Testing Process for Smartwatches and Smart Wearables

Testing process - Smart wearables

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New smartwatches, fitness bands, sleep monitors, and smart rings hit the market almost daily, and it can be difficult to find the right watch for you.🤔

The possibilities can be exciting but also a bit overwhelming.

This is where we come in.

We take a close look at gadgets to help you make your decision.

We manage to do this through a well-thought-out testing process.

Read on to find out how we test smart wearables at Smart Home Fox. 🦊

Testing process of smartwatches and smart wearables

What is our testing process like?

Here is a simpler version of how our testing process works:

Step 1: We find out which smart wearables are the best and newest.

Step 2: We buy these wearables ourselves.

Step 3: Then we use and test them.

Step 4: When we finish testing, we write detailed reports about our experience.

Step 5: We post these reports on our website for you to read for free. This way, you can learn more about the wearables before you buy them.

Let's look at the aspects we consider when testing smart wearables. 👀

How well does the wearable support you in your sport?

Many smartwatches and similar devices can help you a lot in training. 🏃

smartwatch support during sports

To check how good they are, we look at the following:

  • What workout programs are already stored on the device when you get it?
  • What kind of information does it keep track of?
  • How accurate is the information it records?

We also check the heart rate and pulse measurement accuracy of the wearable device. ❤️

For this purpose, we also always wear a chest strap during our training sessions.

Then we compare the data recorded by both devices to see how accurate the wearable is.

Analysing the features provided by the smart wearable

Smartwatches and similar devices usually have a lot of great features. ⌚️

However, what the individual wearables can do can differ significantly depending on the type.

Some of the features we look out for are:

  • Receiving alerts
  • Making phone calls
  • Controlling your music
  • Paying for things without touching anything
  • Using different apps

We carefully check each feature and explain how you can use it. 📝

Testing health functions offered by the smart wearable

Certainly, these clever gadgets help not only in sports.

They also collect a lot of information about your health in everyday life. 🏃‍♀️

Testing health features of the smartwatch

They monitor how well you sleep, track what you do during the day, and provide tips for a healthier life - we test all these features.

Testing sleep tracking

Many adults in the UK today - more than 67% - have sleep problems. 😴

That's why many new products specifically take care of your sleep.

tracking sleep with a smart wearable

When we test these gadgets, we take a close look at this feature and compare how different devices record information about sleep.

Analysing the navigation and GPS of the wearable

More and more people who like to hike and spend time outdoors are using smartwatches.

These handy devices have many built-in satellite systems and can even help you find your destination. 🛰️

Testing navigation on smartwatches

As we put these wearables to the test, let's take them outside and see how well and, more importantly, how properly they work.

Testing the display and design of the wearables

For your wearable to get to know your body and provide you with the most accurate information possible, it's best to wear it all the time. ⌚

We test how good the screen is by using it like a typical day.

But it's not just about how cool your gadget looks - it should also be easy to wear.

We also take a look and give you tips on which smartwatches are best for women, men, kids, and older adults. 👵🏼

However, we believe that the design of the wearable is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

Checking the battery life and how the wearables work

How long the battery lasts and how the wearable works are essential when you decide on a device.

Therefore, we should carefully check how long the battery of the smartwatch or gadget lasts when using different functions.

We also look at how long it takes to charge. ⏱️

In addition, we check how easy your wearable is to use.

Testing the operations on the smartwatches

After all, you'll only like your smartwatch if it's easy to use.

Checking the app, how to get started, and how well the wearable connects

To view the information your smartwatch collects, you need to connect it to your mobile phone. 📲

In our test reviews, we talk about which wearables work with which phones.

setting up mobile app

We'll also walk you through the setup process and explain how to get and use the right app for your device.

Looking at value for money

Next, we'll check out how much you get for your money with these wearables.

In the end, we'll advise who each wearable is best for.

We hope this will help you find the best wearable for you and your health. 🎯

Why you can trust us

We go to great lengths to personally test each product and gain hands-on experience.

On top of that, we have a deep understanding of smart home products and the ever-changing industry.

For every article we write, we spend many hours researching. 📚

We talk directly to product manufacturers, keep up to date with the latest smart home trends, and are constantly expanding our knowledge.

Plus, we have a global team of smart home experts who train our team and verify the accuracy of our information.

This means you can rely on the information we provide.

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