 117 cm (46 inches)
Length of the motor unit 40 cm (15.7 inches)
Height of the motor unit 26 cm (10.2 inches)
Brush width (Torque-Drive) 25 cm (9.8 inches)
Brush height (Torque-Drive) 7 cm (2.7 inches)
Brush width (Fluffy Laser) 25 cm (9.8 inches)
Brush height (Fluffy Laser) 5 cm (2 inches)

The width of the brush is also well-chosen. You can vacuum a nice track with it. Only the XL Torque Drive of the Dyson V11 Outsize was significantly larger.

In Which Weight Class Does the V15 Play?

Weight is subjective: For one person, it might be comfortable. For another, it may be too heavy.

Cordless hand vacuum cleaner on the scales

The V15 weighs 3.1 kg, so it doesn’t stand out from the competition. The weight is one of the few categories in which the V15 is quite average.

Our test showed that we could work very well with this weight. Even longer vacuuming sessions weren’t a problem.

The weight is well distributed, at least in stick vacuum mode.

The 2 kg in hand vacuum mode could tire the arm in the long run. You may have to switch with your other arm or take a break in between.

The weight of the Dyson V15 Detect at a glance

Category Dimensions
Total weight as a floor vacuum cleaner 3.1 kg
Weight of the motor unit 2 kg
Weight of the suction tube 0.2 kg
Weight of the floor nozzle 0.81 kg

Dyson V15 Accessories in the Review: Which Brush is for What?

In our review, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute comes with a range of sophisticated and high-quality attachments. You’ll always have the right tool at hand. We were particularly surprised by the revised attachments.

The complete accessories in the overview

We put all individual cleaning attachments through the wringer and will give you a quick overview now.

The Torque-Drive Floor Brush

The Dyson V-Series wouldn’t be the same without the Torque-Drive.

The Torque Drive floor brush

It’s the standard brush for floor cleaning.

You can vacuum hard floors and all kinds of carpets with it. The Torque has an integrated anti-hair comb (conical brush) now. We’ll get more into detail about that later.

The Soft Roller: Slim Fluffy Laser for Dust Detection

It’s the first time that Dyson UK included the revised Slim Fluffy attachment.

This attachment works exceptionally well for cleaning hard floors. The soft roller is gentle on the floor and picks up dirt better on hard surfaces.

Slim Fluffy Laser with dust detection

So far, so familiar... What's new is the laser function:

A green laser illuminates the area in front of the brush and shows fine dust particles that you couldn’t see otherwise.

The Hair Screw Tool

This one was previously called the mini electric brush.

You can remove pet hair from upholstery with it (read more about that in this review: Cordless vacuums for pet hair.

The hair nozzle from the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

You can also use this attachment to remove mites from your mattress or to vacuum the boot of your car. (Read more about that in the review of the best car vacuums with battery).

Cleaning a mattress with the hair nozzle of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

Cleaning the car with the hair nozzle from the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

Anti-Hair Function

Dyson UK completely redesigned the brush. It has a feature that prevents hair from wrapping itself around the brush now.

Anti-hair function - the brush from below

And that’s how it works:

The roll tapers in one direction and is open at the end.

In this way, the hairs slowly twist out, "fall" out of the open end and get sucked into the endless depths of the suction tube.

The Practical Wall Mount

This one’s a real advantage.

The practical wall mount

You can store the vacuum upright and save space with it.

Of course, the battery charges simultaneously, too.

How do you install Dyson’s wall mount?

Dyson also included the instructions for assembly in the delivery scope. You can see it in the picture below.

Assembly instructions for Dyson’s wall mount

Which screws should you use for Dyson’s wall mount?

You’ll need the two 6 mm screws and the two 6 mm dowels that come with the vacuum.

You also need:

  • A cordless drill
  • A spirit level
  • A pencil

Attention: Make sure you install it at the correct height!

The Extra Hard Brush

This attachment is the perfect tool in the fight against stubborn dirt. You can literally scrape off the dirt with it. So it’s precisely what you’ll need if you want to remove dried dirt from the floor mat in your car.

The Extra Hard Brush

Attention: Do not use this attachment on sensitive surfaces. It could easily scratch them.

The Crevice Nozzle

The crevice nozzle is an actual secret weapon.

You can easily clean cracks and crevices with it. Even the crumbs between the sofa cushions won’t stand a chance against it.

The crevice nozzle

The Combination tool: Kill Two Birds With One Stone

The combo brush is tried and tested and very popular.

You can easily vacuum objects, books or furniture with its soft bristles.

If the dirt gets a little more stubborn, you can pull back the bristles and face it with the hard plastic – you can believe us when we say that the dirt won’t last long.

The combo nozzle

The Flex Adapter: Better for Your Back...

You can attach the flex adapter between the floor nozzle and the suction tube.

The Flex adapter

Then you can vacuum under your furniture without having to bend down.

Vacuuming under the bed with the Flex adapter

The Accessory Holder for the Suction Tube

You don't feel like running back and forth while vacuuming just to get the right accessories?

Then the accessory holder’s the perfect solution.

It works like this: Simply clip it onto the suction tube and attach two attachments of your choice to the holder.

You’ll always have the proper attachment at hand.

Accessory holder for the suction tube

The Suction Tube

The suction tube is always an eye-catcher on Dyson’s devices, and it’s also super robust.

It usually stands out because of its metallic colours, but it came in plain black in our model.

The suction tube

The Charger

Of course, a charger is a must here, too...

The Charger

Is it possible to charge the Dyson without a wall mount?

You can also charge the Dyson without a wall mount. Just plug in the charger, and you’re good to go.

Dyson V15 Comparison: Which Models are Available?

There are three variants in the shop since the launch of the Dyson V15 on 1st of June 2021 in the UK:

  • The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute
  • The Dyson V15 Detect Complete Extra
  • The Dyson V15 Detect Animal

We tested the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute.

V15 Absolute vs. V15 Complete vs. V15 Animal

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the Absolute is already more than extensive in the delivery scope.

The Complete includes even more accessories, but that’s the only difference between the two variants.

However, one disadvantage of the Complete is that the Torque-Drive nozzle isn’t included. That means that the Complete is only suitable for hard floors.

But it also has an advantage: The charging dock that comes with the device.

You can store the device wonderfully, and you don't have to drill any holes in your wall for this dock.

Tip: The charging dock of the V15 is the same as that of the V11. You can therefore continue to use your old one and, of course, also buy it later.

The V15 Animal on the other hand has a little less accessories. But it is also a little cheaper.

All Dyson V15 Models at a Glance

Model V15 Detect Absolute V15 Detect Complete Extra V15 Detect Animal
Motor V15 V15 V15
Torque Drive Yes No Yes
Slim Fluffy Laser Yes Yes No
Crevice nozzle Yes No Yes
Hair screw tool Yes Yes Yes
Extra hard brush Yes Yes Yes
Extra soft brush Yes Yes Yes
Combination tool Yes Yes Yes
Joint attachment No Yes No
Flex adapter No Yes No
Dyson floor dock No Yes No
Docking station Yes Yes Yes
Flex hose No Yes No
Replacement battery No Yes No
Charger Yes Yes Yes
Wand clip Yes Yes Yes

We’re pretty sure that further variants will come over time.

Dyson can continuously broaden its product range with this in the UK.

Cleaning Features in the Dyson V15 Detect review: It's not just about the suction power...

Various factors determine the cleaning (power (cleaning result).

We analysed why the Dyson V15 achieves such strong cleaning results in our review.

The Suction Power: The Motor of the Dyson V15 Detect

230 air watts (learn more... about the air watt unit) and 125,000 rpm have been certified as peak performance.

That makes it the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, and the strong suction power is the main reason for the outstanding cleaning results.

How Does the Motor generate 230 Air Watt?

The engine runs at up to 125,00 rpm (revolutions per minute) to achieve this.

The Dyson V15 also has 14 built-in cyclones that can generate a total centrifugal force of 100,000 g.

How Does a Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Work?

The vacuum cleaner sucks up air and dirt, and 14 cyclones, which are inside the vacuum, spin that around. The centrifugal force presses the dirt out of the air to the inside walls. Then it releases the clean air. (Learn more about cyclone technology).

The Electronic Floor Nozzles of the New Cordless Vacuum

Two floor nozzles are included in the delivery scope:

Both floor nozzles stand side by side

- The Torque-Drive floor nozzle

- The Slim Fluffy with Laser

Both attachments have their justification and play a significant role in the cleaning result.

Dyson’s attachments are of high functionality and quality.

Since we tested many cordless vacuums from other brands, we know that this is far from standard. Unfortunately, many manufacturers neglect the development and improvement of their attachments.

Thus, they often disappoint with inferior quality.

Which Floor Types can I Clean with the Dyson V15?

We cleaned all possible floor types with the V15 in our test.

Conclusion: Whether parquet, vinyl, laminate or carpet...

There’s not a single floor type that poses a threat to the Dyson V15 Detect.

The Torque-Drive Floor Nozzle

You can use this attachment on hard floors and carpets.

The Torque Drive from above

And that’s how it works:

The brush inside has its own motor so that the nozzle rotates at high speed. The bristles on the brush pick up the dirt and catapult it towards the suction tube.

A Highlight: The floor nozzle uses a sensor to detect the floor type and adjusts the cleaning mode/suction power accordingly.

You’ll barely have to do anything. In addition, it also saves battery and improves the cleaning performance.

The Anti-Hair Function (Anti-Tangle):

The Torque Drive has even more improvements to offer. Unlike the Torque Drive of the Dyson V11 Absolute, the new floor nozzle has an anti-hair resp. “anti-tangle” function now.

Dyson UK installed some kind of comb inside for this. It can prevent hairs from wrapping themselves around the brush.

The comb inside the Torque Drive

It’s a good idea, but the implementation has room for development because it only catches large clusters of hair.

Adjustable Opening Slots

There’s also a small switch on the front with which you can regulate the size of the slots.

Front-view of the Torque Drive

You can easily adjust it to different floors and dirt types. We mainly used the entirely open slots in everyday life because that makes the brush as flexible as possible.

The Slim Fluffy with Laser

The Laser Slim Fluffy attachment or soft roller only comes with the Absolute version. The roller was specially developed for cleaning hard floors.

The Fluffy Soft Roller floor nozzle

And that’s how the cleaning head works:

The brush rolls over the dirt, which presses into the soft fabric of the brush. That’s how the brush can pick it up. Dyson UK also added extra bristles across the brush to enhance this effect.

Then it catapults the dirt into the suction tube.

New Laser Technology on the V15 Detect

The V15’s Laser Fluffy Nozzle has an entirely new design.

The new laser technology is the most impressive innovation.

Laser Fluffy in the Dark

You may think the green laser just looks nice, but it also has a purpose:

The laser illuminates the floor in front of the nozzle so that you won't miss a speck of dust or hair.

​​​​V15 Laser Fluffy before vacuuming in the dark

V15 Laser Fluffy after vacuuming in the dark

That doesn’t just work great in the dark...

It also works very well in brighter rooms. Only in bright daylight, it didn’t add any benefit.

V15 Laser Fluffy before vacuuming in the bright

V15 Laser Fluffy after vacuuming in the bright

Small but Mighty

The fluffy nozzle is slightly smaller than that of the V15’s predecessors, but it feels handier and more manoeuvrable when vacuuming.

Comparison of old Fluffy and new Fluffy with laser

The Automatic Suction Level Adjustment

The automatic suction level adjustment is a super handy feature because it automates the suction process even more.

That’s what happens in the process:

The vacuum cleaner detects the floor type and adjusts the suction level accordingly.

That means that the vacuum will switch to a more substantial cleaning mode for carpets to clean them well.

New And Innovative

Another new feature: The piezoelectric sensor also has a say in the Dyson V15’s suction level.

Piezoelectric sensor

If it detects that more dirt or coarser dirt is coming up, it also kicks it up a notch.

The Number of Power Settings

It’s still three levels with the new vacuum cleaner:

The Eco mode is suitable for vacuuming very light dirt on hard floors.

We also like to use this mode for cleaning the computer or the PlayStation.

Display shows the Eco mode

The medium mode (Med) or auto mode is sufficient for most everyday dirt, no matter which floor type.

Display showing Auto mode

You also have to switch to this mode if you want that the vacuum chooses the power setting for you.

Tip: This only works if you attach the Torque-Drive.

Last but not least: The boost mode.

You can use it when there’s a dirty challenge for the vacuum.

Display shows boost mode

Review of converting the V15 to a Cordless Hand Vacuum

That’s one of the most significant advantages of a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum:

You can convert the V15 from a floor vacuum (stick vacuum) to a hand vacuum (cordless handheld vacuum) in no time.

It’s super versatile as a handheld vacuum cleaner and ideal for vacuuming furniture or other objects.

Dyson V15 as a Car Vacuum

It also works great for cleaning the car in the handheld version.

Dyson V15: Vacuuming the car

Practical accessories such as the crevice tool or the anti-tangle Hair screw tool make cleaning even more manageable, e.g. in the footwell or between the seats.

Your advantage: You won’t have to wait for the vacuums at the car wash any more, and you save money at the same time.

You find out more about the best car vacuums with battery here.

Cleaning Mattresses with the V15 Detect

The V15 is also very suitable for cleaning mattresses.

Cleaning mattresses

The Harir screw (with anti-tangle technology) or mite nozzle combined with the powerful suction works wonders against mites in the mattress.

The mites and dust won’t stand a chance. You’ll be able to sleep like an angel again.

Seriously: Regular mattress cleaning is fantastic with this attachment ?

How Handy is the V15 as a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

The lighter and smaller the vacuum cleaner, the easier it is to handle. The powerful suction takes its toll here, though.

The V15 weighs about 2 kg and is therefore neither the lightest nor the smallest handheld vacuum cleaner.

Nevertheless, it’s still handy enough to use it regularly as a hand vacuum in our home.

V15 Detect as a cordless hand vacuum cleaner

Even if we have to use the second hand after a while…

...we no longer wanted to do without the powerful cleaning performance of the V15 as a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Another ingenious feature is that you can clear the ceiling of cobwebs with the suction tube and the multi-tool, for example.

The V15 Detect as a cordless hand vacuum cleaner: Vacuuming the ceiling

The Handling of V15 cordless stickvac in the review

It’s all about user-friendliness with the V15.

Dyson UK made sure that you can see that with its new cordless vacuum cleaner.

Our experience in the review with the device was very positive – from the start-up to vacuuming under the furniture.

Commissioning the V15

The tension mounting: The new battery-powered vacuum lies packed in front of us.

When you unpack the new device, you will see that Dyson didn’t waste a centimetre of space in the packaging.

Advantage: Dyson doesn’t use plastic for packaging and puts great importance on sustainability.

Unboxing the Dyson V15

Once you have unpacked everything, you plug the device together as you like, and you’re (theoretically) good to go.

The plug connections are of high quality and work well.

Tip: You should charge the battery fully before use.

Power Button for Switching On And Off

One of the favourite topics of Dyson fans and also Dyson critics in the UK is the power button.

You have to pull the trigger on the handle like a pistol to activate the vacuum cleaner. The device starts immediately.

Dyson V15 Detect power button

As usual, you have to hold the trigger while vacuuming. It takes some time to get used to it, but it didn’t annoy us in everyday life.

Your advantage: The battery lasts longer because the device is only activated when you vacuum.

Manoeuvrability of the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V15 feels good in the hand. It glides straight across the floor, especially with the Fluffy attachment.

For this purpose, the attachment has a large roller and "felt pads", with which it can slide smoothly over the hard floor.

The Fluffy attachment from below

The small castors and "felt pads" provide extra mobility with the Torque Drive. The "gliding behaviour" is impeccable, even on high carpets.

The Torque drive from below

Even vacuuming around corners isn’t a problem. Both brushes have a joint connecting them to the suction tube that can bend up to 90 degrees.

The joint of the Fluffy Brush
The joint of the Fluffy Brush

The joint of the torque drive
The joint of the torque drive

Cleaning Under Furniture (Height of the Floor Brush)

You can reach far under furniture with the Dyson V15 Detect, thanks to the 2-in-1 design (floor vacuum + hand vacuum). Of course, this also depends on the height of the furniture.

Vacuuming under the bed

Simply place the vacuum cleaner on the floor and push it under the furniture.

You can also turn the handle if you need to reach further back (only possible with the Torque Drive). Then the device lies more or less sideways on the floor, so you get a few centimetres further.

The handle of the V15 lies sideways when vacuuming under the bed

How Loud is the Dyson V15 Detect?

The Dyson V15 reached a maximum (boost mode) of 72 dB on our volume scale in the test with the Fluffy Laser.

It gets a bit louder if you vacuum with the Torque Drive on a hard floor.

Volume test with the decibel scale

That’s almost as loud as a washing machine and quite average among cordless vacuums.

The volume scale during the test of the Dyson V15 Detect

Fun Fact: Listen for the sound when you release the trigger. You can hear the vacuum dissolving. Extraordinary and typical for Dyson... a true "ear-catcher." ?

The volume of the Dyson V15 Detect at a glance

Suction level Volume
Eco 66 dB
Auto/Medium 69 dB
Boost 72 dB

How long do Dyson V15 vacuum battery last?

The runtime of one charge is essential for a cordless vacuum cleaner. It should last long enough to vacuum your home thoroughly at least once in one go.

The battery status on the display

Dyson UK already exceeded the critical runtime for most homes a few years ago.

The > 65-minute runtime of the new Dyson V15 Detect Absolute leaves a good impression here, too.

However, we must note that this runtime applies to the Eco mode. It’s the weakest of the three cleaning modes.

It lasted for 47.28 minutes in Auto mode. That’s still an excellent performance.

Suction level Runtime
Eco 67:22 minutes
Auto 47:28 minutes
Boost 8:59 minutes

The boost mode takes a lot of battery power. That’s why the runtime is relatively short. Since the auto mode (or medium mode) is usually sufficient even for coarse dirt, this won’t be a problem.

How long does the dyson V15 take to charge?

The charging time is quite long – 4.5 hours. We noticed this with many cordless vacuum cleaner models. It seems like the next stage of development is necessary for better battery performance.

Tip: If you don’t want to wait that long, you can get an extra battery. You can buy one on the website.

You can also charge the battery (or the extra battery) without the actual device.

Charging the battery without the vacuum cleaner

That’s very practical if you don't have a power connection in your box room, for example.

The battery itself is small, so it fits easily on a bedside table or the like.

Can you leave Dyson on charge all the time?

Yes, that is no problem for the battery. Once it is fully charged, the V15 will not use any more electricity.

Good for you: If you need the device, the battery will be charged.

Charging Dock or Wall Mount for the Dyson V15?

The delivery scope includes the practical wall mount. You can install it on the wall in no time and simply store the vacuum upright on the wall. And… It also charges the battery simultaneously.

Very useful!

If you don't want to mount your vacuum on the wall, there’ll be an alternative soon:

Dyson UK added so-called floor docks (or charging docks) shortly after the market launch of the last models of the V series (i.e. Dyson V10 and Dyson V11).

We already tested these docks and found them very useful. They work just like the wall mount, so you can store the vacuum upright and charge it simultaneously.

The charging dock has a pole with a holder for the Dyson at the top. You just have to place it near a power socket.

You can quickly move it to another place at any time and do not have to drill holes in your wall. Very practical!

Is it Difficult to Maintain the Dyson?

The maintenance of the Dyson is also very user-friendly. It’s well-thought-out and straightforward.

You have to do these four tasks more or less regularly.

  • Emptying the dirt container
  • Cleaning the dirt container
  • Maintaining the HEPA filter
  • Cleaning the floor nozzles

Let’s talk about how that works now.

How to Empty the Dirt Container

The dirt container or dust box has a volume of 0.76 l.

If the dust container is full, you have to remove the suction tube first. Then hold the device vertically downwards over a dustbin. Push the red lever on the bottom downwards so that the flap pops open and the dirt falls out.

This method is very effective and accurate.

Emptying the dirt container of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

The dirt won’t sneak back into the room because you can hold the container far into the dustbin.

This method makes the V15 also very suitable for allergy sufferers – much more than most other emptying methods.

Cleaning the Dirt Container

You may have to clean the dirt container from time to time.

Simply remove it with the help of the little red lever for this purpose.

Cleaning the dirt container

Simply press it down and remove the container...

Then you can rinse it with water or clean it with a cloth.

Attention: Please don’t reassemble it until it’s dry.

Cleaning the HEPA Filter

The V15 Detect Absolute has a high-performance HEPA (particulate air) filter.

This filtration works so well that it even separates microscopic dust particles and even viruses from the air.

Removing the HEPA filter

You have to clean the HEPA filter now and then to guarantee the vacuum's supreme cleaning performance.

The filter cleaning works like this:

First, remove the filter from the back of the handle. That should be pretty easy.

Dirty HEPA Filter

Then tap out the filter or rinse it under cold water.

How Long Does the Dyson Filter Take to Dry?

You can put the filter back in after 24 hours.

Cleaning the HEPA filter under running water

How Often Do I Have to Clean the Dyson Filter?

The filter gets clogged over time. Therefore, we recommend tapping out the filter every two weeks and washing it once a month.

Can I Buy the Filters Later On, Too?

Yes, the filters are available in the Dyson online shop .

These are "long-lasting filters", i.e. they generally last as long as the vacuum itself. If one should break, you can quickly get a replacement.

Cleaning the Floor Nozzle

You have to free both the high torque cleaner head and the Fluffy head from dirt and hair regularly.

Just check it out regularly. Then you’ll know how often you need to do this.

How To Clean Dyson's Torque Drive Floor Nozzle

There is a lever on the side. You have to push it upwards to remove the brush.

Use a sharp knife to remove hair from the nozzle.

Cleaning the Torque-Drive Floor Nozzle

How To Clean the Fluffy Laser Attachment

Again, you use a lever on the side to release the soft roller.

Hair rarely wraps itself around this brush.

If it does, you can cut it free with a knife here, too.

What's great is that we can rinse the soft roller under running water now.

But you can only use it again once it’s dry.

Tip: We recommend that you maintain the device regularly, as this will extend the device’s lifetime and optimise its performance.

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute’s Price

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute has an RRP of £ 599.

This means that the cordless vacuum is not only in the top league in performance and quality but also in price.

You can consider buying a Dyson vacuum as a long-term investment. You’ll get a device that’ll last for a long time, thanks to the high quality. Not only that, but you’ll use it daily for many years to come.

Good to know: Compared to a conventional vacuum, the higher price will pay off over time since you don't have to buy a bag or filter.

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Review UK: Conclusion and Price-Performance

We can use one single word to summarize our review of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute:


Dyson has managed to top off their premium V-series again.

Even more powerful suction, the best cleaning result ever and innovative new technology such as

  • The laser dust detection,
  • The anti-hair function,
  • And the "dirt scan function."

They make the V15 a well-rounded product and our test winner in 2021.

You have to dig quite deep into your pockets for the V15, but it's the best investment you can make when buying a cordless vacuum.

So if you want to have the best vacuum cleaner on the market to make daily housekeeping more straightforward, you can’t go wrong with the Dyson V15.

But if you can do without these new features, we can recommend its predecessor, the Dyson V11 Absolute.

Contact Dyson UK

Customer Service: To contact Dyson UK directly, please call their helpline 0800 298 0298 or visit their live chat. The Customer helpline is available Monday to Friday (8 am - 8 pm) and Saturday and Sunday (8 am - 6 pm)

Registered office: Dyson United Kingdom - Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury SN16 0RP.

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  • Dyson Customer Service: After-Purchase Service

    You’ll receive emails from Dyson shortly after receiving the package (if requested). They contain helpful tips on setting up and getting the most out of cleaning with your new vacuum. Very nice!

  • Dyson Customer Service: Ordering On The Website

    Ordering via Dyson's online shop works perfectly and very reliably. You can talk to advisors via phone and chat.

  • Dyson Customer Service: 30-Day Return Guarantee

    Dyson offers every customer a 30-day take-back guarantee for the devices.

    You can test the vacuum, and if you aren’t satisfied – which is highly unlikely – you can return it for free.

  • Sustainability

    Dyson places great importance on sustainability. You can see that in the packaging, in the monitored supply chains, and in their long-lasting products.

  • Social Commitment

    The James Dyson Foundation was established to inspire young people and children and promote innovation, development and entrepreneurship from an early age.

  • Can I Buy The Dyson V15 In Instalments?

    Yes, you can finance or pay off the V15 in up to 24 small monthly instalments on the Dyson website.

  • How Long Does Dyson’s Warranty On The V15 Last?

    Dyson provides a 2-year warranty on the devices.

  • Where Can I Buy The Dyson V15?

    The Dyson V15 will only be available in the UK in the Dyson online shop for now. After the initial period, you can also get the device from relevant retailers.

  • Who Will Repair My Dyson Vacuum?

    You can send the Dyson vacuum in for repair. Dyson has excellent service and helps quickly. (Click here to get to Dyson’s repair service)

  • Can The Dyson V15 Mop?

    No, the Dyson V15 can’t mop. Dyson continues to do without a battery mopping function. We can only hope that they’re just waiting until the development is fully developed and then launch a powerful device onto the market.

  • Can The Dyson V15 Stand On Its Own?

    No, the Dyson V15 cannot stand on its own.

    However, you can lean the device very nicely onto a wall or the like, thanks to the straight back of the battery.


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