Reviewing the best Karcher vacuums in the UK 2024

Kärcher cordless vacuums

Last updated: 07.07.2023 Reading time: 16 Min.

Glass doors covered in kid’s sticky fingerprints or dog slobber, crumbs on the sofa, dirt and dust on the floor and drinks spilled on the tiles…

These annoyances are some of the daily occurrences in family households.

Luckily, Kärcher has the perfect cleaning solution for all these mishaps. Their range includes cleaning devices for floors, windows and upholstery.

So we wanted to find out: are Kärcher hoovers and window vacs really as good as their reputation?

Kärcher cordless hoover review
  • Kärcher
    Window Vac WV6 Premium
    Price from   £ 144.88
    The Kärcher WV 6 Premium makes the once dreaded task of window cleaning a joy to carry out.
    Window Vac WV6 Premium
    The Kärcher WV 6 Premium makes the once dreaded task of window cleaning a joy to carry out.
  • Kärcher
    VC 6 Cordless Premium OurFamily
    Price from   £ 209.14 £ (238.54 )
    The Kärcher VC 6 is a cordless hoover that impressed us with its long runtime and low volume.
    VC 6 Cordless Premium OurFamily
    The Kärcher VC 6 is a cordless hoover that impressed us with its long runtime and low volume.


  • Innovative and manoeuvrable vacuum cleaner design
  • Good value for money
  • Something to suit all requirements


  • Some models less impressive in terms of suction power
  • Dirt bin too small on some models

Kärcher cordless vacuums:

  • Kärcher is one of the market leaders in cleaning equipment
  • A traditional German company that operates internationally
  • High quality products are the main focus
  • Kärcher has a huge range of useful household appliances

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaners in Comparison

  • FC 7 cordless Premium
    Price from   £ 487.84 £ (519.99 )
    A high-quality cordless mop from this German premium manufacturer.
    FC 7 cordless Premium
    A high-quality cordless mop from this German premium manufacturer.
    Price from £ 487.84 (£ 519.99 )
  • VC 6 Cordless Premium OurFamily
    Price from   £ 209.14 £ (238.54 )
    The Kärcher VC 6 is a cordless hoover that impressed us with its long runtime and low volume.
    VC 6 Cordless Premium OurFamily
    The Kärcher VC 6 is a cordless hoover that impressed us with its long runtime and low volume.
    Price from £ 209.14 (£ 238.54 )
  • VC 5 Cordless Premium
    Price from   £ 199.99
    The Kärcher VC 5 Cordless Premium can be easily reduced to half its size thanks to its telescope wand system.
    VC 5 Cordless Premium
    The Kärcher VC 5 Cordless Premium can be easily reduced to half its size thanks to its telescope wand system.
    Price from £ 199.99
  • Window Vac WV6 Premium
    Price from   £ 144.88
    The Kärcher WV 6 Premium makes the once dreaded task of window cleaning a joy to carry out.
    Window Vac WV6 Premium
    The Kärcher WV 6 Premium makes the once dreaded task of window cleaning a joy to carry out.
    Price from £ 144.88

Find out more about our favorites now

Kärcher FC 7 cordless Premium

A high-quality cordless mop from this German premium manufacturer.

The Kärcher FC 7 cordless Premium is a high-quality cordless mop that you can use to remove everyday dirt in no time. You can save yourself the trouble of vacuuming with this device. However, it has its limits when it comes to coarse dirt. Maintenance is also rather cumbersome. 

Lugging your mop bucket around is a thing of the past with the Kärcher FC 7 cordless floor cleaner.

Highlights of the Kärcher FC 7 cordless hard floor cleaner

With the Kärcher FC 7 cordless hard floor cleaner, you can remove everyday dirt with ease. 

Vacuuming beforehand is no longer necessary. 🙌

The cordless mop has a particularly long runtime of 45 minutes. This allows you to thoroughly clean an area of about 135 square metres. 

However, we only needed about 25 minutes for our 130 square metre flat... So much faster than with a traditional mop. 💪

Particularly practical are its 4 brush rollers, which slightly stick out from the cleaning unit. 

You can see the brush rollers of the Kärcher FC 7 cordless Premium.

This lets you reach corners and around edges without any problems. 🥳

The LED lights of the Premium version of the vacuum cleaner also help you to detect and remove dirt in poor lighting conditions. 

You can see the Kärcher FC 7 with its LED lights.

Kärcher also offers a standard version of the FC 7 cordless in addition to its Premium version. 

Problems with heavier dirt

In our cleaning test, the floor cleaner had some problems tackling stubborn dirt, such as eggs, ketchup or coarse sand. 

Since it is a cordless mop without additional suction power, the device definitely reaches its limits here. 

Maintenance: somewhat awkward and unpleasant

Maintenance also reveals some weaknesses. 

The FC7 is shown with dirt on it.

The dirty water tank of the Karcher FC7 after cleaning.

Cleaning the dirty water tank as well as the machine itself is rather unpleasant, as dirt gets stuck everywhere. 

Our conclusion on the Kärcher FC 7 cordless floor cleaner

The Kärcher FC 7 cordless floor cleaner is good at removing everyday dirt. However, the device reaches its limits when it comes to bigger messes. 

But it makes mopping your floors a lot easier: you save time and it's easier on your back. 🙌

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Saves time when mopping

No need to bend down

Good cleaning in corners and on edges

Cleans under furniture with at least 9 cm gap

Long battery life (45 minutes)

With LED lights for cleaning in the dark


Problems with heavy dirt

Small water tank

Difficulty emptying the dirty water tank

Costly maintenance

Kärcher VC 6 Cordless Premium OurFamily

The Kärcher VC 6 is a cordless hoover that impressed us with its long runtime and low volume.

The premium Kärcher VC 6 comes with a replacement battery that doubles the already long runtime. The device’s solid cleaning performance on all floor types is also quite impressive. The wall bracket makes this device particularly easy to store.

Spare battery for prolonged vacuuming 

A clear advantage of the Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaner VC 6 Premium ourFamily is that it comes with a spare battery. This way, you can double the already decent cleaning time of 50 minutes per battery. 

The batteries can also be replaced in just a few simple steps

Pleasant volume

The Kärcher VC 6 is one of the quieter cordless vacuum cleaner models on the market. In addition, the sound output of the Kärcher is within a pleasant frequency range. 👍

Most users wouldn’t be bothered by the sound of this vacuum.

Solid suction power

Throughout our various tests, the VC 6 scored points for its excellent cleaning performance. Another highlight is that it delivers its solid performance no matter which floor type.

2-in-1 upholstery attachment has difficulties with pet hair

The included 2-in-1 dusting brush is handy for when you want to hoover your couch after a movie night of popcorn and crisp crumbs. 

However, it doesn’t cope so well with pet hair. 😒

You have to go over the same spot multiple times to remove them all. 

Fine particles remain in carpets 

Actually, the VC 6 performs quite well on carpeted floors. At least as far as the coarse dirt particles are concerned. About 98.5% of these can be removed from the carpet in normal mode.

In our testing, "only" about 87% of fine particles were picked up. 

So if you want more, you have to switch to boost mode here. 

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Long runtime thanks to replacement battery

Low volume

Good suction power on all floors


Upholstery attachment has difficulties with pet hair

Finer particles left behind in carpets

Kärcher VC 5 Cordless Premium

The Kärcher VC 5 Cordless Premium can be easily reduced to half its size thanks to its telescope wand system.

Are you looking for a cordless hoover that you can use as a practical handheld hoover even in confined spaces? Then the Kärcher VC 5 is the ideal solution for you.

Long battery life 

A well-known issue with cordless handheld vacuum cleaners is the short battery life. With the Kärcher VC 5 Cordless Premium, however, there’s no reason to complain. 

On the lowest suction setting, the device lasts a whole 68 minutes. On the highest setting, you’ll still get a solid 16 minutes runtime.

Extra flexible thanks to telescopic wand

The VC 5 can be reduced to knee height thanks to the collapsible wand. This means that its range of use is really versatile, and you can store it in even the smallest corners. This also makes it the perfect Kärcher cordless hoover for cars.

Particularly quiet

Our tests of the Karcher VC 5 cordless vacuum proved it to be one of the quietest hoovers we’ve tested! 💪

This is particularly handy if you live in a flat with thin walls.

Limited suction power at lowest level

The performance of the lowest suction level has resulted in the Karcher handheld hoover losing some points in our review. The cleaning result in this mode leaves a lot to be desired, both on carpets and hard floors.

We don’t think this setting will be very useful for anyone.

Dust container too small

The dust bin has a capacity of just 200 ml. 😕 

This means that if you let your home get too dirty before vacuuming, you’ll probably have to put up with emptying the container mid-cleaning session.

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Small and versatile

Long battery life

Very quiet


Lowest suction level hardly usable

Small dirt container

Kärcher Window Vac WV6 Premium

The Kärcher WV 6 Premium makes the once dreaded task of window cleaning a joy to carry out.

The Kärcher window cleaner promises spotless windows in no time. It can also be used to clean all other smooth surfaces such as mirrors and ceramic hobs.

Impressive battery life 

A battery life of around 100 minutes is really impressive for a window cleaner. 😀 

Unless you live in a glass house, you can clean all your windows with just one battery charge. And probably all your mirrors too. 

Innovative design 

The Kärcher Window Vac WV6 Premium shines with its innovative silicone lip that tackles window edges right down to the ground with ease. In addition, the device is also very small and handy, which ensures comfortable use even in tight spaces. 

Practical LED display

The LED display on the handle of the Karcher window cleaner shows the remaining battery life. This is a very practical feature. Not a fan? You can simply switch the display off. 

Becomes heavy over time

The Karcher cordless window vac is not exactly a lightweight product. Its easy handling makes up for this somewhat, but with a tank full of dirty water, the weight can become quite the burden on your arms. 😟

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Long battery life

Thorough cleaning

Easy to clean


Quite heavy with full water tank

Best alternative
Stratos Flexology Powerfins Plus
Price from   £ 349.99 £ (499.99 )

Shark Stratos Flexology Powerfins Plus

This cordless vacuum performed exceptionally well in our tests and impressed us across the board.

Powerful suction, top cleaning performance, high quality design - just a few words that perfectly describe this Shark cordless vacuum.

A favourite among fans of cordless vacuums in the UK, Shark now ups its game with the Stratos range. Read on to find out what makes these models so special! 👇 

Outstanding cleaning performance

Whether corners, edges, carpets or hard floors...

The Shark Stratos left our floors spotless in our test! 💪

Cleaning performance on hard floors.
Cleaning performance on hard floors.

Not many vacuums can achieve this, which makes the Shark Stratos a real hot tip. 🔐

DuoClean Anti Hair Wrap Plus floorhead - perfect for all floor types

A real highlight of the Stratos cordless vacuums is the dual floorhead - two motorised brush rolls working together to tackle both hard floors and carpets.

The Anti-Hair Wrap Plus roll at the back draws out embedded dirt in carpets and deals with hair pick-up, while the front roll gets to work on hard floor dirt.

Anti-Hair Wrap Plus brush roll of the Shark Stratos.

This really works flawlessly. And the highlight:

This means you don’t have to change the brush! 💃 

Anti-Odour Technology

The Stratos range features anti-odour technology to deal with any nasty odours produced by pet dander and other dirt and dust. Just pop a cartridge into the dust bin and any unwanted smells are masked with a clean, fresh scent. 

Perfect for those of us with more sensitive noses! 👃

Automatic suction level adjustment - Clean Sense IQ

Yes, you heard right:

The Stratos automatically adjusts its suction power according to the dirt and the floor type.

This saves battery and increases cleanliness. 💪 

Speaking of saving battery power:

Despite very good runtimes, the Stratos IZ420UKT model also features an extra removable battery pack and thanks to a clever charger, you can charge two batteries at the same time.

Conclusion: Should you buy it?

So do we recommend buying a Shark Stratos cordless vacuum cleaner?

Yes, definitely! 

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Shark offers many other clever solutions.

The device will be a real help in your everyday work.

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Powerful cleaning performance

Strong suction power

High quality

Smart, unique floorhead (DuoClean)

Practical storage function

Long battery life

Stick and handheld vacuum in one


Not the quietest


No HEPA filter

Heavier weight

About Kärcher

Kärcher is a family business of long-standing tradition. It was founded in Germany back in 1935 by inventor Alfred Kärcher. He had a lot of groundbreaking ideas regarding heating technology, which he wanted to produce and sell himself.

The Kärcher brand logo.

In 1950, Alfred Kärcher invented the first European hot-water high-pressure cleaner. With this, he laid the foundation for the company to become one of the world leaders in the field of cleaning.

So innovative thinking and inventiveness have been at the forefront at Kärcher from the very beginning.

Since then, the company has continued to develop new cleaning solutions. The aim is to make everyday household tasks faster and easier to manage.

The Kärcher product range

The Kärcher product range is very large. From power tools to irrigation systems, various wet and dry vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners, you can find it all.

The Kärcher product range.

However, the range is divided into two large areas: Home & Garden and Professional.

While in the "Home & Garden" category you can find everything you need for daily work in the home and garden as an individual customer, the "Professional" category is aimed at commercial and industrial users. 💁

Cordless vacuum cleaner from Karcher - the different product categories

As already mentioned, the Karcher product range is very large. In this review, however, we would like to focus on the various cordless hoovers, cordless mops and window cleaners from Karcher.

Before we do that, let's first get a rough overview of Karcher hoovers and window vacuums. 👀

Karcher window vac for spotless windows

If you are wondering what exactly a device for cleaning windows is doing in an article about cordless vacuum cleaners - there is a reason for that. Strictly speaking, the Karcher window cleaner is a cordless vacuum too. How, you ask?

Kärcher WV 2 Premium cordless window cleaner.
The Kärcher WV 2 Premium cordless window cleaner

It sucks up dirt, detergent and water from window panes and other smooth surfaces. 😃

Window cleaning can be one of the most unpleasant of household chores. However, with the Karcher Window Vac, you can achieve a streak-free cleaning of your windows, mirrors, ceramic hobs, tiles and tables and also vacuum up dirt residues at the same time.

Cleaning with the Kärcher device is also more hygienic, as you don’t have to come into contact with the dirty water.

According to the manufacturer, window cleaning is 3 times faster with a Kärcher window cleaner.

There are currently three different model lines, each with different functions and package contents. One of the most popular is the WV 6 Premium. 🏆

Kärcher WV 6 Premium cordless window cleaner.
The Kärcher WV 6 Premium cordless window cleaner © Kärcher

How do you clean the windows with the Kärcher window vac?

With the Kärcher window cleaner, your windows will be streak-free and squeaky clean in the blink of an eye. This is how you use it:

  1. Apply a mixture of water and detergent generously to the windows to be cleaned.
  2. Take a microfibre cloth and loosen stuck dirt with it.
  3. You can now easily vacuum up the dirty water from the window with the Kärcher window cleaner and everything ends up safely in the tank.

If you notice that the Kärcher squeegee lip becomes uneven and starts leaving streaks, you can simply turn it around. It can be used on both sides.

Karcher cordless vacuums for effective floor cleaning

Karcher's main aim with its cordless hoovers is to combine manoeuvrability and flexibility with high suction power. As well as that, there should be a product suitable for everyone - whether large families, single households, allergy sufferers or pet owners.

Kärcher VC 6 Cordless Premium cordless hoovers.
The Kärcher cordless hoover VC 6 Cordless Premium © Kärcher

There is a wide range of accessories, so the cordless vacuum cleaners can really meet all requirements, and cleaning modes can also be adapted to your needs.

The universal floor nozzle ensures that you can clean both hardwood floors and carpets with the Karcher vacuum cleaners. 😄

If you want to find out about the best cordless vacuums currently on the market, you can find everything you need to know in our cordless vacuum review.

Karcher cordless hard floor cleaner as a mop replacement

Cordless hard floor cleaners from Kärcher can also be described as electric mops, and that's exactly how they work.

However, according to the manufacturer, they achieve up to 20% better results than a conventional mop.

Kärcher FC 7 hard floor cleaner.
The Kärcher FC 7 hard floor cleaner

You’re probably familiar with the suspicion that you’re just moving dirt around the floor when mopping with a normal mop.

The Karcher hard floor cleaner should put an end to this. The cleaning rollers pick up the dirt and direct the dirty water into an extra tank. 😊

Only a very small amount of residual moisture remains on the floor.

Kärcher hard floor cleaners are suitable for both wet and dry dirt.

What’s the difference between the FC 7 Cordless and the FC 7 Cordless Premium?

The two devices are actually identical in construction. The difference here is the accessories. The premium model comes with four additional rollers and a 500-litre bottle of detergent. In addition, LED lights are attached to its cleanerhead, which the standard floor cleaner does not have.

Small but mighty - the Karcher cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Crisps crumble on the sofa as if by magic on movie nights, children scatter crumbs all over the worktop while making sandwiches and your four-legged friend leaves his fur all over your favourite armchair.

These are all situations in which a handheld vacuum can be a real life-saver in a pinch. The Kärcher cordless handheld hoovers are particularly versatile in use and also thorough.

Kärcher cordless hand hoover.
The Kärcher cordless handheld hoover VC 5 Cordless Premium © Kärcher

A special feature that stood out positively in our Kärcher VC 5 handheld vacuum review is the 3-fold telescopic system, which allows you to reduce the size of the hoover by half. 😎

Cordless vacuums that feature a handheld mode are especially handy for cleaning cars.

By the way, we’ve reviewed the best cordless handheld hoovers for car cleaning. If you want to know what the different models can really do, you should take a look.

Perfect for those who are always on-the-go - the Karcher robot vacuum

The premium robot vacuum from Kärcher is a smart device that makes housework so much easier. It has an intelligent camera-laser navigation system for creating a temporary cleaning map. 😸

This means the Karcher robotic vacuum doesn't just drive around aimlessly, but cleans every part of your home systematically and autonomously.

You can easily control the Karcher RoboCleaner via your smartphone or tablet. You can also find cleaning progress in real-time here.

Kärcher robot vacuum cleaner.
The Kärcher RoboCleaner RC Premium © Kärcher

The dual brush system cleans thoroughly and picks up most of the dirt, on all standard household flooring. Thanks to the infrared and crash sensors, falls and collisions are effectively prevented.

The Karcher device is not exactly what we would call state-of-the-art...

... But, we’ve reviewed several robot vacuums in our tests & comparisons, so you can quickly and easily find the right model.

Experience using Karcher cordless vacuums

Whether you look around on the internet or ask your own circle of acquaintances, the majority of experiences with Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners are positive.

In general, cordless vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular.

More than 25% of hoovers currently sold on the market are powered by rechargeable batteries.

Many people find stick vacuums much more practical. This is mainly because they give you a working range you can only dream of with conventional upright hoovers. 🙌

After all, you can vacuum wherever you like without having to worry about whether a socket is nearby.

Cordless vacs from Kärcher offer you exactly this advantage.

But of course there are many other important points that you should take into account when deciding which cordless vacuum to buy.

What to look for when buying a Karcher cordless vacuum cleaner

Of course, a wide range of application and high comfort when vacuuming are by no means everything.

Below, we break down what else you need to look out for if you’ve decided to get yourself a Kärcher. 💁

Pay attention to battery life

Exactly what many people initially love about cordless vacuum cleaners - namely the rechargeable battery, which makes cables unnecessary when vacuuming - can also be their downfall.

Unfortunately, there are still many cordless hoovers that do not last long enough. This means you have to interrupt your cleaning session to recharge the battery.

Kärcher has found a good solution to this problem.

They are now launching hoover models on the market that are supplied with a second battery as standard.

So when the first battery is low on charge, you can easily replace it with the other one. 💃

This way you only have to interrupt your workflow for a few moments and can then contine to clean even larger areas.

Up to 50 minutes of battery life is doubled in no time!

The battery life of the Karcher handheld hoover is also quite impressive. While many models from other brands don’t perform so well in this respect, the Kärcher vacuum cleaner wows us with 68 minutes of runtime on the lowest setting. On the highest setting, you’ll still get 16 minutes out of it.

With the Karcher window vacs, you can get a whole 100 minutes of battery life, depending on which model you choose. 🙌

With a charging time of 3 to 4 hours, the Kärcher devices are within the standard range.

Weight and manoeuvrability

Even if a hoover is cordless, this does not automatically mean that it is always handy and comfortable to use. If you get a heavy model, it can really strain your arms during the vacuuming process.

Weight of a cordless vacuum

Some cordless vacuum cleaners are also much more difficult to use in corners or under furniture because of their shape.

It’s important that devices like Karcher window cleaners in particular are nice and light and feel comfortable to hold. After all, you need to be able to lift it well over your head. The one from Kärcher could be lighter, but its comfortable handling makes up for it somewhat. 🙋

At 800 grams including the battery, the Kärcher battery-powered window cleaners are around average, but are definitely handy enough.

Karcher's cordless hoovers and electric mops are also quite comfortable to use, weighing an average of 2.5 kg.

The Karcher hard floor cleaner is a different story, weighing in at 4.3 kg. When the water tank is full, another 0.4 kg is added to that. However, you have to bear in mind that this device is really only used for cleaning floors. So you don't have to lift it. Then there are the rollers, which give the cleaner a natural forward momentum. So the weight isn’t too much of a problem here either. 🙆

How good is the cleaning performance of Kärcher products?

The Smart Home Fox is vacuuming coarse and fine particles.
Vacuum cleaners should be able to reliably pick up coarse and fine particles.

If you opt for a newer vacuum model from a good brand, you’re actually on the safe side these days. You generally don't have to worry about it keeping up with classic corded hoovers in terms of performance.

For example, the Kärcher VC6 models offer a motorised brush roller that makes it possible to reliably pick up the majority of all coarse and fine particles. 😺

Most Karcher cordless hoovers come with a lot of accessories, which means that furniture and upholstery can also be cleaned effectively.

The fact that Karcher vacuums have different suction modes also contributes to a more effective cleaning performance. This way, you can adjust the mode to the current cleaning requirements. Most of the time, the standard mode is completely sufficient, and the boost mode is only necessary for stubborn dirt.

If you adjust the power levels accordingly, you can also save the battery at the same time.

Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners are generally very popular and praised for their suction power. The Karcher window vacuum cleaner in particular has many enthusiastic fans. It manages to suck up liquid immediately and thus prevent streaks. 😸

In contrast to many competing products, the Karcher window vac offers many different attachments.

Package contents for Kärcher products: What’s in the box?

What you get with your Karcher vacuum cleaner depends, of course, on which model you choose.

There are some competing brands out there who include more accessories in your order than Kärcher. However, Kärcher’s accessories are also impressive. The cordless vacuums come with various attachments, such a floor head and crevice nozzle, battery chargers, wall mounts and an instruction manual.

Overall, the absolute essentials for efficient cleaning are included in your order.

Package contents of the Kärcher FC 7 Premium.
The Kärcher FC 7 Premium comes with additional rollers and cleaning agents, among other things.

How loud are Karcher vacuums?

A scale showing the volume of Karcher products compared to other sounds.
Vacuum cleaners that are too loud can be extremely bothersome.

Quiet hoovers are what we look out for. Devices from Kärcher do quite well here. They are among the quietest devices on the market. 😎

This applies to both the Karcher window cleaners and the cordless vacuum cleaners.

The noise level of Karcher cordless hoovers ranges from approx. 70 to 75 dB.

In general, the noise produced by Kärcher vacuums is more pleasant than that of many other comparable devices. Even at the highest power level, the noise level is still tolerable.

Overall, the ratio between suction power and volume of Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners is quite impressive.

The Karcher hard floor cleaner is also not too loud at 70 decibels and even seems surprisingly quiet during use.

What makes Kärcher different from other brands?

If you are looking for a new cordless vacuum cleaner, sooner or later you will come across Kärcher devices. However, you’ll want to know what exactly is so special about this brand.

There are several reasons why you should buy a Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaner. Let’s have a look at what they are.

We love that Kärcher models come with a second battery. This allows you to double how long you can use the device in an instant and thus clean even larger areas. All Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a lithium-ion battery. 😊

Lithium-ion batteries are more durable than other types of batteries and don’t run down by themselves.

The filter cleaning tool, which Kärcher includes in the package contents of some models, should not be missing from any cordless vacuum cleaner. It can be used to effectively and easily clean the filter, which is located in front of the motor.

The cordless hoovers from Kärcher are equipped with a floor nozzle with white LED lights at the front. This lets you see exactly what you’re cleaning, even in the dark corners of your home. 😄

Although some other manufacturers have already realised the need for this, it is unfortunately still not standard.

Kärcher cordless hoovers have another practical feature. There are different options for using the start button on the vacuum cleaners. Some find it better if the device only sucks when the button is continuously pressed, because this is easier on the battery. Others find it annoying to have to keep the button pressed all the time.

With Kärcher cordless vacuums, you can decide whether you want to keep the start button pressed or whether you want to lock it with a lever.

Users of Kärcher devices also repeatedly praise the simple click mechanism. This lets you switch out attachments effortlessly, and the wand, or suction tube, is super easy to pull out and push back together 😀.

And also worth noting:

Kärcher cordless vacuums also impress us with their great value for money, flexibility and ease of handling.

Who should buy a Karcher cordless vacuum?

Karcher cordless vacuums are the right choice for you if you are looking for an affordable cordless vacuum cleaner. Even if you are simply looking for a vacuum cleaner that can clean all areas and various surfaces of your home, you will be satisfied with a Kärcher.

Is vacuuming once a week not enough in your home? Then you will be thrilled with the quickly replaceable spare battery. So no need for waiting ages if you forget to recharge it after vacuuming. 💃

Are Karcher cordless hoovers suitable for allergy sufferers?

Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners are a good option for allergy sufferers. This is partly due to the HEPA filter, which offers filtration of even the smallest particles. This prevents them from getting back into the air you breathe. On top of that, Kärcher also offers a special filter cleaning tool that can be used to remove any coarse or fine particles from the filter in front of the motor. The whole thing is easy to do and only takes a few moments.

The self-cleaning function of the bagless filter system is also practical for allergy sufferers, which means you hardly come into contact with any of the vacuumed dirt. Thanks to the various nozzles and the manoeuvrability of the devices, you can really clean every area of your four walls from dirt, dust and other allergens.

Testing Karcher vacuum cleaners- How well do the devices perform?

Of course, various reviews have also been written about Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners.

We’ve also carried out several tests on the models, for example, the Karcher FC 7 Cordless.

Unfortunately, we were not entirely convinced by its cleaning performance in our Karcher cordless vacuum cleaner review, as it could not completely clean up heavy dirt such as eggs or sand. 🙅

For very stubborn dirt, proper cordless vacuum-mop combos are more suitable.

For regular floor cleaning under normal conditions, however, the FC 7 Cordless hard floor cleaner is definitely a great help around the house.

The Kärcher FC 7 Cordless lets you vacuum and mop at once.

However, the device is not really a cordless vacuum-mop hybrid. It doesn’t have a vacuuming ability, but simply guides the dirt inside with the rotating rollers.

Mopping with the Kärcher FC 7.
The FC 7 copes very well with everyday dirt.

If you search the internet for reviews of Kärcher's cordless hoovers, you will find almost only positive feedback. They are impressing users both with their suction power and with their convenient and handy use.

Add to this the fact that the prices for Kärcher appliances are quite fair, and it is no wonder that Kärcher cordless hoovers score highly in many reviews. ✊

Are Karcher cordless hoovers suitable for pet hair?

First of all, it has to be said that there is no special attachment for pet hair for the Kärcher vacuum cleaners, which many other brands now include.

However, the rotating brush roll in the floorhead can usually pull pet hair out of carpet fibres. Unfortunately, the upholstery nozzle of the Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaner is not so well suited for removing pet hair from upholstery, according to some reviews.

On the other hand, the flexible range of application of Karcher vacuum cleaners allows them to remove pet hair even from hard-to-reach places. It goes without saying that appliances such as the electric mop are perfect for households with animals.

Karcher window vacs have performed very well, not only in our own tests.

Reviews of Karcher window cleaners on the internet are particularly impressive. Plenty of customer’s opinions sing the praises of this product!

How much do Kärcher cordless vacuums cost?

Karcher's cordless vacuum cleaners range from the medium to the higher price range - depending on which model you choose.

It must also be said that Krcher is a well-known and popular brand in Germany that can afford to charge somewhat higher prices for its devices.

After all, when you consider the performance the company offers in return, you’re really getting a good deal.

The Karcher product lines themselves are divided again into different models, which also have different prices. There is usually the standard model and additionally a premium or plus edition.

Premium models offer more accessories and features than the standard models.

Roughly speaking, Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners can be divided into the following price ranges:

  • Cordless vacuums: £250 to £350
  • Hard floor cleaner: £200 to £500
  • Karcher Window Vac: £50 to £120
  • Electric mops: around £200

It goes without saying, of course, that prices will fluctuate with the release of new models - the latest flagship model will generally bring the higher end of the price range up but can also often bring about price reductions for other models.

Where can I buy Karcher vacuums and accessories in the UK?

If you want to buy a Karcher cordless hoover, you have several options.

Of course, there is a Kärcher online shop where you can order all currently available devices. Many physical shops also sell Kärcher products.

We’ve also broken down the advantages of online shopping for you.

DIY stores, hardware shops or electronics stores will sometimes also offer Karcher products in the UK.

By far the easiest way of buying Kärcher products is shopping online. This way, you usually have access to a wider range of products than at brick and mortar shops.

Amazon UK, for example, offers a wide range of Kärcher products. Here you can get most of the current models and also a wide range of spare parts and accessories. In some cases, delivery and shipping are even free of charge.

Maintenance and care of Kärcher products

Maintenance of Kärcher devices is generally self-explanatory and takes very little time. Of course, this varies from device to device.

Cordless hoovers from Kärcher, for example, are bagless.

This is more sustainable because you don't have to keep buying new bags, and it saves money too. 👍

When the dust and dirt containers are full, they can be emptied relatively easily and quickly.

Some appliances already come with a self-cleaning function, such as the FC7 (the hard floor cleaner).

Kärcher's self-cleaning mode ensures that the system automatically starts to rinse the rollers.

Cleaning station of the FC 7.
For self-cleaning, the FC 7 must be placed on the cleaning station.

This means that you then only have to empty out the dirt that has been extracted. From time to time, the dirt container should also be washed out with water.

The Karcher window vacuums have a removable water tank that can be easily rinsed out. The attachments can also be removed and cleaned. The microfibre mop cover can be machine washed at 60 °C.

Machine washing at 60 °C is also possible for the rollers of the hard floor cleaner. Otherwise, it can simply be placed in the cleaning station. 👏

There is also a cleaning station for the dirty water tank.

So you see: Kärcher has thought of everything! 💃

Kärcher warranty

All Karcher products are covered by a 24-month guarantee period from the date of purchase. This covers any material or manufacturing defects that may occur from normal use.

But what if something breaks on the Kärcher vacuum cleaner outside this warranty period?

Even if this happens, there’s no need to dump your vacuum cleaner straight away. You can simply visit the Kärcher website and find your nearest service partner. Then just take your product there and have it repaired.

Conclusion on the Karcher (cordless) vacuums UK

What you expect from a cleaning device in the first place is good cleaning performance, a pleasant volume and easy handling. It should also offer as wide a range of uses as possible.

Cordless vacuums from Kärcher have all these things.

Another great feature of Karcher's cordless vacuum cleaners is that they have powerful lithium-ion batteries and different suction levels. This allows you to adjust the cleaning power to the current requirements. 💃

Karcher cordless vacuum cleaners are also good value for money. Their solid performance at affordable prices means you can keep a cleaner home without breaking the bank.

The hard floor cleaner is an interesting product and can definitely replace normal manual mopping. Due to the high price, however, it’s worth weighing up the other options out there to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

The automatic cleaning system and the filter cleaning tool are features that show Kärcher has paid a lot of attention to the finer details. This makes the filter cleaning process much easier and you barely come into contact with any of the dirt that has been cleaned up.

The Karcher window vacs are leaders on the market - and much cheaper than paying a human window cleaner! 💵


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