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Is the wait finally over for the Google Pixel Watch?

Last updated: 09.11.2023 Reading time: 10 Min.

Rumours have been circulating for several years that Google would be launching its own smartwatch.

We have been patient for a long time, but now the wait is finally over! 🤯

Google has finally unveiled its first wearable at Google I/O 2022.

But what features and functions will this smartwatch have?

And will the new Google Pixel Watch be able to compete with Apple's and Samsung's modern devices?

Here we will tell you everything that is known about the Google Pixel Watch so far. 👇

  • Samsung
    Galaxy Watch 4
    Price from   £ 129.90 £ (289 )
    A stylish smartwatch with many functions.
    Galaxy Watch 4
    A stylish smartwatch with many functions.
  • Apple
    Watch Series 7
    Price from   £ 469 £ (649 )
    A high-quality smartwatch that looks great on petite wrists.
    Watch Series 7
    A high-quality smartwatch that looks great on petite wrists.

Top points to consider

  • When will the Google Pixel Watch be released?
  • What will the wearable look like?
  • What will the Google Pixel Watch be able to do?
  • Will the Google Pixel Watch be able to compete with Apple and Samsung devices?

When will the Google Pixel Watch be released?

This important question has been bothering us for several years: When will the Google Pixel Watch be released? 🧐

Rumours about the development of this wearable did not just start yesterday.

The emergence of Google’s own smartwatch has been predicted for more than 3 years. However, it never happened.

Until now!

Because the new Google Pixel Watch was finally unveiled at Google I/O 2022. 🤩

Google Pixel Watch official design
© Google

Expected release in Autumn

In recent months, the signs of the imminent appearance of the Google Pixel Watch have accumulated to such an extent that its existence could hardly be ruled out.

Info: At the Google I/O Developer Conference on the 11th and 12th of May, the company officially presented the Google Pixel Watch under this name.

But when exactly will this wearable be released? 🤔

Google has only revealed that the Pixel Watch will go on sale at the same time as the new Google Pixel 7 smartphone in autumn.

An exact date is not yet known.

Google Store’s revamped website: Finding Google Pixel Watch information

The Google Store has updated its online shopfront.

Previously in the store, one could choose between individual brands to make purchases or learn more about specific items.

Google has launched a new way of navigating the website so, instead of choosing between individual brands, you are now able to choose between different categories.

Google Store revamped navigation
Google Store

Instead of selecting from the brands “Pixel”, “Fitbit”, “Stadia”, you can now select from simpler categories like "Phones", "Watches", "Smart Home" or “Laptops”.

Whether you’re looking for the newest Pixel Buds to pair with your Pixel phones, or you’re interested in Google’s products but have no idea what brands are available, this update makes finding what you need uncomplicated.

To find more information on the Google Pixel Watch specifically, just navigate to the “Watches” category in the Google Store.

Info: The "Watches" category is listed before "Smart Home" in the Google Store, which shows the importance of this market and of the upcoming Pixel Watch.

What will the Google Pixel Watch look like?

Since spring of 2021, countless images of the supposed Google Pixel Watch have been circulating on the internet.

All of these pictures show a similar minimalist design which includes a round glass touch screen display secured by rather thick bezels, and a crown on the side of the stainless steel watch. 👇

Google Pixel Watch design
© jon_prosser x rendersbyian

Official images of the Google Pixel Watch were released for the first time at the 2022 I/O keynote, which confirmed the circulating images.

Although the watch colours have not yet been confirmed, leaked images show silver, gold, and black options for the wearable.

These colour options, along with varying storage options, were leaked after appearing in the back-end inventory system of a U.S. carrier, according to Android Police.

Similarly, another leaker shared that a Pixel Watch was apparently left behind and found in a U.S. restaurant shortly before its official announcement, according to Android Central.

Google Pixel Watch leaked image
© Android-Central
Google Pixel Watch leaked image
© Android-Central

We assume that the Google Pixel Watch will also have interchangeable watch bands thanks to a quick-change mechanism.

Supposedly, there are many different wristbands to choose from, including silicone, fabric, leather and more. 🙌

Similarly, there will also be many different modern watch faces available. This will allow you to customise the look of the smartwatch to fit your personal style.

Info: Here, you can find everything about the best smartwatches for women in the UK and about the best smartwatches for men in the UK.

What else will the Google Pixel Watch be able to do?

After hearing about the release date and the design, it’s only natural to also be interested in the functions of the Google Pixel Watch.

If Google wants to compete with Samsung or Apple in the smartwatch sector, the Google Pixel Watch will of course have to deliver.

Best Google Assistant ever?

According to Google, its voice assistant for smartwatches should be better than ever before. 🥳

On the Google Pixel Watch, the new Google Assistant will be able to respond quicker and more successfully to "Hey Google" commands thanks to a new update.

Whether voice control with Google Assistant can hold a candle to Apple's Siri, however, remains to be determined.

Contactless payment with Google Pay

Google Pay is now available on almost all Android smartphones. 💶

Google Pay for contactless payment will also be available on the Google Pixel Watch.

Specs, Wear OS, and many new apps

The Google Pixel Watch will run Google's own Wear OS operating system.

It’s rumoured to be about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: about 40 mm (1.57 inch) wide and 14 mm (0.55 inch) thick (while the actual flat display comes in at about 30 mm (1.18 inch) wide).

The smartwatch is expected to have a rather modest battery life that comes in at 300mAh, which should last a full day, and will include a USB-C charger. 🔋

The Pixel Watch will come standard with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, but Google will also offer an LTE cellular model of this smartwatch.

Of course, the new Google Pixel Watch will also feature the usual Google apps, such as Google Maps, Google Wallet, and Google Home.

According to Google, it may be possible to access Google Maps offline. This means the smartwatch will be able to provide navigation even without a connected phone nearby. 🗺

So you can easily receive notifications, navigate around town, save virtual cards and tickets, and control your smart home devices all from your wrist.

What about the fitness tracking and health features?

At Google’s 2022 I/O keynote event, it was made clear that the Pixel Watch will come with various Fitbit integrations.

Among other things, the watch is said to offer the following features:

  • Sleep tracking 😴
  • Activity tracker
  • Pulse tracker and heart rate monitor
Info: The fitness tracker manufacturer Fitbit was taken over by Google in 2021.

It should also be possible to synchronise your data from the Google Pixel Watch with your Fitbit account.

Therefore, it makes sense that Google may draw on the Fitbit's functions and sensors.

Google Pixel Watch design
Google Pixel Watch

However, detailed information on the technology and the specific functions have not yet been published by Google.

We assume that the new Google Watch will have similar functions to the Apple Watch.

Info: Are you looking for a wearable that tracks your sleep? Here's our in-depth review of the Oura Ring.

Is there an ECG and blood pressure function?

If the Google Pixel Watch really does have similar sensors to the Fitbit Charge 5, it can be assumed that the wearable will also be able to generate an ECG.

As far as measuring your blood pressure is concerned, however, we are unsure if the Pixel Watch will have this function. Currently, Samsung devices are the only ones that can measure your blood pressure.

Can you measure your blood sugar with the Google Pixel Watch?

There have been repeated rumours in recent years, especially with the Apple Watch Series, that wearables could measure blood glucose.

These rumours have never been confirmed so far.

Currently, there is not a single smartwatch on the market that can measure your blood glucose.

In our opinion, it is also unlikely that the Google Pixel Watch will come with a blood sugar feature.

We also doubt that the Google Pixel Watch will have blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2).

How much will the Google Pixel Watch cost?

The company has not yet announced the price of the Google Pixel Watch.

It can be assumed that the Google Pixel Watch will be in the medium to upper price range. 💰

Google often offers its devices at a slightly lower price than Apple or Samsung.

For example, the new Pixel 6 smartphone was slightly cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S22 or the iPhone 13.

We predict that the Google Pixel Watch will be slightly cheaper than the Apple Watch 7 or the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

In addition, the price of the smartwatch will of course also depend on its model.

If there is an optional LTE version, you will most likely have to pay more for it. 💶

Will the Google Pixel Watch be able to compete with Apple and other smartwatches?

Whether the Google Pixel Watch will be able to compete with the high-quality devices from Apple or Samsung cannot yet be answered.

However, Google has already laid the foundations in recent years to become a serious competitor to Apple and Samsung.

Attention: According to Google, the Pixel Watch will only be compatible with an Android smartphone (Android 8 or newer).

Google Pixel Watch
© Google

The Apple Watch 7 is currently the best smartwatch for iPhone users, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best choice for Android users.

Google has not only bought Fossil's smartwatch technology for $40 million USD in 2019, but also the entire Fitbit group for $2.1 billion USD.

Google definitely has the necessary expertise and important resources at its disposal to be able to bring a top smartwatch to the market.

Will the Google Pixel Watch be worth the wait?

We have been waiting a long time. Finally, the new Google Pixel Watch has been officially unveiled. 🙌

This smartwatch is expected to be available in stores in autumn 2022.

Google has so far been reticent about the price and the exact functions.

But one thing is certain: the Google Pixel Watch is coming. 🚀

With a sleek minimalist design and features such as Google Assistant, Google Pay, Google Maps, and Fitbit integration, we know this wearable will be of great value.

Perhaps it could become the best wearable for Android smartphones and a serious competitor for Apple.

We’re excited to learn more about this smartwatch. As soon as we receive new information, we will of course inform you here.

More on the topic

  • When is the Google Pixel Watch coming?

    The Google Pixel Watch was officially presented for the first time at the 2022 Google I/O Developer Conference. The smartwatch will be available in stores in autumn. However, there is no exact release date yet.

  • Has the Google Pixel Watch been delayed?

    Rumours of the imminent launch of the Google Pixel Watch had already begun circulating around the end of 2021. However, the gadget did not actually appear. The reason for this could be that Google had previously signed an agreement with Samsung, which stated that the Wear OS watch technology would initially be available exclusively for Samsung's wearables. This may have also influenced the release date for the Google Pixel Watch.

  • Which smartwatch is the best for Android?

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is currently the best smartwatch for Android phones. This wearable perfectly complements your smartphone and offers you many fitness tracking and health functions on top of that. However, this smartwatch cannot be used with iPhones.

  • Will the Google Pixel Watch be compatible with the iPhone?

    The new Google Pixel Watch will run Google's Wear OS operating system and will not be compatible with an iPhone. This smartwatch will only be compatible with phones that have Android 8 or a newer Android system installed.

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