UK Review: We are testing the new Philips Speedpro Max (Aqua) - so you don’t have to!

Last updated: 07.07.2023 Reading time: 14 Min.

First, you vacuum, and then you mop.

You spend too much time on the same tasks every week to keep your home from drowning in the dirt.

Philips promises to help with the Speedpro Max Aqua: because this cordless hoover can both vacuum and mop!

That saves you precious time, and the flat is nice and clean. 👍

We tested how well it works and what else the cordless Hoover offers.

You can read and see our UK review and our experiences in the following report.

  • Shark
    Anti Hair Wrap Flexology
    Price from   £ 349 £ (399.99 )
    A high-quality cordless vacuum cleaner for hard floors and carpets.
    Anti Hair Wrap Flexology
    A high-quality cordless vacuum cleaner for hard floors and carpets.
  • Philips
    Speedpro Max Aqua
    Price from   £ 360.89 £ (468.87 )
    The Philips hoover is a popular cordless vacuum cleaner on Amazon. It cleaned very well in our review and it can vacuum and mop at the same time.
    Speedpro Max Aqua
    The Philips hoover is a popular cordless vacuum cleaner on Amazon. It cleaned very well in our review and it can vacuum and mop at the same time.


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Can vacuum and mop (3 in 1)
  • It can be used as a hand vacuum
  • Digital display with runtime
  • Weight
  • Volume


  • Connections are a bit stiff
  • Empty function
  • Charging time

Content Overview

  • A premium class cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Can vacuum and mop
  • It can also be used as a hand hoover
  • Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of cordless vacuum cleaners
  • A popular device on Amazon

Most important in the Review: The Speedpro Max Aqua in our cleaning test

We put the Speedpro to the test!

It had to suck up different types of dirt (fine sand, coarse lentils and stubborn oat flakes) on different floors.

Cleaning on hard floors

The Speedpro was convincing on hard floors.

It sucked up 99% of all the dirt - an excellent performance! 👏

Before and after the hard floor cleaning test

Cleaning on short carpet

The Philips Speedpro also achieved a decent cleaning result on the low carpet. It achieved 93% overall.

Only sand was a little more challenging to clean. 88% - there is still room for improvement! 👀

The Philips Speedpro on short carpet

Cleaning on long pile carpet

When vacuuming on a high carpet, the Philips cannot get 100% of the sand out of the depth. It gets 90% here, which is still a good result. 👌

Speedpro on high carpet

Everyday cleaning

The Philips proves to be a true asset for daily cleaning. 💪

Always at hand, it does not reach its limits in everyday life.

Dust, larger crumbs and even earthy lumps that fall off shoes are handled by the Speedpro without any problems.

How well does the Philips Speedpro Max Aqua mop?

The mop system is a blessing because it simplifies the work steps considerably.

The best is: You can use it, but you don’t need to. 🚀

How does the mopping function work?

First, you have to attach the mop to the Aqua floor nozzle. This is fastened with Velcro, and the connection holds well.

Attach mop

Afterwards, the water tank has to be filled with cold water. 💦

This is quickly done through the small opening at the top.

How to fill the water tank

Then you can connect the Aqua floor nozzle with the suction pipe.

The mop will now slowly fill up with water, and you can start vacuuming.

If you don't want to wait, you can add more water to the mop using the small pedal.

Pedal for water feed

Tip: You can also briefly hold the mop underwater and wring it out before attaching it. This speeds up the process.

And off you go! 💃

Suction wiping with the Speedpro Max Aqua

Our test showed that the mop could pick up a lot of dirt despite the previous vacuuming.

Suction mop result with the Speedpro Max Aqua

Conclusion on the vacuum mop combo

We found the vacuum mop combo very useful in tests and everyday use.

The floor is much cleaner than after simply vacuuming it.

This is because you can also remove fine dust particles and sticky dirt.

What the DuoClean can't do…

The DuoClean cannot replace thorough mopping with a real mop.

It is possible to build up a lot of pressure on the mop, but not as much as when cleaning with a conventional mop.

You must still clean the flat regularly with hot water and a unique floor cleaning agent. But maybe not so often anymore! 💪

The design of the Speedpro: Same same but different

Appearance and finish

At first glance, the Speedpro looks like most other cordless vacuum cleaners: motor unit, suction tube, floor nozzle.

The design seems rather unexciting and functional - it just looks like a regular vacuum.

The differences only become apparent on closer inspection: the Speedpro is upside down!

The digital motor is at the bottom, and the dirt container is at the top. 👀

This makes it possible to remove and empty the dirt container from the top easily. It is also easier to see when it is full.

The craft is of high quality, and the device appears robust. 👍

The digital display of the Philips Speedpro

The cordless device has a small digital display on the handle.

Nothing special, but that's more than many older products have.

However, the new devices currently on the market mostly come with a display, which can do a lot more.

The display of the Speedpro Max Aqua

On the SpeedPro display, you can read the remaining time and plan your work process better.

The size of the Philips

The size of the bagless Hoover is 127 cm from the floor to the end of the handle. This is common and makes for a comfortable feeling when vacuuming.

The size of the Speedpro Max Aqua

The brush width determines how extensive the cleaning area is. Unfortunately, the so-called 360-degree floor nozzle is relatively small at 26 cm.

Therefore, you will probably have to use one or two more brushes until the floor is thoroughly vacuumed - or a turbo brush!

Overview: The size of the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua

Category Dimensions
The total size of the vacuum cleaner 127 cm
Length motor unit 41 cm
Height motor unit 21 cm
Brush width 26 cm
Brush depth 16 cm

The weight of the Max Aqua

More important than the size for the feeling of comfort is the weight.

If the vacuum cleaner is too heavy, the cleaning process can be exhausting.

The weight of the Max Aqua

This is where the cordless vacuum cleaner from Philips is very well positioned.

At around 2.7 kg, it is one of the lightest premium battery vacuums. 👍

Overview: The weight of the Max Aqua

Category Maße
Total weight of the vacuum cleaner 2,7kg
Weight of the motor unit 1,6 kg
Weight suction tube 0,35 kg
Weight floor nozzle 0,75

Especially in hand vacuum mode, it is a lightweight at 1.7 kg and is very pleasant to handle.

Accessories: Lots of useful stuff

The complete accessories of the Speedpro

Philips offers a wide range of accessories to make your hoover even more versatile.

We have hard floor attachments, crevice tools, and other tools to get all cleaning jobs done here in one overview.

The suction tube

The suction tube with a soft brush

The suction tube without brush

The suction tube of the SpeedPro is indeed something special.

One end goes into the digital motor unit, the other end can be used to attach the floor nozzle, or you can fold out the multi-tool and put it to use. 💪

The 360-degree suction nozzle

This is the standard brush with which you can clean the floor.

It is suitable for both hard floors and carpets.

The 360-degree nozzle of the Philips

The aqua nozzle

The Aqua nozzle is also included in the delivery and with it, you can vacuum and mop simultaneously.

You vacuum at the front, and the mop wipes up at the back. Two mops are included in the scope of delivery.

The Aqua Nozzle from above

The Aqua nozzle from below

Your advantage: The included mops are washable and can be used repeatedly. This saves money and protects the environment. 🌳

The crevice nozzle

Motor unit with crevice nozzle

The crevice nozzle helps you clean the hard-to-reach places in your car or home.

Use it to vacuum under the seats, behind the dashboard or between the couch cushions.

Mini power brush

The Mini Electric Brush

The small, practical mini electric brush rotates automatically and thus develops a strong cleaning power. You can clean any upholstery and even your mattress with it.

Tip: It is also very good for removing dirt from the floor mats in your car.

The wall mount

A practical holder that you can attach to your wall. You can then store the cordless vacuum cleaner on the wall to save space and charge simultaneously.

A replacement filter and instruction manual are also included.

SpeedPro models compared

There are different models of the SpeedPro. Philips releases a new series at regular intervals.

The current series is the 8 series, in which there are also different models.

The main differences are the accessories included and the battery life. 👀

Various SpeedPro models at a glance


Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua




SpeedPro Max


Amazon rating
Maximum running time 80 minutes 80 minutes 60 minutes
Charging time 4-5 hours 5 hours 5 hours
Colour Black titanium Dark opal Azure
Dust container capacity 0,6 l 0,6 l 0,6 l
Flexibility 3 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1
crevice nozzle Yes Yes Yes
Integrated brush No Yes Yes
Extension hose No Yes No
360-degree suction nozzle Yes Yes Yes
Aqua suction nozzle Yes No No
Mini turbo nozzle Yes Yes No
Microfiber pads (mop) Yes No No
Replacement filter Yes Yes No
Weight 2,7 kg 2,7 kg 2,7 kg

Which model is right for me?

The question is: what do you want to do with your cordless vacuum cleaner?

The more accessories are included, the more flexible you can use the device.

We recommend the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua model if you want to use the vacuum and mop combo. The matching accessories are included.

We recommend the SpeedPro Max version if you don't want to mop. This gives you maximum flexibility, and you don't have to do without practical gadgets, such as the mini electric brush.

If you don't want to dig quite so deep into your pocket, you can opt for the budget version, the SpeedPro Max .

Cleaning features: What helps with cleaning?

The 360-degree electric floor brush

The Philips standard floor nozzle boasts that it vacuums all around.

This works thanks to an ingenious collection system and the electronic roller.

Especially on hard floors, this has been shown to work very well. 🙌

The 360-degree nozzle from below

In addition, the floor nozzle has LED lighting (More about LED) on the front edge.

The LED lighting of the 360-degree floor nozzle

Your advantage: With the help of the LEDs, fine dust, in particular, can be seen much better, even in bright light.

Number of suction levels

With a small slider on the handle, you can choose between three suction levels.

Each level offers a different level of suction power.

In our Smart Home Fox UK Review, we used the strongest level. But even the medium level has a lot of power.

The regulation of the airflow and suction levels work well, and you can adjust the power depending on how dirty your floor is. 👍

The conversion to a cordless hand hoover

One of the biggest advantages of modern cordless vacuum cleaners is the 2 in 1 function.

2 in 1 or 3 in 1 function

The SpeedPro Max Aqua has 3 in 1 functions.

You can convert it from a cordless hoover to a cordless mop in a jiffy! 💪

You can also turn it into a cordless hand hoover just as quickly. Absolute flexibility plus!

The SpeedPro as a cordless hand hoover

As a handheld vacuum, the SpeedPro is suitable for cleaning your car, vacuuming your furniture or removing dust from all kinds of objects.

Not only is the conversion to a hand vacuum easy, but also the weight of the vacuum.

The weight is very important in hand vacuum mode because working is very uncomfortable if the device is too heavy.

Your advantage: As a handheld hoover, the SpeedPro weighs only 1.7 kg - a perfect working weight. 👌

Handling of the Philip Speedpro Max (Aqua) in the Review

For our review, we test the handling of the Philip SpeedPro Max (Aqua) because we want to ensure that your new cordless stick vacuum cleaner will make your work easier.

Putting into operation

The appliance is quickly unpacked and then needs to be charged. After that, you're ready to go. 💃

You just have to put the right attachments together as needed and start vacuuming.

This is well-thought-out and user-friendly.

In terms of packaging, Philips advertises sustainability. Over 90% is recycled material.

We at Smart Home Fox UK would be happy if Philips would do without the extra plastic foil, then we would quickly be at 99%. 🌿

Power button

One of the favorite topics in the cordless vacuum cleaner forums is the power button.

Opinions differ as to whether the button is lockable or not.

The SpeedPro's switch is lockable, which has the definite advantage that you don't have to hold the button all the time.


First and foremost, the joint of the 360-degree floor nozzle ensures very good manoeuvrability. You can vacuum around the bend at a 90-degree angle.

The joint of the floor nozzle
The joint of the floor nozzle

But the small rollers and glide pads on the floor brush also make the vacuum cleaner super manoeuvrable.

Behaviour under furniture (height of the floor brush)

Not every cordless hoover is suitable for vacuuming under furniture. Some have the motor unit in the middle or even at the bottom.

The Speedpro is a cordless hoover. The motor unit sits on the handle, and therefore it is easy to get under most furniture with the flat brush and the long suction tube. 👍

Of course, this depends on the height of the furniture.

How loud is the Philips SpeePro Max Aqua in the test?

The volume test: How loud is the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua?

What a surprise!

The SpeedPro Max Aqua from Philips proves to be a quite representative of its kind.

65 dB (More about dB) in turbo mode is not quiet, but compared to other cordless vacuum cleaners in the UK...chapeau! 💪

Overview: The volume of the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua

Suction level Volume
Eco Ca. 60 dB
Normal Ca. 63 dB
Turbo Ca. 65 dB

How long can the SpeedPro clean?

The SpeedPro has a 25 V lithium-ion battery and thus achieves decent runtimes.

The runtime in turbo mode is impressive. But, again, 26 minutes is top class.

While the normal mode is a little thin on the ground at 35 minutes, the eco-mode shines at 76 minutes.

The operating time of the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua at a glance

Suction level Operating time in minutes
Eco 76 Min
Normal 35 Min
Turbo 26 Min

How long does the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua need to charge?

The charging time is relatively long. For example, if you want to bring your Philips from 0 to 100% battery, it must be connected to the charger for about five hours.

However, the short charging time for 50% is pleasing: It takes over an hour.

Maintenance of the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua in the test?

In our standardised tests, we always look at the maintenance of the appliances: how long does it take? How time-consuming is it?

We are interested in the following points:

  • Emptying function of the dirt container
  • Cleaning the dirt container
  • Cleaning the floor brush
  • Changing the filter

Emptying the dirt container

You can simply remove the dirt container from the top, also called the dust box. Then remove the lid and empty it.

Emptying the dirt tank

We liked the fact that the dirt bin was on top. So we can see when the container is full.

When reassembling the machine, the function was a little tricky.

It is also quite dusty if you are not very careful when emptying the appliance. Therefore, we cannot recommend the appliance for allergy sufferers.

All in all, the process is a bit awkward. 👀

For allergy sufferers, we recommend tested a lot of vacuum cleaners:

View more about the best vacuum cleaners for allergy suffers.

Cleaning the dirt container

Cleaning is super practical. Simply dismantle the dirt container and remove the filter. Then you can clean the container with cold water.

Cleaning the dirt tank

The maintenance of the filter

It is good that you can see the filter and thus quickly determine what condition it is in.

The brand recommends washing out the filter every fortnight and then drying it for 24 hours. This is the only way to keep the appliance's performance constantly high.

Maintaining the filter

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for each purchase.

Cleaning the brush

You should check the brushes regularly.

It is not uncommon for fine hairs and threads to wrap around the rollers. This can reduce the performance.

You can remove the hairs with a simple knife. Removing the hair is very easy if you take the brush out of the floor nozzle.

Removing hair

This works with a simple twist of the wrist.

How much does the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua cost?

SpeedPro purchase price and follow-up costs.

The SpeedPro is a cordless hoover from the premium sector.

Accordingly, the price is high. In return, you get a high-quality product with a long service life.

Compared to a conventional hoover, you also save quite a bit over time.

The cost of bags, for example, should not be underestimated in the long run.

You don't need them with the Philips, and you also protect the environment. 🌿

Where can I buy the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua?

You can buy the Philips Speedpro Max Aqua on the Philips website or simply order it from Amazon UK. Spoilt for choice! 😊 Just make sure you buy from a UK dealer who offers a warranty.

We update the offers on our site daily and always try to find the best price for you.

Review Conclusion: Is the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua worth it?

Finally, our review of the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua showed:

It is not the most advanced and stylish cordless Hoover!

But it is a good investment. Because its cleaning results were great and the quality of the device is high.

We also love the vacuum and mop combo. You achieve more cleanliness in your home with less work, which means more time for you, which means more quality of life! 💅

If you don’t need the mop combo, you can have a look on our best Dyson Vacuum cleaners or maybe the best vacuum cleaners of all.

The conclusion of the SpeedPro


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