Our review of the best cordless vacuums for hard floors in the UK

Cordless vacuum for hard floors

Last updated: 26.12.2023 Reading time: 14 Min.

Whether hardwood, vinyl, PVC, tiles or laminate flooring - it’s pretty certain that we all have some kind of hard flooring in our homes.

But cleaning these floors can take up a lot of your precious time - especially if your device isn’t optimised for your floor type. ⏱

Hard floors in particular seem to be magically attracted to dust and dirt.

But don’t worry: cordless vacuums are particularly practical for cleaning any kind of dirt quickly.

The only question is: Which one is the best stick vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors in the UK?

We have tested the best cordless hoovers to get to the bottom of this question in our detailed review.

Read on to find out which one suits you best! 👇

A cordless vacuum cleaner with a fluffy attachment for hard floors.

What's coming up?

  • Reviews of the best cordless vacuums for hard floors
  • What should a cordless hoover for hard floors be able to do?
  • What are the most important accessories for hard floor cleaning?
  • Shopping advice
  • Robot vacuum cleaners for hard floors
  • Options with mopping capabilties
  • Tips and tricks for hard floor cleaning

Our reviews and comparison of the best cordless vacuum cleaners for hard floors

Find out more about our favorites now

Best overall 🏆

Dyson V15 Detect

The 2022 Smart Home Fox test winner delivers powerful cleaning performance and practical new features.

As a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, this model is super versatile and strong in every area. Dyson has expanded its V range with the V15, which is particularly impressive on hard floors.

 The best cleaning results on hard floors UK

The V15 passed our tests with flying colours: 100% of the dirt was cleaned up by the cordless hoover.

The Dyson V15's cleaning results on hard floors.


The V15 achieves this result partly due to its 230 Air Watt suction power - the most powerful suction power ever measured in a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Accessories designed for hard floors: Slim Laser Fluffy attachment

The attachment with the soft brush - designed especially for hard floor cleaning - ensures an excellent dirt pick-up on hard floors.

Another plus: this attachment is very gentle on delicate hardwood floors.

Laser dirt detection with the hard floor attachment

An innovative laser on the hard floor brush illuminates the floor and makes both fine dust and hair visible.

Green laser on hard floor in the dark
It works in the dark...
Green laser on hard floor during daylight
...and also in daylight!

In addition, the attachment ensures very good manoeuvrability and mobility on hard floors.

More new features

There are other innovations that are not explicitly important for hard floor cleaning, but are worth knowing either way.

Real-time dirt analysis

A piezoelectric sensor scans sucked-up dirt, and the practical LCD display shows the type and size of the dirt particles.

Display shows dirt detection


Another great new feature is the "Anti-Tangle" function of the standard motorised brush and hair nozzle. A redesign of the brushes ensures that the hair can no longer wrap around the brushes.

The anti-hair comb of the Torque-Drive floor nozzle
Anti-hair comb of the Torque-Drive floor nozzle
The "Anti-Tangle" function of the hair nozzle
"Anti-Tangle" function of the hair nozzle

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Most substantial suction power (230 AW)

Automatic suction level adjustment (surface and type of dirt)

New laser technology in the Fluffy attachment to detect dirt

Interchangeable battery option

Over 60 minutes running time

Incl. torque drive floor nozzle + soft roller (Fluffy attachment)

Cordless & Bagless

Strong at cleaning skirting boards and corners




Laser only works on hard floors

Strong suction power

Shark Stratos Flexology Powerfins Plus

This cordless vacuum performed exceptionally well in our tests and impressed us across the board.

Powerful suction, top cleaning performance, high quality design - just a few words that perfectly describe this Shark cordless vacuum.

A favourite among fans of cordless vacuums in the UK, Shark now ups its game with the Stratos range. Read on to find out what makes these models so special! 👇 

Outstanding cleaning performance

Whether corners, edges, carpets or hard floors...

The Shark Stratos left our floors spotless in our test! 💪

Cleaning performance on hard floors.
Cleaning performance on hard floors.

Not many vacuums can achieve this, which makes the Shark Stratos a real hot tip. 🔐

DuoClean Anti Hair Wrap Plus floorhead - perfect for all floor types

A real highlight of the Stratos cordless vacuums is the dual floorhead - two motorised brush rolls working together to tackle both hard floors and carpets.

The Anti-Hair Wrap Plus roll at the back draws out embedded dirt in carpets and deals with hair pick-up, while the front roll gets to work on hard floor dirt.

Anti-Hair Wrap Plus brush roll of the Shark Stratos.

This really works flawlessly. And the highlight:

This means you don’t have to change the brush! 💃 

Anti-Odour Technology

The Stratos range features anti-odour technology to deal with any nasty odours produced by pet dander and other dirt and dust. Just pop a cartridge into the dust bin and any unwanted smells are masked with a clean, fresh scent. 

Perfect for those of us with more sensitive noses! 👃

Automatic suction level adjustment - Clean Sense IQ

Yes, you heard right:

The Stratos automatically adjusts its suction power according to the dirt and the floor type.

This saves battery and increases cleanliness. 💪 

Speaking of saving battery power:

Despite very good runtimes, the Stratos IZ420UKT model also features an extra removable battery pack and thanks to a clever charger, you can charge two batteries at the same time.

Conclusion: Should you buy it?

So do we recommend buying a Shark Stratos cordless vacuum cleaner?

Yes, definitely! 

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Shark offers many other clever solutions.

The device will be a real help in your everyday work.

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Powerful cleaning performance

Strong suction power

High quality

Smart, unique floorhead (DuoClean)

Practical storage function

Long battery life

Stick and handheld vacuum in one


Not the quietest


No HEPA filter

Heavier weight

Good Value 💰

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

The new flagship cordless vacuum cleaner from Tineco stands out with its superior suction power and array of impressive new features.

The Tineco Pure One S15 Pro excels in cleaning and offers a smart display.

Tineco has revamped their Pure One line with the S15 Pro, a cordless vacuum that has impressed in our tests. 

Cleaning Test

The Tineco Pure One S15 Pro excels in its cleaning capabilities. 

In our tests, it left hardly anything behind on both carpets and hard floors. 

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro cleaning test
Cleaning test with different types of dirt. © Smart Home Fox

Its iLoop technology, which automatically adjusts the suction level based on the type of dirt, enhances its efficiency.


A standout feature is the high-resolution LCD display. 📺

Display on the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

This provides real-time status updates, maintenance tips, and error messages. 

Device status on the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

It even plays animated videos, adding a unique touch to the vacuuming experience.


The S15 Pro comes with a convenient ground station for storage. 

This allows the device to be stored and charged upright without the need for drilling holes for a wall mount.

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Excellent cleaning performance

Informative LCD screen

Smart suction power adaptation

Versatile usage, including as a handheld vacuum

Superior build quality


Plastic packaging used

No soft roller included for hard floors

Best for small/medium flats

Dyson V12 Detect Slim

A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that is particularly handy and lightweight, making it perfect for small and medium-sized living spaces.

The slimmed-down version of the Dyson V15 impressed us in our review with strong suction power, top cleaning performance, lighter weight and a lockable power button! 🙌

The Dyson V12 Slim has a lot to offer. 

Cleaning performance

Although Dyson has cut back on the suction power, the V12 still packs 150 airwatts. This brings it close to the power of its predecessor - the Dyson V10.

The cutback didn’t get in the way of the hoover in our cleaning test.

Dyson V12 Slim

Whether on carpet or hard floor, the cordless Dyson vacuum left hardly any dirt behind.

Handy and compact in design

Quite a bit smaller than the V15, it feels much more compact when held.

This becomes especially noticeable when using it as a handheld vacuum.

Vacuuming furniture and the ceiling with only one hand? No problem!

Dyson V12 Slim: Ceiling vacuuming

Illuminated Cleaner Head: Laser dirt detection for advanced cleaning

A new, updated nozzle specially designed for hard floors:

The Illuminated cleaner head.

The highlight: A laser at the front of the Laser Slim Fluffy brush bar illuminates the floor and reveals every little dust particle. 💪


Dyson V12 Slim: The Illuminated cleaner head in daylight

Dyson V12 Slim: The Illuminated cleaner head in the dark

Such a practical innovation! 🚀

The lockable power button

The first V-series cordless vacuum cleaner with a lockable power button.

Many of you will be thinking: finally!

Dyson V12 Slim: The lockable power button

Press it once and the V12 runs until the battery is empty or until you press it again.

Conclusion on the Dyson V12 Slim

A really high-quality and powerful product with many practical innovations. 🚂

We recommend the V12 Slim for small to medium-sized homes in particular, and, of course, for all Dyson fans who have always wanted a cordless vacuum cleaner with a lockable button (made by Dyson). 😉

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Strong cleaning performance

Very handy

Laser dirt detection


Good battery life

Very flexible to use (2-in-1 battery storage)

Lockable power button 


Small dust bin size

Good battery life

Dyson V11 Absolute

The Dyson V11 won us over with a perfect cleaning result on hard floors. Which.co.uk gave this device a test score of 85%. The Dyson V11 is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners you can buy on the UK market.

The V11 is a real relief when cleaning, due to its extremely powerful suction and perfectly designed accessories. Compared to other models, this device is an excellent cordless vacuum cleaner for hard floors. 

Cleaning results on hard floors

As if it was made for hard floors!

The Dyson V11 performed extremely well on hard floors.

No dirt was left after cleaning - impressive!

Cleaning results of the Dyson V11 Absolute on hard floors. captioned image: no

The suction power of 180 air watts certainly helped the V11 beat the competition. 🚂

Accessories especially for hardwood floors

The V11 has a Fluffy attachment, specifically designed for cleaning hard floors.

Fluffy attachment of the Dyson v11

This accessory makes vacuuming easier, is gentle on your floors, and has improved dirt pick-up when cleaning hard surfaces.

What makes this vacuum cleaner stand out?

The V11 features a handy LCD display that allows you to monitor the cleaning process.

 LCD screen Dyson V11

It also has lots of accessories that make it versatile for use in other areas.


Dyson V11 Outsize

Do you have a large area to clean? You should check out the Dyson V11 Outsize!

The device offers:

  • a 25% larger dust bag, which means you have to empty it less frequently.
  • a 25% larger floorhead, which means you can vacuum large areas faster.
  • and more power, which means more cleanliness.

Click here for the Dyson V11 Outsize review!

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New automatic floor roller

New LED display

Over one-hour battery power

Very powerful suction

Much quieter

Battery is replaceable


About 400 grams heavier than its predecessor

Power button not lockable

Why should I choose a cordless vacuum for my hardwood floors?

Hard floors require a lot of cleaning and care.

The cleaner our homes are, the more comfortable we feel.

However, when cleaning hard floors, you have to take the material of the flooring into account.

Many floor types are sensitive and can only tolerate a little moisture. This makes it even more important that you have a decent appliance for regular cleaning.

It’s also important to use suitable accessories for your floor type.

Cordless vs. corded

Recent test and reviews (for example, from Which? have shown that the best cordless hoovers can certainly keep up with traditional cylinder vacuums or corded upright vacuum cleaners, and even beat them in many areas.

This is not only because they have powerful suction, but also because of their clever accessories and very high versatility. 💪

The lack of a cable makes your hoover much more manoeuvrable.

So why continue to use corded vacuums when using a cordless device is so much more convenient?

The advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners are obvious.

Which floor types are hard floors?

Hard floors are floors that are made of inflexible materials that don’t bend or compress when stood on.

Nowadays, there are an incredible number of choices when it comes to hard floors. 🤔

There are cheap ones and expensive ones, beautiful ones and ugly ones, and of course all made of different materials.

Some of the most common hard floor types in the UK are:

  • Hardwood floors (solid wood, reclaimed wood, parquet, engineered wood etc.)
  • Laminate flooring
  • Tiles
  • Vinyl (PVC)
  • Linoleum

Some floor types are more delicate than others, which is why different vacuum cleaners are better suited to certain floor types than others.

Take a look at our recommendations for the most important hard floor types. 👇

Which is the best vacuum for hardwood floors?

Homely, warm wooden floors look so beautiful and immediately makes any home feel much cosier.

Those of you with hardwood floors are well aware of the difficulties they bring:

As beautiful as they are, they also scratch quite easily.

Parquet flooring is particularly prone to scratches, but wide plank solid hardwood can also pick up some scrapes from time to time. 😫

Many scratches can't be avoided, but you can definitely avoid causing scratches with your hoover by choosing the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors and the right attachments.

Why use a hardwood floor attachment?

An important requirement for keeping your hardwood floors in perfect condition is that your cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a high-performing hard floor attachment.

Hardwood attachment by Dyson.

These attachments are particularly gentle on expensive, delicate hardwood flooring. Read more in the "Hard floor cleaning accessories" chapter.

How often should I vacuum my hardwood floor?

Vacuuming is the best way to keep your hardwood floor clean. With the right attachment, you can gently clean it and remove everyday dust and dirt.

Don't worry, the cordless vacuum cleaner won't damage your floor!

However, when it comes to mopping solid wood floors, less is more (especially with parquet).

In fact, it should only be mopped when necessary. If you mop too much, you run the risk of the wooden floor losing its shine.

Engineered wood floors offer more resistance to water and wear and tear, meaning you don’t have to be quite as careful with them as with solid hardwood floors. However, it will still suffer from scratches, so make sure you use a gentle vacuum with appropriate attachments.

These are the most gentle models we’ve tested, and so combined with their high quality, we consider them to be the best cordless vacuums for hardwood floors:

Which cordless hoover is best for laminate floors?

Laminate flooring is very common in the UK. Although they look similar, these floors are not made from solid wood. Rather, it consists of compressed fibreboard covered with a photographic image of wood underneath a protective overlay.

Laminate comes in different price ranges and qualities, but regardless of price, scratches are definitely something you’ll want to avoid.

You don't have to be quite as careful when vacuuming laminate as you do with solid hardwood or parquet, but you’ll still need to use appropriate accessories.

We generally recommend using the hard floor attachments here too.

However, a very good standard brush head should normally be sufficient.

Watch out for small stones - they can cause scratches when vacuuming.

We recommend the following cordless vacuum cleaners for cleaning laminate flooring (in addition to those we recommend for hardwood, of course):

The best cordless vacuum for vinyl flooring or linoleum

Vinyl flooring, or lino, is not a wooden floor, but it often looks like it.

It is much more durable than wooden flooring, but still not completely scratch-proof.

Therefore, the same applies here: better safe than sorry!

Basically, you can vacuum and mop this flooring as often as you like, it will not lose much of its beauty over time, apart from normal wear and tear.

When buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, you don't necessarily have to make sure that you have the latest developments for sensitive floors.

Our recommendations 👇

Which is the best vacuum cleaner for tiles?

Tiled floors are pretty durable. So you don’t have to worry too much about finding a gentle cordless vacuum for your tiles.

However, we’ve often noticed in our reviews that some vacuum cleaners move dirt around on tiles instead of picking it up.

This can be annoying and you have to clean longer than necessary.

So make sure you choose a high-quality cordless model! 💪

For tiles, you might also be interested in cordless vacuum-mop combos. Philips has one of these in its range, for example.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners for cork floors

Cork floors have a beautiful natural look and are even an environmentally-friendly choice, as cork oak trees are renewable. 🌍

However, this floor type requires special care. Similar to a sensitive wooden floor, you should not mop cork floors too often.

It makes more sense to use a cordless hoover or a broom regularly.

If you choose a cordless hoover, make sure it doesn't scratch the floor.

Here are some of our favourites for cork floors: 👇

What to consider when buying a cordless vacuum for hard floors

The UK market is full of cordless hoovers, and decent ones cost a lot of money. 💰

That's why you should look at buying a cordless hoover as a long-term investment that will last you a long time.

That way, you’ll have a good reason to do some more research into the models that interest you so you can buy the right one for you the first time round.

This will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Below are some important factors you should consider when buying a cordless vacuum. 👇

Cleaning performance on hard floors

Cleaning performance is of course the most important factor!

Many cordless vacuums do not deliver what brands claim.

A common problem when vacuuming hard floors, for example, is that cordless devices push the dirt away instead of cleaning it up.

Check out our recommendations and reviews - we'll sort out the bad apples for you!
Cleaning on hard floor.

How important is the design of cordless vacuums for hard floors?

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners come in a variety of designs.

However, it's less about looks and more about functionality and versatility.

There are several different designs:

  • 2-in-1 cordless vacuums
  • Cordless stick vacuums
  • Cordless vacuum-mop combos

2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaners

The most popular version of the cordless hoover is the 2-in-1 option.

Why are they so popular? 🤔

You can use the hoover as a floor hoover (stick hoover) and vacuum "normally".

But you can also easily convert it into a practical handheld vacuum.

Adding the right attachment and vacuuming furniture is easy.

But not only that:

You can also use the device to clean your car (read our review here: Best cordless hoovers for the car).

And if you’re a pet owner, you'll be happy to hear:

The handheld mode of 2-in-1 cordless vacuums makes removing pet hair from upholstery much easier! Some models even come with a pet tool attachment for making sure you catch every last hair. 🐶

Find out more about our review of the best cordless hoovers for tackling pet hair.

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners

These devices are excellent for vacuuming the floor cord-free.

However, they can’t be converted into handheld hoovers.

These devices may be less versatile, but they are certainly suitable for hard floor clean-up.

Cordless vacuum-mop combos

Vacuuming is clearly the main feature of these devices, but they can also mop. ✨

The thought of getting two chores done at once is certainly tempting!

But be careful: when it comes to delicate hardwood floors in particular, it is especially important to choose the right cordless vacuum-mop combo.

We’ve tested the best cordless vacuum mop combos to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Another option: Wet and dry vacuums

These cordless floor cleaners are geared more towards mopping floors than vacuuming.

These devices mop your floors and then suck up the dirty water. 💎

As with the vacuum-mop devices above - beware of using these on hardwood floors. More durable floors like tiles, however, will sparkle after using one of these!

Our favourite here is the Tineco Floor One S3.

Reviewing the best cordless vacuum accessories for hardwood floors

Good cordless hoovers come with a range of accessories. 🤩

Most devices come with attachments such as a crevice tool or a multi-surface dusting brush and at least one standard floor head.

Brands are always trying to set themselves apart from the competition with new, useful gadgets.

Let’s go through which ones are actually useful.

Which brush head should you use on hard floors?

First of all, there is the special attachment for hard floors, called the soft floor head.

The Dyson V15 Slim Fluffy Laser attachment for hard floors.

And this is how it works:

Inside the floor head is a motorised brush bar that is coated with soft material.

When the dirt gets between the hard bottom and the soft roller, it is pressed into the brush roll and picked up.

The rotational movement then pushes the dirt towards the vacuum wand, where it is sucked up with the help of the suction power.

Can standard floor nozzles also be used on hard floors?

If you have both carpets and hard floors at home, you don't necessarily have to change the attachment every time. The standard cleaner heads on the best cordless vacuums usually do a decent job too.

The special hard floor attachments just do an even better job!

Do cordless vacuums damage hardwood floors?

If you have a delicate floor, such as hardwood, then you should definitely use a special hard floor attachment. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving scratches on your floor.

Floor nozzle with LED lights

An illuminated floor nozzle is definitely great to have, especially on hard floors.

The lights make hard-to-see dirt much easier to spot.

That’s why many cordless hoovers feature useful LED lights that illuminate the floor in front of the nozzle. 💡

The floor nozzle of the Tineco S12 with LED lighting.

Another great invention is the green laser featured on the "Dyson Slim Fluffy Laser" floor head.

This laser is located on the hard floor attachment and also illuminates the floor in front of the cordless hoover.

We were surprised:

It makes the dirt so much easier to see!

Laser Fluffy attachment in the dark.
Laser Fluffy attachment in the dark
Laser Fluffy attachment in daylight.
Laser Fluffy attachment in daylight

This attachment has been available to buy since the release of the Dyson V15 Detect and is of course included in the box. It is also now included with the Dyson V11 Outsize.

Crevice tool and multi-surface dusting brush

You can also find some handy attachments for cleaning skirting boards and window sills.

Crevice tool

This nozzle is great for vacuuming skirting boards.

Crevice nozzle cleaning skirting boards.

And the best thing is:

You don't even have to bend down!

The crevice nozzle can simply be attached to the suction tube as an extension.

Of course, you can also connect it directly to the motor unit if necessary.

Multi-surface dusting brush

A multi-surface tool can also be a useful alternative here.

This is because the soft bristles are gentler on delicate wooden skirting.

Multi-surface dusting brush.

These tools are also great for cleaning mattresses and sofa upholstery.

How loud are cordless hoovers on hard floors?

The noise level is worth considering when vacuuming hard floors.

Hoovers, whether corded or cordless, are generally not the quietest household appliances.

But some models are definitely quieter than others.

In our tests, we found that good appliances produce around 70 dB in the most important suction mode.

That is about the same as the volume of a washing machine.
Volume scale of cordless vacuums.

An interesting point to consider is the floor nozzle:

With some models, the standard floorhead cleans hard floors well, so you don't need to use the soft brush described above (especially for hard floors).

However, the standard brush may be much louder on hard floors.

One of our readers once compared the sound of a device he had bought to a helicopter! 🚁

But no need to panic: Just use the soft brush head.

How long does the battery life last?

Battery life plays an important role when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner - which is why it also plays an important role in our review.

We can reassure you in this respect! There are some excellent devices that have a very good runtime.

Battery life can easily last up to one hour. 🔋

Eco-mode will generally last longer, especially if you don’t use motorised tools, while turbo power mode will drain the battery much faster.

Overall, plenty of time to clean an average-size home. If that's not enough for you, make sure your device features a removable battery before you buy.

With some devices, a click-in-battery (lithium-ion battery) is included in the delivery. With others, you can buy a replacement battery.

Charging a cordless vacuum

Floordock DysonA good cordless hoover will usually take between 3.5 and 4.5 hours to charge.

They are usually charged with a wall mount. Mounted on the wall, you can keep the device upright and charge it at the same time.

If you don't want to do this, you can simply use the charger without the wall mount.

Some cordless hoovers are freestanding, and so don’t need a wall mount.

A clever solution that Dyson has come up with is the Floor Dok.

This is a dock that you can place anywhere you like (preferably near a power socket).

You can use it to store your Dyson vacuum upright and charge it at the same time without having to drill holes in your wall.

5 tips & tricks for hardwood floor cleaning

Next, we’re going to offer some advice to make cleaning your hardwood floors a breeze.

#1 Tidy your home

The quickest way to finish vacuuming is to tidy everything up and get the chairs out of the way before cleaning.

This way you can avoid having to stop and start the vacuum over and over and can vacuum everything in one go.

#2 Charge the battery

Before cleaning thoroughly, make sure your appliance has been on the charging station long enough to get through the cleaning in one go. Charging is a must!

#3 Prep your cordless vac

Make sure the dust bin is empty and the brush is working properly (no hair or threads tangled). This will ensure smooth operation and you will not have to empty the dust container while vacuuming.

#4 Clean the filter (HEPA filter)

Clean your filter regularly (about once a month).

Every cordless vacuum cleaner has a filter, and the top models even have so-called long life filters or HEPA filters.

Long life, meaning you won’t ever have to replace them!

HEPA filters are filters that can remove even the smallest dust particles and allergens from the air that is sucked in.

This is particularly great for allergies.

#5 Use an accessory clip

This is a really practical gadget that’s available from some brands. You can attach it to the vacuum wand and then clip the most important accessories to it. This way you always have the right gadget at hand.

Vacuum wand accessory clip with accessories.

Robot vacuum cleaners for hard floors

Using a robot vacuum cleaner is a real relief for the cleaning process (check out our review of the best vacuum robots in the UK).

The small, autonomous devices are very powerful, especially on hard floors, and can take a lot of work off your hands.

For weekly deep cleaning, reaching corners and other hard-to-reach areas, you can use your cordless hoover.

How much does a cordless vacuum cleaner for hard floors cost?

The prices for reasonable cordless hoovers vary from approx. £300 to £1500. Sometimes there seems to be no limit to how expensive new models can go! 😳

Below, we’ll recommend our favourite cordless vacuums for hard floors according to price range. 👇

The best of the best

These are the best cordless hard floor hoovers the UK market has to offer. Real premium models!

Of course, they are also set at the top in terms of price… 💲

But - you get what you pay for!

Our premium cordless vacuum choices for hard-floor cleaning:

Best budget cordless vacuums for hard floors

These models are top cordless hoovers with a cheaper price tag.

You can save a few quid here!

Our verdict: The best cordless hard floor vacuum in the UK

Very good news:

The right cordless vacuums are great for cleaning your hard floor. 💃

We've tested a number of cordless hoovers on hard floors and have picked out the best for you.

Now it's your turn to decide which cordless vacuum cleaner works for your needs!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is parquet flooring a hard floor?

    Yes, it’s a wooden floor (made of real wood). It can be called parquet if the top layer is at least 2.5 mm thick.