Vorwerk Kobold VB100 Review (UK)

Last updated: 07.07.2023 Reading time: 14 Min.

Another premium manufacturer from Germany tossed its hat into the ring of the cordless vacuum cleaner market in the UK. The manufacturer Vorwerk calls it the VB 100 and promises top performance with long battery runtime and without annoying cables.

But there’s even more to it: Vorwerk topped it off and upgraded the VB100 to a battery-powered vacuum wiper. Now you can vacuum and mop the floor in one go.

We put it through the wringer and collected our experiences in the following review.

Hardly any other German company has such high standards regarding quality and perfection as Vorwerk does. Our test of the VB 100 will show you whether Vorwerk can live up to its standards and if it’s worth to buy this cordless vacuum cleaner.


  • Weight
  • Vacuum bag (great for allergy sufferers)
  • Battery is replaceable
  • Simple operation
  • Stand function
  • Quiet
  • Chic appearance
  • Powerful suction


  • No hand vacuum function
  • Vacuum bag (minus in cost an environmental aspects)
  • Expensive

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Cleaning performance on hard floors.
Cleaning performance on hard floors.

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DuoClean Anti Hair Wrap Plus floorhead - perfect for all floor types

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The Anti-Hair Wrap Plus roll at the back draws out embedded dirt in carpets and deals with hair pick-up, while the front roll gets to work on hard floor dirt.

Anti-Hair Wrap Plus brush roll of the Shark Stratos.

This really works flawlessly. And the highlight:

This means you don’t have to change the brush! 💃 

Anti-Odour Technology

The Stratos range features anti-odour technology to deal with any nasty odours produced by pet dander and other dirt and dust. Just pop a cartridge into the dust bin and any unwanted smells are masked with a clean, fresh scent. 

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Automatic suction level adjustment - Clean Sense IQ

Yes, you heard right:

The Stratos automatically adjusts its suction power according to the dirt and the floor type.

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Speaking of saving battery power:

Despite very good runtimes, the Stratos IZ420UKT model also features an extra removable battery pack and thanks to a clever charger, you can charge two batteries at the same time.

Conclusion: Should you buy it?

So do we recommend buying a Shark Stratos cordless vacuum cleaner?

Yes, definitely! 

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Shark offers many other clever solutions.

The device will be a real help in your everyday work.

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Powerful cleaning performance

Strong suction power

High quality

Smart, unique floorhead (DuoClean)

Practical storage function

Long battery life

Stick and handheld vacuum in one


Not the quietest


No HEPA filter

Heavier weight

What’s the performance of the Vorwerk VB100 in the cleaning tests?

One of the most important criteria when buying a vacuum is its cleaning performance.

That's why we gave the Kobold VB100 quite a challenge under extreme conditions.

We spread different kinds of dirt (lentils, sand and oatmeal) on various floor types (hard floor, short pile carpet and long pile carpet).

Then we removed the dirt at the highest suction level.

Cleaning on Hard Floors

It did a great job when cleaning hard floors and had no troubles with removing dirt.

Whether it was fine dirt like sand or coarser dirt like the lentils, the Vorwerk cordless vacuum cleaner hardly reached its limits. We were impressed.

The Kobold 100 is therefore very well suited for hard floors.

Test of the VB100 on laminate with before and after pictures

Cleaning on Short Pile Carpets

The cleaning performance was excellent on short pile carpet, too.

94% of the sand made its way back onto the scales, and the Kobold 100 also removed most of the other types of dirt.

This result is still more than decent, but it’s not as good as the performance on hard floors.

The cleaning test of the VB 100 on short pile carpet

Cleaning on Long Pile Carpeting

When cleaning our high carpet, the Vorwerk didn’t really meet our expectations.

The VB 100 didn’t clean up all oat flakes straight away. It took a tad longer to remove everything.

The VB 100 still achieved a great result with an average of 95%.

Cleaning test of the VB100 on long-pile carpet

The Vorwerk Kobold VB100 in everyday use

The cleaning performance of the Vorwerk VB100 is excellent in everyday use. We made good experiences with the device and used it mainly at the medium level. It removes regular dirt and also heavier dirt without any problems.

The Vorwerk reached its limits only on our very, very long-pile carpet in the living room. The brush got blocked from time to time, and the cleaning performance declined.


Overall, the VB100 achieved good to excellent results in our cleaning test. It removed an average of 92% of the dirt under extreme conditions. This puts it in the premium class regarding suction performance.

Review of the Kobold VB100’s Design

In our review, we found that Vorwerk placed a lot of emphasis on the design.

When you unpack the Kobold VB100, you’ll see a brand new cordless vacuum cleaner with a simple white design.

The simplicity of the design is elegant and refined.

Is that a requirement for a household appliance? In our opinion, it’s nice to have!

Review of the Vorwerk VB100: front and back view

You can’t see the motor unit and the dust bag’s container because they are located inside the vacuum.

The entire motor unit is in the lower parts of the VB100.

At the top, there’s a slim handle.

Thanks to this structure, the centre of gravity is at the bottom. The weight is well distributed so you’ll barely notice it when vacuuming.

The slim handle of the VB 100 is pleasant to hold and thus improves the cordless vacuum cleaner’s manoeuvrability.

The Vorwerk VB100 can stand on its own

The vacuum cleaner is designed to stand on its own on the electric brush.

We were pleasantly surprised when we found this out. This way, you can simply put it down while vacuuming and you don't have to bend down to continue cleaning.

Of course, this is particularly suitable for older people who have troubles bending down (possibly because of back problems).

The unit has three switches.

One is for switching on and off. You can switch between the different suction levels with the second one, and the third one is on the EBB100 floor brush. You can vary the floor roller’s speed with it.

The switch of the EBB100

While using the appliance, you can monitor the cleaning process thanks to the sophisticated LED system.

For this purpose, Vorwerk has installed LEDs in three different places. They will indicate when, for example, the battery is running low, or when the brush is blocked.

The Vorwerk vb100 has an LED display on the handle.

Cordless but Not Bagless

You only need a cable to charge the battery of the Vorwerk Kobold VB100. Otherwise, you can vacuum without any cable clutter.

However, unlike all other products in this market, the VB100 comes with a conventional dust bag.

The bag has a capacity of 0.8 litres, which is large enough to vacuum our family home three times.

Afterwards, you can simply remove the bag and throw it away

The vacuum bags for the VB100

Vorwerk UK says it relies on bags because no dust can escape when you “empty” or change it.

This is a great plus for allergy sufferers.

And indeed, the flap of the bag ensures that no dirt finds its way back into the home.

Vorwerk has even got a certificate by TÜV-Nord for this.

The retention flap of the VB100 vacuum bag

However, we think that if you’re a bit more careful, you can empty the bagless cordless vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers without dirt sneaking back into the home.

But we have to admit that it’s quite hard to measure the amount of evaded dust during the emptying process.

Since the bags have a price of 19 pounds per 5-pack, they are also a cost factor you have to consider when deciding what to buy.

The bag is a clear disadvantage regarding the costs. From an environmental perspective, too, because the disposable bags generate a lot of waste.

However, the suitability for allergy sufferers is quite plausible. However, if you use a bagless vacuum correctly, allergy sufferers won’t have to worry about that.

Tip: Just empty the vacuum outside, then you’ll make sure that the dust won't find its way back into the flat.

How big is the Vorwerk VB100?

You can comfortably push the vacuum cleaner around because it’s got a height of just under 1.10 metres (43 inches). The floor roller’s width is good, and it picks up the same amount of dirt over its full width.

The size of the VB100

At 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs), the VB100 is a lightweight among the premium vacuum cleaners.

The weight of the Vorwerk Kobold VB100

The floor roller has a width of 25 cm (9.8 inches).

The width of the EBB100 floor roller

Size and weight of the VB 100

Category Dimensions
Height approx. 110 cm (43 inches)
Width of the Floor Roller (without case) 25 cm (9.8 inches)
Weight 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs)

The Vorwerk VB100 as a Hand Vacuum

Unlike other competing premium vacuums, you can’t convert the VB100 into a cordless hand vacuum.

However, you can attach the Vorwerk 2-1 Tool to vacuum on the ceiling or in corners.

Vorwerk offers another device instead of the 2 in 1 solution, the Kobold VC100.

This one’s a cordless hand vacuum cleaner. You can use it whenever its big brother can’t do the job.

At 129.00 pounds, the VC100 is affordable, but it only works in combination with an upright vacuum for the entire cleaning process.

The VC100 is the hand vacuum from Vorwerk

What accessories come with the Vorwerk VB100?

The accessories are as simple as the design of the Kobold VB100.

It’s an advantage for the design vacuum cleaner’s design, but it’s more of a disadvantage when it comes to the accessories. At least the accessories of the "Basis Plus Set" are limited.

All accessories of the VB100

We are used to other standards because most cordless vacuum cleaners come with accessories for every situation.

Vorwerk, on the other hand, supplies only one other attachment, the 2-in-1 accessory nozzle, in addition to the electronic main brush of the EBB 100. That’s also because you can’t convert the VB100 into a hand vacuum, as we described earlier.

If you want more accessories and more flexibility, you can buy many additional accessories on the Vorwerk UK website (www.vorwerk.co.uk). It's expensive, but it's also impressive how creative Vorwerk was.

After a lot of deliberation, we chose the "VB100 cordless vacuum professional set".

Extra tip: You can either choose between different sets or buy individual attachments. However, the prices of the sets are a bit cheaper.

The Accessories of the VB100 cordless vacuum professional set

All accessories of the VB100 cordless vacuum professional set

Included in the accessories:

  • Kobold VB100 Battery Vacuum Cleaner
  • Kobold VB100 Battery
  • Kobold VB100 Charger
Attachments and accessories for the VB100:
  • Kobold EBB100 Battery Electric Brush
  • Kobold SPB100 battery-powered suction mop (incl. cloth plate)
  • Kobold SB100 Suction Hose
  • Kobold SD15 Soft Nozzle
  • Kobold VD15 Vario Nozzle
  • Kobold VB100 2-1 Accessory Nozzle
Consumables for the VB100:
  • 3 Kobold MF600/601 Universal Cleaning Cloths
  • 1 Koboclean Universal (500 ml)
  • 5 Kobold FP100 Premium Filter Bags

Let's take a closer look at the accessories:

Since most of the accessories of the VB100 are very special, we took a closer look at the individual parts.

The 2-in-1 Accessory Nozzle

It’s a mix between a small crevice nozzle and a brush tool with which you can vacuum objects. This makes the attachment very suitable for cleaning corners or skirting boards and the like.

The VB 100’s accessory brush with a 2-in-1 function

Electronic floor brush of the EBB100

Vorwerk gave the EBB100 its own motor. The motor can vary the suction power. You can operate a button on the top of the brush with your foot to adjust the setting.

The EBB100 floor brush for cleaning all floor types

The Kobold SPB100 battery-powered vacuum-mop (incl. cloth plate)

The SPB100 is an attachment that you can use instead of the standard brush. You can vacuum and mop parquet, stone floors, laminate, tiles and vinyl at the same time. We have tested how this works. Below you can find our review for this function.

The Kobold SPB100 battery-powered suction mop

The Kobold SB100 Suction Hose

You can’t reach every spot with the VB100. If you want to increase your flexibility when vacuuming, you can simply use the suction hose. Then you can use it just like a conventional vacuum.

The suction hose SB100 of the VB100

The Kobold SD15 Soft Nozzle

You can use the soft nozzle to dust furniture, books and anything else that’s standing around. You can even modify the extension of the soft bristles.

This looks funny at first glance, but it makes sense. This way, you can adjust it to a sensitive surface of objects.

The SD15 soft nozzle with retracted bristles

The SD15 soft nozzle with extended bristles

Kobold VD15 Vario Nozzle

Vorwerk got creative here. At first, we thought: Oh no, not another attachment!

But the Vario nozzle proved to be very practical during use. Thanks to the extendable attachment, you can reach even the narrowest spots.

The VD15 Vario nozzle in combination with the suction hose

The "drill attachment" is also interesting. You can hold this under the drill hole while drilling, and it directly collects the dirt.

The drill attachment helps to drill without spreading dirt

You can attach the small brush, too, which works excellent when vacuuming the skirting boards, e.g. after drilling.

Small extra brush for vacuuming the skirting boards etc.

Conclusion on Accessories

In summary, Vorwerk has come up with a whole bunch of useful accessories here.

They are also of very high-quality and fit perfectly into the design. You get a well-rounded product that’s got a lot to offer.

The only thing you have to consider is whether you have enough space to store all the accessories properly.

How does the Vorwerk VB100 clean?

The cleaning system of the Kobold VB100 is a combination of the motor of the actual vacuum cleaner and the brush’s motor power.

Depending on the floor and your needs, you can select different suction levels here.

How many suction levels does the new Vorwerk VB100 have?

3 power stages

The vacuum has three suction levels: Soft, Med, Max, which you can by using the button on the handle.

Unfortunately, the soft suction level was too weak during use.

We used mostly the other two suction levels.

Most of the time, the medium level was completely sufficient here.

How long can I vacuum with the Vorwerk VB100?

Of course, the battery runtime depends mainly on which suction level you choose on the device and the brush.

The battery runtime of the VB100 at a glance

Suction Stage Battery Runtime in Minutes
Level 1 (Soft) 44 minutes
Level 2 (Med) 32 minutes
Level 3 (Max) 12 minutes

In terms of battery power, the VB100 lags behind its competitors.

Even though the runtime of approx. 44 minutes in soft mode is good, you can use this mode for very fine dirt only.

The approx. 30 minutes in Med mode are relatively short. They’re only sufficient for our single-family house if we hurry and focus on vacuuming for half an hour.

Vorwerk solves this problem with a replaceable battery. However, you have to buy this for a whopping 99 pounds.

Vorwerk Kobold SPB100 cordless vacuum cleaner - The VB100 can mop now, too

More and more manufacturers are trying to add a wiping function to their cordless vacuums.

The advantages are obvious: vacuuming and mopping in one go saves valuable time. We bet most people prefer spending time with their family or do their favourite hobby instead of cleaning.

Unfortunately, in our experience, most manufacturers didn’t get the hang of combining these functions well yet.

But how did the master engineers at Vorwerk do? We put it to the test.

Vorwerk has developed its own suction head for the vacuum mop function: The SPB100.

And there’s a reason why we say developed: The master engineers found a new approach and redesigned the entire thing.

Scope of delivery of the vacuum mop package

Included in the delivery scope of the vacuum mop package are:

  • The SPB100
  • 5 reusable mops
  • The cleaning agent

Advantages and disadvantages of the SPB 100 battery-powered vacuum cleaner at a glance

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Save time
  • No more dragging cleaning buckets
  • Good for allergy sufferers
  • Flexible use on many floors
  • Low water consumption
  • Difficulties with heavily soiled floors
  • Doesn’t reach corners
  • Requires vacuum bag

The SPB 100 Review

There is a water tank on the side of the SPB 100. You have to remove it and fill it with water.

Then add 3 ml of the included cleaning agent (or use a similar one).

Lastly, you have to attach the mop to the underside of the brush.

Filling the water tank of the SPB100

Mop attached

When you re-attach the water tank, the reusable mop is slowly supplied with water, and you are ready to go. Thanks to this system, you save a lot of water.

You can wash the mop after use.

Extra tip: If you want to speed up the process, it makes sense to soak the mop properly under the tap and wring it out.

When it starts, you feel the oscillating wiping motion, similar to a (weak) vibrating plate, the device pushes itself across the floor and leaves a clean, damp trace.

It sucks up loose dirt at the same time through the front suction slots.

The cleaning trace of the SPB100

The SPB100 is twice as big and twice as heavy as the EBB100 (with which you can "only" vacuum). However, thanks to the two wheels and the rhythmic movement, it effortlessly glides over the floor.

Comparison of the EBB100 and the SPB100

The rollers of the SPB 100

Conclusion and Cleaning Result of the Vorwerk Kobold SPB100

Of all the vacuum mops we have tested so far, the system of Vorwerk is the most powerful.

The cleaning was good, but it’s still cleaner with a conventional mop because you can simply put more pressure on the floor and the dirt.

A small drawback of the cleaning performance is its manoeuvrability in the corners.

The mop can’t reach the corners and edges due to the suction nozzles and the rollers’ arrangement. It’s always a distance of approx. 5 cm (2 inches) to the wall.

Well, the suction nozzles have to go somewhere.

Wiping function in the corners with the SPB100

The edge of the SPB100

On the other hand, there is also a huge advantage that we can’t dismiss: You don't have to carry water buckets and wring out the dirty mop again and again. It’s enough to mop once after vacuuming.

The test showed that wiping after vacuuming is particularly suitable for getting rid of fine dust and light dirt.

Therefore, we can recommend the SPB 100 especially for allergy sufferers and for households with pets.

How easy is it to use the Vorwerk VB100?


The commissioning of the VB100 is simple. They even inserted the first bag already.

After three hours of charging, you just have to attach the cleaning brush and off you go.

Vorwerk has developed a simple plug-in system for changing the attachments, which is very user-friendly and works well. Vorwerk’s workmanship leaves nothing to be desired: it’s great!

The commissioning of the VB 100

How loud is the Vorwerk VB100?

Do you know that feeling when you are annoyed the whole time, and you don't know why? But once the vacuum turns off and it gets quiet, you know what the problem was.

That’s very unlikely with the VB100.

Volume of the Vorwerk VB100

Suction Level Volume in dB
Level Soft 70
Level Med 72
Level Max 72

Vorwerk achieved great scores in our volume test of the Kobold VB100.

With 72 dB in medium mode, it’s one of the quietest vacuums in its category.

What’s the manoeuvrability of the new Vorwerk VB100 like?

The manoeuvrability of the VB 100 is excellent.

The interplay of its weight, well-cut design and low centre of gravity ensure a smooth movement of the battery-powered vacuum cleaner.

The joint of the EBB100 main brush adds the last touch to the perfect mobility.

The manoeuvrability of the Kobold VB100

The Maintenance of the Vorwerk B100 in the Review

The review of the VB100 showed that the maintenance is also very user-friendly.

The maintenance tasks for the Kobold cordless vacuum cleaner are more than manageable. It comes down to:

  • Changing the vacuum bag
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Battery replacement
  • Cleaning the brush

How to empty the Vorwerk VB100

You simply have to remove the flap at the back with the push of a button. It falls into your hand, including the full dust bag.

The flap of the dust bag is automatically closed so that no dust can escape.

Now you can simply remove the bag, throw it in the trash and replace it with a new bag.

Close the lid, and you’re good to go.

Changing or emptying the bag on the VB100

You can also remove and tap out the small filter underneath. You can also replace it this way if necessary.

Cleaning or replacing the filter on the VB100

Is it possible to replace the battery?

If you take off the cover at the back, you can simply pull out the battery of the Kobold VB100 and replace it with a new one.

That does not only extend the runtime. If the battery ever breaks, you can replace it in just a few steps.

That’s a huge plus regarding sustainability.

Changing or replacing the battery in the VB100

The charging time of the VB100

The charging time of the Vorwerk Kobold VB100 is approx. 3 hours.

Three hours is a great value compared to the competition. Thanks to the exchangeable battery, you can vacuum for a long time.

Can you remove the brush of the EBB100?

You can remove the brush

The EBB100 has a removable lid at the front on both sides.

You can easily remove one of the brushes on each side and clean it.

You should do this from time to time, as sometimes hair gets wrapped around the brush, leading to a decrease in cleaning performance.

The small openings on the bottom side of the brush are another practical feature of the EBB100.

Here you can take a look if the vacuum is clogged and remove some dirt if necessary.

The openings for cleaning the EBB100

Vorwerk Kobold VB100 Review (UK): Is it worth buying a Vorwerk VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner?

Our review showed that the bags you need to operate the vacuum cause follow-up costs. They aren’t as sustainable as bagless devices either. However, the bag is a clear advantage for allergy sufferers.

Allergy sufferers get their money's worth with the Vorwerk cordless vacuum. The bag does a great job in holding the dirt back.

Unfortunately, the 2-in-1 function is missing. It’s not possible to convert it to a cordless hand vacuum.

You can make it up with various gadgets, e.g. the suction hose combined with the Vario nozzle.

Or you can get the hand-held vacuum from Vorwerk, which is an excellent addition to its big brother (to the Kobold VC 100 review).

In the end, however, all we can say is:


If you’ve got the budget, get the Vorwerk Kobold VB100!

You’ll get a powerful and versatile premium product for your money. The cordless vacuum cleaner will be fun to use and saves a lot of time.

Quality has its price, or as my grandma used to say: If you buy cheap, you buy twice!

Powerful suction, chic appearance and unique German engineering are the key ingredients for this well-rounded product. It helps people to clean the home all over the world.

You’ve got the means and have many floors in your home that you have to mop? Then treat yourself with the battery mop set with the SPB 100. This attachment took a lot of workload off our shoulders.

Contact Vorwerk UK

Customer Service: To contact Vorwerk UK directly, please call their customer Care service 03300 6600 834 or write an email to: info(at)vorwerk.co.uk The Customer Care Service is available Monday to Friday (9 am - 5 pm).

Registered office:

Vorwerk UK Limited - Ashurst Manor, Church Lane, Sunninghill, Berkshire, SL5 7DD, UK

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I buy Vorwerk products on Amazon UK?

    The Vorwerk VB100 is not available on Amazon UK. Only accessories such as dust bags, filters etc. can be found on Amazon in the UK.


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