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Best smartwatches in the UK for women (2024)

Best smartwatches for women in the UK

Last updated: 31.12.2023 Reading time: 14 Min.

Are you looking for a stylish wearable that can also monitor your health at the same time?

Do you want to view and respond to messages and calls directly from your wrist?

A smartwatch may be just what you need!

But wait, aren't smartwatches often large, clunky and unsophisticated? 🤔

Not at all!

Today, almost all watch brands offer smaller and chic smartwatches tailored specifically to women. 💃

Here are our best smartwatches for women to help you choose! 👇

Modern and chic smartwatches

Top points to remember

  • What are the distinguishing features for women’s smartwatches?
  • What’s special about each smartwatch’s appearance and design?
  • How can smartwatches support sports and active lifestyles?
  • What should I pay attention to when buying?

Best smartwatches for women in the UK (2023)! 🏆

Find out more about our favorites now

Our favourite

Apple Watch 9

The latest Apple Watch stands out with its advanced gesture control, on-device Siri, and enhanced fitness and health functionalities.

The Apple Watch 9 helps you understand and improve your sleep, physical and mental health, all through a smart, CO2-neutral wearable.

The Apple Watch 9 is an ideal accessory for any iPhone user, particularly attractive to those interested in sports and health. 🏃🏼‍♂️

Health in Focus

The Apple Watch 9 serves as a comprehensive health tool. 

It is equipped with sensors for real-time data

You get even more insights with the app, which includes: 

  • Sleep analysis
  • Heart rate
  • ECG
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Fall detection
  • Temperature measurement

The temperature feature is typically beneficial for women tracking their menstrual cycle. 

This year's model also adds new mental health functions, including a daylight sensor. 

Heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch 9
© Smart Home Fox
The Apple Watch 9 is an eco-friendly, CO2-neutral version catering to environmental awareness.

Optimal Training Support

This watch offers various training plans and modes, ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

All data is accessible in the Fitness app, allowing for detailed workout tracking and personalisation.

Smart Functions in the Test

The Apple Watch 9 extends beyond health and fitness. 🏋️

It includes smart features like:

  • Receiving notifications
  • Answering messages
  • Making calls
  • Listening to music
  • Using Apple Pay
  • Accessing on-device Siri.

It also introduces a new "Double Tap" gesture control for ease of use.

Note: It is only compatible with iPhones.

Design and Battery Life

Design-wise, it mirrors the Series 7 and 8 but has an improved screen brightness of 2,000 nits, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra from 2022. 

The battery life remains at 18 hours. ⏳

However, our tests have revealed better performance than advertised.

Our Conclusion

Though changes from the Apple Watch 8 are minimal, the Apple Watch 9 excels in our tests. 

It is especially suitable for sports enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals, offering a wide range of relevant functionalities.

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Eco-friendly CO2-neutral design

Built-in Siri functionality

Enhanced display brightness

Improved response speed

Precise iPhone tracking

Available in new pink color


Gesture control not compatible with earlier models

Battery lasts for a day

Familiar design style

Best smartwatch for Android

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Currently the best smartwatch for Samsung and Android users.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic) is a versatile smartwatch with comprehensive sports and health features, offering seamless integration for Android users in daily life and training.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic) is a dynamic companion for sports and daily life.

Top sporting performance 

This watch offers extensive sports features, including training plans, sports analyses, and a running coach.

It tracks and displays all your fitness data in the app, aiding in achieving and surpassing your fitness goals.

You can even set individual pulse ranges. 📈

Smart everyday helper

This smartwatch goes beyond fitness, facilitating control of SMS, calls, and music directly from your wrist.

Playing music on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
© Smart Home Fox

It enables contactless payments through Samsung and Google Pay.

Additionally, the LTE version keeps you connected without a smartphone. 📱

Note: All models come with an integrated LTE option, but be aware that the required eSIM often incurs extra charges.

Health in view

Comprehensive health monitoring is a key feature, tracking heart rate, activity, and sleep patterns.

It can measure blood pressure and perform ECGs, though these require a paired Samsung smartphone.

Navigation and positioning with precision

The Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic) uses multiple satellite systems, including GPS, for precise location tracking.

However, it equipped with Google Wear OS and is not iPhone-compatible.

Endurance meets robust design

The battery life has slightly decreased compared to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, lasting up to 40 hours depending on usage.

Both the basic and classic versions boast a durable sapphire crystal display.

Our conclusion

Our final verdict is that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic) impresses us in almost every aspect.

It is a top choice for hobby athletes and anyone leading an active, connected lifestyle.

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Comprehensive sports assistance

Accurate location tracking

Numerous health monitoring features

Includes ECG and blood pressure monitoring

Water-resistant up to 5 ATM

Swappable wristbands


Limited to 40-hour battery life

ECG and blood pressure features exclusive to Samsung smartphones

Incompatible with iPhone

Few new features over the previous model

Scratch-resistant screen

Garmin Lily Smartwatch Sport Edition

The Garmin Lily Sport is another stunningly stylish smartwatch that supports your active lifestyle.

This smartwatch is from the well-known manufacturer Garmin, and is ideal for women who are looking for a high-quality watch with many smart features. It’s perfect for petite wrists and goes with any and all outfits.

This smartwatch doesn’t only look great, it also offers many useful functions for sports and everyday life.A watch perfect for slender wrists 

A watch perfect for slender wrists

This watch was specifically designed for more petite wrists. 

Due to its narrow 14 mm (0.55 inch) silicone band, this smartwatch can be tastefully worn on the same arm as your other jewellery. 
Side view of the Garmin Lily Smartwatch Sport Edition

The Garmin Lily is available in 2 different editions: Sport and Classic. 

The Sport Edition comes with a silicone strap and an aluminium bezel, while the Classic Edition has an Italian leather strap and a steel bezel. 

The Garmin Lily Smartwatch also comes in a variety of colours: 

Classic Sport
White / Gold Forest Berry / Purple Violet
Black / Ivory White / Ivory
Taupe / Mocha Agate Grey / Rose Gold
Different Garmin Lily Smartwatch styles

Although the Garmin Lily Smartwatch does not have a traditional colour display, it has a stylish patterned lens in the same colour tones as its respective wristband.

Smart features and sport functions 

The Garmin Lily Smartwatch is not only a fashion accessory for women, it also offers many useful features. 🙌

This smartwatch tracks a variety of personal health and fitness statistics: 

  • Energy level (Body Battery) monitoring
  • Respiration rate
  • Sleep tracking 
  • Stress level tracking
  • Blood oxygen level sensor
  • Heart rate / pulse monitoring
  • Menstrual cycle tracking 
This smartwatch also has a built-in GPS system for tracking during outdoor walks, rides, and runs.

Of course, this smartwatch also includes many smart features

Incoming messages are displayed directly on this smartwatch. If the smartwatch is connected to an Android phone, you can even reply directly to incoming text messages. 🙌 

You can also use this smartwatch to control the music on your connected phone. 

A comprehensive smartwatch for women 

The Garmin Lily Smartwatch was designed specifically for women. Thanks to its rather slim wristband, this smartwatch looks great on petite wrists.  

The Garmin Lily Smartwatch also offers quite a few functions for tracking health and fitness data. 🚀 

This way, you can always keep an eye on your well-being while looking fantastic!

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Modern smartwatch with slim wristband

Specifically developed for women

Scratch-resistant touch screen with Gorilla Glass

Multiple tracking functions for health and fitness

Various colours and designs

Receives messages and phone calls

Music control

Compatible with iPhone and Android phones

Water-resistant up to 5 ATM (50 metres)


No colour display

No physical buttons

Can only answer calls if connected to an Android phone

Only basic smart features

Fast charging

Fossil Gen 6

The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 smartwatch is another stylish accessory with many classic smart functions.

The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 smartwatch not only looks great on petite wrists, but it also offers useful insights into personal fitness and health statistics.

This high-quality and stylish women's smartwatch offers many of the features that come standard with conventional smartwatches. 

Five classic colours and designs to choose from 

Fossil offers a wide range of colours and designs for you to choose from, especially if the overall look of your smart accessory is of high importance to you.

Five different Fossil Women’s Gen 6 smartwatch styles

The stainless steel case comes in two diameter sizes: 42 mm (1.65 inch) and 44 mm (1.73 inch).

Tip: Many third-party designers offer unique watch faces for you to further customise your smartwatch according to your personal style. 

This smartwatch features an impressive touch screen along with three sub-dial buttons to adjust its rotating bezel: two on the side and one on the crown of the watch.

The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 smartwatch includes three operational sub-dials.

What can the Fossil Women’s Gen 6 Smartwatch do?

The Fossil Smartwatch looks pretty spectacular in our opinion 🥳.

But of course, it wouldn’t make our top list without its useful functionality.

The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 receives incoming calls with ease.

Phone calls and text messages are displayed directly on this smartwatch. 

You can also initiate calls with the Fossil Women’s Gen 6 smartwatch on your wrist. 📞

Additionally, this smartwatch tracks and records various health and fitness statistics. 

The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 smartwatch monitors: 

  • Heart rate tracking and pulse monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Blood oxygen levels
  • and more!
The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 smartwatch also has a built-in GPS system as well as a compass. 

Compatible with iPhone and Android phones

The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 Smartwatch can be used with an iPhone and an Android

Simply install the corresponding app from the Google Playstore or from the Apple App Store. 

The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 - A stylish smartwatch for fashionable women in the UK

Anyone who’s in search of a particularly stylish smartwatch is in the right place! 🥳

The Fossil Women’s Gen 6 comes in two different sizes and looks great with any outfit. 

On top of that, your most important health and fitness information are tracked with this smartwatch. 

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Chic and modern smartwatch for fashionable women

Available in five colours and two sizes

Interchangeable wristband

Receives messages and phone calls

Includes built-in GPS system and compass

Fast charging battery (charges 80% within 30 minutes)

Third-party watch face designs available

Compatible with iPhone and Android phones

Water-resistant up to 3 ATM (30 metres)


Runs on an outdated wear OS 2 system

Only basic fitness and health statistics are tracked

Only basic smart features available

Unable to use navigation from the watch screen

Low battery life (lasts for approx. one day)

Best Huawei smartwatch

Huawei Watch GT 3

The Huawei Watch GT 3 supports you in both sports and everyday life.

This smartwatch for men is not only the perfect complement to your smartphone, but also supports you with many training plans and extensive data tracking.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 is a comprehensive and functional smartwatch for everyday use and exercise. 

Many training programs and extensive data tracking 

The Huawei Watch GT 3 supports you with more than 100 sports modes, as well as free courses and training plans. 💪 

Additionally, the most important data is recorded during your training. You can view this data either on the watch itself or in the corresponding app on your mobile phone.

This way you can always keep an eye on your current performance and make improvements as quickly and effectively as possible. 🥳


You can see the Huawei Watch GT 3.

Recording of many different data 

The successor to the Huawei Watch GT 2 not only records a lot of different data during your sports activities, but also in everyday life.

Among others, the following are included: 

  • Stress level monitoring
  • Sleep quality tracking
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Skin temperature 
  • Activity tracking
  • Calorie monitoring
The Huawei Watch GT 3 does not have an ECG function. 

Thanks to various satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS), this smartwatch can always determine your location and help you navigate to your destination.

Many smart features for everyday life 

This comprehensive smartwatch comes with all the smart features you would want in a modern wearable! 

Receive messages and make calls directly from the watch. 📞

You can easily reply to incoming messages via the touchscreen using the predefined quick replies.  

However, the voice assistant is only available when using a Huawei mobile phone. 

Huawei Watch GT 3.

Incredibly long battery life

The long battery life of the Huawei GT 3 deserves a special mention. 🔋

With low to normal use, the watch can function for 10 days before needing to be charged again. 🔌

If you use this smartwatch intensively, exercise frequently and use the always-on display, your watch will need to be charged every 3 to 5 days.  

A comprehensive smartwatch with many fitness functions 

The Huawei Watch GT 3 is a very powerful and comprehensive smartwatch for men that offers you many functions and a long battery life. 

This all-rounder with a good price-performance ratio is the ideal choice for your sports as well as for your everyday life! 🚀

Check Amazon*


Compatible with both Android and iPhone

High quality AMOLED display

2 sizes available (44mm and 46mm)

Extensive training support and recorded data

4 satellite systems for navigation

Very good battery life

Sporty design with bezel

Very comfortable to wear

Waterproof up to 5 ATM (50 metres)


For Android phones, the Huawei App Gallery must also be installed on the phone

No contactless payment via NFC possible

No ECG function available

No LTE version available

Which features should the smart watches for ladies have?

Most of the best smartwatches available are not made exclusively for women.

Instead, they are aimed at both men and women. 🙌

However, most brands offer different versions of their smartwatches. Smaller models are especially fitting for women with petite wrists.

There are also some smartwatches available that are designed specifically for women. These smartwatches are often made by conventional watch manufacturers, such as Michael Kors or Fossil.

Info: The popular sports watch manufacturer Garmin also offers a watch made specifically for women: the Garmin Lily.
Different Garmin Lily styles
Info: Here, you can find everything about the best smartwatches for men in the UK.

Health and fitness monitoring

A fitness smartwatch should not only look good, it should also give you an overview of your current health and fitness status.

The best smartwatches for women, therefore, come with a variety of fitness tracking and health tracking features. 🥳

Afterwards, the most important metrics can be viewed directly on the display of the best fitness trackers for women.

Recorded health metrics on the Samsung Health app
Samsung Health App

You can also get even deeper insights in the corresponding app for your smartwatch device. 📱

This way, you not only get optimal support during your workouts, but you can also keep an eye on your statistics during your everyday life activities.

Most smartwatches provide you with various pre-installed workouts.

Info: Here, you can find out everything about the best fitness watches in the UK.

The best smartwatches to complement your UK smartphone 📱

The best smartwatches for women support you in everyday life by displaying incoming calls and notifications directly on your wrist.

You don't have to rummage through the depths of your handbag for your mobile phone. Instead, your smartwatch always keeps you up to date. 🥳

Music controls on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Contactless payment function on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Depending on the model, you can receive and answer text messages and phone calls, make contactless payments, and control the music on your phone.

Tip: You can set which third-party apps, such as WhatsApp and others, you’d like to display notifications on your smartwatch.

Voice control with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple's Siri is also an important feature for the best smartwatches for women in the UK.

Smartwatches from conventional watch manufacturers usually offer fewer functions than smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, and others.

Of course, various streaming services, such as Spotify, can also be used on the best women’s smartwatches in the UK.

Some smartwatches have built-in music storage. This allows you to listen to your favourite songs even when your watch is offline.

We find it very convenient to pair our smartwatches with Bluetooth headphones when listening to music. 🙌

The most stylish women’s smartwatches in the UK

Just like a conventional wristwatch, a smartwatch should naturally look good on the arm. After all, it is an accessory. 🙌

To make sure you find a smartwatch that suits your taste, most manufacturers offer different colours, sizes, and designs.

Different Apple Watches

Tip: A smaller screen size (around 40mm - 42mm) is usually recommended for petite women’s wrists.

From round to square - there are many different shaped smartwatches to choose from

Today, there are plenty of diverse smartwatch designs tailored for women.

Whether you prefer a round, rectangular or square accessory, you'll find the perfect smartwatch that fits your desires. 🙌

Square shaped Apple Watch Series 7
Round shaped Samsung Galaxy Watch4

But you won't only find smartwatches at tech companies like Apple or Samsung.

Conventional watch manufacturers also have great smartwatches to offer you today.

Michael Kors Gen 5E Darci

Fossil Women’s Gen 6 smartwatch

The smartwatches from conventional watch manufacturers often resemble normal watches. They’re frequently decorated with glitter and rhinestones.

Variety of colours and interchangeable wristbands for your fitness tracker

Most manufacturers offer their smartwatches in different colours.

There are usually no limits when it comes to smartwatch wristband designs: from leather wristbands to metal wristbands, there is every kind of band you can imagine available somewhere. 🙌

Always remember, the wristband of the best smartwatches for women can be changed whenever you’d like to whatever you’d like.
Polar Grit X interchangeable wristbands

When buying a women’s smartwatch, keep in mind the colour of the case or frame is the most important factor. You can always change the wristband after purchase.

Your smartwatch is guaranteed to go with any outfit. 💃

Tip: A silicone wristband is most comfortable to wear during sports activities or workouts.

What's the best UK ladies' smartwatch for health and fitness monitoring?

Smartwatches for ladies should not only look good, but should also support you during your workouts and training.

Also, these fashion accessories should monitor and record your health and fitness data in everyday life.

Garmin Vivoactive 4
Garmin Vivoactive 4

Sensors for measuring data

Various sensors are located on the underside of the smartwatch. With these, modern smartwatches can measure many different health and fitness data.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Depending on the model, these records can be more or less accurate.

The types of recorded metrics also differ between smartwatches.

However, the following should be included as standard: 👇

  • Heart rate sensor / pulse monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Pedometer (step-counter)

Many watches also include:

Important: Smartwatches are designed for wellness purposes only. Therefore, they cannot provide medical diagnoses

However, they can give indications of possible health concerns. In this case, a doctor should be consulted. 🧑🏽‍⚕️

Extensive training and workout support

Another important function of the modern-day smartwatch for ladies is to provide support during workouts.

For example, a lot of smartwatches come with a variety of pre-installed workouts.

Info: If you want to wear your smartwatch while swimming, check for water resistance.

Pre-installed workout plans for women on the Samsung Health app
Samsung Health app.
Tip: There are often workouts available on smartwatches that are tailored specifically for the needs of women.

After your training session, the recorded metrics are displayed directly on the watch and in the corresponding app on your smartphone. 🙌

Navigation thanks to GPS

Every modern smartwatch also has a built-in GPS system.

Particularly high-quality sports smartwatches can sometimes have other satellite systems, such as GLONASS, Galileo, or BeiDou.

This allows the smartwatch to record your route during training.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 navigation function
Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Samsung Galaxy Watch4 navigation function
Samsung Galaxy Watch4

You can even create routes on some smartwatches. The smartwatch can then provide directions and navigation support to help you get to your destination. 🗺

Many smartwatches also have an integrated altimeter.

Testing the sleep tracking of the UK’s best ladies smartwatches

Most smartwatches also monitor your sleep.

Thanks to various sensors, they can, for example, record the duration of your sleep and your individual sleep phases.

The next morning, the best ladies smartwatches will also give a sleep score, which summarises the overall quality of your night's sleep. 🙌

Sleep tracking in the Samsung Health app
Samsung Health app

How in-depth and accurate the sleep tracking results are depends, of course, on the smartwatch in question.

Info: A new smart ring with extensive sleep tracking has also been released: The Circular Ring.

Menstruation tracking in smartwatches for women

The best smartwatches for women also have a menstruation tracker to record your period.

With this tracker, you can manually enter the start date and duration of your period.

Your smartwatch will notify you as soon as your next period is approaching. 🥳

Our final thoughts on smartwatch health and fitness functions

Smartwatches for women should not only look good, but also give you an overview of your health and fitness statistics.

For this reason, our top picks are equipped with a variety of sensors!

The best ladies smartwatches are ideally suited for sports and health-conscious women!

Tip: For even more accurate results when it comes to heart rate tracking, we recommend using a chest strap for more precise results. 👇

What to look for when buying a smart watch for women

The appearance of a women’s smartwatch is of course one of the most important buying criteria!

But besides that, some other factors play an important role.

Let’s take a look at the important factors together. 👇

Operating system - Android or Apple?

Even the best smartwatch is useless if you can't connect to your mobile phone.

Info: To set up your smartwatch and view recorded health metrics, you may need to download the corresponding app to your smartphone.

Which smartwatch is right for you depends a lot on your phone’s operating system.

In the following, we’d like to have a closer look at the compatibility of the best women’s smartwatches in the UK. 👇

Is the Apple Watch suitable for women?

Apple smartwatches run on Apple's own watchOS operating system.

These watches are a great and stylish choice for women. However, they only work with an iPhone.

Info: Here, you can find everything about the best Apple Watches.

Google's wearOS - The most widespread operating system

Most smartwatches run on Google's own Wear OS operating system.

Smartwatches running Wear OS can generally be used with iPhones and Android smartphones. However, not all functions are available when using an iPhone.

Attention: Starting with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung's smartwatches can no longer be paired with iOS phones.

Info: Here, you can find everything about the best smartwatches for your Android phone.

Other operating systems - Garmin and Co.

Some sports watch manufacturers, such as Garmin or Polar, have developed their own operating systems.

These watches can generally be used with both an iPhone and an Android phone. 🥳

Some low-cost manufacturers from China have also developed their own operating system.

Smartwatch Battery Life

Another important factor when buying a smartwatch is its battery life. 🔋

This determines how long you can use your smartwatch at a time before it has to be returned to the charging cable. 🔌

Charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Info: Most smartwatches have a rather modest battery life, which typically lasts for about one day.

If you're looking for a smartwatch with a longer battery life, you can check out smartwatches from the manufacturer Garmin.

The focus: Smart features or sports support? 🤔

In addition to the operating system and battery life, it is also important to think about how the smartwatch will be used!

Do you mainly want to use the watch to receive messages, make phone calls, and listen to music?

In this case, a smartwatch with many smart features is the best choice for you. Smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, or Huawei, would be great for your lifestyle. 🙌

The Apple Watch 8, for example, has tons of smart features. You can check out our review here.

An incoming message on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
Samsung Galaxy Watch4
The reply function on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Samsung Galaxy Watch4

If, on the other hand, you want great support for your training, many pre-installed workout plans, and very detailed health and fitness data, a fitness watch is the right choice for you.

Polar or Garmin smartwatches would be excellent for your needs.

Which brands offer smart watches for ladies?

Everyone is probably familiar with classic tech companies like Apple or Samsung.

Of course, you can find smartwatches for ladies from these manufacturers. 💃

But there are other manufacturers that also offer impressive smartwatches for women. Here’s our complete list of manufacturers of the best smartwatches for women in the UK.👇

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Polar
  • Fossil
  • Michael Kors

How much do the best women’s smartwatches typically cost?

The price of a smartwatch naturally depends on the respective range of functions.

In general, however, the smaller smartwatch models for women are a few pounds cheaper than the larger versions. This is important to consider if you’re on a tight budget.

Tip: If you can do without integrated LTE (eSIM card), you can save even more on your smartwatch. 💶

For an average functioning smartwatch, you’ll probably invest about £150.

Particularly elegant and chic smartwatches from conventional watch manufacturers like Fossil and Michael Kors are usually in the medium to upper price range.

The advantages of ordering smartwatches online

You may be wondering where you can buy a smartwatch in the first place.

Ordering on the internet offers you many advantages. 🥳

Let’s check out some of the advantages together. 👇

Order conveniently from anywhere

You can lie on the sofa at home and shop on the internet - it sounds too easy to be true, right?!

When ordering online, you don't even have to leave the house. Instead, all you have to do is open your laptop or pick up your mobile phone! 🙌

Shopping online also saves you time and travel! Your order will be delivered straight to your door.

Access to full range of products

Your local electronics store usually only has a limited selection of products.

Or maybe you’ve experienced walking into a store and the specific product you were looking for just wasn’t in stock. 😕

On the Internet, you can view the complete range of products available and compare all the products currently on the market.

Minimum cooling-off period of 14 days

What happens if you are not satisfied with a product you ordered? 🤔

That's no problem at all! Because in the UK the Distance Selling Act applies.

This allows you to return your order within 14 days or more for any reason or no reason at all. 🙌

The minimum cooling-off period is 14 days. This means that you can return goods purchased in an online store for at least 2 weeks, often longer.

Smartwatches for ladies in today’s UK market - Our conclusion

Today, we took a close look at the best smartwatches for women for you.

Luckily, the best wearables for ladies are also among the best smart accessories currently available on the market. 🥳

Many manufacturers now offer smaller smartwatch models, which look great on women's slender wrists.

There are also a lot of chic women's smartwatches available from conventional watch manufacturers.

If you're looking for a fashion accessory that also has smart features and supports you during sports, we can definitely recommend our top picks for you. 🚀

More on the topic

  • What is the best smartwatch for women?

    For iPhone users, the Apple Watch 7 is definitely one of the best smartwatches. For Android users, on the other hand, the powerful Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is recommended. However, high-quality smartwatches are also offered by sports watch manufacturers such as Garmin or Polar.

  • Which women's smartwatch has a long battery life?

    Garmin and Polar are great smartwatch brand choices if a long battery life is especially important for you. The slightly smaller and more elegant Garmin Vivoactive 4 is our recommendation for women.

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