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Dyson V12 Slim

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The little brother of the Dyson V15 Detect is here. It's called the Dyson V12 Detect Slim.

This cordless vacuum is a stripped-down version, but the concept is clear:

Dyson wants to offer a smaller and lighter device that is specifically intended for smaller living spaces.

The V12 offers you a powerful device in the usual high Dyson quality, but at a lower price.

On top of this, he V12 is the first V-series cordless vacuum cleaner to have a lockable power button. 🚀

Find out how the V12 performed in our review, what else it can do and what it can't in our report. 👇

Reviewing the Dyson V12 Slim


  • Strong cleaning performance
  • Very convenient
  • Laser dust detection
  • Lightweight
  • Battery life
  • Very flexible to use (2 in 1 battery storage)
  • Lockable power button 🤔


  • Dirt tank size

Here’s a look at the most important points:

  • High-end cordless vacuum cleaner
  • New smaller, lightweight design for small and medium-sized homes or as a second device
  • First V-series vacuum cleaner with lockable power button
  • Less power (AW), but more manageable

Cleaning review: The V12 Slim in our cleaning challenge

Every cordless vacuum cleaner must pass our specially made cleaning challenge....

...And the V12 Slim won’t be spared from our standardised endurance test either.

How do we test our products?

First of all, we would like to explain how we do things:

Every vacuum cleaner must prove itself under the same conditions.

We have designed our own cleaning challenge for this purpose.

We do not carry out a laboratory test, but a practical test, because we want to find out how well the vacuum performs in practice and who it may be suitable for.

This is how our test goes:

We use three different types of dirt: sand, red lentils and oats. Whether coarse, fine, light or heavy, these dirt types offer different challenges for vacuum cleaners.

We always weigh the same amount of "dirt" and then distribute it on different types of floors. In the range: hard floor, short-pile carpet and long-pile carpet.

After each suction cycle, we weigh how much dirt the battery-powered vacuum cleaner has picked up.

Cleaning on hard floors

On hard floors, the V12 went through two rounds.

One with the Illuminated cleaner head with Laser Slim Fluffy brush bar, especially for hard floors...

Dyson V12 Slim with Laser Slim Fluffy on hard floor

...and one with the universal Motorbar cleaner head.

Dyson V12 Slim with Motorbar cleaner head on hard floors

The result was excellent in both. The Dyson vacuum cleaner had no problems hoovering up dirt on hard floors.

One thing to note:

For reasons, we do not understand, the Motorbar cleaner head no longer has an adjustable opening at the front. As a result, (really) large piles first get pushed along in front of the battery-powered vacuum cleaner.

You will need a bit of patience or you can use the Fluffy brush instead, with which there were no problems at all.

Cleaning on short-pile carpet

We also carried out two runs on short-pile carpet.

One in medium mode and one in boost mode.

In medium mode, it became apparent that the V12 Slim could not suck up everything at once, but not too far off. 😬

97 % is a smashing result. 🚂

Dyson V12 Slim on short-pile carpet

In Boost mode, on the other hand, it didn't miss a thing! 💯

However, the battery life is rather short in this mode, but more about that later.

Cleaning on long-pile carpet

Even on long-pile carpet, the V12 Slim manages an impressive 95% in medium mode.

While it’s true that 95% is not 100%, few competitors manage to achieve this score as easily as the V12.

Dyson V12 Slim on long-pile carpet

On long-pile carpets, the cordless vacuum cleaner needs a lot of power to clean down to the deepest fibres.

That being said, the Dyson managed to score 100% when we repeated the test in Boost mode.

Cleaning corners

It’s safe to say that cleaning corners and other tight spaces is a star feature of this device.

The V12 easily manages to vacuum the dirt from corners and leaves nothing but an astonished owner behind. 😯

Conclusion of our Dyson V12 Practical Cleaning Review

The cleaning performance turned out to be very strong, especially when you consider that this is a lightweight battery vacuum cleaner.🏅

The V12 did not perform quite as well in the cleaning test as the Dyson V15 Detect or the Dyson V11 Absolute...

...but, then again, these are also absolute premium power machines. 🚂

Reviewing the Dyson V12 Slim design

In our cordless vacuum cleaner test, design plays an important role.

It's not just about looks, because that's a matter of taste anyway, as we all know.

It's more about workmanship and special design features that make your life easier.

Design: What's new?

Zilch! At least, at first glance. 😉

The 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner comes in the now established inline design. That means:

The motor opens directly down into the dust bin and forms a line, so to speak.

Dyson V12 Slim: Design

This enables an exceptionally efficient emptying function. The wand attaches to the dust bin with a click function.

At the top is the LCD screen where you can read useful information.

Practical LCD screen

Here you can view:

  • Battery status, which is always calculated in real-time.
  • Any error messages
  • Tips for maintenance along with small animations.
  • Current suction level
  • Information about what’s been sucked up, thanks to a special sensor

You see, at first glance everything is the same.

But if you look more closely, you quickly realise that the V12 is quite a bit smaller than you're used to in the V-series.

This makes it handier and more compact, especially in hand vacuum mode.


At 115 cm, it comes in at about the same height as most other vacuums.

Measuring the Dyson V12 Slim

A tried and tested size, making the unit is so easy to handle.

The size of the Dyson V12 Slim at a glance

Category Dimensions
Total height of vacuum 115 cm
Length of motor unit 34 cm
Height of motor unit 22 cm
Brush width 25 cm
Brush depth 18.5 cm
Brush height 6.5 cm

The part that is smaller is the motor unit, which of course makes the vacuum cleaner a good deal lighter.

Weight of the V12

The weight is around 2.3 kg if you use the unit as a floor vacuum.

Dyson V12 Slim on weighing scales

When being used as a stand-up vacuum cleaner, the weight is distributed very well and that's where the V12 Slim feels comfortable.

The weight of the Dyson V12 Slim at a glance

Category Dimensions (rounded)
Total weight as floor vacuum cleaner 2.3 kg
Weight of the motor unit 1.5 kg
Suction tube weight 200 g
Weight floor nozzle 600 g

2-in-1 cordless hoover: The V12 as a cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner

Thanks to the 2-in-1 function, the cordless hoover can be converted into a cordless hand-held hoover in a flash.

Dyson V12 Slim as a cordless hand vacuum cleaner

Since the motor unit only weighs about 1.5 kg, you can easily work with one hand.

We like to work with the wand connected and the multi-tool for around corners.

This is also not an issue with one hand 💃

Dyson V12 Slim as a cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner on the ceiling

The V12 is ideal for cleaning your car because, thanks to its compact size, it is perfect for using in confined spaces!

Here, you can find everything about the best cordless vacuums for your car.

Model differences: Dyson V12 Slim Absolute, Complete etc.

For our review, we used the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute variant. When it comes to the different versions, usually only the accessories vary, not the performance.

Over time, Dyson brings more and more variations to the market.

In the following table, you can see the differences between the individual versions.

Model Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute + (Complete)
Motor (unit) Dyson V12 Dyson V12
Colour Standard silver Exclusively in gold
Motorbar Cleaner Head Yes Yes
Illuminated Cleaner Head Yes Yes
Hair screw tool Yes Yes
Docking station Yes Yes
Charger Yes Yes
Combination tool Yes Yes
Crevice tool Yes Yes
Low Reach Adapter Yes Yes
Stubborn Dirt Brush Yes Yes
Mattress tool No Yes
Wand clip Yes Yes

It's up to you to decide whether you want to spend a little extra money to get a more comprehensive package.

Accessories review

As usual, Dyson is well-equipped when it comes to accessories. The individual attachments are all well-made and extremely convenient in all kinds of situations.

The simple click-in system allows you to remove and reattach each attachment in one easy step.

Attention: The V12 click-in system is not compatible with other V-series cordless hoovers.

Normally, the attachments are "cross-generation" compatible, but this isn’t the case with the V12. Due to the smaller design, the connections are also smaller.

Either way... the V12 Slim has a lot to offer:

Overview of all accessories

Next, we would like to briefly introduce you to the most important attachments because, at first glance, their possible uses are not always immediately obvious.

Motorbar cleaner head

The standard cleaner head is multifunctional, i.e. you can basically use it on any type of floor.

Dyson V12 Slim: Standard Electric brush

In our review, it excelled on carpeted floors and performed particularly well in corners.

The hard floor attachment: Illuminated Cleaner Head with dust detection

This attachment is suitable for cleaning hard floors and impressed us with its skill in this area.

Dyson V12 Slim: Laser Slim Fluffy with Dust Detection

Dyson V12 Slim: Laser Slim Fluffy with Dust Detection in the Dark

By the way, if you want to know more about hard floor cleaning: 👉 Best cordless hoovers for hard floors in test.

Hair screw tool

A hair nozzle, reimagined.

In principle, it is there to remove dirt from your upholstery and mattresses.

This attachment is worth its weight in gold, especially when removing hair and pet dander.

Dyson V12 Slim: Hair screw tool

We have also tested all kinds of other cordless hoovers in the fight against pet dander.

If you're interested, check out our article: 👉 Best cordless hoovers for pet hair.

Stubborn dirt brush

The stiff bristles of this brush allow you to scrape off dried dirt really easily.

One popular use for this attachment: Your car doormat.

Dyson V12 Slim: Stubborn dirt brush

Caution: The stiff bristles can cause scratches rather quickly.

Soft dusting brush

This brush is good for dusting furniture and other household items thanks to its soft bristles.

Dyson V12 Slim: Soft dusting brush

Combination tool

With a simple flick of the wrist, the soft bristles can be pulled back and then you can use the hard edge.

This attachment is always in use at our house.

You can quickly vacuum upholstery with the hard side and then you can go hell for leather on furniture and in corners with the soft bristles.

Crevice Tool

An absolute classic and always included in the accessories:

The crevice nozzle.

Dyson V12 Slim: classic crevice tool

Hard-to-reach places are no problem for the crevice tool.

Low Reach Adapter

Placed between the motor unit and the wand, this jointed attachment bends to allow you to vacuum comfortably under furniture.

Dyson V12 Slim: Low reach adapter

Two attachments fit on this clip. The advantage is that you always have them with you when vacuuming and can change them quickly if necessary.

Cleaning features: which are the most useful?

Excellent cleaning performance requires not only a strong suction power, but a host of different factors working together in harmony.

V12 features high suction power

According to the manufacturer, the V12 packs 150 AW (Airwatts: unit for measuring air flow and suction power), which is quite impressive.

Very few cordless vacuum cleaners produce 150 AW when it comes to suction power. Only Dyson’s top cordless hoovers have more airwatts on offer.

The V12’s power comes from the time-proven Dyson Hyperdymium motor, which revs at 125,000 rpm.

The strong suction power is definitely very noticeable when vacuuming, as the cleaning test showed.

V12 Slim Cleaner Heads

As you will have noticed in the accessories chapter, the V12 comes with two different attachments for the floor. Both contribute significantly to the excellent cleaning performance.

Illuminated cleaner head for Hard Floors

First of all, there is the fluffy nozzle.

It has a soft brush bar made of soft nylon and anti-static carbon fibre filaments running across the length.

This makes it the perfect tool for removing fine dust from hard floors. Of course, it also manages all other types of dirt. 😃

How does the Illuminated cleaner head work?

Dirt is pressed into the Laser Slim Fluffy brush bar and is flung towards the wand by the rotations. It then travels at speed through the wand and into the dust bin. The vacuum removes dust particles as small as 0.3 microns!

In addition, the new fluffy nozzle has a laser at the front that illuminates the floor in green.

The human eye is more sensitive to green light, meaning this laser makes it much easier to see dust on the floor. The result in the test was sensational.

You can detect even the smallest dust particles or hairs. 🚀

You you can see it working in the dark…

Dyson V12 Slim Laser Fluffy in the dark well as in daylight!

Dyson V12 Slim Laser Fluffy in daylight

The only situation where the laser doesn’t come in handy is in rooms completely flooded by light.

Motorbar cleaner head

The brush has its own small electric drive that makes the brush bar inside rotate.

How does the Motorbar head work?

The bristles on the brush bar pick up the dirt and transport it towards the wand. The suction power does the rest. It also utilises de-tangling technology to keep itself in good nick.

This brush is suitable for any floor and it also works very well on hard floors.

Dyson V12 Slim: Motorbar cleaner head

If you have a lot of carpets or a mix of carpets and hard floors, this is the brush of choice.

Because this head does well on any surface.

Suction levels

The V12 has 3 suction levels that can be selected using the button on the LCD screen:

Different intensities for different types of dirt. 👍

Dyson V12 Slim: The three suction levels

Boost mode is really powerful and you only need it for really stubborn dirt.

For everyday vacuuming, Auto mode/Med mode does the job... It is also quite powerful. 💪

You can use the Eco mode for sensitive surfaces and light dirt. For example, when dusting the shelf.


Dyson cordless vacuums have proven to be very easy to use and super user-friendly in all our reviews so far.

The Dyson V12 Slim is no exception! 💃

First things first: Assembly

It’s already clear how user-friendly the product is during assembly.

When you open the package, you may feel overwhelmed at first:

Sooo many parts!

But don't worry!

First, unpack everything calmly and lay the parts next to each other. The rest is self-explanatory because the system is very simple.

Simply click the attachments you want to start with onto the wand or motor unit and off you go.

The vacuum cleaner is already pre-charged! 💪

Environmental bonus: Dyson does not use any plastic in its packaging! 🙌

The V12 power button

For a long time, Dyson resisted, insisting it wasn’t necessary. But customers wanted to know:

Why don't Dysons have a lockable power button?

The call for it grew louder and louder and finally the time has come:

The first Dyson V series to have a lockable power button. 🚨

The power button of the Dyson V12 Slim

Just press the button once for continuous cleaning, without the need to keep a trigger held. The vacuum cleaner will stop vacuuming once you press the button again. 🚂

Mobility and agility

Two things ensure the V12's mobility and agility:

Rollers and glide pads

Firstly, there are the small rollers and glide pads on the undersides of the brush heads.

Cleaning head from below

The Fluffy brush bar literally glides over the hard floor. 💃

But the Motorbar head is also easy to manoeuvre over the carpet.

The joint between wand and brush

Additionally, there is a joint that is located between the brush and the wand.

This makes it possible to manoeuvre the vacuum cleaner around very tight corners. In addition, you can bend the joint to get under furniture better.

Performance beneath furniture - floor brush height

Thanks to the above-mentioned joint and the 2-in-1 design, vacuuming deep under beds and other furniture is a breeze.

Of course, this will depend on the height of the bed.

Our test bed in the picture is approx. 10 cm high:

Height of bed for vacuuming

Vacuuming under the bed

At this point, it’s worth mentioning a gadget that comes in very handy: the Low Reach Adapter.

Connected between the motor unit and the wand, it allows the wand to bend. This lets you vacuum under the bed comfortably.

Bonus tip: Go for the Motorbar cleaner head to get as far back as possible when cleaning under beds.

With the Motorbar, you can get further under the bed as you can turn the handle another 90 degrees. 🚀

How loud is the Dyson V12 Slim?

The Dyson V12 is not noticeably louder or quieter than other devices we have reviewed. The cordless household appliance does not produce any particularly unpleasant noise.

Pleasant would be another thing, of course, but we are yet to find a quiet hoover in our reviews. 🤷

In our measurement, the volume fluctuated between 73 and 82 dB. This makes the V12 pretty standard, in this area at least. 😉

An overview of the V12 volume

Suction mode Volume
Eco 73 dB
Auto/Med 75 dB
Boost 82 dB

How long does the Dyson 12 battery last?

The battery life of the Dyson depends on the surface being vacuumed and the attachment used.

In our test, the runtime of the V12 Slim was very good, despite the lockable power button.

Suction stage Duration
Eco Approx. 31 - 62 mins
Auto/Med Approx. 28 - 43 mins
Turbo Approx. 5 - 8 mins

Since the device is mainly used in medium/auto mode, the runtime is most important at this level:

Around 35 minutes is a very good score. Ultimately, you have to decide whether this running time is enough for you to get through your entire home.

Is it possible to change the battery of the V12?

If the running time is not sufficient for you, don’t count it as a dealbreaker yet:

The battery can be changed easily with Dyson’s time-proven click-in system.

Dyson V12 Slim Click-In Battery

Depending on the model, a replacement battery may be included. Otherwise it can be purchased in the online shop.

Charging time

According to the manufacturer, the V12 charging time is 4 hours. In our case, it took a little less.

Charging dock

The docking station is one option for charging your cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner. You can also use the charging dock to store the device upright and thus save space.

You can order the charging dock from Dyson online.

Dyson Dock*

Alternatively, you can use the wall bracket supplied. You would then have to attach this to your wall... but that's no big deal either.

Wall bracket with unit

Instructions for fitting the wall bracket

Another option for charging:

You can charge the device without any mount. Yes, you can even remove the battery and charge it on the nightstand and store the device in your broom closet... No problem! 😃

Charging without device

Is Dyson V12 Slim maintenance difficult?

Every now and then, the V12 needs to be serviced. This is the only way to make sure that your cordless vacuum can always deliver its full performance.

Clogged filters or dirty cleaner heads can be counterproductive.

Maintenance is comprised of three tasks:

  • Emptying and cleaning the dust bin
  • Cleaning the HEPA filter
  • Cleaning the cleaner heads

Emptying and cleaning the bin

The dust bin is quick and easy to empty, and this bagless mechanism works perfectly.

This is how it works:

Remove the wand and hold the motor unit over your rubbish bin. Then, push the red slider forward.

Emptying the Dyson V12 Slim

Then a flap pops open, driving the dust and debris into your bin.

The dust goes straight where it is supposed to in one action.

By the way, we have reviewed the best appliances for allergy sufferers and found that other appliances have some difficulties when emptying.

Cleaning the dust bin

Sometimes hair gets caught or a little moisture makes the dirt stick to the inside of the container.

In these cases, it is advisable to remove the bin briefly and clean it under running water. If it’s not too dirty, you could also simply wipe it with a cloth.

It’s very easy:

Cleaning Dyson V12 Slim dirt bin

On the underside of the bin is a small red button (which you only see when the dust bin is open). When you press this button, you can easily remove the bin.

Cleaning the HEPA filter

Dyson is known for its high-efficiency HEPA filters.

These HEPA filters offer multi-stage filtration and can filter even the smallest particles from the air.

Cleaner air is a real advantage for allergy sufferers, but of course for everyone else too.

You should check the filter about once a month.

Just twist it off at the back... if it's dirty, just lightly tap it into your bin to remove dust.

Removal HEPA filter Dyson v12

If this does not help, rinse briefly under cold water.

Please note: After washing, the filter must dry for 24 hours.

The great thing is:These are “long-life” filters, designed to last.

If one of them does break, you can easily reorder the filters from Dyson.

Cleaning the cleaner heads

The cleaner heads also need to be inspected now and again.

Sometimes, hair gets wrapped around the nozzles or dust gets stuck, which can lead to loss of suction.

Cleaning the cleaner head

For maintenance, you can remove the brush bar through the side and clean hair and dirt from it with a sharp knife.

The soft Laser Slim Fluffy brush bar of the Illuminated Cleaner Head can even be rinsed with water.

Spare parts

Quality has its price, but you get what you pay for.

With Dyson, this means, among other things, that every part of the cordless vacuum cleaner is replaceable.

This means that in case of damage, everything can be reordered online so there is no need to throw away the whole device.

👉 Good for your wallet and the environment!🌍

How much does the Dyson V12 Slim cost?

The Dyson V12 is lower in price than the other vacuums in the V series. It's definitely not cheap, but quality doesn’t come for free.

That being said, it is still an affordable alternative within the Dyson universe.

Here you can see the current price range of the different products in the UK: 👇

Conclusion of our Dyson V12 Slim UK review

Yes, Dyson has done it again:

Our review of the new V12 Slim showed that it is a high-quality device that is absolutely suitable for everyday use.

The cleaning performance is excellent, but the details are not to be sneezed at either:

The laser dirt detection makes dirt visible where, before, you couldn’t see anything. 🏆

And there is also a little something for fans of lockable power buttons! 😄

If you have a small to medium-sized home and are looking for a high quality cordless vacuum cleaner, then we would recommend this product.

You can order it here at the best price:

If you want more power and only the best, then take a look at our review of the best cordless hoovers from Dyson. We have analysed all possible alternatives for you.

Find out more

  • Where can you buy the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute in the UK?

    The easiest way: You can buy the V12 online from Amazon UK. This saves you from having to collect it and bring it home. You don't have to work around opening hours of your local electronics shop, instead you can fill your shopping basket any time you please!

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