Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Review (UK)

Vorwerk Kobold VC100

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I bet we all are familiar with this situation: the whole table is full of crumbs after we’ve finished breakfast. Now you have to fetch the big vacuum to clean up this mess, and that takes up quite a lot of your precious time.

The Kobold VC100 is a handheld cordless vacuum and is here to save the day. We put the premium device from Vorwerk through the wringer to find out whether it’s worth buying.

Read our detailed review to find out what makes VC100 so special.

Vorwerk Kobold VC100 cordless vacuum
  • Vorwerk
    VC100 Car Vacuum Cleaner
    The VC100 is the Rolls Royce of hand vacuums and our test winner among the handheld vacuum.
    VC100 Car Vacuum Cleaner
    The VC100 is the Rolls Royce of hand vacuums and our test winner among the handheld vacuum.


  • Strong suction power
  • Stylish design
  • Bagless
  • Two suction levels
  • Weight


  • Assembling is not easy
  • Price

The most important facts at a glance:

  • Premium cordless hand vacuum
  • Versatile in use
  • Made by the German top manufacturer
  • Great addition to the Vorwerk VB100 cordless vacuum

The Design of the VC100 in the review

Cordless handheld vacuums are ten a penny on the market. Very few manufacturers of many rather cheap - and low quality - devices give no importance to a chic appearance and don’t really pay attention to detail.

Vorwerk, on the other hand, saw this shortcoming as a chance and took the criticism into account for the design of the VC100.

Rounded edges and a slim design in minimalist white contribute to a modern, classy look. From now on, there’s no need to hide the device from visitors anymore.

You can easily put the vacuum down without it rolling away, because the bottom side is flat. There are LEDs on top that give you information about the battery status.

How big and how heavy is the VC100?

The dimensions of the VC100 at a glance

Category Dimensions
Size 42 cm (16.5 inches)
Weight 0.65 kg (1.4 lbs)

The device has a size of only 42 cm (16.5 inches), which makes it very small and easy to store. The VC100 weighs 650 grams (1.4 lbs) and is therefore a lightweight among cordless hand vacuums.

Thanks to the low weight and the small size it’s quite comfortable and convenient to clean with Vorwerk’s cordless hand vacuum.

The Vorwerk Kobold VC100 measuring the size

Scope of delivery, accessories and spare parts of the Vorwerk Kobold VC100

Scope of delivery and unboxing of the VC100

The included accessories are basically only the device itself, the charger, the holder and the obligatory instruction manual.

It would have been a great plus if the crevice nozzle had been included in the delivery. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Nevertheless, you can order the crevice nozzle and also various spare parts in Vorwerk’s online shop (vorwerk.co.uk) at a reasonable price.

The Vorwerk Kobold VC100 portable handheld vacuum in the cleaning review

We gave the cordless handheld vacuum VC100 from Vorwerk's Kobold series quite a dirty challenge to see whether it does a good job when it comes to its main task - vacuuming. We spread and vacuumed both coarse dirt (lentils) and very fine dirt (sand) on different floor types.

Dirt is weighed after vacuuming

Review results of the VC100

During the review of the VC100 we noticed that the suction power is very strong despite the small size of the unit.

On the hard floor, the device was able to suck up all the dirt without any problems.

Also on the long-fibre carpet, the VC100 didn’t have any problems with removing lenses. It had a harder time with sand. We had to vacuum it two or three times until the dirt was removed completely.

Cleaning review of the VC100

All in all, the little household helper came out with flying colors and had a very impressive cleaning performance.

Handling of the VC100 in the review

Here we paid some extra attention in our review to the battery performance of the device.

The VC100 comes with two suction levels. In the weaker suction mode, you can vacuum for 20 minutes. In "Turbo mode", the battery lasts up to 13 minutes.

That's more than enough to do the small tasks the VC is designed for. We even managed to vacuum through our entire car once in those 20 minutes.

It’s therefore perfectly suited as an addition to the Vorwerk VB100, its big brother from the Kobold series (Vorwerk VB100 Review).

Maintenance of the VC100

Opening and emptying the Vorwerk Kobold VC100

You can remove the front part of the device to open and empty the dirt container. To do this, you have to pull the "lever" on the bottom side.

A small filter separates the dirt container from the engine compartment. You can empty the dirt container as soon as you pull out the filter.

Emptying the Vorwerk Kobold VC 100

How to change the filter of the VC100?

You have to do the same to change the filter.

This is not a long-lasting filter, which means it has to be changed from time to time and cannot be washed out when it’s dirty.

You can buy a new filter for 6 euros (5 £).

At the beginning, we had a bit of a hard time putting the motor unit and the dirt container together and had to practise a bit. But once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy.

A rechargeable battery for the Vorwerk Kobold VC100

The battery is permanently installed, which is a real disadvantage for the service life and the environment. You have to be a hobbyist to replace it by yourself. If the battery is defective, you can send it in for maintenance, too.

Contact Vorwerk UK

Customer Service: To contact Vorwerk UK directly, please call their customer Care service 03300 6600 834 or write an email to: info(at)vorwerk.co.uk The Customer Care Service is available Monday to Friday (9 am - 5 pm).

Registered office:

Vorwerk UK Limited - Ashurst Manor, Church Lane, Sunninghill, Berkshire, SL5 7DD, UK

Conclusion and price-performance ratio of the Vorwerk Kobold VC100 cordless handheld vacuum

In our opinion, it’s not the end of the world that there are some minor problems while putting it together after emptying and that it doesn’t have a sophisticated holder.

Otherwise, the Vorwerk Kobold VC100 is a high-quality cordless handheld vacuum.

Thanks to the good workmanship, you get a long-lasting device. In the long run you’ll definitely save some money on new purchases due to the premium quality and durability.

The suction power of the small device is really impressive and it’s a no brainer to remove dirt with it.

It’s also got a decent appearance. And there’s not a lot of devices of which you could say the same!

That's why we recommend this cordless hand vacuum as an addition to the VB100 or to a conventional vacuum.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I buy Vorwerk products on Amazon UK?

    The Vorwerk VC100 is not available on Amazon UK. Only accessories such as dust bags, filters etc. can be found on Amazon in the UK.


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