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Cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combo

Best Cordless Vacuum & Mop Combos - UK (2022)


Last updated: 23.02.2022 4 Min.

With cordless vacuum and mop combos, you can make every move count.

For this reason, more and more brands are equipping their cordless vacuum cleaners with a mop system. But are these devices any good and if so: which one is the best cordless vacuum and mop combo for you?

We reviewed the best cordless vacuum mop combos (2021). Read on to find out which model is the winner of our test!

The Smart Home Fox hoovers with a cordless vacuum and mop combo


  • Vacuum and mop in one
  • Floor dries quickly without leaving marks
  • Better for people suffering from allergies
  • Easier for pet owners
  • Easier on stairs
  • Saves time
  • Saves space
  • Saves money


  • Many devices are still in development
  • Some of the best cordless hoovers do not yet have a mopping system

What to expect on this page

  • More and more cordless vacuums have a wiping function.
  • You can do two jobs in one: mopping and vacuuming
  • Especially suitable if you mainly have hard floors.
  • Philips
    Speedpro Max Aqua
    The Philips hoover is a popular cordless vacuum cleaner on Amazon. It cleaned very well in our review and it can vacuum and mop at the same time.
  • Vorwerk
    VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner + Mop head SPB100
    The 2-in-1 Vac and Mop Set from Vorwerk is a comprehensive package. It contains attachments for the VB 100 for vacuuming and mopping.
    Philips Speedpro Max Aqua

    Philips Speedpro Max Aqua

    Philips Speedpro Max Aqua

    The Philips hoover is a popular cordless vacuum cleaner on Amazon. It cleaned very well in our review and it can vacuum and mop at the same time.

    Its mopping function makes it an exceptional cordless vacuum cleaner. It can hoover and mop the floor at the same time: Win Win!


    The performance of the Speedpro was good - especially for a cordless hoover.

    You can tell that Philips has put thought into the mopping system, as it simply works better than many others.

    The manufacturing is very high quality.

    Thanks to the magnetic connection, you can release the mop head with your foot and switch directly from hard floor to carpet by attaching the brush roll.

    You can also regulate the amount of water with the foot via a pedal.

    The collection of dirt was excellent in our test.

    Mopping with the Philips Speedpro Max Aqua

    Check Price*


    Outstanding cleaning performance

    Can vacuum and mop (3 in 1)

    It can be used as a hand vacuum

    Display with runtime




    Connections a bit stiff

    Empty function

    Charging time

    VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner + Mop head SPB100

    Vorwerk VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner + Mop head SPB100

    Vorwerk VB100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner + Mop head SPB100

    The 2-in-1 Vac and Mop Set from Vorwerk is a comprehensive package. It contains attachments for the VB 100 for vacuuming and mopping.

    Customers like this cordless hoover - and so do we! The wiping function is also exceptional.

    The strengths of the VB100 with mop head

    The VB100 comes with a strong attachment that is only for vacuuming and another attachment that allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time.

    The two attachments from Vorwerk: VB100 and SPB100
    VB100 and SPB100 by Vorwerk

    Vacuum and mop in one: A dream come true?

    Yes, with the Vorwerk Mop Attachment SPB100, dreams really do come true - goodbye mess! We have tested it extensively.

    Dried-up ketchup stain
    Before vacuum-mopping
    After vacuum-mopping
    After vacuum-mopping

    Similar to a vibrating plate, the attachment generates vibration and then scrubs over the floor.

    Even dried stains can be removed in the process.

    At the same time, the attachment sucks away dirt.

    The device is easy to move and the mop also cleans the corners. 

    Vacuum-mopping the edges
    Vacuum-mopping the edges

    The mop function only has a hard time in the corners.

    Due to its design, the mop does not reach all the way into the corner.

    However, it still vacuums well ?

    The device with the two attachments is expensive, but it is also a clever solution to get the most out of every movement.

    Bending over, buckets full of dirty water ... all that is no longer a problem if you choose the Vorwerk Kobold VB100 with a mop head.

    We recommend a set of the VB100 that includes both the mop head (SPB100) and the suction attachment (EBB100).

    This gives you maximum flexibility and saves you money compared to buying them individually.  ?


    Saves time

    Good for people suffering from allergies

    Flexible use on many floors

    Low water consumption


    Difficulties handling very dirty surfaces

    Does not get into corners

    Requires hoover bag

    Review of the best cordless vacuum and mop combos from 2022

    In 2022, the topic of cordless hoovers with mopping functions really took off in the UK market for the first time. Here’s our 2022 test winner!

    What is a cordless vacuum and mop combo?

    A cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combo is characterised by the simple fact that you can vacuum and mop at the same time

    ...all in one sweep, so to speak.?

    Cordless hoovers have been on the fast track for several years now. Brands such as Dyson, Shark, Vorwerk and Philips are constantly developing and improving them.

    One of the more recent developments is that some manufacturers are also upgrading their hoovers with a cleaning system that allows you to mop.

    The whole thing is, of course, completely cordless...

    More hoover than mop

    The fact that the cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combo is a further development of the cordless vacuum cleaner also means that the focus is still on hoovering

    ...which many of the cordless devices can do very well by now with a powerful suction.

    The fact that the focus is on hoovering also means that mopping is more of a bonus...the icing on the cake!

    That’s why we have to test how well the mop system works on a device-by-device basis.

    This often leads to disappointment, but sometimes we come across good innovations in the cordless vacuum cleaners and mop combos. ?

    A cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combo is usually not suitable for cleaning up large amounts of liquid.

    For which floors are cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combos suitable?

    In principle, cordless vacuum and mop combos are suitable for cleaning any floor in the house. Whether it's vinyl, parquet or carpet - everything gets clean.

    Upright vacuums are ideal for cleaning large areas of carpet whereas cordless stick vacuum and mop combos are perfect for hard floors.

    Cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combos on hard floors

    The mopping head is ideal for hard floors.

    That's what it was designed for and that's where it ensures more cleanliness.

    It doesn’t matter what type of floor it is (vinyl, laminate, parquet, tiles...).

    Anything you can clean with a normal mop, you can also clean with cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combo.

    Cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combo on carpeted floors

    That' s not a good idea!

    The damp mop would probably leave the carpet dirtier than it was and in rare cases, it might even damage it.

    All the better that the mop head can be removed quickly. With good appliances, this can be done with a flick of the wrist!

    You can then move on to hoover the carpet with a brush roll. The mop head can be reconnected just as quickly…

    That is definitely one of the biggest advantages of cordless vacuum and mop combos: the variety of possible uses.

    2-in-1 vs. 3-in-1 function

    With a mop combo, you can hoover and mop at the same time. Without a mop, you can just hoover.

    Many cordless vacuum cleaners and mop combos are also so-called 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaners.

    This usually means that you can convert them into a hand hoover.

    Cordless handheld vacuums are great for hoovering furniture and objects.

    This makes them 3-in-1 vacuums (vacuum, mop and handheld vacuum).

    Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua as Cordless handheld vacuum

    Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua Stick vacuum cleaner

    What are the advantages of a cordless vacuum and mop combo?

    Flexibility is without question one of the biggest advantages, but definitely not the only one.

    Advantages of a cordless vacuum and mop combo

    Time saving: make every move count!

    The flat has to be spotless because your friends are coming. Time is running!

    It's much quicker if you have a cordless vacuum and mop combo.

    Vacuuming and mopping in one move...


    Mopping with a conventional mop is tedious and who wants to do that?

    With the cordless vacuum and mop combo, all you need to do is to fill the small water tank, attach the mop head and you’re good to go!

    A cordless vacuum and mop combo also works great on stairs, because you don't have to carry the bucket up or down all the time.

    No bending, no carrying, no sweeping - we deserve it!

    Easy storage

    Few of us have storage space in abundance, so it's nice to only have to store one appliance instead of two or even three.

    Plus, many cordless vacuums come with a wall mount.

    You can attach the bracket to the wall. You can then hang the hoover on it.

    This saves a lot of space and the vacuum cleaner can be charged at the same time, as the holder also functions as a charger.

    Cleanliness - the mop system ensures spotless floors

    A good cordless vacuum cleaner is already excellent at cleaning loose dirt from your home.

    But what about sticky residues, footprints and stubborn bacteria?

    The only thing that helps here is mopping... but you don't get to do that every day because it takes a lot of time and effort.

    Regular cleaning with the cordless vacuum and mop combo ensures considerably more cleanliness.

    Your floors are spotless. Your flat smells fresher and your home simply feels cleaner.

    Filter system against microscopic dirt particles

    In some (cordless) hoovers, manufacturers have installed powerful HEPA (particulate air) filters.

    These systems filter out the smallest dirt particles from the air to blow them out clean and pure.

    Unbeatable value for money

    Two for the price of one...who wouldn't like to say: YES!

    The thing is, you don't normally pay much more for the microfiber mop head.

    But you get a practical additional feature that saves you time and makes your household chores easier.

    Mop add-on is excellent for allergy sufferers

    A combination appliance is a great option, especially for allergy sufferers. Even a reasonably good cordless vacuum cleaner cleans the flat properly.

    We were surprised to see how much dust and dirt our cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combo cleaned up during our review.

    Mop before cleaning

    Mop after cleaning

    Advantage for people with allergies: The mop absorbs a lot of the irritating fine dust.

    Vacuum mop combo against pet hair

    Vacuum mop combos are perfect to remove pet hair.

    Often the hairs are so fine that you may not be able to remove them with the vacuum cleaner - even with a powerful suction.

    In that case, the use of a vacuum mop combo would be ideal! ?

    The pet hair that the vacuum cleaner does not catch with its nozzle is caught by the mop.

    But even without the mop system, cordless hoovers are very effective against pet hair, according to our review.

    How good are cordless vacuum and mop combos?

    The fact that the suction power of cordless hoovers is very good has already been established beyond doubt in endless reviews.

    But does that also apply to the mop-head?

    Our tip: Watch out when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner.

    Not every vacuum mop combo can mop well, and it is far from being a substitute for the regular use of a conventional mop.

    Therefore, we strongly advise you to inform yourself before buying. But if you are reading this, then you are obviously already on the right track!

    Buying advice: What do I need to consider when buying a cordless vacuum mop combo?

    When buying a cordless vacuum mop combo, there are a few things to consider.

    The most important criteria are:

    - How is the cleaning performance when vacuuming?

    - How is the wiping performance?

    - What is the mopping function?

    - What type of floor do you mainly have at home?

    - How good is the durability?

    - How big is the dust container?

    - How can the water flow be controlled?

    - Is the value for money right?

    If you consider the criteria in your purchase, everything should work out fine!

    How good is the cleaning performance of the cordless vacuum cleaner?

    The focus of cordless vacuum and mop combos is on hoovering. Mopping is more of an add-on.

    That's why you should primarily make sure that the device achieves a very good cleaning performance when hoovering.

    A good guide here is the suction power of the device or relevant reviews of the best cordless hoovers.

    All the models reviewed here are excellent cordless hoovers and also make a good mop.

    How good is the performance of the mop head?

    Even if the mop-head is not yet perfect and most devices cannot completely replace a mop, it’s still an asset to the cleaning result.

    The vacuum mop combo provides extra cleaning and removes dirt that a vacuum cleaner alone cannot remove (sticky residue under the dining table or fine dust).

    If you want to replace cleaning with a mop completely, then most vacuum mop combos are not suitable.

    Mop after cleaning

    What is the mop function?

    The type of wiping function determines how good the wiping performance is.

    Specially developed microfiber mop heads deliver significantly better results than mop heads that are simply attached to the suction nozzle.

    Philips Speedpro Max Aqua mop head

    Vorwerk SPB 100

    What type of floor do you have at home?

    Cordless vacuum and mop combos are multi-surface devices. The mop is perfect for hard floors such as wood floors, laminate, vinyl or PVC. But parquet is no problem either.

    However, to protect your parquet floor, you must pay special attention to the amount of clean water that the device dispenses.

    How good is the battery life?

    Battery life is an important topic. Good devices now achieve over an hour of runtime without having to recharge in between.

    Depending on the size of your home, the battery and runtime should last until you are done with the (complete) cleaning.

    One way to extend the battery life is to make sure that the batteries can be changed.

    This would also have the advantage that you can quickly replace a defective battery (usually a lithium-ion battery).

    The Dyson v15 replacement battery

    What is the charging time for cordless vacuum and mop combos?

    The charging time for vacuum mop combos is between 3 and 4.5 hours. If it takes longer, we would not recommend the device.

    How big is the dirt container?

    Regardless of the wiping function, the size of the dirt container is important for cordless vacuum cleaners.

    We distinguish between devices that work bagless and those that have a conventional dust bag.

    For both variants, it’s important to know how large the dust container is. This determines how often you have to empty the dust box.

    The bagless version is cheaper in the long run and better for the environment. Customers who find it more hygienic opt for the bag version.

    How can the amount of water be controlled?

    Or can it be controlled at all?

    You should definitely clarify this question before buying. If the appliance or you yourself cannot regulate the water flow, something could always go wrong.

    For example, too much clean water could get onto a parquet floor or similar.

    But some devices have this under control. Philips has opted for a pedal, so you can regulate the amount of water with your foot...

    A pedal regulates the amount of water

    ...very practical! ?

    Is the value for money right?

    The premium devices from manufacturers such as Vorwerk or Philips have performed better in our reviews than mid-range vacuums.

    So how much does a cordless vacuum and mop combo cost?

    We recommend that you consider your purchase as an investment, as your cordless vacuum and mop combo should ideally support you in the household for years to come.

    That means: Buy a high-quality device at a reasonable price.

    You can find devices from £300 upwards, but for the premium models you will probably have to expect £420 upwards.

    You don't want to end up with more work than before.

    How does a cordless vacuum cleaner and mop combo work?

    Manufacturers come up with a lot of ideas to give their cordless vacuum cleaners an upgrade.

    Different versions of cordless vacuum and mop combos

    We would like to briefly describe the two most important functions.

    Attachable mop at the back

    One of the most common variants is the "attachable mop".

    For this, a water tank with a mop on the underside is attached to the back of the suction nozzle.

    This is usually done with a click system or with the help of magnets.

    The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua, for example, has been popular for a long time and is a common model.

    The Speedpro Max Aqua with mop head with magnetic connection, in addition to the normal suction attachment.

    What does that mean in practice?

    You push the cordless vacuum cleaner and it sucks up the dirt. The damp mop wipes up. Fine dust doesn't stand a chance!

    How much water the tank dispenses is usually controlled by a button or pedal that you can press with your foot.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the attachable mop
    Advantages Disadvantages
    • Easy and quick to use
    • Cleaning plus
    • Great add-on
    • Good against fine dust
    • Does not replace mopping with a mop
    • Not all devices work well

    Suction mop attachments

    Another option are suction mop attachments.

    A suction mop attachment can be attached instead of a standard floor nozzle.

    This type of attachment has its own water tank for moistening the mop.

    The special feature, however, is that they have a vibrating plate.

    The movement mimics the effect normally achieved by squeezing and moving a mop back and forth.

    With this type, we were able to achieve strong cleaning results in our review.

    The SPB100 of the Vorwerk Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Advantages and disadvantages of suction mop attachments

    Advantages Disadvantages
    • Powerful cleaning performance
    • Replaces mopping with a mop
    • Saves time
    • Easy storage as there is only one unit
    • Saves money in the long run
    • High price

    Can the Dyson hoover also mop?

    Many readers have already asked us this…

    The answer is: No, Dyson doesn't actually offer any cordless vacuum and mop combos.

    However, you can buy mop heads for Dyson devices from other manufacturers on Amazon. Various developers have come up with some interesting attachments...#

    Different Dyson mop heads

    We would like to briefly introduce you to two options here ??

    Two rotating mops

    In this version, two discs rotate. You can attach a mop to each disc.

    The two mops are supplied with the necessary liquid via a water tank on the top.

    In the middle of the brush is the opening of the suction tube so that the dirt can still be sucked in.

    The Djive wet vacuum attachment

    This is a vibrating plate. The movements of the plate allow the two mops to rub off even stubborn dirt from the floor.

    The opening of the suction tube is also in the middle to suck up the dirt.

    The water tank can be filled from the top.

    The attachment from Djive is a little more expensive.

    Both variants are explicitly not from Dyson itself, but are compatible with all Dysons of the V-series from V7 onwards (V7, V8, V10, V11 and V15).

    Dyson does not provide any warranty if something goes wrong with the mop heads from other manufacturers.

    Conclusion: Dyson offers the most popular and best cordless vacuum cleaners (read more in our Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners). So if you don't want to do without either a Dyson or a mop head, you should try the mop heads from other manufacturers.

    The Djive mop head for the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

    What other alternatives are there to the vacuum mop combos?

    The spirit of development and inventiveness in the smart home and cleaning industry seems almost endless.

    You can buy the following alternative device types everywhere in stores and also online.

    • Cordless Vacuum cleaner
    • Cordless hard floor cleaners (Akkusaugwischer)
    • Multi Surface Cleaner (Saugwischer)
    • Cordless mop
    • Steam mop
    • Vacuum and mop combo
    • Robot vacuum and mop combos
    • Robot mop
    • Cordless vacuum and mop combo

    As you can see, there is the right appliance for every need and then there are even different combinations.

    But don't worry, together we'll shed some light and find the right appliance for you.

    What are cordless vacuum cleaners?

    The Dyson v15 cordless vacuum cleaner

    Cordless vacuum cleaners are only suitable for hoovering. You can use them to vacuum any type of floor and you don't even need a cord.

    Cordless hoovers are outperforming traditional corded hoovers. (We have reviewed the best cordless vacuum cleaners).

    These are the best, according to our review.

    What is a cordless vacuum mop combo?

    A cordless vacuum mop comboWith battery-powered vacuum mop combos, you can clean up liquids easily.

    At the same time, fresh water (with detergent) is poured onto an (automatic) floor nozzle, which you can then use to mop the floor.

    So you no longer have to spend a lot of time swinging the mop.

    Another great feature is that the appliance dries the floor immediately afterwards.

    The water and dirt that are sucked up end up in a separate dirty water tank.

    It’s also impressive that many of these appliances have a self-cleaning function.

    This keeps the pipes and brushes clean and keeps the smell away.

    The overall package works very well, but there is one drawback:

    You can usually only use these devices for cleaning hard floors (hardwood floors, parquet, vinyl, laminate, tiles, etc.).

    You can find the most popular devices here ??

    What are corded vacuum mop combos?

    With corded vacuum mop combos you can hoover and mop at the same time. It’s the same principle as the cordless hard floor vacuum mop combo described above.

    The difference is that you need a power cable to operate the device but you don’t need a charger!

    Customers like to use the following vacuum mop combos ??

    Vacuum mop combos

    What is a battery-powered mop?

    A cordless mop could also be called a battery-powered mop. Nozzles draw clean water from a tank and spray it onto the floor in front of the device.

    One or two mops are automatically made to rotate and mop up the sprayed water and dirt.

    This type of device is also only suitable for cleaning hard floors.

    The advantage is that you no longer have to swing the mop and that the water is sprayed automatically.

    However, you still have to wring it out yourself.

    A well-known product is, for example:

    Cordless spin mop

    Vacuum cleaner and mop combo

    This is a corded vacuum cleaner that first moistens the floor and then sucks the dirty water back in.

    This makes it easier to remove stains.

    Here are some of the devices that lead the market:

    Vacuum cleaner and mop combo

    What is a steam mop (or steam cleaner)?

    A steam cleaner, also called a steam mop, is a mop that is supplied with cleaning water via tank. In addition, hot steam is blown onto the floor, which has a disinfecting effect.

    These devices are powered by a cable and they are only suitable for cleaning hard floors.

    Shark also offers cordless mops that customers are thrilled with! There is the Shark VacMop Pro cordless hard floor mop with disposable pads and the Shark Klik n’ Flip steam mop.

    Particularly popular devices are:

    A steam mop (steam cleaner)

    Robot vacuum and mop combos

    These helpers can vacuum and mop on their own and you hardly have to do anything.

    Vacuuming robots are becoming increasingly popular.

    No wonder, because they do most of the cleaning work. Recently, they have also become available with so-called suction stations.

    The robots go there after they have finished their work and empty their dirt bin independently (find out more about the best vacuum robots with suction stations).

    This way, the devices can work for up to a month without your assistance and your flat is clean ?

    We have reviewed the best robot vacuum cleaners for you.

    If you want the device to do even more work for you, you can opt for a robot vacuum and mop combo.

    Two robot vacuum mop combos from underneath

    We have a detailed review of the best robot vacuum mop combos.

    With the robot vacuum mop combo, the focus is once again on vacuuming - mopping is the cherry on top.

    More cleanliness is guaranteed! Because even the finest dust or sticky dirt will find their ultimate opponent...

    The best robot vacuum mop combos??

    What is a robot mop?

    Robot Mop (Mopping robot)

    So-called robot mops have been specially and exclusively developed for mopping hard floors.

    They can't vacuum in the conventional sense, but they can mop much better...

    ...and all by themselves! True specialists.

    How does a mopping robot work?

    Some have a fresh water tank from which they moisten the mop at the bottom and a dirty water tank into which the dirty water is sucked.

    To create pressure on the mop and get a better cleaning result, manufacturers come up with all kinds of ideas.

    One of the most promising solutions is a vibrating plate, similar to the cordless vacuum and mop combos.

    The mop is attached to the vibrating plate and the dirt is rubbed off by the rapid movement of the plate.

    A fast rotating "mop roller" is also a good solution.

    Last but not least…

    Here are our favourite cordless vacuum and mop combos??

    Tips and tricks for an even better cleaning result

    By following a few simple tips, you can improve your cleaning mode and get the most out of your new cordless vacuum and mop combo!

    Get off to a good start

    The goal is to create a good starting point for your first 2-in-1 move.

    Remove all the mess and make sure your flat is tidy before your first vacuuming session.

    Rough dirt that could overload the vacuum cleaner must be removed.

    The starting point is now right?

    From now on, it's time to increase the cleaning power!

    Vacuum and mop your home regularly

    Don't wait too long to clean, or your cordless vacuum and mop combo will have too much work to do.

    Regular cleaning (1-2 times a week) will give you a perfect result.

    Less limescale, more cleaning

    If you use water with less limescale, you will not only achieve a better cleaning result, but your appliance will also last longer.

    The limescale slowly clogs up the components.

    Distilled water can help, but a simple water filter is also a practical solution.

    Tip: By the way, this is also great for pre-filtering drinking water.

    The mop does not dispense enough water - what do you do?

    If the mop does not dispense enough water, it is often because the nozzles for water delivery are clogged.

    The result is that hardly any water gets onto the mop.

    Don't worry, you should be able to solve the problem with a few small adjustments.

    Cleaning with vinegar

    Add a little vinegar to the water tank and vacuum your home. The vinegar should dissolve the chalk and clear the nozzles.

    Pierce the hole with a thin needle

    If plan A is not enough, you can also carefully remove chalk from the openings with a thin needle.

    Please also observe the manufacturer's instructions.

    Put cleaning solution in the tank

    Cleaning solutions are essential for cleaning your floor, but be careful:

    Not every cleaner is suitable for your cordless vacuum and mop combo.

    Avoid aggressive or highly chemical cleaners, as they can damage the plastic of the water tank or nozzles.

    Here are a few suitable cleaners to choose from:

    Natural eco-friendly cleaners: Twice as good: It not only protects your equipment and floor, but also the environment.

    Eco-friendly cleaner*

    All-purpose cleaners: are gentle on both your device and your floor.

    All-purpose cleaners

    Tip: What is good for the robot vacuum mop combo is also good for the cordless vacuum mop combo. Because this cleaning solution is gentle on the material and the material is similar for both types of device.

    Order here*

    No matter which floor cleaner you choose in the end, the following applies to all of them:

    Less is more!

    If you use too much cleaner, unsightly streaks can form on the floor.

    If you have wiped everything with a cleaner, you will quickly have a pleasantly fresh and clean flat in which you feel comfortable.

    Please be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the use of cleaning agents.

    Drip detergent directly onto the mop or floor

    If you don't want to put the detergent in the tank, you can also drip some directly onto the mop or floor.

    All-purpose cleaner is dribbled onto a mop

    Moistening the mop before cleaning

    Tests with some appliances have shown that it took a relatively long time until the mop was damp enough for mopping.

    If you don't want to wait, you can simply dampen the mop briefly under running water before using it, and possibly wring it out so that the floor doesn't get too wet.

    Wash the mop head/mop pad regularly

    If you don't wash your mop head regularly, its ability to absorb dirt and its cleaning performance will diminish.

    A visual check is often enough to help.

    Whether visible or not, we recommend regularly putting the mop pad in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius.

    A mop head in the washing machine

    Change the mop after every cleaning.

    We recommend changing the mop after every cleaning.

    Therefore, it makes sense to have several mops up your sleeve.

    If you want to stock up, you can simply buy more online.

    Clean the water tank regularly

    You should rinse out the water tank regularly and place it on a rinsing rack to dry.

    Otherwise it will be unhygienic in the long run and in the worst case it could become mouldy.

    Review of cordless vacuum and mop combos - our conclusion

    Robot vacuum cleaners and mop combos are becoming increasingly popular and rightly so:

    Because your home is mopped and vacuumed in one go.

    Although the technology has not yet reached its peak, you save precious time and your home is even cleaner and fresher.

    Frequently asked questions

    • What is suction power?

      The suction power makes a statement about how strong the vacuum is that is generated by the vacuum cleaner.

      It contributes a lot to how good the cleaning performance of a cordless hoover is.

      It’s measured in metres of water column or pascals.

    • What is the unit of measurement Pascal?

      1 pascal represents the pressure that 1 newton exerts on an area of 1 square metre.

    • What does the unit of measurement metre water column mean?

      This unit can also be used to represent pressure. 1 metre of water column = 9.80665 kilopascals or 0.1 bar.

    • What is airwatt?

      AirWatt is a unit of measurement that is increasingly used in the hoover sector to compare suction power. The suction power is put in relation to the suction volume (= vacuum x air flow rate / 10).


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