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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair in the UK (2022)?


Last updated: 26.02.2022 5 Min.

Human’s best friend: the pet. Or was it just the dog?

Either way, as much as we love our little friends, it’s also a lot of work. Our pets leave their traces everywhere, whether it’s on the upholstery, the floor or on the carpet.

Pet hairs are pretty stubborn.

We have reviewed numerous cordless vacuums to find out which cordless devices will work best for you in the fight against dog hair (and other pet hair).

You’ve got to be careful: if you don't pay attention when buying your new cordless vacuum cleaner, you can easily be disappointed and the hair will stay on the upholstery.

In the following, we’ll present our experiences with the best cordless vacuums for pet hair and we’ll also give you a comprehensive guide on what you need to look out for when buying your new household helper.

The best cordless vacuums against pet hair in the test

What you’ll see on this page:

  • The best cordless vacuums in the UK for dog hair and other pet hair in comparison
  • Advantages of a cordless vacuum against pet hair
  • Buying advice: What should I look out for when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner to get rid of pet hair?
  • Is the cordless vacuum also suitable for long human hair?
  • Tips and tricks for even more cleanliness in a household with pets
  • Our conclusion
    Tineco Pure One S12 Main

    Tineco S12 PureOne

    Tineco S12 PureOne

    Smart, smarter, Tineco. A popular cordless hoover on Amazon UK with outstanding cleaning performance. The first battery hoover with its own app.

    With the PureOne S12, Tineco has brought the first truly smart cordless hoover onto the premium market. When cleaning your Smart Home, the cordless vacuum cleaner is supported by a smartphone app.

    The Tineco Pure One S12 - The smartest cordless vacuum cleaner

    The TOPs of the Tineco S12

    The cleaning performance

    The S12 performed outstandingly in our cleaning test. No matter what we put in front of it...

    cleaning performance Tineco S12

    ...it sucked it up.

    Perfect in the fight against pet hair?

    The mini electric brush removes all kinds of hair from your upholstery.

    The mini electric brush


    The Tineco S12 brings real innovation to the table. And we're not just talking about the fact that it's the first cordless hoover with an app...

    The filter cleaning tool

    ...the filter cleaning system of the cordless vacuum cleaner is also really practical and well-thought-out.

    The display

    The display provides you with useful information and practical tips.

    The display

    The wall mount/charging station

    You think: A wall mount is old hat...

    ...not so with the Tineco S12: The wall holder charges the battery in the device and the spare battery via an additional compartment at the same time.

    You can buy the Tineco PureOne S12 in two different versions:

    the Pure One S12 and the Pure One S12 ProEx

    The difference is that the ProEx comes with a few more accessories.

    The Tineco Pure One S12 gets a clear buy recommendation from us!

    Check Price*


    Excellent cleaning performance

    Automatic filter cleaning tool

    Spare pre-filter

    Automatic suction mode

    Replaceable battery included

    Stylish design


    "Touchbar" for infinitely variable suction power control

    Charging station/wall holder very well-thought-out

    LEDs on the brush



    Sometimes necessary to change soft roller and standard brush (depending on floor)

    Packaging also contains plastic and polystyrene

    Brush roller occasionally lifts off

    The Miele Triflex HX1

    Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog

    Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog

    Miele’s Triflex HX1 "Cat&Dog" version is a premium cordless vacuum. Miele has included some new extras especially for pet owners.

    The Miele Triflex HX1 has a particularly sophisticated design. With a third modification option and a replaceable battery, the Triflex comes in very handy when vacuuming large houses or flats. Miele also developed some special accessories to deal with pet hair.

    All about the Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog main

    Strong Suction Power

    The Miele Triflex HX1 is capable of removing all kinds of dirt, even pet hair, thanks to its powerful suction. In our Miele Triflex HX1 review it came out with flying colours. The flexibility of this cordless vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier and saves you a lot of precious time.

    The HX1 Accessories

    Miele includes a range of accessories with its devices. In terms of pet hair removal, two parts stand out in particular:

    The electric floor brush Multi Floor XXL SEB 435 with BrilliantLight

    This electric floor brush plays a big part in ensuring that the Miele achieved one of the best cleaning results of all vacuums tested.

    The brush rotates automatically and transports dirt immediately into the suction tube. With the LED light of the brush you can see dirt even in the darkest corners.

    The Multi Floor XXL SEB 435 electric brush with BrilliantLight

    The Electro Compact SEB 23 electric brush of the Cat & Dog model.

    Developed by Miele to remove all types of dog and cat hair and also other types of pet hairs. You can attach it quickly and once you modify the HX1 to the handy compact mode you can vacuum your upholstered furniture or clean the car.

    The Electro Compact SEB 23 electric brush of the Cat & Dog model


    With the HX1 your efforts will be reduced to a minimum.

    The Filters

    These filters are even advertised by the manufacturer as maintenance-free. You should tap out the HEPA filter from time to time so that the performance remains constantly high.

    Emptying the Dust Container

    Emptying the dust container is also very simple. You can simply remove the container and carry it to the trash. During that process, no dust is going to fall out, which ensures clean air in your home.

    Your advantage: you don't have to buy any bags either. You'll be amazed at how much money this saves.

    Cleaning the Brush

    Cleaning the brush is also super easy. You can open the case on the side and then you’ll be able to remove the brush for cleaning. 

    Price-Performance Ratio

    The Miele Triflex HX1 belongs to the elite of cordless vacuum cleaners. The German manufacturer places particular emphasis on quality and service.

    The Triflex is not really cheap, but it's worth the investment. You have to vacuum often, so a clever work-saver is just what you need.

    For this money, you get a great cordless vacuum.

    Test Winner 2020 🏆
    Dyson V11 Absolute Extra

    Dyson Dyson V11 Absolute

    Dyson Dyson V11 Absolute

    The Dyson V11 our winner. From all the devices that we have tested, it showed that it has the strongest suction power and is therefore particularly suitable for removing pet hair.

    The Dyson v11 Absolute Extra is a premium class cordless vacuum. 

    Dyson has taken the suction performance of its V-series to the next level with the V11 and additionally equipped it with an innovative technology, a practical display AND an exchangeable battery.

    What makes the V11 outstanding? ?


    The Dyson V11 Absolute is a successful cordless vacuum in every way

    The Dyson V11 really convinced us in all areas, which is why it deserves to be called the best cordless vacuum in 2021 in our opinion.

    The strongest suction power among all tested devices in combination with the electric floor brush ensures an outstanding cleaning result.

    When other cordless vacuum cleaners reached their limits on carpets, the Dyson V11 still gave 100% in our test. Even dog and cat hair can’t stand a chance against the V11.

    Cleaning result of the Dyson V11 on carpeted floors

    The Accessories that Dyson Offers are Extensive

    You can easily determine how versatile a device is by looking at the accessories that come with a cordless vacuum cleaner.

    The Torque-Drive Electric Floor Brush

    It automatically adapts to the surface and is therefore suitable for any floor type.

    A Mini Electric Brush

    This one is also included in the scope of delivery. It’s perfect for removing pet hair from upholstered furniture.

    The Dyson V11 Quick Release Extra Hard

    It’s an attachment with hard bristles that can also be used to remove stubborn hair.


    The cleaning process of the Dyson V11 is self-explanatory and user-friendly.

    Especially the emptying function is well thought through.

    Dirt and also pet hairs are pushed outwards by the slider. This ensures that not a single hair will be left behind and that the dirt goes directly into the waste bin.

    The HEPA Filters

    They are easy to clean and very efficient. You can also buy them later if necessary.

    Battery Power

    Battery performance is very good. The V11 can be used for up to 60 minutes and the innovative display constantly shows you how long you have left to vacuum. With the new models, the battery can also be replaced easily.

    Price-Performance Ratio

    The V11 starts with a higher price, but that is what quality costs.

    It’s an investment that pays off. The follow-up costs are low, and the easy handling simplifies your household work, saves time and is easier on your nerves.

    For that price, you get a premium device.

    Check Price*


    New automatic floor roller

    New LED display

    Over one-hour battery power

    Very powerful suction

    Much quieter

    Battery is replaceable


    About 400 grams heavier than its predecessor

    Power button not lockable

    Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

    Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

    Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

    The test winner of 2018 has powerful suction and an innovative design

    This cordless vacuum plays in the top league. Its cleaning performance leaves nothing to be desired, and the innovative design is very user-friendly.

    Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute - Test Winner 2018

    The Dyson V10 Absolute caught us off-guard with its entirely new design when it came out in 2018

    The new arrangement of the engine and dirt tank has improved performance significantly.

    The power unit of the Dyson V10 in a new design

    The Dyson V10’s Highlights 

    Excellent Cleaning Performance 

    The Dyson V10 came out with flying colours in our cleaning tests. No matter what dirt or on which floor type, the Dyson V10 left the floor spotless.

    The Dyson V10 vacuuming the carpet

    The cordless stick vacuum scored so well thanks to its powerful suction. According to the manufacturer, the V10 has 150 AW. You see that when you vacuum. That’s why the V10 stole the show from all other cordless vacuums in 2018. 

    Emptying the Dirt Container 

    Emptying the Dyson V10

    The new emptying function is also a considerable advantage. 

    You just have to push the slider forward, and the dirt falls directly into the dustbin. 

    Advantage: It’s very suitable for allergy sufferers, but it’s also great for everyone else. Now the annoying dust won’t find its way back into the flat. 


    It’s super easy to convert it from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum. The vast amount of accessories also increases the versatility of the V10 immensely. 

    Long Runtime 

    The battery life of the Dyson V10 is excellent and lasts for up to 60 minutes. That’s sufficient for cleaning most flats and houses. After that, it takes about 4.5 hours to charge the battery fully. 

    3 Different Power Settings

    It’s also got an upgrade from two to three suction modes. This way, you can always choose a suitable power mode for the dirty challenge that lays in front of you. 

    The button for the power settings of the Dyson V10

    You can switch to turbo mode if you have to deal with stubborn dirt. If it’s only light dirt, the minimum level will be sufficient. 

    The medium level works great for most everyday situations. 

    The extra mode improves cleaning performance and battery life. 

    There’s always room for improvement 

    After the Dyson V11 came onto the market, the price of the V10 has also dropped immensely. The most significant disadvantage of the cordless vacuum cleaner has become insignificant. 

    Which variant is the best deal? 

    There are three variants of the V10: 

    • Absolute, 
    • Motorhead, 
    • Animal. 

    The manufacturer offers only the Absolute model at the moment, which is the best option anyway if you ask us. Its features are simply the best. 

    Read more about that in our detailed Dyson V10 Absolute review

    We recommend the Dyson V10 for those who want an excellent cleaning performance but don’t need the latest technology (display, automatic adjustment of suction power, etc.). 

    This naturally affects the price of the V10. It’s much cheaper than the latest models.

    Check Price*

    The Dreame V11

    Dreame V11

    Dreame V11

    The Dreame V11 is a cordless vacuum that’s a little cheaper. Its suction power really convinced us. It was unexpectedly strong which makes it a good companion in the fight against pet hair in your home!

    The Dreame V11 could not only convince with its outstanding suction power. Despite the low price, the Dreame V11 comes with an innovative display and extra accessories. Among them are useful gadgets that help to free your couch from pet hair.

    All about the Dreame V11 Main

    Strong Suction Power

    The strong suction power is atypical for appliances in this price range. However, the suction power is important when cleaning pet and dog hair. That’s why we chose to introduce the Dreame V11 as an affordable alternative.

    When we tested the Dreame V11’s cleaning performance, we found out that it worked great on hard floors. The Dreame cordless vacuum cleaner really doesn’t have to hide behind the competition.

    The Display

    Another atypical feature for this price range is a display. Until now, very few cordless vacuums have this feature and it’s therefore almost like a unique selling point of the Dreame.

    The Dreame V11 display

    The Accessories

    The accessories are very extensive and it amazes us that Dreame includes a mini electric brush here.

    The Mini Electric Brush

    It is very easy to use and reliably vacuums pet hair from the couch or from the dog box in the car.

    The Standard Electric Brush

    The standard brush is a so-called soft roller. It works very well on hard floors. On carpeted floors it worked surprisingly well, too.

    Nevertheless, we would have liked an optimal solution for carpets.

    After all, hardly any hair wraps around the soft roller. So you don't have to worry too much about that.

    For carpeted floors, we would have liked to see a different option.

    The standard electric brush of the Dreame V11


    The workmanship is good and maintenancing the Dreame V11 is simple and uncomplicated.

    The Filter

    You can easily remove and beat out the filter, and changing it isn’t difficult either, even if it is not really necessary.

    Cleaning the Roller

    The roller can be removed easily, so you can remove any hair and other dirt from it.

    The soft roller can be removed

    Battery Power

    Unfortunately, the battery cannot be removed, but the runtime is pretty strong with 45 minutes in medium mode.


    Emptying the dirt container works well, but sometimes you may have to help a little by hand.

    Price-Performance Ratio

    The cordless vacuum will help you free your home from your pets' hair.

    All in all, the Dreame V11 is definitely a good purchase and a top device for its price.

    Comparison: The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

    There are now plenty of cordless vacuums. However, the performance and the possible uses differ enormously.

    Pet hair - whether cat hair or dog hair - brings up special challenges for cordless vacuum cleaners.

    We have put the devices through the wringer for you and tested them again and again and now we can present:

    Our top cordless vacuum against pet hair.

    What are the advantages of a cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    Some manufacturers in the UK pay some extra attention to the performance of their vacuums in the fight against pet hair, because they all know that no matter whether it’s long or short, dog or cat hair, thick or thin, it always has and always will give vacuums a hard time to clean.

    So if you are a pet owner and take this into account when buying your cordless vacuum cleaner, you can get some benefits for yourself.

    You can save a lot of time on household chores and avoid stress.

    The following advantages show why a cordless vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for pet hair.

    Effective removal of pet hair with the extra accessories

    One of the biggest advantages is that some manufacturers in the UK come up with quite unusual, but effective accessories for the cordless vacuum.

    There seems to be no limit to the spirit of innovation in this segment. There are lots of accessories here that help get rid of the pet hair that our little friends lose all the time. Let's take a mini electric brush, such as the one supplied by the manufacturer Dyson with certain devices. This one works great to vacuum your upholstery.

    The mini electric brush from Dyson

    But be careful: Not every accessory is really useful, and sometimes they can cost extra.

    The suction power of cordless vacuum cleaners

    When the technology was new, the suction power of most cordless vacuums was too weak to cope with pet hair of any kind.

    Today, this is no longer the case. In the premium sector, the suction power is now comparable to the suction power of conventional vacuums.

    Converting a cordless upright vacuum into a cordless hand vacuum cleaner

    A huge advantage of cordless vacuum cleaners is their 2-in-1 function. In no time at all, you can turn a cordless vacuum into a handheld cordless vacuum. This makes it a lot easier for you to remove cat hair from your upholstery and reach places that are inaccessible for a corded vacuum.

    Cordless Vacuuming - No More Tangled Cables!

    This one is pretty obvious and of course not only valid for removing dog hair. A cordless vacuum is much quicker to use and you can go from room to room much faster.

    Cordless Vacuum Cleaners: Mostly Bagless

    Normally, cordless vacuums today are not only cordless, but also bagless. This is profitable in the truest sense of the word when it comes to pet hair. Especially hairs can quickly fill up your vacuum bag.

    If you have to change the bag often, the follow-up costs increase.

    Not so nice!

    You don't have to worry about this problem anymore with bagless devices.

    Emptying the dirt container

    Watch out: Not every cordless vacuum can be emptied easily. We explicitly test this with the devices!

    Cordless Vacuum: Good for Allergy Sufferers?!

    Our experience with cordless vacuums has shown that we vacuum much more often with a cordless vacuum cleaner. This is because the device is always within reach and is ready for use much faster.

    You no longer have to unroll and reel in cables. You don't have to buy bags when they're used up and so on.

    Since we started using cordless vacuum cleaners at home, the flat is cleaner.

    Also the strong suction power of good devices ensures more cleanliness and less irritating pet hair.

    HEPA Filter and Pet Hair

    The Filter technology also plays a decisive role in modern cordless vacuum.

    HEPA filters are basically able to separate tiny particles from the air. This helps neutralise odours from e.g. the upholstery.


    Battery Vacuums are Super Flexible to Use

    Cordless vacuum cleaners are not only good for cleaning furniture and floors. They are also very flexible in other ways.

    You can take them pretty much everywhere, which would be kinda strange though ?.

    Anyways, you can also use your cordless vacuum cleaner to clean your car, for example.

    What should I consider when buying a cordless vacuum for pet hair?

    To help you with your purchase of a cordless vacuum, we’ve put up a list of some important factors that you should consider when making a purchase.

    The Suction Power

    Our experience with cordless vacuums has shown that the suction power is particularly important to achieve a good cleaning result.

    The rule is: the stronger, the better! Thin cat or dog hair often stubbornly clings to the surface. Only maximum suction power can help here.

    What accessories are available for pet hair vacuum cleaners?

    The suction power is not the only factor that determines the cleaning result. Especially when it comes to pet hair, the included accessories play an important role.

    We have tested the most useful gadgets.

    Electric Floor Brush

    The electric floor brush

    The electric floor brush is pretty much a standard accessory nowadays.

    A small motor sits directly on the brush and ensures that the brush rotates at the push of a button. The fins on the brush pick up the dirt and fling it into the suction pipe.

    This provides an immense increase in cleaning power.

    Not every electric floor brush stands up to what it promises. Our tests have revealed serious differences. Sometimes brushes can block if hair or threads get wrapped around them.

    Your advantage: In our tests, we found out which brushes of cordless vacuums don’t block. These are also better suited for removing pet hair.

    The Mini Electric Brush

    The mini electric brush also has its own roller that rotates. It is a very effective tool for removing pet and human hair from upholstered furniture.

    When buying your cordless vacuum, make sure that a mini electric brush is included.

    The mini electric brush

    An Attachment with Hard Bristles

    Our tests have shown that a brush with hard bristles is also suitable for removing pet hair from upholstery. These brushes act similar to a comb.

    But be careful: The bristles should not be too hard so that you don’t tear up your upholstery when vacuuming.

    The brush with harder bristles


    Maintenance is also an important purchase criterion. If you have pets, you will have to maintain your cordless vacuum cleaner a bit more often. Pets bring more dirt into the house, which puts more strain on your devices.

    That’s why it’s very important that maintenance is kept as simple and user-friendly as possible.

    You should remove hair especially from the electric floor brush every now and then to profit from its full performance.

    You can use a sharp knife for this.

    Hair wrapped around the brush

    Remove the hair from the brush with a knife.

    Of course, you can also remove the roller for this purpose. You can do this with most devices by opening a small lid on the side.

    Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with or without a Bag: Our Experience with Pet Hair

    Most cordless vacuums today don’t have a bag anymore. They have useful dirt containers that you can empty directly into the dustbin.

    Make sure that the system is sturdy and that nothing gets out of place when emptying.

    Emptying the dirt container


    HEPA filters (air filter) help to filter out even the smallest particles.

    Make sure that the cordless vacuum cleaner has long-life filters that you don’tt have to change. This is good for your wallet and the environment.

    Cleaning the HEPA filter

    Hard Floor, Tiles or Carpet?

    What type of floor do you mainly have at home?

    You should ask yourself this question, because not every cordless vacuum is suitable for every floor.

    Only the best cordless vacuums perform equally well on all floors.

    Upholstered Furniture

    Especially when it comes to cleaning upholstered furniture, cordless vacuums are the shining stars.

    If you have a good device, it’s going to be super easy to convert it to a cordless handheld vacuum. The cordless handheld vacuum makes cleaning very convenient. Make sure that the device you buy has the conversion function.

    Apartment Size

    The size of your home will determine how long it’ll take you to vacuum.

    If you know how long you need, then you can make sure that the battery life of the device is long enough.

    Good devices can vacuum for up to 90 minutes these days.


    If you have a lot of stairs, a cordless device is very convenient, too. You can also make sure that the cordless vacuum of your choice is not too heavy.

    We have tested devices in all weight classes. We’ve tested devices in a range from 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs) to 4 kg (8.8 lbs).


    The dear money...

    ...plays a decisive role, of course. You might prefer to spend it on something else than a household appliance.

    Nevertheless, we recommend not to save money in the wrong place. Quality has its price, and especially when it comes to pet hair, cheap cordless vacuums usually just won’t do the job, so your home might seem to be clean in the end, but it’s not actually clean.

    Stick to the motto: If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

    Your advantage: When buying online, for example at Amazon UK, there are often very good offers. This way you can get quality at a low price.

    Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair in the UK

    Brave new world! Isn't that what we've always dreamed of?

    A robot takes care of the housekeeping.

    Robots can't do everything for us yet, but these little helpers can vacuum pretty well.

    Especially if you have pets, the robot vacuum cleaner will keep your home clean at all times.

    For coarse dirt, for corners and upholstery, you have your cordless vacuum.

    These two devices, the battery vacuum and the robot vacuum, complement each other perfectly.

    If you want to learn more about robot vacuums in the fight against pet hair, you can find a detailed review on this subject on our page.

    Did you know that robot vacuums are now often available with a mopping function? A real advantage when cleaning the floor, not only against pet hair.

    Cordless vacuums with wiping function against all kinds of dog, cat hair and other hair types.

    Not only robot vacuum cleaners are able to mop the floor these days. More and more cordless vacuums also have a wiping function.

    We have already tested a few cordless vacuum cleaners and found out that the mopping performance of some of them is quite good.

    The mopping performance of the robotic vacuum cleaners doesn’t even come close to this.

    Of course, this is mainly because you can apply much more pressure to the floor with the battery-powered vacuum cleaner.

    In any case, mopping helps with stubborn dirt caused by pets.

    Here you can find the best cordless vacuums with wiping function from our tests:

    How much does a cordless vacuum cleaner against pet hair cost?

    The cost of cordless vacuum cleaners is like that of most other technical products: the sky's the limit.

    • 70 to £199: You can get cordless vacuums for as little as £80 on Amazon UK, but the devices in this price segment are hardly worth their name. Especially with stubborn dirt, such as dog hair, you will not get the desired result. Quality has its price.

    • 200 - £399: The middle price segment is between 200 and £400 for a cordless vacuum. Here you can find one or two devices that can take on pet hair. You can also watch out for discounted models from the premium sector.

    • 400 to ...: Of course, very few of us need a cordless vacuum studded with Swarovski stones. So for a cordless vacuum from the premium sector, we normally range between £400 and £1500.
    Conclusion: In the premium sector, you get cordless vacuum with sufficient power and, above all, with the right accessories to tackle our pet hair problem in a relaxed manner.

    Can the cordless vacuum also handle (long) human hair?

    A cordless vacuum can handle this too, but not all of them. Of course, the same applies to human hair as to cat hair, dog hair and all other hair types.

    However, human hair is often longer than that of our pets. That is why human hair sometimes wraps itself around the brush.

    But this is not really a problem, because you can free the brush pretty fast if you’re using the right knife.

    More tips and tricks for a clean household, even with pets

    Clean the cordless vacuum cleaner attachments regularly

    You can’t really avoid that longer dog hairs, pet hairs and also human hairs wrap themselves around the brush from time to time. This can lead to a reduced cleaning performance.

    Therefore, it’s a good idea to inspect the attachments regularly.

    Don't worry if hair has wrapped itself around the brush. With good cordless vacuums, you can simply remove the brush and then cut off the hair with a sharp knife.

    This is quick and easy (or rather quick and dirty, but the results are the same ? ).

    Afterwards, you vacuum as if you had a brand new device.

    Remove the hair from the brush with a knife.

    Important: Make sure that you also remove the hairs that wrapped themselves around the "joint" at the edge of the brush.

    Clean the filters regularly

    The filters of pet owners' cordless vacuums clog up more quickly.

    This is because pets simply carry more dirt into the home.

    However, this is not a bad thing. Simply tap out the filters at regular intervals or you can even wash them sometimes (please follow the instructions). Then the cleaning performance won’t suffer.

    Your advantage: The cordless household helpers usually come with long-lasting filters. This means that there are no follow-up costs for you.

    In general, we have collected the following tips for you:

    Brush dogs and cats daily.

    Of course, this depends on the breed, but frequent brushing definitely can't hurt. What you brush out won’t end up in the flat.

    You can use a handy undercoat brush for this. It's easy to get loose hairs with a brush like this.

    Vacuum frequently

    Frequent vacuuming ensures that there is little hair in the room and that no pet odours can spread in the house.

    The more often you vacuum, the better. We recommend the combination of a vacuum robot and a cordless vacuum.

    The cordless vacuum is for the rough dirt and thorough cleaning and the vacuum robot takes care of the daily work.

    Conclusion of Our Review: Are cordless vacuum cleaners suitable for households with pets and their hair?

    At the end of this review, we can give you a clear recommendation for the purchase of a cordless vacuum.

    Whether with or without pets, whether for hair or other dirt: cordless vacuums are a clear relief in the household.

    Always ready to go, so you can quickly clean up dirt...

    ...that’s a no-brainer with a cordless vacuum.

    When buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, keep a few things in mind, then your investment will pay off and you can use the time you save to do what you really enjoy.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Can you buy cordless stick vacuum for pet hair on Amazon in the UK?

      There is an enormous assortment ofcordless stick vacuums that you can buy on Amazon in the UK.


    I have always been excited about smart home products. User-friendliness is one of the most important criteria for new products for me and my reviews should also be user-friendly. This way, you can find the product that suits you best and I hope that our test reports offer you real added value in this way.

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