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Shark Cordless Vacuum

Review: The best Shark cordless vacuum in the UK (2022)


Last updated: 14.04.2022 8 Min.

Are you annoyed by your heavy, corded hoover? 😒

Don't worry; there are many cordless vacuums that have what it takes.

That being said, Shark is one of the most popular brands on the UK market.

But how good are Shark cordless hoovers? Find out in our independent review.

We also closely examine the devices and test the Shark cordless vacuums. 👀

Shark Cordless Vacuum

up to -20% on Amazon*


  • Simple, cordless operation
  • Extended warranty possible
  • Versatile application possibilities
  • Back-friendly devices
  • Very good warranty


  • Powerful models are more expensive than corded hoovers
  • Some models are a little heavier and can strain your wrists


  • Shark has a wide range of products
  • Shark is known and loved by consumers worldwide and espacially in th UK
  • Shark has high-quality products
  • Shark is the market leader in the UK

Best Shark Vacuums in the UK

  • Shark
    The Shark Anti-Hair-Wrap Flexology convinced us with its flexible canister and an exchangeable battery that ensures an extra-long runtime. 💃
  • Shark
    Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base
    This smart robot vacuum cleaner ensures that clean floors are ready for you in the evening!
  • Shark
    WandVac 2.0
    Shark Price from £ 130
    Shark's cordless handheld hoover is a flexible, handy lifesaver for quick in-between cleaning.
    Price from £ 130
    Order from Amazon*
    Shark Anti-Hair-Wrap Flexology

    Shark Anti-Hair-Wrap

    Shark Anti-Hair-Wrap

    The Shark Anti-Hair-Wrap Flexology convinced us with its flexible canister and an exchangeable battery that ensures an extra-long runtime. 💃

    With the Shark Anti-Hair-Wrap Flexology cordless hoover, you can clean (almost) everywhere. And you don't have to hurt yourself!

    The bendable suction tube makes sure of that. In addition, the TruePet attachment makes this device perfect for pet owners.

    All about the Shark Cordless Anti-Hair-Wrap main

    Dual battery for fewer interruptions while vacuuming 

    The Shark Flexology Anti-Hair-Wrap cordless hoover with dual battery allows you to clean for up to 60 (120) minutes at a time. When one battery runs out, you can replace it with a spare battery in just a few easy steps. 

    This is how Shark puts an end to the prejudice that cordless hoovers can only be used for a short time

    DuoClean floor nozzle for effortless cleaning of carpets and hard floors 

    The DuoClean floor nozzle is ideal for both hard floors and carpets. 

    Thanks to its two different brush rollers, you don't have to keep changing when you have different floor types in your living space. A handy pet tool!

    Flexology suction tube for vacuuming without backache

    The Flexology wand easily bends so you can vacuum under furniture. That makes cleaning even easier!

    In addition, the cordless hoover with the bent tube can be placed freely in the room and stored in a space-saving way

    Anti-hair-wrap technology puts an end to hair tangles 

    The brush rollers of the anti-hair-wrap floor nozzle are designed to prevent long hairs from getting tangled in them.

    This prevents a wild mess of hair and lint in the floor nozzle. 

    Flexibility that comes at a price

    The high degree of flexibility and versatility that comes with the Shark Flexology cordless hoover unfortunately also comes at a price.

    Compared to a powerful corded vacuum cleaner, you still have to dig deep into your pocket. 

    Not exactly a lightweight

    Fully assembled, the anti-hair wrap is not exactly light, weighing just over 4 kilos. This means you will feel it during a longer suction process

    up to -20% on Amazon*


    Many practical technologies

    Dual battery for longer vacuuming

    It can be quickly converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner


    not exactly cheap (compared to a corded hoover)

    quite high weight

    Shark IQ Self-Emptying Robotic Vacuum

    Shark Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base

    Shark Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base

    This smart robot vacuum cleaner ensures that clean floors are ready for you in the evening!

    The Shark IQ Self-Empty Robot Vacuum Cleaner is just the right everyday helper for busy people.

    It cleans the floors in your home even when you're not there.

    All about the Shark Robotic Vacuums

    Bagless suction station for automatic emptying 

    With the Self-Empty function, this robot vacuum cleaner doesn't just stop cleaning when the dust bin is full.

    Instead, it drives back to the station where it then empties automatically

    This is a very practical feature, especially if you run your robot vacuum cleaner while you are out of the house. A self-cleaning hoover, who doesn’t love that?!

    IQ navigation with overview map

    The IQ Self-Empty Robot Vacuum Cleaner creates an overview map of your home.

    So it doesn't just drive around disoriented, but always knows exactly where it is and where its next destination is. 

    Control at the touch of a button, by mobile phone or voice control

    Of course, you can control the Shark robot vacuum cleaner in the old-school way using the integrated controls.

    But you can also connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and then control it by voice demands

    If you download the SharkClean App, you can also control the robot from your mobile phone. This way you can also plan the next cleaning processes in advance. 

    The device is on the pricey side

    There are still some competitors whose robotic vacuum cleaners are more expensive than Shark's, but this one isn't exactly a bargain either. 

    However, when you consider the technology and functions of the Shark robot vacuum cleaner, the price is justified

    Battery power not sufficient for every size of flat

    This is a disadvantage that applies not only to Shark devices, but also to those of many other brands.

    A runtime of up to 90 minutes is quite respectable. 

    However, if you live in an area of more than 1300 square feet, the Shark's battery will probably need a charging break in between. 

    Order from Amazon*


    automatic emptying function

    intelligent navigation

    vacuums on carpets and hard floors

    long battery life


    not exactly cheap

    Battery power not sufficient for more than 120 sqm

    Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

    Shark WandVac 2.0

    Shark WandVac 2.0

    Shark's cordless handheld hoover is a flexible, handy lifesaver for quick in-between cleaning.

    The Shark cordless handheld hoover is ideal for removing crumbs from work surfaces or upholstered furniture.

    It is alsThe Highlights Sharks WandVaco quick and efficient for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as the car.

    The Highlights Sharks WandVac

    Lightweight yet powerful 

    The Shark hand hoover is a natural lightweight. This makes it very convenient to use in areas that are particularly difficult to access. 

    But the hoover is so light that it does not detract from its performance. On the contrary, it effortlessly vacuums up crumbs and loose dirt from smaller areas. 

    Practical accessories for flexible use 

    The Shark hand vac comes with a crevice tool (incl. dusting brush), upholstery tool and the pet hair multi-tool. 

    This allows you to clean upholstery and car seats and efficiently remove even stubborn pet hair

    Elegant and simple design 

    If you have such a practical household helper at home, you always want to have it at hand.

    It's useful when both the hand vacuum and the charging dock are designed as elegantly and simply as the ones from Shark. 

    Quite low battery life

    Only 8 minutes with a full battery charge is not long. Once both batteries are charged, the runtime is 16 minutes.

    It's sufficient for cleaning a few crumbs, but we would expect a little more for the price. 

    Rather small dust bin

    If you plan to clean filthy areas with the hand vacuum, you may have to empty the container in between.

    With a capacity of 0.1 l, it’s not large

    Order from Amazon*


    Light and handy

    quickly ready for use

    elegant design

    practical accessories


    short battery life

    small dust container

    Everything you need to know about Shark Vacuums UK

    Shark brand logoThe company SharkNinja has been around since 1993, but at that time, it was called "Euro Pro Operating LLC". In 2015, the name was changed to SharkNinja - after the two well-known company brands.

    Since 2020, things have been going well for the company, as branches have been established in ten countries. 😮

    Before Shark could make a name for itself around the world, the company had already been very successful in the USA for a long time.

    The company headquarters are located near Boston, in Needham, Massachusetts.

    As part of JS Global, the brand is part of the world's third-largest brands of domestic appliances.

    What else does the Shark hoover manufacturer produce?

    The company is mainly known for two brands: Shark and Ninja.

    While hoovers, steam cleaners and similar appliances are sold under the brand name Shark, the Ninja brand stands for kitchen appliances. More than 150 appliances are currently part of the product portfolio.

    For the company SharkNinja, the focus is primarily on developing innovative appliances that make housework easier for users. The products are extensively tested by the company itself and further developed based on customer feedback to achieve this.

    However, we do not want to rely solely on the company's tests. For this reason, we would like to put the Shark cordless hoovers to the test ourselves 🙌.

    The different Shark cordless hoover models in comparison

    Whatever the product line, Shark always strives to give its cordless hoovers that special something that makes the cleaning routine a simple affair.

    The manufacturer's cordless vacuum cleaners can be divided into three different types.👇

    Cordless Stick vacuum with motor and controls on top

    This variant is probably the best known. The control functions, the motor, and the container are located at the top of the handle.

    Shark Anti Hair Wrap Flexology and WandVac
    Motor and controls are on top

    Such models have the advantage of being flexible, but on the other hand, they are a bit heavier and can cause sore wrists over time.

    The Shark cordless hoover Anti Hair Wrap Flexology and the WandVac 2-in-1 cordless hand and cordless stick vacuum fall into this category.

    The device can also convert them into a hand hoover 😊.

    Stick hoover with motor and container at the bottom

    The look of these cordless vacuum cleaners is a little unusual for many.

    The motor and container are located at the bottom of the suction tube. In other words, they are above the floor nozzle.

    This design has the advantage that the weight doesn’t strain the wrists, as it’s discharged more towards the floor 😀. Handling is easy without having to bend too much, like using an upright vacuum cleaner.

    Shark hoover with Get Anywhere technology

    Anti-Hair-Wrap with Get-Anywhere-Technology
    Motor and container are at the bottom.

    However, the disadvantage of these devices is that they are often perceived as less handy than floor hoovers.

    Since they are bulkier at the bottom, getting into awkward places or under furniture is less easy.

    With Get-Anywhere technology, Shark calls this type of cordless hoover the Anti Hair Wrap cordless hoover.

    This product line can also be quickly transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

    Convenient - the cordless hand vacuum cleaners

    The Shark cordless hand hoovers are ideal if you already have a large floor hoover at home.

    They are a practical addition for the quick use in between. For example, you can use them quickly to remove crumbs or loose dirt from furniture or car seats. 💃.

    Shark Handheld Vacuum

    However, the floor hoovers are usually Shark cordless vacuums 2 in 1 model that can also be used as hand hoovers.

    The Shark robot vacuum cleaners

    Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular. This is because they can do the work themselves.

    Shark Robot Vacuum with self emptying function
    © Shark

    So you don't even have to be at home yourself while the robot takes care of clean floors! 😻

    If you are still looking for a suitable model for you, then look at our article. We have already tested several vacuum robots.

    Shark also offers robotic vacuum cleaners: the IQ Self-Empty Robot Vacuum Cleaner and the Al VacMop Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Combo.

    There are also the ION and AI vacuum robots. All of them can be conveniently controlled by mobile phones.

    Shark cordless hoover technologies - Explanation of terms

    When talking about Shark cordless vacuum cleaners, some terms come up repeatedly.

    The manufacturer of Shark hoovers develops unique technologies for thorough and easy cleaning.

    We would like to briefly explain the most important ones in this section.👇

    DuoClean for different floor coverings

    The DuoClean floor nozzle guarantees thorough cleaning on hard floors and carpets.

    In addition, the nozzle has two different brushes inside, so you don't have to keep changing them when switching from hard floor to carpet. 😊

    Anti-hair-wrap floor nozzle

    Anti-Hair-Wrap puts an end to the hair tangle

    With a conventional floor nozzle, you often end up with a tangled mess of hair and lint stuck in the brush roll after several vacuuming sessions.

    To counteract this, Shark uses anti-hair-wrap technology.

    Anti-Hair-Wrap is an ingenious brush design that avoids hair tangles.

    This is achieved by a special device that protects the bristles and a specially shaped comb.

    According to the brand, this prevents long hairs from getting tangled in the brush rollers 💪.

    Anti-Hair-Wrap is perfect for people with long hair or pet owners.

    Flexology suction tube for vacuuming without bending over

    Flexology refers to Shark cordless hoover with an articulated joint. It is a flexible suction tube that you can use when you want to clean under furniture, for example.

    You can then bend the suction tube to make bending over unnecessary. 👍


    With the Flexology tube, you save your back while vacuuming.

    Back pain while vacuuming is mainly caused by bending your back too far forward. You can avoid this with the Flexology tube.

    If you bend the suction tube downwards, you can also stand the cordless vacuum cleaner upright.

    TruePet for pet owners

    This technology is just suitable for households with furry friends who like to spread their hair all over the place. 😺

    This is because it is an attachment that has been designed to be particularly good at removing matted pet hair from deeper layers of carpet, upholstered furniture or car seats.

    Which Shark cordless vacuum cleaner is best for you?

    Buying decision
    Deciding which model to buy is not easy.

    Let's assume you have already decided that your next hoover will be a Shark cordless hoover.

    But now you still have to decide which one to go for! 😵

    To make your decision a little easier, we would like to show you a few points that you should think about before buying.

    The Shark cordless hoover weight

    If you want to buy a cordless hoover, it's probably because you want to be as flexible and comfortable as possible.

    After all, you don't have to drag a metre-long cable or a heavy hoover behind you. In addition, you don't have to rely on a power socket nearby. 😌

    Weight of a cordless vacuum cleaner

    But to make sure that vacuuming really is as easy as you want it to be, the device's weight is also crucial.

    The Shark cordless hoover's weight is average. However, at 3 to 5.5 kilograms, they are still not lightweights.

    So if you have problems with your wrists, you should perhaps first try out how you can cope with the weight of the respective models.

    The lightest, at 3 kilograms, is the Shark WandVac product line.

    Long battery life for uninterrupted floor cleaning

    There are few things more annoying than when you are vacuuming with enthusiasm, and suddenly the battery gives up the ghost.

    This means you have to interrupt your housework for several hours to recharge. 😓

    If the Shark hoover is cordless, long battery life is essential.

    The Shark Anti-Hair Wrap cordless hoovers offer the best battery life.

    With the Shark cordless hoovers with dual batteries, you can achieve a runtime of around 100 minutes.

    But one or the other model with a single battery also has a runtime of up to 50 minutes.

    Generally speaking, the battery life of Shark cordless vacuum cleaners is around 40 minutes on average.

    While this is not the longest runtime compared to other brands, it is competitive.

    What to do if the battery flashes on the Shark hoover?

    Shark cordless hoovers have both battery power and charge indicators.

    In addition, if the LED indicator for the ion battery is flashing, it may mean the following:

    Upper or lower two lights flashing: contact customer service.

    Lower light flashing: The battery needs charging.

    Upper and lower lights were flashing: The charging process was interrupted because the battery's temperature was not OK. Charging will be resumed when the temperature has returned to normal.

    Attractive and practical design

    Maybe you think that the design of a household appliance is not that important after all.

    That may be true from an aesthetic point of view (as long as the appliance is not constantly in view).

    However, the design is also decisive for how flexible and handy a cordless hoover is. 😶

    Shark's cordless hoovers look modern and dynamic across the board.

    Of course, this is mainly due to the integrated battery and the cordless design.

    This means you are completely independent of the nearest power socket and have a large radius of movement. 💃

    But the slim and handy design also ensures that you have good access to narrow areas.

    Shark Cordless Vacuum Design

    Only the Shark cordless vacuum cleaners with the motor and dust container at the bottom of the suction tube can cause a few problems here and may have to be modified a little first.

    Another practical feature is that you can also convert all of them into a handheld hoover.

    The be-all & end-all: powerful suction power

    Understandably, we all want a cordless hoover with the highest possible suction power.

    Many people in the UK only pay attention to the volt ratings of a device. It's quite simple: the higher the voltage, the better the hoover cleans. 😕

    Significance of volt ratings
    How do you know how good the suction power is?

    It is not quite as simple as that. After all, there are also specifications such as Pascal and Airwatt.

    Both are also parameters that can be used to indicate the performance of hoovers.

    But none of them can be used as the sole indicator of cleaning quality.

    Here, it is primarily the overall package of the device that counts.

    The scope of delivery of the Shark cordless hoover

    Let's be honest: A good cordless hoover is not cheap. Of course, you want to get as much as possible for your money.

    As you already know, Shark offers different cordless vacuum cleaners, and they all come with different accessories.

    In addition, the brand also offers special editions from time to time, for which you then receive a particularly large number of accessories. 💪

    For example, you also get a car cleaning set or a pet hair attachment for free when you buy a hoover.

    Check out the Shark cordless hoover offers regularly.

    Generally, you always get a charging station with a matching charging cable. There are usually different attachments and nozzles for each model.

    But always read through what exactly you get with the model you want. Otherwise, you'll end up frustrated when the device arrives.

    How loud is a Shark cordless hoover?

    As several studies have already found out, how you feel about the noise of a hoover does not only depend on the actual volume.

    For example, sounds in a higher frequency range are usually perceived as more annoying.

    The Smart Home Fox volume scale
    The Smart Home Fox volume scale

    However, one thing is certain: hoovers can make a lot of noise. 😞

    The manufacturers specify the exact amount in decibels. However, the volume is usually between 65 and 80 decibels.

    Therefore, always pay attention to the decibel specifications when buying a hoover.

    According to the HSE, excessive noise is not only annoying but can be a health risk.

    And in case you're thinking now, a few decibels or not doesn't matter:

    As soon as the volume increases by even 10 decibels, we perceive it as doubling the noise level every time.

    Loud hoovers annoy most according to survey

    One might assume that people are most annoyed when the suction power is insufficient. But that is not the case.

    The Swedish manufacturer Electrolux has found out in a study, the Swedish manufacturer Electrolux found out that more than one third (36 %) are most annoyed by a very loud hoover.

    On the other hand, only 17 % stated insufficient suction power as the most aggravating factor when vacuuming.

    As a guideline, we can state the following concerning loudness:

    According to a UK directive, a vacuum cleaner should not exceed a maximum volume of 80 decibels.

    For comparison: this is about as loud as standing on a well-travelled road at a distance of about 5 metres.

    According to the brand, Shark's cordless hoovers are about average at 70 to 80 decibels.

    Battle of the cordless hoovers: Shark or Dyson?

    Shark and Dyson are two brands whose cordless vacuum cleaners are currently very popular on the UK market. 💥

    Dyson vs Shark
    Dyson vs Shark

    No wonder some people find it difficult to decide which one to choose. Because one thing is certain:

    Shark and Dyson produce efficient and innovative cordless hoovers.

    But how much and in what ways do the two hoover brands differ from each other anyway?

    In general, many people in the UK tend to rate Dyson's devices as better.

    On the one hand, this is simply because they come from the high-priced segment.

    Currently, the most expensive cordless hoover of the brand costs around 750 pounds. 😦

    By the way, you can find a detailed review on the best Dyson cordless hoovers on our website.

    Sure, the Dyson models offer a 1A vacuuming experience, but it's still a steep price.

    This makes some people wonder whether they need the best premium technology.

    Cordless hoovers from Shark can be compared with those from Dyson in many areas. 👇

    Both manufacturers are always looking for innovations and technologies to make housework as easy as possible.

    So, in general, you can say that Shark cordless hoovers can rival those from Dyson. But, in reviews, they can be convincing in many areas.

    Especially in terms of value for money, Shark cordless vacuum cleaners are a profitable proposition. 🙋

    The main praise for cordless vacuum cleaner is their great flexibility. After all, it is worth a lot to vacuum anywhere in the house or flat without any problems - completely independent of power sockets.

    Another big advantage is, of course, that most cordless hoovers are a combination of a floor and hand hoover. This is also the case with the Shark models. This opens up even more possibilities for use.

    Of course, some black sheep are still among the cordless vacuum cleaners where the suction power leaves a lot to be desired.

    At best, they are suitable as a second device for cleaning a smaller area. 😶

    Is there an eco-friendly cordless vacuum?

    There is! They found out that corded hoovers have a much greater impact on the environment than cordless hoovers.

    As far as production is concerned, the impact on the environment is quite the same for both types of appliance.

    Even problematic substances such as lithium or cobalt, which are used to produce rechargeable batteries, hardly make a difference, as the quantities used are simply too small.

    However, what is quite significant is the high power consumption that corded hoovers have. This alone means that they accumulate as many damage points as a cordless hoover in its entire life. 😲

    Another positive effect on the eco-balance of cordless hoovers is that the batteries of many devices can be replaced.

    This means that if a battery is defective, the entire appliance does not have to be disposed of.

    The production costs for a replacement battery are very low. That is why the environment is hardly harmed.

    If you want your battery to last as long as possible, you should avoid Depth of discharge (DoD). Experts believe that this can severely damage a battery.

    Shark cordless vacuums prices

    Shark cordless vacuums prices

    Most cordless models are priced around 300 pounds. The most expensive vacuum cleaner is currently around 650 pounds, the cheapest around 250 pounds.

    You can get a Shark hoover for as little as 80 pounds

    Shark cordless hoovers belong to the middle class in terms of price.

    The Shark vacuum robots cost around 500 pounds. Here, too, the brand is in the midfield.

    Some devices are considerably cheaper, but they usually come with fewer extras and less cleaning power.

    Where can I buy Shark cordless hoovers, accessories and spare parts?

    You can, of course, order Shark's cordless hoovers from the manufacturer's website.

    However, you can also get them online or directly from the shop of most electronics retailers. For example, you can buy Shark cordless hoovers at Amazon* etc. where you can order Shark appliances.

    Ordering online has the advantage that you can be sure that you will get what you are looking for. 💁

    Read more about the advantages of online shopping on our page 🦊

    Who are Shark cordless hoovers suitable for?

    If you're looking for a powerful cordless hoover but don't necessarily want to spend a fortune on it, Shark machines could be a good option for you 😊.

    Shark cordless hoovers are good value for money.

    Even if you suffer from back problems, you are well-advised to use a Shark machine. Thanks to their comfortable height, they are very gentle on your back. In many cases, you can prevent pain after vacuuming.

    Of course, Shark cordless vacuum cleaners are also a good solution for you if you appreciate a high degree of flexibility in housework:

    They are cordless, can be used both as a hand hoover and as a floor hoover, and are modular. 😀

    The latter means that you can attach many nozzles, such as a crevice tool, and brushes for different needs to the vacuums.

    Are Shark cordless vacuums suitable for pet owners?

    Yes. Thanks to the flexible application possibilities, Shark cordless hoovers are very suitable to remove pet hair. 😺

    Pet on carpet

    The use of the TruePet attachment ensures that the hair of our furry friends can be vacuumed very thoroughly, even from deeper layers of carpets and from sofa crevices.

    Are Shark machines recommended for allergy sufferers?

    The anti-allergen complete seal ensures that 99.9% of all dust particles and allergens are sucked up and securely sealed in the dust container.

    This prevents them from getting back into the air. 😷


    Shark models with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal are great for allergy sufferers and pet owners.

    Shark Battery Vacuum Cleaner Warranty

    Shark has come up with a very attractive offer for its customers. Of course, the legal warranty of two years applies to all Shark appliances. But that's not all!

    If you register with Shark after buying your hoover, you get a full 5-year guarantee on the device and a two-year guarantee on the batteries. 😮

    So if the battery in your Shark hoover is defective, you can still have it replaced during this period.

    Please note: You must register for the extended warranty within 28 days of purchase.

    Cleaning and caring for your Shark cordless hoover

    A Shark cordless hoover also needs regular maintenance. Emptying and cleaning are important. Otherwise, you will have to reckon with a loss of suction power.

    Shark cordless vacuums are bagless. This means that you have to empty the dust container regularly. However, this is relatively easy to do at the touch of a button.

    A thorough cleaning of the container is also recommended from time to time. To do this, remove it from the hoover and rinse it with water. Then let it air dry for at least 24 hours before you can use it again.

    Bagless hoovers are better for your wallet and for the environment 🌎➕

    You should also regularly clean the HEPA filter: the pre-motor filter at least once a month and the post-motor filter at least once a year. However, this depends on how much the device is used.

    You should also rinse the filters with clean water and then let them dry for at least 24 hours.

    Furthermore, you should always check the floor nozzle and brush roller for jammed objects or other blockages.

    Review Conclusion: The Best Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

    Shark's cordless vacuums offer good value for money across the board. They bring innovative technologies into your household and make deep cleaning easy. 🙌

    Shark cordless hoovers do without additional technical refinements, such as displays that show all possible values, but they have everything you need for thorough cleaning.

    At the same time, their price is in the middle range.

    So if you are looking for a powerful cordless vacuum for a smaller budget, you are well served by Shark models.

    The numerous attachments for different needs and the replaceable batteries in many models make the Shark cordless vacuum cleaners real all-rounders in the household 💃.


    I have always been excited about smart home products. User-friendliness is one of the most important criteria for new products for me and my reviews should also be user-friendly. This way, you can find the product that suits you best and I hope that our test reports offer you real added value in this way.


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