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Proscenic M7 Pro UK review (2024)

Last updated: 07.07.2023 Reading time: 14 Min.

It’s pretty rare to find powerful and, above all, affordable vacuum robots with an emptying station. But could the Proscenic M7 Pro be a hidden gem? We’ll get to the core of that for you in our detailed review.

Until now, it was a pure luxury to own a robot vacuum cleaner with a self-emptying dustbin because they are far too expensive.

It’s a different story with the Proscenic M7 Pro.

The robot vacuum with a self-empty base is a real threat to the competition because of its affordable price.

This little housekeeper has many perks to offer, the automatic self-emptying function is one of them.

Following review, you can see all the strengths and weaknesses of the robot vacuum cleaner from Taiwan and whether we give a purchase recommendation based on our experience.


  • Robot vacuum cleaner with a self-empty base (self-cleaning function)
  • Smooth overcoming of obstacles (approx. 2.1 cm height)
  • Robot vacuum can be controlled via remote control
  • Mopping-Feature
  • Several maps can be saved
  • Good laser navigation
  • Huge mobile dustbin (600 ml)
  • App offers many functions
  • Great price-performance ratio


  • Mobile app offers many functions, but has minor software weaknesses
  • Rather noisy operation
  • No active control of the water flow for mopping
  • Small water tank (100 ml)

All important facts at a glance

  • Affordable robot vacuum cleaner with self-emptying bin
  • Very suitable for allergy sufferers (no contact with dust thanks to the self-emptying dustbin)
  • Can be controlled via app or remote control (suitable for people without smartphones / older people)
  • Protection of personal data. The Proscenic M7 Pro doesn’t need a wifi connection, you can operate it with the remote control.
  • Thanks to the multi-floor maps saving, the M7 Pro is well suited for houses/flats with more than one floor

Proscenic M7 Pro with with self-emptying dustbin

The self-emptying dustbin of the Proscenic M7 Pro is the highlight and one of the main reasons to buy the robot vacuum cleaner.

The self-empty base is optional.

It’s pretty easy to explain how it works.

Each time the robot vacuum is being charged at the charging station, the mobile dustbin will be emptied, too.

To empty the contents of the mobile dustbin, the Proscenic M7 Pro docks on the emptying station with its back part.

How the Proscenic M7 Pro self-empty base works

The entire self-emptying process takes about 10 seconds. Then the Proscenic M7 Pro turns itself around and docks on the charging station with its front part to charge the battery.

Attention: The self-emptying process is very noisy. You’re better off if you’re not standing right next to it. We’d also advise you to not use the emptying station at night - unless you want to annoy the neighbours ?.

A small hint: The suction hole will be covered if the water tank and mop are mounted on the vacuum robot. Then the dustbin can’t be emptied.

Suction hole

Proscenic M7 Pro suction hole on the bottom side of the robot vacuum cleaner

Water tank attached

Proscenic M7 Pro with attached water tank

The bottom line: you always have to remove the water tank and mopping plate so that the automatic emptying can take place.

The following settings can be made in mobile app:

  • The mobile dustbin is emptied whenever the Robot Vacuum Cleaner approaches the self-empty base
  • Or you can initiate the "automatic self-emptying" via the app if necessary.

From time to time, it might happen that small pieces of dirt are stuck in the mobile dustbin during the suction process.

But this didn’t bother us much because the majority of the dirt is being removed.

Proscenic M7 Pro*

Auto-empty station*

Proscenic M7 Pro: dustbin in the emptying station

The extracted dirt from the vacuum robot will be kept in a special dustbin at the emptying station.

Dustbin is being removed from the Proscenic M7 Pro emptying statio

A total of 3 dustbags are included with delivery of the self-empty base.

The special dustbag is pretty big and the manufacturer states that it only has to be replaced every 6 - 8 weeks.

It goes without saying that the frequency of the change depends on the size of your flat and how much dirt there is.

Whenever the dustbin is full, you will see a yellow light on the emptying station that indicates that it needs to be replaced.

You can easily buy a new one on Amazon* in the UK.

Saving Tips

You can use your regular vacuum cleaner to clean the insides of the dustbin of the self-empty base.

The dustbin of the self-empty baseis cleaned with a regular vacuum

This way you won’t have to replace the dustbins and save some money here.

But beware, by doing so you can’t avoid contact with dust entirely. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend this procedure for allergy sufferers.

Another option would be a reusable universal dustbin for the emptying station.

You can empty this one by opening the zip and use it several times.

A universal dustbin for the Proscenic M7 Pro self-emptying station

We put this universal dustbin through the review and it did a great job.

Important: Don’t throw away the original dustbins of the Proscenic M7 Pro. You’ll have to remove the top of the original bag and stick it to your new universal bin.

Conclusion on the self-empty base

We love the self-empty base.

The self-emptying function is a huge step towards fully automated cleaning.

You won’t have to empty the mobile dust container ever again.

From our experience, you only have to replace the dustbin at the emptying station every few weeks.

That’s it.

But it’s not just convenient to use the self-empty function.

The self-emptying dustbin is also a great relief, especially for allergy sufferers.

The self-emptying process means that you won’t be in contact with the aggressive dust anymore.

When you’re ready to get the most out of your Pro-scenic M7 Pro, an automatic emptying station is a great investment.If you choose to buy the Proscenic M7 Pro, we strongly recommend buying the emptying station, too.

Proscenic M7 Pro cleaning performance: Our Review

In our challenging cleaning tests, we put the Proscenic M7 Pro through the wringer in our "vacuum arena".

Here, the little household helper has to show what it's made of on laminate and on carpets (short pile / medium-pile and long pile).

In addition to these suction reviews, we also take a close look at the performance of the Proscenic M7 in our home.

A few details of the Proscenic M7 Pro:

  • Suction power of 2600 Pa.
  • 3 different suction levels
  • HEPA filter is included
  • Large dust container (600 ml) with a practical dust retention lid

As always, we used the highest cleaning level for our reviews.

Suction test on Hardwood

At the beginning of our review, the Proscenic M7 Pro had to show what it’s got on hardwood floors.

Usually, hard floors don’t pose a threat to good robot vacuum cleaners.

The M7 Pro also did an excellent job on laminate.

Overview of the review result of the Proscenic M7 pro on laminate

Result for lentils (47 of 50 g removed | 94 %)

Due to the rotating movement of the side brushes it happens quite easily that grainy lentils will be thrown around on hard floors.

This may cause the opposite of what we actually want: the dirt might be scattered around the room instead of being cleaned up.

Grainy lentils can easily be scattered on hard floors by the rotating movement of the side brushes.

The Proscenic M7 Pro didn’t have any troubles with that.

The two side brushes of the robot vacuum rotate at a good pace.

The Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner cleans lentils on laminate flooring

That’s how the robot vacuum cleaner manages to sweep the lentils to the suction opening to remove them.

Result for oat flakes (49 of 50 g removed | 98 %)

The Proscenic M7 Pro also came out with flying colors when we put it to the review with our second type of dirt - oatmeal.

The Proscenic M7 Pro robot vacuum removes oatmeal during the suction review on laminate flooring

The result:

An almost perfect cleaning result (49 of 50 g were cleaned up).

Proscenic M7 Pro cleans oatmeal on laminate during suction review

Result for sand (48 of 50 g removed | 96 %)

Vacuum robots have to be on top of their game to clean up heavy sand.

Proscenic M7 Pro during the sand suction review on laminate

The Proscenic M7 Pro did a great job here.

Step by step, the little household helper worked its way through the sand.

Proscenic M7 pro vacuums sand during the suction review on laminate

It managed to clean up an astonishing amount of 48 g of the dispersed sand.

Weighing out the sand after the suction review of the Proscenic M7 Pro on laminate

And from what we’ve seen so far, it’s an outstanding result!

Proscenic M7 Pro*

Auto-empty station*

Proscenic M7 Pro - Suction test on carpet

Next up, we checked out what the performance of the Proscenic M7 Pro is like on more difficult surfaces (carpet).

We can tell you this much:

The robot vacuum cleaner has a carpet detection function.

The Proscenic M7 Pro automatically switches to the strongest suction level as soon as it moves over the fluffy surface.

This worked quite well in our reviews - it only had a small delay.

It’s a very useful feature!

Below you can see an overview of the cleaning review on low-pile and high-pile carpets .

Cleaning review result on low-pile carpet

Overview of the Proscenic M7 Pro suction review result on a low-pile carpet

Result on high-pile carpet

Overview of the Proscenic M7 Pro suction review result on high-pile carpet

We can say this without a shade of a doubt:

The Proscenic M7 Pro had a good performance on carpet.

The robot vacuum didn’t have any problems with lentils on either low-pile or high-pile carpets.

Proscenic M7 Pro during the lentil suction review on a carpet

It removed 49 of 50 g (98%) on both carpet types, which is an outstanding result.

The Proscenic M7 pro didn’t show any mercy to the oat flakes on carpets, either.

Up on one side...

Proscenic M7 Pro vacuums oatmeal during the suction review on short carpet

... and down the other.

Proscenic M7 Pro vacuums oatmeal during cleaning review on long carpet

96% of the oat flakes (48 of 50 grams) were quickly removed on both short and high carpets.

A great result!

How did the Proscenic M7 pro do sand suction review?

It was also a very satisfying result.

Review result for sand on a short carpet (30 of 50 grams | 60%)

Proscenic M7 Pro vacuums sand during the suction review on a short pile carpet

Review result for sand on a long pile carpet (34 out of 50 grams | 68%)

Proscenic M7 Pro vacuums sand during the suction review on a long pile carpet

That’s a pretty good review result - but it’s by far not outstanding.

The Proscenic M7 pro thus ranks upper third. The robot vacuum cleaner from Taiwan can’t really hold a candle to the real "sand suction champions".

But for everyday use, the suction performance is more than sufficient, even on carpets.

On carpets, the M7 Pro really impressed us. All in all, it achieved a good cleaning result (also with sand). Bear in mind that our reviews are extreme situations. It’s very unlikely that even slightly as much sand will ever be on your carpet.

Proscenic M7 Pro in everyday use

As usual, we also observed the performance of the Proscenic M7 Pro in our flat over a longer period of time.

And the robot vacuum won us over.

The vacuum cleaner is very easy to operate (whether via the app or remote control).

The flat is cleaned quickly and seamlessly.

The combination of the two side brushes and the main brush works very well.

It effortlessly cleaned up the everyday dirt in our 80 m² flat (no pets, mainly hard floors).

In our flat, we cleaned almost only with the medium suction level. This led to very satisfactory cleaning results.

The luxury of the self-emptying bin is also something that we don’t want to miss in our everyday life anymore.

Being annoyed by emptying the mobile dust container - that’s a thing of the past.

Proscenic M7 Pro for pet hair (and human hair)

If you have pets or live with a person who has long hair...

... you can tell us all about this problem:

There are always lots of hairs all over the flat.

You can hardly keep up with the vacuuming.

The Proscenic M7 Pro handles hairs very well.

Since it has a very good suction power, the hairs are no issue at all.

But not all hair ends up in the dustbin.

Especially long human hair wraps itself around the brush from time to time.

Hairs wrapped around the Proscenic M7 Pro brush

This is completely normal for robot vacuums. The cleaning performance of the robot vacuum cleaner is not negatively affected by this.

At some point, however, you should free the brush from the hairs.

For this purpose, you can take out the cleaning brush of the Proscenic M7 Pro in just a few steps...

Taking out the main brush of the Proscenic M7 Pro

... and remove all hairs quickly without leaving any residue.

Removing hair with the cleaning tool

It’s a nice extra that they included the appropriate cleaning tools.

They are stored in a special "compartment" on the mobile dust container.

Proscenic M7 Pro cleaning tool

In this way, you’ll always have the right tool at hand and there’s no chance of losing it.

Cleaning Corners and Skirtings

The Proscenic M7 Pro cleaned the skirting boards very well.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner moves close to the skirtings.

The long side brushes collect the dirt and transport it towards the suction opening.

Proscenic M7 Pro cleans along the skirting

And the cleaning of corners?

The Proscenic M7 Pro coped very well with these, too.

The side brushes are quite long.

That’s why the robot vacuum collects and removes even deep-seated dirt corners.

Proscenic M7 Pro cleans in a corner

Even though the Proscenic M7 Pro has a round shape, it puts up a pretty good show when it comes to cleaning corners.

Hardly any competitor in the UK had a better performance here.

As of today, not a single round vacuum robot achieves a 100% satisfactory result when cleaning corners. This is due to the shape. However, it’s not a big deal. Dirt won't have a chance to accumulate corners because your new household helper will clean your home much more often.

Proscenic M7 Pro - Mopping - Our Review

The Proscenic M7 Pro is a robot vacuum cleaner with an integrated mopping function.

This means that the M7 Pro can vacuum and mop your floor at the same time.

They included a water tank, a reusable mop, and 10 disposable mops scope of delivery for this purpose.

As always, we can’t help but criticize the disposable wipes. We can’t think of a good purpose for them. They also don’t make any sense from an environmental point of view or for cost reasons.

To activate the wipe function, you have to do the following:

  • Fill the water tank with water.
  • Attach the water tank with wiping cloth to the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Off you go.

The water tank of the Proscenic M7 pro is attached to the back of the robot vacuum cleaner

We always recommend wetting the mop under running water before attaching it. That way, you’ll have a nice and even wipe from the beginning.

You can also add some special cleaner (buy here on Amazon UK*) for robot vacuum cleaners to the water tank. This will give a little boost to the wiping performance.

All that’s going to be left will be a damp wipe-trace.


Proscenic M7 Pro mops the laminate floor home office

Bathroom Tiles

Proscenic M7 Pro mops the tiled floor bathroom

That way it’s much easier to remove dirt and dust from the floor.

We’d advise you to wash the reusable wipe regularly in the washing machine with your dirty laundry.

Y-shaped mopping

The Proscenic M7 Pro has a nice extra function for mopping.

With "Y-shaped mopping", the vacuum-mop robot cleans the same spot several times.

The movement has the shape of the letter "Y".

Y-shaped wiping provides a slightly improved mopping result because the spots are wiped twice.

Control of water flow rate

The Proscenic M7 Pro doesn’t have an active water supply.

The water tank distributes the water evenly onto the mop.

You cannot actively control the water intensity via the app.

The water output was a little too low for cleaning our hard floors. But you don’t really have a choice here so you have to take what you get and have no options to increase the water intensity.

Some competitors in the UK (e.g. Roborock or Ecovacs) offer this option though. It’s a small disadvantage of the Proscenic M7 Pro.

Another point is that the water tank is very small with a capacity of only 100 ml.

As a consequence, the water tank runs out of water very quickly and has to be refilled manually.

The water tank was empty after mopping 2 large rooms of our flat. We had to refill the water tank once so that it would mop our entire flat with a size of 80 m².

Furthermore, it also doesn’t have an active carpet detection function wiping mode.

This means: As soon as the water tank is attached, carpets are not detected and will be mopped, too.

Very few vacuum-mopping robots offer this kind of an intelligent carpet detection. The models from Ecovacs (Deebot Ozmo 950 and Deebot OZMO T8) are some of them.

We bet that you don’t want your carpet to be mopped. All you have to do to avoid this is to set up a no-go zone around the carpet.

Then it will be left out during the next wiping.

Conclusion on the Mopping

The rather small water tank and the lack of active water regulation are definitely some points of criticism.

But overall we like the fact that it has a mopping abbility. It’s that little extra that boosts the cleaning result of the daily cleaning.

But is the mopping of the Proscenic M7 Pro a substitute for wiping by hand?

Not really.

The mopping function of the vacuum-mopping robots in general - and of the Proscenic M7 Pro in particular - can’t replace mopping by hand (yet).

The vacuum robot has a weight of only 4 kg and thus just can’t put enough pressure on the mop to remove stubborn stains.

We have collected a few tips and tricks for you so you can get the most of the wiping function. You can find them in our "Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combos" -> "Tips and Tricks".

Nevertheless: We use the mopping function of the Proscenic M7 Pro regularly.

It removes the last residues of dirt and dust from the floor and leads to a better cleaning result.


Thorough and efficient navigation is essential for a good cleaning result.

After all, no matter how good the suction power of the little household helper may be, if it wanders around your home without any orientation and leaves out spots, the robot vacuum cleaner won’t be useful.

Before the vacuum cleaner can get down to business, it has to create and save a map of your home.

Map Creation and Saving (Mapping)

It will create a map of your home during its first cleaning trip.

You can watch live in the app as it completes the map of your home step by step.

The map of the flat is created during the first cleaning

We’d advise you to tidy up your home as much as possible and open all the doors before your little household helper starts his first cleaning adventure in your home. That’ll make it a lot easier for him.

You will find the map of your flat app at the end of the first cleaning trip.

The map has lots of details. Larger obstacles such as cupboards, sofas, tables, etc. are marked on it.

The Proscenic M7 Pro automatically partitions the room. But don’t worry, if you don’t agree with this, you can change it manually in the app under the menu item "Automatic partitioning".

Now you can use the saved map to individualise your daily floor cleaning (e.g. set up no-go zones, timer function, etc.).

We’ll get more into detail about the individual functions and settings chapter "Mobile phone app".

Several maps can be saved for multiple floors

The Proscenic M7 Pro can save multiple maps for multiple floors.

If you have a house / flat with several floors, this is a very useful feature.

You can carry the small household helper and its charging station to the second floor and start cleaning as soon as another map of the second floor has been created.

The robot vacuum automatically uses the right map.

You can also edit and customise the map from the second floor according to your wishes.

Proscenic M7 Pro*

Auto-empty station*

Precise Laser Navigation

The Proscenic M7 Pro uses the tried and reviewed laser navigation technology.

A laser distance sensor (lds) that's located in the tower constantly scans the surroundings.

This way, your little household helper always knows where it’s at and where it needs to go next.

Proscenic M7 Pro laser navigation tower

Map Proscenic AppPS: The laser tower has a built-in bumper. With this the robot vacuum notices collisions (e.g. with the edge of the bed) and finds another way.

The navigation worked very well in our review.

The robot vacuum moves around the flat with high precision. No spots or rooms are left out or forgotten.

But its speed is also quite impressive.

For our 80 m² flat (44 m² cleaning area), the Proscenic M7 Pro took only ~48 minutes.

With this speed, the M7 Pro is midrange.

Furthermore, the robot vacuum won’t need good lighting conditions because it’s got the laser navigation.

This means you can even have your flat cleaned at night.

It doesn’t really matter for the vacuum cleaning robot.

Obstacle Detection

Larger obstacles (such as cupboards, tables, etc.) are marked directly on the map and the vacuum robot knows its way around them.

Viewing the map of the home Proscenic Home App

The Proscenic M7 Pro uses the bumper to detect small and especially flat and narrow obstacles.

As soon as the vacuum encounters this kind of an obstacle, it recognises it as this and looks for another cleaning path.

We really liked the obstacle detection. The small 'bumps' are very gentle. Neither your furniture nor the vacuum cleaner will be damaged.

Proscenic M7 Pro vs high door thresholds (overcoming obstacles)

Especially if you have higher thresholds at home, it’s very important that the vacuum robot is good at overcoming obstacles.

The Proscenig M7 Pro masters a height of 2.1 - 2.2 cm (5.5 inches), which makes it a true climbing champion.

Proscenic M7 Pro overcomes a high threshold

Higher doorsteps won’t be an issue for this robot vacuum cleaner.

Hardly any robot vacuum could hold a candle to these results in our reviews.

But even if you think the Proscenic M7 Pro can’t handle your threshold, you don't have to give up on the little household helper.

The solution:

A robot vacuum doorstep ramp will do the job.

You can find out more about this in our "Robot vacuum cleaner for high thresholds" -> "Chapter: Robot vacuum cleaner threshold ramp*"

Control (app and co.)

Control with buttons on the robot vacuum cleaner

You can control the Proscenic M7 Pro by using the buttons that are located on the robot vacuum.

Proscenic M7 Pro control buttons on top of the robot vacuum cleaner

You can start, stop and send the robot vacuum back to the charging station with it...

... but that’s neither smart nor comfortable.

Remote Control

The remote control has a few more functions and more flexibility in stock.

Proscenic M7 Pro remote control

There’s not too many robotic vacuum cleaners that come with a remote control.

We have to give the Proscenic M7 Pro some credits for this for many reasons.

Well, not everybody has a smartphone.

It comes in very handy for older people, because they can use the remote control to operate the robot vacuum.

A remote control also makes sense in terms of data protection.

By using the remote control, you don’t have to connect the robot vacuum cleaner to the wifi. That way it’s impossible that data could be exchanged or misused.

However, the range of functions is still severely limited if you choose to use the remote control. If you want to quench your Proscenic M7 Pro to the max, we strongly advise you to use the mobile app.

Proscenic M7 Pro Mobile App

Proscenichome Mobile App of the Proscenic M7 ProWith its ProscenicHome app (iOS / Android), the manufacturer gives you the option to control the robot vacuum cleaner with your smartphone.

You’ll only get access to all the bells and whistles of the Proscenic M7 Pro by using the app.

Daily floor cleaning will be easy-peasy with the help of the numerous functions and setting options.


After you pull the robot vacuum out of the box, plug it into its charging base.

Meanwhile, you can set up the Proscenic M7 Pro App (ProscenicHome).

That’s quick and easy. You only have to do the following steps:

  • Create an account with a password.

  • Add your Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Press and hold down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for five seconds to connect to the Wi-Fi.

  • Enter your Wi-Fi password.

  • Done.
The app doesn’t support a 5 GHz connection. If you have a 5 GHz network, we recommend that you switch the wifi to 2.4 GHz for setting up the mobile phone app. Once you’re finished you can undo this again.

Features of the App

The Proscenic M7 Pro mobile app has a large number of functions to offer.

You can access the full range of settings and functions via the menu item "More".

Features of the Proscenichome App

Here are all the most important features at a glance:

  • Select cleaning modes (Low, Medium, High)
  • Set up no-go zones (restricted areas)
  • Create cleaning schedule (timer) ("Regular cleaning")
  • Activate Y-shaped wiping (Proscenic M7 Pro moves back and forth, which improves the wiping result slightly)
  • Connect / separate rooms (If you are not 100% satisfied with the automatic room division)
  • Activate deep cleaning (The Proscenic M7 Pro cleans the area twice)
  • Set up "custom areas" that shall be cleaned. This is a good substitute for the missing "single room cleaning" function. Set up a zone for each room. Then you can click on the item "Multi-zone cleaning" and have the rooms cleaned individually if required.
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Switch the LED lighting on or off (very useful if the charging station is bedroom, for example).
  • Set up Do-Not-Disturb times (the vacuum cleaner will not clean during this period)
  • View cleaning history "Cleaning record" (time, cleaning duration, cleaned area in m²)
  • Automatic suction station use on/off
  • Naming: Give your Proscenic M7 Pro your own name
  • Choose your location (UK)

Proscenic M7 Pro*

Auto-empty station*

Conclusion on the App Control

We can’t really complain about the range of functions of the Proscenic M7 Pro app.

Nevertheless, the app has its quirks and special features.

For example, the translation of the app is not completely error-free.

However, after a little trial and error, you will soon get the hang of all the terms.

Unfortunately, you cannot zoom in on the map. This makes it a “jiggery pokery” to set up no-go zones or partitioning space (dividing / connecting).

But you’ll get used to that too after a while.

Furthermore, the programming of the app doesn’t always work out well. Sometimes it takes a few seconds until the robot vacuum is "online". Some functions didn’t exactly go as they should.

In summary, we can say that the range of functions was good. However, the translation errors and the minor software-related difficulties marred the overall impression.

We hope that the manufacturer will eliminate the errors app with an update. This would lead to a higher overall rating.

Thus, the app can’t be compared to mobile apps of top competitors (e.g. Roborock, iRobot, or Ecovacs).

Voice Commands with Alexa

You can also use Alexa with the Proscenic M7 Pro to manage your smart-home.

Activating the Proscenic M7 Pro voice control with Alexa

To activate voice control with Alexa, you have to do the following:

  • Open Amazon and type "Proscenic Home Skill" search box.
  • Then log in with your login data from the Proscenic M7 Pro Home App.
  • Press "Activate Skill".
  • Done

You can only give the basic commands with the voice control: Start cleaning, stop cleaning, return to the charging station.

Nevertheless, we think it’s a great feature that you can operate it via voice assistant.

Battery Life

The Proscenic M7 Pro is equipped with a lithium-ion battery (capacity: 5200 mAh).

The powerful battery ensures a maximum operating time of 150 - 180 minutes at a time (at the lowest suction level).

The Proscenic M7 Pro took about 48 minutes to clean our 80 m² flat (44 m² cleaning area). The remaining battery was still at 76%. We vacuumed at medium level.

Battery consumption of the Proscenic M7 Pro after one cleaning run

The medium suction level was completely sufficient for our flat (no pets, mainly hard floors).

The maximum charging time of the battery is 4.5 - 5 hours.

Furthermore, the Proscenic M7 Pro has a reliable "Charge & Resume" function.

This ensures that the robot vacuum cleaner saves the spot at which it had to interrupt its cleaning (to charge the battery). The little household helper returns to the exact same spot and continues its cleaning seamlessly as soon as the battery is loaded sufficiently.

Thanks to the powerful battery and the reliable "Charge & Resume" function, the Proscenic M7 Pro also does a great job in larger households.


The operating volume of the Proscenic M7 Pro depends on the selected suction power (cleaning modes).

We measured the following noise levels in our review:

  • Lowest suction power: 60 dB (quite mode)
  • Medium suction power: 70 dB
  • Strongest suction power: 75 dB

Display of the volume of the Proscenic M7 Pro on the decibel scale

The Proscenic M7 Pro is quite loud, especially at the strongest cleaning mode.

It’s not really pleasant to be in the same room when the robot vacuum is doing its job.

We usually chose the medium suction power in our flat.

The noise level was much lower then, but it’s still not really quiet.

The rollers in particular cause a somewhat loud, unpleasant driving noise.

Just let the Proscenic M7 Pro do its work while you are not at home. This way, the robot vacuum's noisy operation won’t annoy you.

Design, Dimensions & Quality

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner has the following dimensions:

Length: 35 (13.8 inches) cm x Width: 35 cm (13.8 inches) x Height: 9.8 cm (3.8 inches).

The height of the Proscenic M7 Pro is measured with a ruler

The weight is 3.6 kg.

The workmanship of the Taiwanese manufacturer is pretty good.

Front view of the Proscenic M7 pro robot vacuum cleaner

The appearance of the robot vacuum is quite nice. We especially liked the high-gloss panels.

Unfortunately, the Proscenic M7 Pro is only available in the UK in black. It’s a shame. After all, not everybody’s a fan of the black robot vacuum. Besides, dust and fingerprints are much more visible on a black device than on a white model.

What sets the Proscenic M7 apart from its competitors is that the dust container is not located inside the robot but is attached to the back of the vacuum cleaner.

The cleaning tool is stored in a special compartment.

Proscenic M7 Pro dust container

If you turn the robot vacuum upside down, you’ll get a familiar view.

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner from underneath

Sensors, rollers, main brush, and 2 side brushes (left and right) have their designated places here.

The water tank (including wiping cloth) can be attached to the dust container by a simple click mechanism.

Proscenic M7 Pro with attached water tank

Conclusion: The manufacturer from Taiwan offers a well-made product.

The assembly of all parts and the overall design is consistent.

The materials used seem to be of high quality.

However, the workmanship of the Proscenic M7 Pro is not at the same level of the absolute luxury vacuum robots such as the Ecovacs Deebot T8, iRobot Roomba i7, or Roborock S6 MaxV.

Proscenic M7 Pro*

Auto-empty station*

Charging Dock and Self-Empty Base

Charging Dock

The conventional charging base is quite unspectacular.

The dimensions are: Height: 9.9 cm (3.9 inches) x Width: 13.5 cm (5.3 inches) x Depth: 14.5 cm (5.7 inches)

Front view of Proscenic M7 Pro charging station

You can take out the power cable to the right or left, whatever suits you best.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to wind up excess power cable.

Back view of the charging station of the Proscenic M7 Pro

Self-Empty Base

Proscenic M7 Pro emptying stationThe self-empty base is much bigger than the "conventional" small charging station.

The exact height is: 41.2 cm (16.2 inches)

It’s quite obvious:

The extraction station can no longer be "hidden" as easily as the conventional (small) charging dock.

The height of the emptying station makes it impossible to set up the station of the vacuum cleaner under the bench hallway or under the bed.

From a purely visual viewpoint, the suction station is certainly a matter of taste.

We find the design quite nice. The self-emptying dustbin is a real eye-catcher in our flat. Whenever we have visitors, they often ask for a live demonstration, which ends in great astonishment ?.

Scope of Delivery in the UK

The scope of delivery in the UK of the Proscenic M7 Pro includes quite a lot of nice extras.

Scope of delivery of the Proscenic M7 Pro

There are many spare parts and accessories in the delivery box.

Here is a detailed overview of the scope of delivery:

  • Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Charging station with power cord
  • 10 disposable mops
  • 1 x Reusable mop
  • 1 x HEPA filter
  • 1 additional HEPA replacement filter
  • Remote control with 2 batteries
  • 2 x side brushes
  • 2 more side brushes (for replacement)
  • Instruction manual

After unpacking, a rather unpleasant smell came from the robot vacuum. It disappeared after a few days/cleaning rounds, though.

All in all, we can say that:

The scope of delivery of the Proscenic M7 Pro is huge. A number of spare parts and accessories are included. Hardly any competitor brings more to the table.

Attention: Not included in the scope of delivery is the self-emptying dustbin. You have to buy it separately. The self-emptying base comes with 3 dustbins.

You can get replacement dustbins at Amazon in the UK.

Alternatively, you can also use reusable, universal dustbin.

Proscenic M7 Pro UK Review - Our Conclusion

The Proscenic M7 Pro really convinced us during our review.

In our experience, the M7 Pro is a rock-solid vacuum-mopping robot (with minor weaknesses).

However, the self-emptying dustbin is certainly the highlight of the vacuum-mopping robot (and makes it worth buying).

Until now, many could only dream of owning a vacuuming robot with a self-emptying dustbin. The price was simply too high.

The Proscenic M7 Pro is a game-changer.

Proscenic M7 Pro is a „budget friendly“ robot vacuum with a self-emptying bin. A price difference to similar models of competitors is huge...

Now we have to spill the beans:

We learned to love the luxury of automatic self-emptying. Now we can’t live without it anymore.

If the criterion "self-empty base“ is at the top of your wish list, then you won’t be able to resist the Proscenic M7 Pro.

Read more about Proscenic M7 Pro

  • Different suction levels

    For your daily cleaning, you can choose between 3 different cleaning levels (depending on how much dirt needs to be cleaned up).

    In our flat (mainly hard floors, no pets), the Proscenic M7 Pro usually operated on the medium cleaning level.

    This was completely sufficient for a good cleaning result.

    However, if you live in a larger household with pets, you will probably get the best result with the strongest suction level.

    And remember: Thanks to the carpet detection function the carpets are automatically cleaned on the maximum suction level (which is more than necessary).

  • Large mobile dust container with a HEPA filter

    With a capacity of 600 ml, the Proscenic M7 Pro has quite a large dust container.

    Proscenic M7 Pro dust container

    For comparison: Usually, the mobile dustbin has a size of 400 - 500 ml. (depending on the model)

    The most important benefit of a large dustbin is that you don’t have to empty it that often.

    In our 80 m² flat, the dustbin only had to be emptied by hand after 6-8 vacuuming cycles. 

    Another advantage: thanks to a dust retention lid, the dirt can’t sneak back into the apartment when you transport it to the trash.

    Dust container of the Proscenic M7 Pro with dust retention lid

    That’s a really nice feature. The manufacturer put a lot of thought to this.

    If you buy the self-emptying dustbin, you don’t have to worry about emptying the mobile dust container at all.

    This task is completely taken off your hands.

  • HEPA Filter

    Furthermore, the dust container is equipped with a HEPA filter

    In front of this filter, there is an additional small "protective net" that pre-filters coarse dirt.

    HEPA filter of the Proscenic M7 Pro

    Especially for allergy sufferers, a HEPA filter is essential. In this way, the air drawn in will be cleaned of allergens and fine dust before it goes back into the room.

    The HEPA filter should be tapped out at regular intervals over the trash.

  • 2 Side Brushes

    The Proscenic M7 Pro is equipped with 2 side brushes (on the left and right side).

    Proscenic M7 Pro side brushes

    Many robotic vacuum cleaners often only have one side brush. 

    In our reviews, we didn’t notice a big difference with 2 side brushes (compared to one side brush).

    But it certainly doesn't do any harm either.

    The side brushes of the Proscenic M7 Pro are quite long. 

    Thanks to these you’ll get a good cleaning result, especially in corners (and also along the thresholds).

  • Main Brush

    The main brush is a curved combination brush made of bristle hair and lamella.

    The main brush of the Proscenic M7 Pro

    This type of brush is now a standard for most robot vacuum cleaner models.

    And that with good reason.

    Because the brush reliably collects the dirt from the surfaces and sucks it up.

  • Does the Proscenic M7 Pro recognise cliffs?

    The Proscenic M7 Pro has off ground detection sensors on the bottom side. 

    With the help of these sensors, cliffs are registered in time and will be avoided.

    This means that your little household helper definitely won’t fall down the stairs.

  • Is individual room cleaning possible?

    The Proscenic M7 Pro doesn’t have a separate individual room cleaning function.

    However, there’s a way to send the robot to individual rooms.

    All you need to do is this:

    • Set up a "custom area" for each of your rooms.
    • Then you can make the vacuum clean the individual areas separately under the menu item "Multi-zone cleaning".
  • Can I buy the Proscenic M7 Pro on Amazon UK?

    Yes, the Proscenic M7 Pro robot vacuum is available on Amazon in the UK


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