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The new Circular Ring - Our review of the new smart ring on the UK market (2024)

Last updated: 09.11.2023 Reading time: 12 Min.

The announcement of the Circular Ring in mid-2022 caused quite a sensation!

This smart ring is marketed as a cheaper alternative to the popular Oura Ring. 🤑

The Circular Ring website promises a lot:

  • Extensive sleep analysis...
  • Continuous tracking of your daily activity...
  • On top of that, there are many health functions...
  • And even smart control of the connected smartphone!

But can the smart ring live up to these promises?

We were lucky enough to get hold of one of the first rings and put it through its paces in our tests.

We reveal our experience below. 👇

  • Circular
    Smart Ring
    Price from   £ 239
    A smart ring for tracking sleep and activity.
    "Note: Due to delivery problems, we currently do not recommend purchasing the Circular Ring!"
    Smart Ring
    A smart ring for tracking sleep and activity.
    "Note: Due to delivery problems, we currently do not recommend purchasing the Circular Ring!"


  • Detailed sleep analysis
  • Quite accurate activity tracker
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Changeable outer shells
  • Smart functions soon available


  • App not yet fully developed
  • Not so elegant design
  • Quite chunky

Most important points at a glance:

  • Announced in autumn 2022
  • Currently still in beta
  • Available in standard US sizes 6 to 13
  • Circular App for Android and iPhone
  • Must be worn for 2 weeks before obtaining reliable data

Review of the Circular Ring sleep analysis

The Circular Ring is primarily promoted for its extensive sleep-tracking abilities.

Just like the well-known Oura Ring, which we’ve also reviewed, it is intended to help you improve your sleeping pattern in the long term.

Info: The Oura Ring is one of the best sleep trackers to date. That's why we compared the Circular Ring's sleep data with that of the Oura Ring.

How well did you sleep?

Ever wonder why some days you wake up feeling exhausted?

And on others, you jump out of bed full of energy and ready for the day ahead? 🦸‍♂️

The Circular Ring will provide you with answers to these exact questions.

Info: Since the ring does not have a display, all your recorded data can be accessed through your phone. The Circular App can be downloaded for iOS from the Apple App Store and for Android from the Google Playstore.

You can see the sleep analysis with the Circular Ring.

You will receive the following information:

  • Sleep Score (provides information about the quality of your sleep)
  • Total sleep time
  • Sleep start and end times

Other parameters are also recognised. 👇

Your sleep stages: Deep, REM and light sleep

The Circular Ring can also tell you how much time you’ve spent in which sleep stages.

Important: In order for your sleep phase to be measured, the ring must be in performance mode. You can adjust this setting in the app.

How do you activate performance mode on the Circular Ring?

To activate the performance mode on your Circular Ring, open the Circular App on your mobile phone:

  1. Click on "My Ring" in the top right corner.
  2. Go to "Data Mode."
  3. Activate the "Performance Mode."
  4. Your ring now measures your sleep stages while you sleep.

Info: In the next chapter, we’ll take a look at the accuracy of the recorded metrics.

Interruptions to your sleep

The Circular Ring detects when you wake up throughout the night.

Waking time during sleep should not exceed 20% in healthy adults.

Real sleep: How efficient was your night's rest?

The real sleep or the efficiency of your night's rest provides information about how long you really slept.

So “real sleep” is simply total sleep time minus interruptions.

A value above 90 % is optimal here. 😌

How much did you move in your sleep?

The Circular Ring also detects how often you toss and turn while you sleep.

This information is summarised under “Tranquility”.

Nights with lots of movement usually reduce the quality of your sleep.

Circadian rhythm - how good is your body clock?

The Circadian rhythm is your inner body clock. It refers to processes that respond to your environment over a 24-hour cycle.

Our sleep-wake rhythm is probably the best example of a circadian rhythm.

This is because it allows our body to adapt to the changing environmental conditions that occur throughout the day.

You can see the sleep analysis of the Circular Ring.

Info: Every person can be assigned to a certain chronotype. Depending on your chronotype, different characteristics are more or less pronounced at different times of the day.

The Circular Ring detects whether your sleep pattern corresponds to your chronotype.

Time taken to fall asleep

We often don't fall asleep straight away when we lie down in bed at night.

The Circular Ring detects the time taken to fall asleep.

Info: According to sleep researchers, most adults should fall asleep within the first 5 and 30 minutes of going to bed.

Did you sleep too long or too little?

Sleeping too long is inefficient and can have a negative impact on our productivity.

However, not sleeping long enough also has negative effects on our body.

The Circular Ring compares the duration of your sleep with the optimal sleep duration for your body.

Measuring your heart rate and heart rate variability

The Circular Ring also measures your heart rate and heart rate variability.

Info: Many different metrics are derived from the heart rate measurement.

This way you can keep an eye on your heart rate throughout the day.

You can see the measurement of heart rate and heart rate variability in the Circular App.
Heart rate and heart rate variability

In addition, the Circular activity tracking ring also measures your heart rate variability.

Info: Heart rate variability (HRV) measures the change over time between two heartbeats. Based on these measured values, the health of your autonomic nervous system can be determined.

The Circular Ring uses this data to tell you how well your body has recovered from the events of the previous day.

In addition, HRV can also provide information about fatigue and stress.

You can see the measured HRV in the Circular App.
Heart rate variability
Info: If the HRV is above the reference line, it means that you are rested and fit for the next day. However, if it is below it, you need to rest before exercising.

In our test, however, our HRV was always far below the reference line, even though we actually felt fit and rested. 🤔

Measuring your breathing rate

The Circular Ring also recognises your breathing rate.

This data can be used to detect illness, for example. Because when we are sick, we breathe harder and faster. 😮💨

You can see the measured breathing rate in the Circular App.
Breathing rate
Info: Between 12 and 18 breaths per minute are normal for a healthy adult at rest.

Breathing exercises for relaxation and falling asleep

The Circular Ring offers breathing exercises to help you relax and fall asleep.

The smart ring vibrates on your finger to let you know when to take your next breath.

After exercising, you get an overview of how good your performance was.

Taking your temperature

The Circular Ring is also equipped with temperature sensors. 🤒

With this data, you can see how your body's natural defences react to your environment.

Good to know: If your body temperature is about 0.8 °C above or below your normal temperature, this could indicate an infection.
You can see the temperature measurement with the Circular ring.

Your SpO2 value: Blood oxygen level

Just like most smartwatches, the Circular Ring can continuously measure the oxygen saturation of your blood.

Info: Your blood oxygen level (SpO2) tells you how effectively your red blood cells can transport oxygen through your body.

This value can be used to identify possible respiratory diseases, such as shortness of breath, asthma or sleep apnea.

You can see the measurement of oxygen saturation with the Circular Ring.
Oxygen saturation (SpO2)

In healthy adults, the SpO2 value is usually between 94 and 100.

Caution: As the Circular Ring does not provide medically validated results, always consult a doctor if there are signs of illness.

Smart alarm clock

The Circular Ring also comes with a silent, smart alarm clock.

This allows the smart ring to wake you up in the morning during light sleep by gently vibrating. ☀️

Info: Waking up during a light sleep stage helps us get out of bed more rested in the morning.
You can see the smart alarm clock of the Circular Ring.
Smart alarm clock

You can specify a time window in which you would like to be woken up in the Circular App.

As soon as the Circular Ring detects that you are in a light sleep phase during this period, it will wake you up. ⏰

Our conclusion on sleep analysis with the Circular Ring

We spent a lot of time reviewing the sleep analysis of the Circular Ring.

Important: The wearable must first be worn regularly for at least 2 weeks in order to retrieve reliable data. This way, the smart ring can get to know you.

All in all, the Circular Ring records pretty much everything you could want from a good sleep-tracking ring. 🥳

But of course we didn’t just want to find out what data the ring provides, but also how accurate it is.

And this is precisely what we would like to deal with in the next chapter. 👇

Accuracy test of the Circular Ring sleep analysis

The Circular Ring records all kinds of data while you slumber peacefully at night. 🦥

But of course it is not only the variety of data that is crucial, but also its accuracy.

Info: Currently, the ring is still in the beta phase. This means that further updates could ensure that the data is even more accurate in the future.

To check the accuracy of the Circular Ring, we wore it together with the Oura Ring 3 and the Apple Watch Ultra.

Info: The Oura Ring is currently one of the best sleep tracking wearables. We’ve closely analysed the sleep analysis of the Oura Ring in our review.

Deviations in the sleep score

The sleep score provides information about how well you’ve slept overall.

It is a compilation of all the different sleep data the Circular Ring has recorded.

You can see the sleep score of the Circular Ring and the Oura Ring.
left: Circular; right: Oura

When comparing the wearables, we noticed that the Circular Ring generally calculates a higher score than the Oura Ring 3.

The reason for this could be different formulas for calculation.

Info: In past reviews of various smartwatches, we also noticed that the Oura Ring sleep score is generally lower. The data comparison with the Circular Ring is no exception.

Accuracy of the sleep stages

For a more detailed overview, we compared the measured sleep stages of the Circular Ring with both those of the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra.

You can see the sleep score of the Circular Ring, the Apple Watch Ultra and the Oura Ring.
left: Circular; centre: Oura; right: Apple Watch Ultra

We retrieved the following results in the measured sleep stages:

Circular Oura Apple
Awake 0 h 1 min 1 h 47 min 0 h 20 min
REM 1 h 16 min 1 h 10 min 1 h 31 min
Light 4 h 12 min 3 h 36 min 5 h 6 min
Deep 1 h 2 min 1 h 18 min 0 h 25 min

When comparing this data, it becomes clear that the Circular Ring definitely has problems measuring waking phases.

Unlike the Oura Ring 3 and the Apple Watch, the Circular Ring did not detect any waking stages during our sleep.

On the other hand, the rest of the data largely coincides with that of the Oura Ring.

Info: Particularly accurate results can only be obtained in a sleep laboratory. Data can often be distorted by wearables slipping from your finger or wrist during the night.

Heart rate measurement accuracy

Next, we compared the measured heart rate (HR) between the Circular and the Oura Ring. 👇

You can see the measured heart rate between Circular Ring and Oura Ring.
left: Circular; right: Oura

When comparing the heart rate monitors, we received the following results:

Circular Oura
Average 73 bpm 71 bpm
Lowest HF 58 bpm 59 bpm

The collected data of the two gadgets are overall very close to each other! 🥳

Caution: Here, too, slipping of the ring can cause inaccurate data.

Heart rate variability accuracy

Another variable we looked at closely is heart rate variability (HRV).

You can see the measured heart rate variability between Circular Ring and Oura Ring.
left: Circular; right: Oura

Here you can see the following:

Circular Oura
Average 44.93 ms 42 ms
Maximum 75.36 ms 76 ms

Another data match between the two rings! 🤩

Sleep analysis accuracy - Our conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that the measured data of the Circular Ring is broadly consistent with that of the Oura Ring. 🙌

Caution: On some days, the Circular Ring had problems correctly recording our total sleep time. One one such occasion, it detected a sleep duration of 12 hours, although we only spent about 7 hours in bed.

Such problems could be fixed by future updates. After all, we must not forget that the Circular Ring is still in the beta phase.

Review of the activity tracking features of the Circular Ring

The Circular Ring not only offers sleep tracking, it also aims to keep track of your daily activity.

Unlike a smartwatch, the focus of smart rings is generally not on sports and exercise.

Nevertheless, the Circular Ring has all kinds of fitness tracking features on board. 🤩

Info: If you're looking for wearable tech specifically for tracking your workouts, check out our big review of the best smartwatches and sports watches.

Always-on activity tracker

As you go about your daily tasks, the Circular Ring continuously tracks your activity with its built-in accelerometer.

You can see the activity tracker of the Circular Ring.

You will receive the following information in the app:

  • Steps
  • Distance travelled
  • Calories burned
  • Pulse and heart rate measurement
  • VO2max
  • Temperature
Info: Your VO2max provides information about your general physical fitness and endurance capacity.

Your daily activity

The Circular Ring not only tracks your daily activity, but also categorises it according to intensity.

Activity tracking Circular App.

Your cardio points: have you moved enough today?

The Circular Ring helps you to get enough exercise every day.

To do so, it tracks your activities and awards you with so-called cardio points depending on the intensity of each activity.

You can see the cardio points in the Circular App.
Cardio points

The higher the intensity of the activity, the more cardio points you get.

Please note: Unfortunately, we did not find any information on how many cardio points are recommended per day in the Circular App.

With the help of the Circular Ring, you can ensure that you get enough exercise every day.

Steps taken and calories burned

The Circular Ring counts your steps and measures your calories burned.

You can see your daily progress as well as data from the past days and weeks in the app.

Distance travelled is also calculated by the ring.
You can see the steps and calories measured on the Circular Ring.
Left: Steps; Right: Calories

Based on your habits and profile, the Circular Ring sets daily walking goals for you.

The Circular Ring helps you to stay active.

The ring is water-resistant and can also be worn for surfing, swimming, sailing and other water sports.

Measuring heart rate and resting pulse rate

The Circular Ring doesn’t just measure your heart rate and resting pulse while you sleep at night.

Even during the day, the Circular Ring offers you these health-tracking features.

You can see the measured heart rate and the resting heart rate of the Circular Ring.
left: Resting heart rate (7 days); centre: Resting heart rate (30 days); right: Heart rate

The Circular smart ring always compares your resting heart rate with your reference value.

Info: If your resting heart rate is frequently above your reference value, this can be a sign that you’re unwell.

Your energy score: how fit you are today

The Circular Ring also tells you how much energy you have available for the day.

The following aspects are taken into account when calculating the energy score:

  • Immune system
  • Stress level
  • Sleep
  • Activity recovery
Energy Score

A high score means your body is ready for intense physical and mental activities.

If, on the other hand, your energy score is low, rest is the order of the day.

Circular Ring’s fitness features - Our conclusion

Overall, the variety of recorded data impressed us.

The Circular Ring helps you keep track of your daily activity and well-being. 🙌

Info: If you are specifically looking for a wearable to support your workouts, we would advise you to go for a smartwatch. These have far more fitness features on board.

Accuracy test of the Circular Ring fitness data

As part of our tests, we naturally also wanted to check how accurate the measured activity data is.

To do so, we wore the ring in conjunction with the new Apple Watch Ultra and the Oura Ring 3.

Info: The Apple Watch Ultra performs particularly well in terms of fitness functions. Have a look at our review of the best Apple watches here.

Pedometer accuracy

When testing the accuracy of the Circular smart ring’s pedometer, the following data was recorded by the 3 wearables. 👇

You can see the recorded steps of the Circular Ring, the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra.
left: Circular; centre: Oura; right: Apple

When comparing the data, the following results were obtained:

Circular Oura Apple
Steps 19.112 14.461 19.828
Distance 14.0 km 13.8 km 16.20 km

Looking at the data side by side, it is clear that both the Circular Ring and the Oura Ring recorded a significantly lower distance travelled than the Apple Watch Ultra.

Info: Neither the Circular Ring nor the Oura Ring have a built-in GPS. So it’s no surprise that the recorded routes are somewhat inaccurate.

In terms of the pedometer, however, the Circular Ring performs very well! The number of steps recorded is much closer to the Apple Watch Ultra than the Oura ring. 🙌

How accurately does the Circular Ring count your calories?

In our test, we also wanted to find out how accurately the Circular Ring counts calories burned.

Here, too, we have compared the data with that of the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra.

You can see the recorded calories of the Circular Ring, the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra.
left: Circular; centre: Oura; right: Apple

We have looked at the data in detail. 👇

Circular Oura Apple
Calories 2,583 2,933 3,043

Here it becomes clear that the Circular Ring somewhat underestimates the calories burned when compared to the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch.

Conclusion of the fitness data accuracy test

Due to the design, it is not surprising that neither the Oura Ring nor the Circular Ring can provide as accurate data as a smartwatch.

That being said, the Circular Ring's pedometer is surprisingly accurate. 🥳

However, the ring somewhat underestimates the number of calories burned.

The Circular Ring smart features review

The Circular Ring website also promises smart functions. The wearable claims to act as an extension of your smartphone.

At present, however, these are not yet available.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at what the ring is supposed to be able to do for you.

Notifications on your finger

The Circular Ring is designed to alert you to incoming messages by lightly vibrating on your finger.

Whether it's calendar reminders, your timer or message notifications, soon you'll be able to find out from your finger when news awaits you!

Info: As the ring does not have an NFC chip, it is not possible to make contactless payments with the wearable.

Smart control

The website also promises smart control options.

Circular is still keeping quiet on the details here, however.

That being said, it should be possible to control connected devices using the small button on the fitness tracking ring's housing.

As soon as we receive new information about the Circular Ring, we will of course tell you about it here.

Our experience with the design and wearing comfort of the Circular Smart Ring UK

The Circular Ring is of course not only a sleep and fitness tracker, but also an accessory.

So naturally, the smart ring should also look good on your finger and fit comfortably.

Let’s have a look at our experience with design and wearing comfort.

Appearance of the smart ring

A medical-grade, non-metallic inner material is used for the inside of the ring. The ring is non-allergenic and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. 🥳

The outside of the smart ring is made of a carbon fibre coating with a stainless steel alloy.

You can see the Circular ring.

On closer inspection, however, we noticed that the surface of the ring already appeared somewhat scratched when it was unpacked.

To be honest, we would have expected better workmanship from such an expensive gadget. 😕

Side button

An inconspicuous black button is located on the outside of the ring.

You can see the Circular ring.

Pressing this button will deactivate your alarm.

In the future, it will also be possible to control connected devices.

Personalised design thanks to exchangeable outer shells

The Circular Ring comes with a changeable outer shell.

This is a metal ring that you can simply slide over the outside of the wearable.

You can see the different outer shells of the Circular Ring.
Outer shells

When you place your order, you can choose from one of the four shells:

  • Gold
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Rose gold
Tip: You can, of course, also add additional shells to your initial purchase.

You can see the outer shell of the Circular Ring.

The outer shells in silver, gold and rose gold are more a matter of preference.

The ring itself is black. So if you use a shell other than the black one, a black border will be visible.

You can see the outer shell of the Circular Ring.

You can see the outer shell of the Circular Ring.

Size and weight of the Circular Ring

The Circular Ring is available in US standard sizes from 6 to 13.

The ring also has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 9 mm
  • Thickness: 2.75 mm
  • Weight: 5 grams (depending on size)

In our opinion, the Circular Ring looks a bit clunky.

Wearing comfort: How comfortable is the Circular Ring?

To find out how comfortable the Circular Ring is to wear, we wore it every day for several weeks.

You can see the circular ring on your finger.

Overall, however, we found the ring to be a bit big and clunky.

Some people may find it particularly bothersome while sleeping.

In addition, the sensors on the inside of the ring sometimes press a little uncomfortably into your skin.

You can see the sensors of the Circular Ring.
Tip: Wear the ring with the flat side facing the inside of your hand so you can easily reach the button with your thumb. This ensures a comfortable fit.

How do you find the right smart ring size?

In order for the Circular Ring to measure your data as accurately as possible, it is important that it fits well and does not slip.

Circular offers a sizing kit for determining the size. Alternatively, you can also determine your ring size using the template that is available for download on the website.

Tip: Since the Circular Ring comes in US standard sizes, you can also simply ask your jeweller for your ring size.

Determine your ring size with the sizing kit

You can order the sizing kit on the company website.

You will then receive a sizing kit with 8 plastic rings delivered to your home.

Now you can try on the different circular rings. The flat side should face the inside of your hand, and your should be able to reach the button with your thumb.

You can see the size kit of the Circular Ring.
© Circular

To find the optimal fit, Circular gives the following tips:

  • The thickness of your fingers changes throughout the day. Therefore, wear your ring for at least 24 hours to ensure an optimal fit at any time of day.
  • Go for the smaller size if you are unsure.
  • Wear the ring on your non-dominant hand.

Use the free Circular ring template

For those who do not wish to order the size kit, Circular provides a template.

You can simply download it and print it out.

The Circular printout also makes it quick and easy to determine the right ring size.

Our conclusion on the design of the Circular Ring

For our taste, we find that the ring is a little too clunky overall.

The workmanship is also less high-quality than we would have expected.

But we hope that Circular will pay a little more attention to elegance with future generations of the ring....

The Circular Ring battery life review

Battery life is, of course, a particularly important topic among all wearables. 🔋

After all, this largely determines how long you can wear your wearable before it has to be recharged.

So of course we also took a close look at this point for our review.

How long does the Circular Ring battery last?

According to the manufacturer, the Circular Ring's battery should last up to 4 days before you need to recharge the smart ring.

In our test, this information was confirmed.

Important to note: This battery life can only be achieved when the ring is in Eco mode. However, in order to be able to record your sleep stages, for example, performance mode must be activated.

How long does the Circular Ring take to charge?

The charging time of the Circular Ring is quite fast at around 60 minutes. 🙌

A magnetic charging cable is included in the package contents.

Info: As soon as the ring is fully charged, the LED light on the charger goes out.

You can see the charger of the Circular Ring.
You can see the Circular Ring being charged.

The power cable is USB-C. However, a power unit is not included in the delivery.

Tip: You can find a large selection of USB-C adapters on the internet.

Our experience setting up the Circular Ring

To use the Circular Ring, you need a mobile phone with the Circular App installed.

The app can be downloaded either from the Apple App Store or the Google Playstore.

Particularly great: The Circular Ring is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones.

You can see the Circular Ring next to an iPhone on the table.

The set-up itself takes only a few moments:

  1. Charge the Circular Ring.
  2. Install the app on your smartphone.
  3. Create a Circular account.
  4. Select your ring in the app.
  5. Follow the set-up steps on your phone.
  6. And you're read to go! 🥳

We had no problems with set-up.

Our experience with the Circular App

You can view all the data recorded by the fitness tracker ring in the Circular app. 📱

In addition, you also have the option to adjust your ring settings.

First thing’s first: In our opinion, the Circular App is not yet fully developed. 😕

Don't forget: This is still the beta version of the app. We hope that further updates will follow to improve the user experience.

We would like to share our experiences with the app below.

Your activity and sleep

The Circular App is generally divided into 2 large blocks:

  • Your sleep data
  • Your activity data

Here you will find all the information collected by the ring.

You can see the Circular App.
Circular App

If you click on the individual parameters, you will also receive useful explanations of what the values actually mean.

However, we would have liked to see more recommendations on what exactly you can do to improve your sleep in the long term.

The Circular Ring's built-in memory is large enough to store recorded data from the last 10 days before the ring needs to be synced with your phone. 📱

Your personal assistant Kira

In the Circular App, your personal assistant Kira is at your side.

Kira provides you with all your recorded data.

Make adjustments to your ring

In the Circular app, you can also adjust settings on your ring, edit your personal data or set your smart alarm clock.

All in all, however, the Circular App does not yet appear to be fully developed in our opinion, as can be seen in the screenshot on the right, for example. 👇

You can see the Circular App.
Circular App

Our conclusion: good concept, rough execution

In conclusion, the concept of the Circular App is not bad in and of itself.

You will find all the important information presented in graphs. 📈

However, in our opinion, the design could be a little nicer. In addition, the operation is somewhat less simple and intuitive than we are used to from Oura, Apple or Samsung.

Info: As the app is currently still in beta, future updates could remedy this.

Price: How much does the Circular Ring cost in the UK?

An important point when buying a new wearable is, of course, the price. 💶

Even though the Circular Ring is not yet fully developed, it seems to have a lot to offer.

So, how much does the smart ring cost?

At market launch, the Circular Ring costs £239 in the UK.

This makes this smart ring a cheaper alternative to the popular Oura Ring.

Especially great: Unlike the Oura Ring, you don't need a paid subscription to view all tracked data with the Circular Ring.

Where can you buy the Circular Ring in the UK?

The Circular Ring is available directly from the manufacturer.

However, you may have to put up with long delivery times.

Since the Circular Ring is a crowdfunding project, delivery dates can be delayed, depending on the number of orders.

The current anticipated delivery for UK orders, according to the manufacturer site, is May 2023.

The gadget is not currently available on Amazon.

What alternatives are there to the Circular Ring?

Smart wearables are very much in vogue at the moment.

The well-known Oura Ring was the first fully developed smart ring on the market.

If you are looking for a smart ring, the Oura Ring is the best alternative to the Circular Ring.

However, a smart ring isn’t necessarily the best option for athletes who want extensive support during training.

In this case, it's better to go for a smartwatch or a sports watch.

The Circular Smart Ring Review UK - Our Conclusion

When the Circular Ring was announced a few months ago, we were immediately on board.

Now we’ve finally been able to put the smart ring to the test ourselves. 🤩

And the wearable definitely has a lot to offer:

  • Extensive sleep analysis
  • Continuous activity tracking
  • Lots of information about your health
  • Smart and silent alarm clock

The idea behind the ring is definitely good!

However, the concept is not yet fully developed. The ring does not look quite as elegant as we would have hoped.

We like the black shell best. But of course that's a matter of taste....

There is also definitely room for improvement in the app and the accuracy of the recorded data.

But of course we must not forget that the ring is currently still in beta phase.

With a few updates and improvements, we believe this could be one of the best smart rings available in the UK.

The app will give you regular updates and news about new features and improvements, which is exciting. You feel like you're part of the development. 🚀

Find out more:

  • Who is behind Circular?

    Circular is a French start-up based in Paris. The company worked with various specialists in sleep, sports and medical fields over a period of one year to develop the best possible algorithms for the company's first wearable.

  • How was the Circular Ring financed?

    The Circular Ring was funded via crowdfunding on the Kickstarter website. The ring can also be ordered there via Indiegogo.

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