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Oura Ring UK - Our review of the smart sleep ring (2024)

Oura Ring UK

Last updated: 09.11.2023 Reading time: 12 Min.

If you have to get up early in the morning, get the kids ready for school, and then drive to work - there are still various household chores to do in the evening, and restful sleep often comes too short!

The Oura Ring is here to help! This innovative sleep tracker is still relatively new in the United Kingdom.

But investors, competitive athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities and even Twitter boss Jack Dorsey swear by the smart piece of jewellery.

Of course, we have become aware of this new gadget and have tested the Oura Ring in our independent review.

We would like to share our experiences with the Oura Ring and tell you whether this sleep-tracking device is suitable for improving your sleep!

The Oura Ring is held in the hand


  • Advanced sleep tracker
  • Calorie counter
  • Step counting and daily activity measurement
  • Measurement of pulse and heart rate variability
  • Possibility of early detection of diseases thanks to temperature measurement
  • With meditation mode
  • Water-resistant up to 100 metres underwater
  • Attractive design


  • Measurement of sleep phases may be inaccurate
  • No concrete suggestions were given on how to change one's behaviour to improve the quality of sleep
  • Some smart functions are missing (e.g. contactless payment, phone calls)
  • High price
  • A paid membership is required from the 3rd generation onwards to use all the app's functions.

Review Overview:

  • Smart sleep tracking device in the shape of a ring
  • Tracks your sleep stages and the quality of your sleep
  • Tracks pulse, heart rate variability, temperature, activity and calories burned
  • It gives you recommendations in the app on how to improve your sleep and how to approach the day ahead
  • It has a meditation mode

What is the Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring is one of the few smart jewellery pieces currently available on the UK market.

The ring not only looks good, but it's also a smart wearable!

Hardly anyone could tell that it is a sleep tracker and not a conventional piece of jewellery.

The Oura Ring is worn by a person on their hand.

But the Oura Ring doesn't just measure your sleep. It can do much more!

It also tracks your heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature and activity.

Based on the collected data, you receive various daily recommendations in the app to improve your sleep.

It also shows you how rested you are for the day ahead and how high your stress level is.

Info: Not only smart rings are a useful wearable. Here, you can find everything about the best smartwatches for women.

How do I choose the right size and design?

The design of the Oura Ring is modern and stylish, so at first glance, you would not guess it is a sleep-tracking device.

With the 2nd generation of the ring, you can choose between two different designs and several colours.

Since the 3rd generation, which has been available in the UK since November 2021, there has been a new design.

Now, you can choose between Heritage and Horizon. 👇

The black ring in the heritage design.
Heritage (Image: © Oura)
The silver ring in the balance design.
Horizon (Image: © Oura)

The 3rd generation of the ring is available in the following colours:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Stealth
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold

The diamond-enhanced Oura ring close-up

After a short period of getting used to the ring, our testers can confirm that it fits very comfortably and doesn't interfere with wearing or sleeping.

But how do you find the right size? Let's take a look.

Order the free-size kit

The Oura ring is not exactly cheap.

So, of course, you want to ensure your ring fits. That's why you can order the free-size kit from Oura.

You can see the free size kit with the rings made of plastic.

This kit contains different plastic rings from sizes 6 to 13.

Try the different models and choose one that fits comfortably on your finger.

But how do you figure out the right size for the ring?

Just answer three easy questions to find the best size for your Oura ring.

When should you measure your ring size?

The circumference of your fingers changes throughout the day and depends on the temperature.

So if you measure your fingers on a hot summer day, your ring may be too loose in the winter.

This is because the fingers swell a little at high temperatures.

Therefore, measure your fingers at room temperature when it is neither hot nor cold.

When are your fingers thickest?

Whether you have been physically active during the day, your fingers swell a little towards the evening. In the morning, they are a little thinner.

Therefore, wearing the plastic ring from the Oura size kit for 24 hours is best.

This way, you can see if the ring fits comfortably on your finger at all times of the day.

We recommend you wear the ring for several days and engage in various activities (sports, showering, etc.).

After this period, you will know which Oura ring size is right for you.

Oura Ring*

How tight should a ring fit?

Of course, your Oura ring should neither be too tight nor too loose. But how exactly do you know if your chosen size fits perfectly?

It is too loose if you can slide the ring over your knuckles without feeling any resistance.

On the other hand, if you have to use force to slide the ring over the knuckle, it's a little too tight.

If your Oura ring does not fit despite careful selection of the size, you can return it within the framework of the legal right of withdrawal.

You can find more tips in the video on determining the correct ring size.

What can the Oura Ring do?

The Oura Ring is not just a chic piece of jewellery but a state-of-the-art sleep tracker that constantly collects metrics on your pulse, heart rate, and body temperature.

These data are initially stored in the internal memory. But as soon as you synchronise the ring with the app via Bluetooth, the data is stored in the app.

Does the Oura Ring work without a mobile phone?

It's not necessary to have your phone nearby. The data is stored in the internal memory in the ring itself.

So not only can valuable key figures be calculated, but the app also notices immediately if something is wrong.

Oura Ring lies next to the mobile phone app on the Table

So, what kind of info can you get from your Oura ring? Let's break it down for you.

With the collected data, the app can learn correlations and determine if something is wrong.

The Oura ring app provides you with the following information:

  • How long did you sleep?
  • How good and restful was your sleep?
  • How active were you during the day?
  • What is your stress level or recovery level?
  • What influence does food or coffee have on your heart rate?

Based on this data, the app will give you various recommendations on approaching your day and improving your sleep.

For example, if your recovery level is relatively low, the app will advise you to take a recovery day today.

It will also give you useful tips on the best time to go to bed and wake up.

How the Oura Ring measures your information?

The Oura Ring is equipped with several sensors to calculate the different data.

You can see the Oura Ring standing on its side and the sensors can be seen

The 3rd generation Oura Ring contains three different LED sensors: a green, a red, and an infrared LED sensor.

This way, your daily heart rate can be measured at rest and during activity.

As time goes by, the ring gets to know your daily habits. It can then tell you things like how having a morning coffee affects your heart rate. ☕

The infrared sensor also emits infrared light through the skin on your finger. By changing the reflected light rays, the smart piece of jewellery can measure your pulse.

This technique is also used for heart rate measurement on the wrist. However, it works even better on the finger.

The Oura Ring measures your pulse particularly accurately.

Plus, the ring has a 3D acceleration sensor that can track movement in all directions. That's how it measures what you do each day.

The 7 NTC body temperature sensors also measure your body temperature. This makes the ring well-suited for predicting the menstrual cycle for women.

How accurate are the measurements of the Oura Ring?

Especially when measuring the pulse, the results must be particularly accurate.

This is because the heart rate variability (HRV) and the breathing rate are calculated based on this data.

The latter is calculated indirectly by the change in the pulse during inhalation and exhalation.

In the study "The HRV of the Ring - Comparison of nocturnal HR and HRV" by Kinnunen Hannu and Koskimäki Heli, pulse measurement and the HRV calculated from it were compared with measurements from an ECG device.

They found an accuracy of 99.9% for the pulse measurement of the Oura Ring and an accuracy of 98.4% for the HRV.

A high accuracy of the measurements is also essential, as otherwise, the "incorrectly determined data" would add up. This would result in the app's recommendations regarding sleep quality and recovery level being incorrect.

We would like to take a closer look at the various measurements and how these data are used.

Oura Ring in test: Measuring heart rate variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) provides information about your stress level or your degree of recovery.

The measurement determines the distance between 2 heartbeats. This gives you a sequence of intervals.

Of course, these intervals can be of different lengths. Therefore, the difference in time between these intervals is calculated.

Ultimately, the greater the difference in the time intervals between two beats, the higher the heart rate variability.?

What does heart rate variability depend on?

HRV itself depends mainly on the state of your autonomic nervous system. If your parasympathetic nervous system is active, you tend to feel calm and relaxed.

If, on the other hand, the sympathetic nervous system is active, your body is put into flight and fight mode.

However, the absolute values of HRV depend on many different factors. These include, for example, your age, gender and hormone status.

Therefore, the Oura Ring always measures your HRV in relation to your average values. This allows you to recognise different habits that influence HRV.

You can see the Oura app open, where heart rate variability is displayed.

This way, the app can eventually give you recommendations regarding your sleep patterns, diet and activity.

How accurate is the heart rate variability measurement?

Since the Oura Ring calculates HRV by measuring the pulse, the values are not as accurate as those of an ECG device.

However, because the ring is worn both day and night, your HRV can be monitored over a 24-hour period.

This is the big advantage compared to an ECG measurement, which is only done once a day. ?

Heart rate measurement with the Oura Ring

Your resting heart rate is an important indicator of your level of recovery. It indicates how often your heart beats per minute. ❤

This way, the app can figure out how well-rested you are and advise you on how to kickstart your day in the best way.

Displaying the resting heart rate measurement in the Oura app.

However, the Oura Ring takes a few weeks to collect enough data on your active and resting days.

Only when sufficient data is available can the optimal level of your resting pulse be calculated.

Oura considers a resting heart rate slightly below your average value a sign of good daily form. On the other hand, a particularly low or high heart rate indicates that you should take a rest day.

The most important function: Sleep tracking

The most essential function of the Oura Ring is, of course, sleep tracking.

In the app, you will find the following information:

  • Your sleep stages
  • The duration of deep sleep
  • The duration of REM sleep
  • Your latency (time to fall asleep)
  • Your total sleep time

The data about your sleep displayed in the Oura App

Let's take a look at what these actually mean.

The measurement of REM sleep

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement.

This type of sleep is mainly important to revive the mind and body. In this sleep phase, you not only dream but also transfer your experiences into long-term memory.

This sleep phase is, therefore, significant for your creativity and prevents you from forgetting what you have learnt.

The REM sleep phase accounts for between 5% and 50% of your total sleep.

However, the duration can vary from night to night and person to person.

Most adults spend about 25% of their time during sleep in the REM sleep phase. However, as you get older, the amount of REM sleep decreases.

Data on the REM sleep phase are displayed in the app.

If you always go to bed at the same time and avoid alcohol and caffeine before going to bed, you can increase your chances of REM sleep.

Measuring deep sleep

Deep sleep is the most restful sleep phase.

During this time, your body can regenerate, and your muscles can repair.

When you're in a deep sleep, things like your blood pressure, the amount of oxygen in your blood, and your heart and breathing rates are all really low.

Your arms and legs are also relaxed. During this time, it's harder for you to wake up.

The duration of deep sleep depends on the night in question and the person.

On average, deep sleep accounts for about 15% to 20% of your total sleep. However, the duration of deep sleep decreases with age.

The deep sleep phase data is displayed in the app.

How long does it take you to fall asleep?

The time it takes you to fall asleep is called latency. It is when you lie awake in bed before you finally fall asleep.

Ideally, this time should be between 15 and 20 minutes.

If you fall asleep quickly and your latency is only 5 minutes, for example, this can be a sign that you aren't getting enough sleep.

Can the Oura Ring improve sleep quality?

The Oura Ring measures REM sleep, deep sleep and latency. All the data recorded overnight is summarised in a so-called sleep score.

This gives you an insightful overview of how your sleep was every morning.

You can see the Oura app open, displaying the sleep score.

Based on the measurements, the Oura app calculates the optimal time when you should go to bed. Unfortunately, the app also shows you unhealthy behaviour that can negatively influence your sleep.

However, you do not receive any concrete recommendations for action.

In theory, the Oura Ring can help make your sleep better. But it's up to you to figure out the best ways to change your habits.

How accurate is the measurement of sleep phases?

Most users of the ring are satisfied with measuring the different sleep phases. However, there are also a few other opinions.

If you compare the data with the data from the Garmin sleep tracker, you may notice differences in the recognised sleep phases.

In general, however, the data should be seen as an indicator for improving one's behaviour.

And the measurements of the Oura Ring are accurate enough for this.

You can spot changes accurately because it collects and looks at data over weeks, months, and years. This helps you recognise and stop any harmful patterns.

Measuring your temperature

The Oura Ring constantly measures your temperature with its 7 NTC sensors.

To do this, a base value is first set based on the measurements during the first few weeks. If necessary, the average temperature can, of course, be adjusted at any time.

Deviations in your temperature are always displayed in relation to the determining base value. This way, the Oura app can immediately detect if something is wrong.

You can see the Oura app open, displaying the measured temperature.

Your body temperature depends on various factors, of course. It often rises slightly when you eat or drink late or exercise.

For women, the Oura Ring can also give clues about your menstrual cycle.

However, a slight rise in temperature that lasts for days can also indicate a possible infection.

Can the Oura Ring detect Covid-19 and other diseases?

The smart Oura Ring is one of the few health trackers to measure your body temperature.

These new features are exceptionally interesting during Covid-19 because an increased body temperature often accompanies the virus.

You can see the Oura app open, displaying a warning because the body temperature is elevated.

If you have Covid-19, you can select it in the app and activate the rest mode. The ring will then help you monitor to keep the effort down.

Early research has found that the Oura Ring can help tell if you've got Covid-19.

In 93% of cases, the ring detected signs of fever 3 days before the first symptoms of illness appeared.

Even if the course of the disease in the affected individuals was without symptoms, the ring could predict the disease in many cases.

This is particularly interesting in the case of Covid-19, as the disease progresses without symptoms in about 40% of cases.

The Oura Ring could contribute significantly to containing the virus, as cases of the disease can be detected early, and the affected person can quarantine.

Measuring your calories: Oura Rig as a fitness tracker

The Oura Ring measures your pulse, heart rate variability, sleep, and calorie consumption.

At 4 am, the smart ring starts calculating your total calories burned.

The total calorie consumption is the sum of all calories consumed during a day.

You can see the Oura app open, showing the total calories burned.

First, the estimated basal metabolic rate is logged, i.e. the calories your body needs at rest. This is because the basal metabolic rate makes up most of your total calorie consumption.

Until 4 am the next day, the Oura Ring adds up all the calories used for different activities. This gives you your total calories burned the next morning.

Can the Oura Ring count steps?

With its 3D accelerometer, the Oura Ring can measure your movement and activity.

In combination with your personal details, such as age, gender, and height, the ring can calculate the calories burned and count the number of steps taken.

In addition to the number of steps, the distance covered is displayed in miles or kilometres.

Burned calories are displayed in the Oura app.

Conclusion: Is the Oura Ring suitable as an activity tracker?

The Oura Ring is primarily designed as a sleep tracker. This is clearly where the gadget has its strengths.

As described above, the ring is only suitable for tracking fitness activities to a limited extent.

In this case, we recommend using the usual smartwatches. These offer significantly more functions in this area and provide more precise data/evaluations.

How is the Oura Ring used - Our experience

In our experience, the Oura Ring can not only help you to improve your sleep but also to measure your activity, and so on.

But of course, the question is how comfortable is it to use?

After all, it is not a watch or a bracelet, but a ring that has to be worn on the finger all the time. For "non-ring wearers", this is certainly quite unfamiliar...

Is the Oura Ring comfortable to wear?

If you are not used to wearing a ring, the thought of the smart Oura Ring can be a bit off-putting at first.

But in our test period, we noticed: with its simple design, it looks good on any finger.?

With a weight of 4 to 6 grams (depending on size), the Oura Ring is particularly light.

However, it is a bit chunkier than most other rings. After all, the sensors have to be housed somewhere.

So you will definitely feel the ring rubbing on your fingers while wearing it.

You can see how the Oura Ring is worn on the hand.

If you don't really wear jewellery on your hands, you can choose a more discreet design for the ring. In matt grey, for example, the ring attracts less attention than in gold.

Many users who weren't used to wearing a ring before purchasing the Oura Ring report that they quickly got used to it.

How good is the battery life of the Oura Ring?

When the battery is fully charged, the Oura Ring can be worn continuously for about 7 days.

As soon as the battery is empty, you have to take it off to charge it and put it on the charger supplied.?

Since the 3rd generation, this has been equipped with a practical LED display so that you can always see the current charge level.

Both 2nd and 3rd generation rings can be charged on both chargers.

The Oura Ring on the charging station

A full charge takes no more than 2 - 3 hours.

The manufacturer recommends keeping the charge between 40 and 80% at all times. This way, the battery always remains complete, and you do not have to put the ring on the charger for a longer period of time.

The app informs you that the ring should be charged as soon as it has about 25 % battery remaining.

The Oura app in test

In our independent ring review, we paid particular attention to the quality of the mobile phone app. After all, good hardware without the right app isn't worth much.

The Oura app can easily be downloaded from the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Playstore (Android) to your smartphone or tablet. Here you will be provided with the recorded data and recommendations.

Oura App is available for download in the App Store

To access all info on your daily health as well as personal recommendations, 3rd generation wearers need to sign up for a paid membership ?

All the data in the app is assigned to the 4 important categories. In addition, there is also a meditation mode.?

The home screen and timeline: View your data

The start screen shows you a complete summary of your data. Here you can also view information about past days (Timeline).

You can see the timeline in the Oura app.

How fit are you for the day ahead?

This score is calculated from the recorded data of the previous night in combination with your activity on the previous day.

The daily fitness score itself ranges from 0 to 100, and the higher the score, the better.

You can see the readiness score in the Oura app.

A low score means that you should take it easy for the day ahead.

On the other hand, a high score means that you are refreshed and have a lot of energy at your disposal. ?

Sleep: How restful was your sleep?

Here you get information about the quality of your sleep. Of course, the data collected during the last night is used for the calculation.

You can see your sleep data in the Oura app.

Your activity: How active were you?

The activity score shows you how active you have been compared to the past 7 days.

However, if you are exercising regularly, you may be warned by the ring.

You will receive notifications that you should take it easy during the day. This can be a little annoying. ?

You can see the activity score in the Oura app.

The meditation mode

The Oura app also has a meditation mode. Here you can choose from various relaxation techniques.

The ring records all data and displays it in the Oura App during your meditation.

In addition, the effect of meditation on your well-being and on your sleep is also examined. You can also find the results in the app.?

You can see the data in the Oura Ring after performing a meditation.

How to set up the ring via the app

The Oura Ring can be easily set up via the app.

First, download the app onto your smartphone or tablet. Then you can create a user account and connect the ring to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Now you will be asked a few questions about yourself / your current life goal.

Please answer them as precisely as possible, as this information is important for the evaluation of the data.

Screenshots of the set-up process of the Oura App on the smartphone are shown

The set-up process only takes a few minutes.?

You also have the option to connect the Oura app with other apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit, etc.

Once the Oura Ring has been set up, the smart jewel starts recording data.

However, a relatively large amount of data is needed to be able to create forecasts and trends. Therefore, you will only receive meaningful information after about 14 days.

Our experience with the app - conclusion

Many manufacturers bring good hardware to the market but ultimately fail with the software (the app).

This does not apply to the Oura sleep ring or the Oura app in any way!

Quite the opposite:

We have nothing to criticise about the app.

The translation is flawless. The use is intuitive. Bugs = none whatsoever!

The brand from Finland impresses with its attention to detail, and this is also noticeable in the user rating: The app received a whopping 4.7 / 5 stars in the Apple Store.⭐

We can only agree with this rating!

Oura membership in the test

If you own an Oura ring, you are automatically a member of the community.

However, for wearers of the gen 3, there is also a paid membership for 5.99 € per month since the end of 2021.

This is the only way to access the full range of functions of the Oura App. ?

Oura membership is free for the first 6 months.

This gives you access to exclusive content, such as daily information on your health, personal recommendations and informative audio and video material based on scientific findings.

The latter helps you interpret and understand the signs of your body even better.

If you own the 2nd generation Oura Ring, the full use of the app remains free of charge for you.

Of course, the 3rd generation Oura Ring can also be used without the paid membership. In this case, however, not all functions are available to you.

How is the Oura Ring being delivered?

The Oura Ring comes in a simple white box. The minimalist design makes the packaging look very appealing and classy.

Scope of delivery of the Oura Ring is on the Table

Besides the ring itself, a charger with a USB cable and two instruction leaflets are included in the delivery.

So you have everything you need to measure your sleep and activity!

Alternatives: The Oura Ring vs Fitbit

Of course, the Oura Ring is not the only smart piece of jewellery on the UK market.

After the big boom in fitness bracelets, such as Fitbit, and smartwatches, brands are also increasingly focusing on smart rings. ?

Various models, such as the NFC ring, enable contactless payment. Other rings even let you make calls!

If you are looking for an alternative to measure your sleep and activity, you can take a closer look at the Go2Sleep Ring or the Circular Ring.

Currently, no competitor compares to the Oura Ring for sleep measurement.

But if your focus is on fitness tracking, you are best served with a smartwatch from a leading manufacturer. These smart gadgets track much more data and have much more functionality to offer.

Info: Another smart ring has made its way onto the UK market: The Circular Ring. You can read all about our experience with the wearable in our review.

Can I buy the Oura Ring on Amazon?

Many health lovers ask themselves: can I buy the Oura Ring in the UK? We have good news for you!

The smart ring is available on the brand's website ( You can also order the free sizing kit to find the right size for your fingers.

Should your Oura ring turn out to be too small or too big in the end, you can, of course, return it within the legal framework.

The Oura Ring is currently not available for purchase on Amazon.

Review: Oura Ring UK - Our Verdict (2022)

We have tested the Oura Ring over a long period of time.

The Oura Ring not only looks good, but it's also an innovative sleep tracker that measures your sleep phases as well as your daily activity. ?

The app gives you regular recommendations on how to use the ring.

The app regularly gives you recommendations on how to approach your day and how to improve the quality of your sleep.

However, these are vague suggestions rather than concrete tips on how to improve your behaviour.

To access the full range of functions with the 3rd generation ring, you can’t avoid a paid membership. ?

However, since the algorithm of the ring records and evaluates data over longer periods, unhealthy behaviour patterns are recognised and pointed out to you.

This improves your sleep and also your well-being. ?

If you want to buy the Oura Ring primarily to measure your (sports) activity, we advise you not to do so. In this case, it's better to go for a fitness wristband, as it offers more functions in this area.

However, if you are concerned about your sleep and the high price of the Oura Ring does not put you off, the investment is worth it.

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