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The best cordless vacuum cleaners: Reviewing the top stick vacuums UK (2022)

Smart Home Fox is thinking about the different cordless vacuums.

Last updated: 07.12.2023 Reading time: 18 Min.

Let’s face it - vacuuming can be a pain: tangled cables, dusty hoover bags, plugging and unplugging as you go…

With a modern, powerful cordless hoover, that no longer has to be the case. They are quick to use, very user-friendly, and they save you tons of precious time. 💃

However, the market for cordless hoovers is huge and still growing.

We think you’ll agree:

All these options make choosing the right cordless vacuum cleaner SUPER hard!

We can help! Take advantage of our years of experience spent testing the many different cordless vacuum cleaners on the market.

We know what makes a cordless vacuum cleaner worth buying and we compare the best ones for you. 🚀

First, we want to introduce you to the cordless hoovers that wowed us in our tests:

Smart Home Fox is thinking about the different cordless vacuums.

Our top picks for the best cordless vacuums in the UK:

Find out more about our favorites now

Our favourite

Dyson Gen 5 Detect

The Dyson Gen5detect marks a significant advancement in the cordless vacuum cleaner sector, featuring innovative enhancements.

The Dyson Gen5detect makes cleaning easy with its powerful suction and smart laser dirt detection.

The Dyson Gen5detect is an extraordinary addition to cordless vacuums. 

Our test revealed impressive results, particularly when using the nozzle on hard floors. 🤩 

Overview of Dyson Gen5detect cleaning results on hard floor with the fluffy floor nozzle.

With its powerful suction and ingenious features, this cordless vacuum effortlessly and efficiently gets the job done. 

This cordless cleaner introduces an innovative dirt detection system that utilises a green laser. 

The Dyson Gen5 Detect’s floor nozzle with laser
The dirt detection system introduced by Dyson has an innovative green laser. Image: © Smart Home Fox

This advanced vacuum technology brilliantly reveals invisible dirt, ensuring a thorough clean like never before. 🦠

While the overall handling of the Gen5detect is pleasant, one standout feature is its practical and straightforward emptying function

Cleaning up after vacuuming becomes a breeze with its simple and intuitive design. 

The Dyson Gen5 Detect stands out as an exceptional household assistant, showcasing powerful suction, innovative features, and user-friendly design. 

Despite its higher price point than previous models, its unparalleled performance and top-notch quality make it a worthwhile investment. 💰

Rating Tool

Criteria Rating Comment
Suction and cleaning performance Top of the category
Design 4.5 stars Well thought out and high quality, but a bit heavy
Scope of delivery 4.5 stars Less items included compared to its predecessors
Handling Practical and user-friendly
Maintenance 4.5 stars Easy and convenient, but the floor nozzle is a bit difficult to remove
Battery 4.5 stars Runs longer but also takes longer to charge
Price-performance ratio Quality has a price


Excellent cleaning performance

Impressive suction power (262 AW)

Features laser technology for detecting dirt

Automatic suction adaptation based on the dirt

Analyses the amount and type of dirt collected

Incorporates an effective HEPA filter

Highly user-friendly with easy handling

Removable and replaceable battery

Performs exceptionally well in cleaning corners and ledges


Quite expensive

Laser functionality is limited to hard floor surfaces only

Strong suction power

Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson's new flagship convinces with excellent cleaning performance and innovative technology.

The cordless and bagless 2-in-1 battery vacuum is super versatile in use. Whether it’s a hard floor or carpet, or even if you use it as a hand vacuum – NOTHING can stop this device.

The Dyson V15 has a whopping 230 air watts, which is the most powerful suction we have ever seen.

Thanks to over 60 minutes of runtime and three different power modes, the cordless vacuum achieves excellent cleaning results.

It even has an LCD display so that you can monitor the suction process.

And there’s more to it: The V15 constantly analyses the floor and the size and type of dirt.

Dyson V15 Detect: Dirt Particle Analysis on the Display

The vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the suction mode according to its analysis and does the work for you.

Dyson also upgraded the attachments. They’re now even more efficient in combating (pet) hair. 

The new brush for mites/pet hair from Dyson
Image © Smart Home Fox

Hair can’t wrap itself around the brushes anymore, thus preventing blockages.

The revised Fluffy attachment for hard floors also has a green laser now. With this, you can see even fine dust particles and vacuum them directly.

The Fluffy attachment with laser

 Oops, Dyson did it again…

...The engineers put in the work and managed to top their existing devices off with even more innovative features and improved performance in the V15!

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Most substantial suction power (230 AW)

Automatic suction level adjustment (surface and type of dirt)

New laser technology in the Fluffy attachment to detect dirt

Interchangeable battery option

Over 60 minutes running time

Incl. torque drive floor nozzle + soft roller (Fluffy attachment)

Cordless & Bagless

Strong at cleaning skirting boards and corners




Laser only works on hard floors

Good Value 💰

Shark Stratos Flexology Powerfins Plus

This cordless vacuum performed exceptionally well in our tests and impressed us across the board.

Powerful suction, top cleaning performance, high quality design - just a few words that perfectly describe this Shark cordless vacuum.

A favourite among fans of cordless vacuums in the UK, Shark now ups its game with the Stratos range. Read on to find out what makes these models so special! 👇 

Outstanding cleaning performance

Whether corners, edges, carpets or hard floors...

The Shark Stratos left our floors spotless in our test! 💪

Cleaning performance on hard floors.
Cleaning performance on hard floors.

Not many vacuums can achieve this, which makes the Shark Stratos a real hot tip. 🔐

DuoClean Anti Hair Wrap Plus floorhead - perfect for all floor types

A real highlight of the Stratos cordless vacuums is the dual floorhead - two motorised brush rolls working together to tackle both hard floors and carpets.

The Anti-Hair Wrap Plus roll at the back draws out embedded dirt in carpets and deals with hair pick-up, while the front roll gets to work on hard floor dirt.

Anti-Hair Wrap Plus brush roll of the Shark Stratos.

This really works flawlessly. And the highlight:

This means you don’t have to change the brush! 💃 

Anti-Odour Technology

The Stratos range features anti-odour technology to deal with any nasty odours produced by pet dander and other dirt and dust. Just pop a cartridge into the dust bin and any unwanted smells are masked with a clean, fresh scent. 

Perfect for those of us with more sensitive noses! 👃

Automatic suction level adjustment - Clean Sense IQ

Yes, you heard right:

The Stratos automatically adjusts its suction power according to the dirt and the floor type.

This saves battery and increases cleanliness. 💪 

Speaking of saving battery power:

Despite very good runtimes, the Stratos IZ420UKT model also features an extra removable battery pack and thanks to a clever charger, you can charge two batteries at the same time.

Conclusion: Should you buy it?

So do we recommend buying a Shark Stratos cordless vacuum cleaner?

Yes, definitely! 

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Shark offers many other clever solutions.

The device will be a real help in your everyday work.

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Powerful cleaning performance

Strong suction power

High quality

Smart, unique floorhead (DuoClean)

Practical storage function

Long battery life

Stick and handheld vacuum in one


Not the quietest


No HEPA filter

Heavier weight

High quality workmanship

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

The new flagship cordless vacuum cleaner from Tineco stands out with its superior suction power and array of impressive new features.

The Tineco Pure One S15 Pro excels in cleaning and offers a smart display.

Tineco has revamped their Pure One line with the S15 Pro, a cordless vacuum that has impressed in our tests. 

Cleaning Test

The Tineco Pure One S15 Pro excels in its cleaning capabilities. 

In our tests, it left hardly anything behind on both carpets and hard floors. 

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro cleaning test
Cleaning test with different types of dirt. © Smart Home Fox

Its iLoop technology, which automatically adjusts the suction level based on the type of dirt, enhances its efficiency.


A standout feature is the high-resolution LCD display. 📺

Display on the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

This provides real-time status updates, maintenance tips, and error messages. 

Device status on the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

It even plays animated videos, adding a unique touch to the vacuuming experience.


The S15 Pro comes with a convenient ground station for storage. 

This allows the device to be stored and charged upright without the need for drilling holes for a wall mount.

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Excellent cleaning performance

Informative LCD screen

Smart suction power adaptation

Versatile usage, including as a handheld vacuum

Superior build quality


Plastic packaging used

No soft roller included for hard floors

Best wiping function

Vorwerk Kobold VK7

Premium cordless vacuum impresses with its strong performance, clever attachments, and high-quality build.

The latest model offers numerous smart innovations including a display, an app, and more, making it a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

The Vorwerk Kobold VK7 emerges as a versatile and innovative cordless vacuum cleaner. 

Cleaning Performance

The cordless cleaner shows strong cleaning abilities, scoring 90% in endurance tests

Cleaning performance of Vorwerk Kobold VK7

While it struggles slightly with larger piles of dirt, the boost function effectively tackles these challenges. 🦠

Its performance in everyday cleaning tasks is impeccable, ensuring thorough cleanliness.


Before cleaning with Vorwerk Kobold VK7


After cleaning with the Vorwerk Kobold VK7

Flexible to Use

This vacuum stands out for its versatility, thanks to a wide array of attachments and sets.

Accessories of the Vorwerk Kobold VK7
Accessories of the Vorwerk Kobold VK7. © Smart Home Fox

It includes: 

  • Mattress cleaning set
  • Craftsman set
  • Wischaufsatz SP7

It enhances its functionality across various cleaning scenarios.

Smart Features

The VK7 introduces smart elements including the MyKobold app and an aesthetically pleasing front display. 

These features, along with its enhanced power and design, mark a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the VB100. 🔋

This adds both utility and style to the vacuum.

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Excellent everyday cleaning performance

Highly adaptable with numerous accessories

Slim design for easy access under furniture

Effective corner and edge cleaning

Premium build quality

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Enhanced cleaning with Boost mode

Functions as a vacuum mop (SPB100)

Stylish appearance


Premium pricing

Struggles with larger dirt piles

Best value for money

Tineco S12 PureOne

Smart, smarter, Tineco. A popular cordless hoover on Amazon UK with outstanding cleaning performance. The first battery hoover with its own app.

With the PureOne S12, Tineco has brought the first truly smart cordless hoover onto the premium market. When cleaning your Smart Home, the cordless vacuum cleaner is supported by a smartphone app.

The TOPs of the Tineco S12

The cleaning performance

The S12 performed outstandingly in our cleaning test. No matter what we put in front of it...

cleaning performance Tineco S12

...it sucked it up.

Perfect in the fight against pet hair?

The mini electric brush removes all kinds of hair from your upholstery.

The mini electric brush


The Tineco S12 brings real innovation to the table. And we're not just talking about the fact that it's the first cordless hoover with an app...

The filter cleaning tool
Image © Smart Home Fox

...the filter cleaning system of the cordless vacuum cleaner is also really practical and well-thought-out.

The display

The display provides you with useful information and practical tips.

The display

The wall mount/charging station

You think: A wall mount is old hat...

...not so with the Tineco S12: The wall holder charges the battery in the device and the spare battery via an additional compartment at the same time.

You can buy the Tineco PureOne S12 in two different versions:

the Pure One S12 and the Pure One S12 ProEx

The difference is that the ProEx comes with a few more accessories.

The Tineco Pure One S12 gets a clear buy recommendation from us!

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Excellent cleaning performance

Automatic filter cleaning tool

Spare pre-filter

Automatic suction mode

Replaceable battery included

Stylish design


"Touchbar" for infinitely variable suction power control

Charging station/wall holder very well-thought-out

LEDs on the brush



Sometimes necessary to change soft roller and standard brush (depending on floor)

Packaging also contains plastic and polystyrene

Brush roller occasionally lifts off

Best for small/medium flats

Dyson V12 Detect Slim

A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that is particularly handy and lightweight, making it perfect for small and medium-sized living spaces.

The slimmed-down version of the Dyson V15 impressed us in our review with strong suction power, top cleaning performance, lighter weight and a lockable power button! 🙌

The Dyson V12 Slim has a lot to offer. 

Cleaning performance

Although Dyson has cut back on the suction power, the V12 still packs 150 airwatts. This brings it close to the power of its predecessor - the Dyson V10.

The cutback didn’t get in the way of the hoover in our cleaning test.

Dyson V12 Slim

Whether on carpet or hard floor, the cordless Dyson vacuum left hardly any dirt behind.

Handy and compact in design

Quite a bit smaller than the V15, it feels much more compact when held.

This becomes especially noticeable when using it as a handheld vacuum.

Vacuuming furniture and the ceiling with only one hand? No problem!

Dyson V12 Slim: Ceiling vacuuming

Illuminated Cleaner Head: Laser dirt detection for advanced cleaning

A new, updated nozzle specially designed for hard floors:

The Illuminated cleaner head.

The highlight: A laser at the front of the Laser Slim Fluffy brush bar illuminates the floor and reveals every little dust particle. 💪


Dyson V12 Slim: The Illuminated cleaner head in daylight

Dyson V12 Slim: The Illuminated cleaner head in the dark

Such a practical innovation! 🚀

The lockable power button

The first V-series cordless vacuum cleaner with a lockable power button.

Many of you will be thinking: finally!

Dyson V12 Slim: The lockable power button

Press it once and the V12 runs until the battery is empty or until you press it again.

Conclusion on the Dyson V12 Slim

A really high-quality and powerful product with many practical innovations. 🚂

We recommend the V12 Slim for small to medium-sized homes in particular, and, of course, for all Dyson fans who have always wanted a cordless vacuum cleaner with a lockable button (made by Dyson). 😉

Check Amazon*


Strong cleaning performance

Very handy

Laser dirt detection


Good battery life

Very flexible to use (2-in-1 battery storage)

Lockable power button 


Small dust bin size

Best alternative

Tineco Pure One S12 Pro Ex

One of the best cordless vacuums, offering exceptional user-friendliness and app integration.

The Tineco Pure One S12 Pro Ex stands out as the first genuinely smart cordless vacuum in the premium segment, enhanced by smartphone app support for a seamless cleaning experience.

The Tineco Pure One S12 Pro Ex demonstrates excellent performance in cordless vacuum cleaner tests.

Cleaning Performance

Its cleaning capabilities are impressive, effortlessly handling all types of debris, especially animal hair. 🐶

Mini turbo brush on the Tineco Pure One S12 Pro Ex

The mini electric brush is also good at removing hair from upholstery.


Innovation is a key strength of the S12.

It's not just the first cordless vacuum with an app integration, but its filter cleaning system is also notably practical and well-designed.

Automatic filter cleaning tool on the Tineco Pure One S12 Pro Ex

The display on the Tineco S12 is designed to provide users with useful and practical tips, adding to the ease of use.

Wall mount and charging station 

The wall mount and charging station are thoughtfully designed.

The wall mount serves a dual purpose by charging both the battery in the device and a spare battery in an extra compartment.

Overall, the vacuum cleaner excels in cleaning performance, innovative features, and a user-friendly design.

Buy on Amazon*


Efficiently handles various types of debris

Mini electric brush excels in removing pet hair from furniture

Wireless vacuum with app functionality

Two batteries included, ensuring longer usage time

Charges both the vacuum and a spare battery

Wide range of accessories for different cleaning needs

Automatically detects dirt levels and adjusts suction


More expensive compared to other models

May require more upkeep due to advanced technology

Numerous accessories require ample storage space

Charging the battery can be tricky if the dock is not wall-mounted

Quiet operation

Dyson V11 Absolute

It’s our winner. It impresses with its strong suction power and innovative features.

Dyson brought the suction performance of its V-series to the next level with the V11. On top of that, they also equipped it with innovative technology, a practical display and an exchangeable battery.

The latest model from Dyson is also the best. Dyson UK continuously improves its devices, and the most recent model from 2020 has a surprise in stock for us. 

Now you can click out the battery of the device and put in a charged one. You can double up the runtime with a few simple steps.

The Dyson V11 Absolute with a replaceable battery

Tops of the Dyson V11 

Battery Life 

The battery life is about 60 minutes, which is the best runtime among Dyson's cordless vacuums. It should be more than enough for most households. 

You can even extend or double the runtime thanks to the click system. 

New and Smart 

Dyson equipped the V11 with a practical LCD screen. The display helps to monitor the device and shows useful information.

The new LCD display of the Dyson V11
Image © Smart Home Fox

Intelligent Adjustment of Suction Power

The new Dyson V11 recognises the surface and adjusts the suction power accordingly. That improves the cleaning performance and prolongs the battery life, as it saves battery power. 

Exceptional Suction Power 

The V11 brought the most powerful suction to the table of all the devices that we tested. The suction power was so strong that we removed more dirt from the carpet than we had spread. 

The suction power of the 2020 model is even at 220 AW in boost mode.

You can read the full Dyson V11 Absolute review here. 

Which Dyson V11 from 2020 is the best? 

There are currently 3 variants of Dyson V11 from 2020 on the market: 

  • Dyson V11 Extra 
  • Dyson V11 Extra Pro and
  • Dyson V11 Extra + 
  • Dyson V11 Outsize 

The difference between the first three is only in the delivery scope. 

Attention: Please always compare the current prices, as Dyson often changes the offers. 

The Dyson V11 Outsize 

However, the Outsize has a couple of innovations in stock: 

As the name suggests, it has a different size. The dirt container has a capacity of 1.2 l, which is almost 500 ml larger than before. 

The floor brush is also 25 % wider. 

Thanks to these features, you’ll be done much faster if you clean with the Outsize ☺ It’s also particularly suitable for larger areas.

Which Dyson V11 is your best choice? 

We recommend the Dyson V11 Absolute 

  1. For all those who have to vacuum a lot of hard floors because it includes the soft floor nozzle. That cleaner head does a great job when cleaning hard floors.
  2. For all those who have many different floor types because the Absolute Extra’s Torque-Drive floor nozzle of the V11 comes in very handy here. 

Only the Extra Pro has even more features, like the docking station for storage. But YOU have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for that.

Check Amazon* 


New automatic floor roller

New LED display

Over one-hour battery power

Very powerful suction

Much quieter

Battery is replaceable


About 400 grams heavier than its predecessor

Power button not lockable

Insider tip 🤫

Philips Speedpro Max Aqua

The Philips hoover is a popular cordless vacuum cleaner on Amazon. It cleaned very well in our review and it can vacuum and mop at the same time.

Its mopping function makes it an exceptional cordless vacuum cleaner. It can hoover and mop the floor at the same time: Win Win!

The performance of the Speedpro was good - especially for a cordless hoover.

You can tell that Philips has put thought into the mopping system, as it simply works better than many others.

The manufacturing is very high quality.

Thanks to the magnetic connection, you can release the mop head with your foot and switch directly from hard floor to carpet by attaching the brush roll.

You can also regulate the amount of water with the foot via a pedal.

The collection of dirt was excellent in our test.

Mopping with the Philips Speedpro Max Aqua

Check Amazon*


Outstanding cleaning performance

Can vacuum and mop (3 in 1)

It can be used as a hand vacuum

Display with runtime




Connections a bit stiff

Empty function

Charging time

Why you can trust our reviews

Before we get into the details, let’s explain what our reviews can offer you and why to trust us.

Getting an overview of this huge range of products can be difficult, and investing your money in the wrong cordless hoover would be a disaster.

However, we have good news for you:

We can help you make the right choice with our in-depth reviews and cordless vacuum cleaner comparisons. 🏋️

What we do: We conduct comprehensive cordless vacuum cleaner tests and provide the results to you free of charge!

Our goal:

We want to help you find the best cordless vacuum cleaner by giving you independent and professional advice.

So if you're in the market for a new cordless vacuum, you've come to the right place! 🙏

Here’s a quick look at what’s to come:

  • A comparison of the best cordless vacuums (2022)
  • Which? Best Buy cordless vacuum reviews: top picks
  • Advantages of a cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Where cordless vacuums still have room for improvement
  • Different applications for cordless vacuums
  • Popular cordless vacuum brands
  • What to consider when buying a cordless hoover

Comparison of the best cordless vacuums

Model Dyson V15 Detect


V12 Slim

Dyson V11 Outsize Dyson V11 Absolute (2020) Tineco Pure One S12 Miele Triflex HX1 Dyson V10 Absolute Dreame V11 Dyson V8 Dyson V7
Suction power 230 AW 150 AW 220 AW 220 AW 150 AW 170 AW 150 AW 150 AW 115 AW 100 AW
Maximum runtime >60 min Up to 62 min Up to 60 min Up to 60 min Up to 96 min Up to 60 min Up to 60 min Up to 45 min Up to 40 min Up to 30 min
Charging time 4.5 h 4 h 4.5 h 4.5 h 3.5 h 4 h 4.5 h 4 h 5 h 3.5 h
Automatic adjustment to different floor types
Dust bin capacity 0.76 l 0.35 l 1.2 l 0.76 l 0.6 l 0.5 l 0.76 l 0.5 l 0.54 l 0.54 l
Suitable for carpets and hard floors
2-in-1 function
3-in-1 function
Mopping ability
Removable battery
HEPA filter
Weight 3.1 kg 2.3 kg 3.5 kg 3.05 kg 3.0 kg 3.7 kg 2.7 kg 2.9 kg 2.63 kg 2.3 kg
Volume in normal mode

Approx. 70 dB

75 dB Approx. 70 dB Approx. 70 dB Approx. 69 dB Approx. 72 dB Approx. 80 dB Approx. 72 dB Approx. 75 dB Approx. 80 dB
Advantages and disadvantages

+ Best cleaning performance

+ Laser dirt detection

+ Dirt analysis

+ Emptying function

- Expensive

+ Lockable power button

+ Strong cleaning performance

+ Laser dust detection

+ Very good for smaller and medium-sized homes

+ Handy

- Dirt tank size

+ Strong cleaning performance

+ Extra large dirt bin

+ Extra large floor head

+ Automatic floor adjustment

+ LCD screen

+ Replaceable battery

+ Very flexible

- Weight

+ Strong cleaning performance

+ Automatic floor adjustment

+ Display

+ Replaceable battery

+Very flexible

+ Very good cleaning performance

+ Lots of new features

+ Automatic filter cleaning tool

+Well thought-out charging station

+ 3-in-1 function

+ Self- standing

+ Good cleaning performance


+ Very good cleaning performance

+ Very good emptying function

+ User- friendly

- No display

- Weight

+ Affordable

+ Many accessories

+ Good workmanship

+ Display

- Poor carpet cleaning

- No removable battery

-Difficult to manoeuvre

- No "standard brush" for carpets

+ Decent suction power+ Cleaning power

+ User friendly

- Long charging time

- Difficulties with coarse dirt on hard floors

- only 8 minutes in turbo mode

+ Good cleaning results

+ Affordable

- No longer available everywhere

- Difficulties with coarse dirt on hard floors

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Which? Best Buys for cordless vacuum cleaners in the UK

The best cordless hoovers are on their way to overtaking traditional corded hoovers and making them obsolete.

This is also reason enough for Which? to take a closer look at some of the most popular devices and rank them.

Corded vs Cordless vacuum cleaners

Which? has dared to compare corded and cordless vacuum cleaners, with many different factors considered.

Overall, using a cordless vacuum was the better option in terms of weight, manoeuvrability, ease of use for awkward areas like cars or stairs, and ease of storage.

The disadvantages of cordless hoovers compared to corded kinds were battery life, dust capacity, wall mounts and maintenance.

When comparing their choice of best cordless vacuum against their best corded vacuum, the dust pick-up was 83% and 86% respectively. A pretty impressive result! 🚀

Best cordless vacuum cleaners 2022

The results are in from Which? on their favourite cordless vac of 2022: Their choice for the best overall model is the Miele Triflex HX2.

With a score of 86%, they praise the vacuum’s cleaning ability on carpets and between floorboards. They also mention the fact that it keeps all dust and allergen stored inside - great for those with allergies.

In second place, the Dyson V11 Absolute scores 85% - an impressive score! 🤩

Its ease of use on all floor types was praised, while the lack of lockable power button knocks off some points. Read our review here.

The suction power of the Dyson V11 was also outstanding in our own test. The cordless hoover even sucked out more than 100% of the sand from our test carpet (leftover from previous tests, despite thorough cleaning).

Suitability for allergy sufferers was considered particularly good, as the dust retention function works very well. 🤩

The independent consumer organisation’s choice for best cordless vacuum for larger homes is the Dyson Outsize Absolute, which scores 83%. The larger dust container and cleanerhead are what really pipped competitors to the post in the Which? review.

Why buy a cordless vacuum?

The main difference between cordless hoovers and conventional hoovers is that they do not need to be plugged in at the wall while cleaning. Once the batteries are charged, you can start cleaning to your heart’s content.

Bosch Unlimited cordless vacuum is lying in the test area.

What was once done by a broom can now be done much more conveniently with a cordless hoover.

The best products on the market today can be used for every type of dirt and achieve very good cleaning results.

Who needs a cordless vacuum?

Simple question, simple answer:

Nobody. 😬

But if you like to vacuum your home regularly, then a good cordless hoover will be a real asset for you. The right tool can save you a lot of time and hassle, as the best cordless stick vacuums are simply 10x more practical than conventional corded hoovers. 💪

Can cordless vacuums replace conventional hoovers?

For some years now, the battle has been raging between conventional corded vacuums and modern cordless vacuums.

Many people planning to buy a new hoover ask themselves whether they should buy a conventional device or opt for more modern technology.

People are creatures of habit, and many still tend to use the old corded models out of uncertainty. As a result, they continue to put up with the weaknesses and disadvantages of these hoovers and torment themselves with tangled cables and expensive, dusty bags.

We have good news: you can put an end to it!

Cordless vacuums are now much better than their reputation. Previous weaknesses, such as insufficient battery life or poor suction power, are no longer an issue with good devices.

We find the advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners now far outweigh the disadvantages - and these advantages are exactly why we opt for cordless.

Advantages of cordless vacuums

So what exactly is it that makes cordless vacuums so popular? There are many reasons for this.

Advantages at a glance

  • More convenient
  • Easy handling
  • Space-saving storage
  • Flexible use
  • 2-in-1 function (stick and handheld in one)
  • Low follow-up costs
  • Cord-free
  • Bagless
  • Environmentally friendly

Vacuum cleaning doesn’t tend to rank highly on people’s lists of favourite activities. Cables that aren’t long enough, tangled cable, bag full, vacuum cleaner falls over - the list goes on.

All that is history when you are the proud owner of a cordless, bagless and modern cordless hoover.

What makes cordless vacuum cleaners more convenient?

You can walk comfortably from room to room without having to worry about tangled cables any more. Not even stairs can hold you up any longer.

In the past, you’d always run out of vacuum bags right when you needed one most…

...that's also history. Most cordless vacuums come with handy dust containers that you can simply empty.

Space-saving storage

Most cordless vacuum cleaners come with a practical wall mount.

The wall mount for the Dyson V12 slim is shown with the vacuum.

When you're done vacuuming, you can place it in the corner or hang it on the wall to save space. The slim designs also help to save space.

If you don't necessarily want to drill holes in the wall for your cordless vacuum cleaner, you can also get a practical floor stand.

You can also usually store all the accessories in these charging docks.

Flexibility: 2-in-1 function

Cordless vacuums normally come with plenty of accessories included in the box to increase the ways in which you can use your device.

The Dyson V15 is being used in stick vacuum mode.

The Dyson V11 is shown in handheld mode.

You can convert modern cordless hoovers into compact cordless handheld vacuums.

This makes vacuuming your car or hoovering your furniture a cinch. Cordless vacuums are so versatile!

Follow-up costs

You can really save on follow-up costs with a bagless cordless device. These savings are no joke - the cost of buying hoover bags over the years can really add up.

The graph shows that follow-up costs make conventional hoovers more expensive in the long run.

The cost of replacing filters is also eliminated. Your wallet will thank you here too!


Bagless and filterless are not only good for your wallet, they also help to avoid unnecessary waste and protect the environment.

Tip: If you prefer disposable dust bags, there are also cordless vacuum cleaners for you, for example the Vorwerk Kobold VB100.

Where do cordless hoovers still have room for improvement?

Of course, we know cordless vacuum cleaners aren’t perfect in every regard. There are still some areas to watch out for when shopping for your cordless vacuum.

Battery life

The best cordless vacuum cleaners offer runtimes of up to 90 minutes. That should be easily enough for a thorough cleaning of an average flat.

⚠️ But be careful: Manufacturers often like to state the maximum runtime in the power-saving eco mode. This is often not enough for proper cleaning.

Once you run out of battery, that’s it for floor cleaning until it’s recharged.

As such, runtime is a critical factor among cordless hoovers. However, this is no longer an issue among top cordless models in the UK.

Make sure to pay attention to battery life when shopping for your cordless vacuum.

The Smart Home Fox is waiting for the battery to charge.

💡 Tip: Read some reviews of the cordless vacuum you’re thinking of buying to check if the battery life is sufficient at the power mode you’ll need to use.

Some brands claim their runtimes are enormous. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice that these times apply to cleaning in a power-saving mode, for example. Thus, you may only be able to clean in normal mode for a much more limited time.

That’s where our reviews come in: We sort the good from the bad so you’re totally clear about which models really have a longer battery life.

Cleaning performance

The cleaning performance of many models leaves a lot to be desired. That is why we strongly recommend:

Read the reviews beforehand!

This way you can avoid buying the wrong model.

What to look out for when buying a cordless vacuum

Choosing the right cordless stick vacuum cleaner is an important decision, because the choice you make now will affect how efficiently and conveniently you’ll be able to clean your home for years to come.

The great thing about cordless hoovers is that they’re always ready to go (no untangling of cables etc.).

This also means we’ll use our vacuum cleaner much more often, making it all the more important for you to choose the right one.

So make sure you make an informed decision when buying.

Here’s a quick summary of what you should look out for when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner.

What to consider before buying

  • Not all cordless vacuum cleaners are made equal. They can differ considerably in quality and, above all, cleaning performance. An independent review can protect you from making the wrong decision.
  • Battery life is a critical factor. Good cordless hoovers have a runtime between 40 and 90 minutes.
  • The tools are versatile, but some tools are better for certain types of cleaning. What do you need?
  • How much cash are you willing to spend?

Which is the best cordless vacuum for me? 10 tips for making your decision

We want you to feel confident when shopping for your cordless vacuum, so we’ve compiled a watertight buying guide for you to follow.

The guide will contain a number of categories we deem to be the most important when shopping for a cordless vacuum:

  • Design
  • Accessories
  • Suction power
  • Cleaning features
  • Handling
  • Maintenance, follow-up costs, etc.
  • Value for money
  • Volume
  • Warranty
  • Sustainability

#Tip 1: Design: What types of cordless hoovers are there?

If you are wondering whether a cordless vacuum cleaner is worthwhile for you, first ask yourself what you want to vacuum.

Depending on the area of application, some vacuums are more suitable than others. Basically, we can split them into four types here:

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These devices are small and handy. They are only suitable for smaller tasks, such as quickly cleaning crumbs from the couch.

The Vorwerk VC100 is a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Cordless vacuums

These cordless upright vacuum cleaners are used to clean the floor. So if you only want to clean floors, this might be for you.

2-in-1 cordless vacuums

Sometimes also called stick vacuum, cordless hoover or stick hoover.

The Tineco S12 PureOne stick vacuum is being measured.

These devices can be converted from a floor hoover to a compact handheld hoover in just a few steps. The possibility of switching to a handheld device increases your range of application and makes your cordless vacuum much more versatile.

That's why we always recommend buying a 2-in-1 device.

3-in-1 cordless vacuums

Miele also produces a 3-in-1 cordless vacuum. In addition to the two functions mentioned above, you can also choose between connecting the power unit directly to the floorhead or placing it at the upper end of the wand.

The Miele HX1 Comfort is being reassembled.

The bottom position ensures that the centre of gravity is lower and you can vacuum more comfortably. We describe this in more detail in our Miele Triflex HX1 review.

4-in-1 function - cordless vacuum-mops

Development is progressing and you may be pleased to hear that some manufacturers are now "experimenting" with mopping capabilities in addition to vacuuming.

The Phillips Speedpro Max Aqua is a cordless vacuum cleaner with mopping capabilities.

We deliberately describe it as experimenting, as the designs are still in the early stages of development.

We have only been able to achieve good cleaning results with a few devices in our tests - you can read our review on the best vacuum-mop combo cordless vacuums here.

In addition, some brands also advertise a broom mode that is meant to replace sweeping on hard floors. However, we don’t fully understand the appeal of this function. 😕

What are your vacuuming needs?

With so many different types of devices, you must ask yourself what you need a vacuum cleaner for most.

📍 If you live in a multi-storey home or have lots of rooms, then a cordless device is worthwhile for you, so you can avoid constantly plugging and unplugging your device.

📍 If your floors are mainly carpeted, make sure the cordless vacuum you buy works well on carpets. Some models have a hard time here.

📍 Is the flooring in your home mainly laminate or hardwood? Then you should choose a device that is optimised or equipped for this. Producers of the best devices have developed special attachments for this purpose.

📍 Do you have a mix of different floor types in your home? In our experience, most homes have both hard floors and carpets. Of course, it makes sense to make sure that your chosen device performs well on all surfaces when buying.

That's why, at Smart Home Fox, we always test the appliances on different floors and with different types of dirt.

#Tip 2: Accessories and extras: Add value to your device

When buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, accessories can make a huge difference in your choice. Brands are very imaginative and there are a vast amount of different accessories on offer.

Good accessories can make your cordless vacuum much more versatile.

So check what’s included in the box when making your choice. Upgrading to a model that includes more accessories or opting for a bundle often only costs a few extra pounds.

However, they tend to be more expensive if you wait until after your purchase to buy them.

Overview of the best accessories

Cordless vacuum brands are constantly coming up with new accessories for their products.

After all, it's a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

And for us customers, more accessories means more ways to use our cordless hoover!

All the accessories for the Dyson V15 are laid out on a table.
Here you can see all the accessories for the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute.

Some of the gadgets you’ll come across are handy, some are essential, and others are simply unnecessary.

So let’s check out some of the highlights from our tests.

Absolute essentials

First of all, we’ll go over the basic equipment that should be included as standard in the package contents.

Standard floorhead

This definitely includes the standard floorhead.

This brush head is used to clean the floor and you can use it to clean both carpets and hard floors.

It’s nice if the floor brush also has LED lighting.

The standard floor brush.

Wall mount

A wall mount is a necessary accessory for saving space by storing your cordless vacuum on the wall. It’s not just used for storage, but also for charging your device.

The practical wall mount.

Alternatively, you can use a floor dock*. They have the same function as a wall mount. However, you don't have to drill holes in the wall and you can easily move them around your home.

Another alternative to the wall mount is a freestanding cordless vacuum cleaner. Self-supporting devices also take up less space in your storage.

Crevice nozzle

The crevice nozzle of the Dyson V11.

Another must-have is the crevice nozzle.

This practical attachment lets you get into every crack and crevice. Fighting crumbs and dust between the sofa cushions is easy with this tool.

Multi-surface tool
Bristles extended on the multi-tool
The multi-tool with soft bristles extended.
Bristles retracted on the multi-tool.
The multi-tool with retracted bristles.

The multi-tool is also a real asset.

Extend the bristles and you have a dusting brush for cleaning cupboards or dusting other surfaces.

Retract the bristles and you have an attachment for tackling coarse dirt on upholstery, mattresses or other tough areas.

Really handy extra

Soft roller

The soft floor head of the Tineco S12 PureOne.

The soft roller or fluffy head is a game-changer for cleaning hard floors such as laminate, hardwood or vinyl.

The brush bar glides easily over the hard floor and picks up dirt better.

#Tip 3: Suction power =/= cleaning performance

Brands try to advertise the performance of their cordless hoovers using different values.

Watts are often used to do this.

What is an Airwatt?

Dyson has invented its own measurement called Airwatts. This value shows the suction power used by a vacuum to carry a unit of air through an opening. So if you change the size of the opening, you get a different suction power.

However, (air)watts do not necessarily have anything to do with the real cleaning performance. These figures are relative. There are cordless vacuum cleaners with fewer watts that achieve better cleaning performance than others.

Tip: Don't be guided by watt or airwatt specifications (or similar) when deciding which vacuum to buy. Instead, look at real vacuum reviews and cleaning tests.

Reviews that test cordless vacuum cleaning performance under both realistic and “extreme conditions” are much more informative than manufacturers’ specifications.

You can determine exactly which types of dirt and on which floor types the machine is suitable for.