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Dreame L10s Ultra review UK: How well does this high-end robot vacuum-mop combo really perform?

Last updated: 07.07.2023 Reading time: 14 Min.

Dreame L10s Ultra - a dream come true or too good to be true? 😴

On paper, the robot floor cleaner has everything you need from a little household helper!

The automatic cleaning it offers means you can put your feet up while your floors are mopped and hoovered!

But does the device really deliver what it promises?

We put the Dreame L10s Ultra through its paces. 🔎

Read our review and find out if the model is a good investment. 👇


  • Fair price
  • Very good mopping ability
  • Mops are cleaned during the cleaning session
  • Mops can be lifted 7 mm
  • Strong suction power, especially on carpets
  • Good climbing ability (approx. 2.1 cm)
  • Mop cleaning intervals adjustable to m²
  • Dries mop pads
  • Detection of flat obstacles, such as 🧦 💩
  • Home monitoring via camera
  • Automatic emptying of the mobile dust container
  • Quiet
  • Base station is easy to clean
  • Detergent is automatically administered during mopping
  • Quick mapping
  • Battery power


  • Corner cleaning not optimal
  • Approx. 6 cm remains unmopped along skirting boards (vacuuming does reach, though)
  • Disposable dust bag in the base station
  • Limited voice control
  • Design and quality of workmanship could be better

Most important points at a glance:

  • Good value for money compared to similar competing products
  • Base station can: Wash & dry mops, refill the water tank, add cleaner and empty the mobile dust container.
  • Impressive mopping ability
  • High level of automation
  • Very gentle handling of furniture (hardly any collisions)
  • Can be used as a mobile surveillance camera
  • Mop pads are lifted when crossing carpets
  • Well suited for large homes
  • Not ideal for use across multiple floors
  • Water flow is very strong, therefore not recommended for delicate hardwood floors
  • Camera + 3D laser for flat object detection

Dreame L10 product range

The Dreame L10 product family consists of three different models.

The entire Dreame L10 product family is on display.

Below you will find an overview of the features of the individual models.

L10s Ultra L10s Pro L10 Pro
Mop 2 mops 2 mops 1 mop
Mopping technique Rotation Rotation Passive (mop dragged behind)
Mop quality 💧💧💧 💧(💧) 💧
Incl. emptying station
Incl. mopping station
Water tank filling
Mop drying
Price €€€€ €€€ €€

Check Amazon*

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Check Amazon*

In this review, we take a detailed look at the Dreame L10s Ultra. 👇

Dreamebot L10s multifunction base station review

The Dreame L10s Ultra station is a real all-rounder.

It combines the following functions:

  • (1) Adding cleaning liquid
  • (2) Self-cleaning of the mops (incl. extraction of dirty water) (cleaning station)
  • (3) Emptying of the dust container (emptying station)
  • (4) Drying the mop pads
  • (5) Filling the water tank

The various functions of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station can be seen.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at exactly how the station operates and its advantages. 👇

Emptying station

Emptying stations have become a very popular feature that every good cleaning robot should come with.

In this case, the mobile dust container is emptied out when it is docked to the base station.

The emptying system of the Dreame L10s Ultra station is shown.

The dust ends up in a separate dust bag, which is located in the station itself.

The compartment in the Dreame L10s station where the dust bag is located can be seen.

The disposable dust bag of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station can be seen.

The big advantage is clear: one essential maintenance step (manually emptying the mobile dust container) is eliminated.

text: It is shown that with the Dreame L10s Ultra, the mobile dust bag does not need to be emptied by hand.

Winning feature: This automates the cleaning process even further.

But we also want to talk about some disadvantages:

It uses a disposable dust bag, which is unfortunately also quite small. This is not only bad for the environment, but also introduces follow-up costs (bags need to be bought again*). 🌎 💸

We think that the self-empty station is a great feature that we can no longer live without. 👏

Cleaning station

The base station of the Dreame L10s Ultra has other highlights to offer. It can:

  • refill the mobile water tank,
  • wash and moisten the mops,
  • add special mop cleaner to the water tank,
  • and dry the mops after cleaning.

In the next chapters, we will look at these individual functions in detail.

Automatic water tank filling

The Dreame L10s Ultra water tank is filled with water at the base station and emptied again after cleaning.

 The water tank of the Dreame L10s Ultra is filled with water at the base station.

This is done via a small hole. Clean water from the water tank enters the water container through this hole.

Water outlet for refilling the mobile water tank of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

This not only saves time and effort (no need to refill/empty the water tank by hand), but also ensures that larger living areas can be mopped in one go.

Without this feature, the small mobile water tank (~ 80 ml.) would be empty after about 50 m² and you would have to refill it manually. The station now does this for you every time the robotic hoover is docked. 👍

P.S.: The mobile water tank is permanently installed inside the robot vacuum cleaner. This means you cannot remove it.

Mop Cleaning

Two water tanks (2.5L) are installed in the base station (clean water and dirty water).

The clean water tank and the dirty water tank of the Dreame L10s Ultra are next to each other.

After an interval set by you (every 10 to 35 m²), the Dreamebot returns to the station.

The mops are then cleaned by rotating them over a textured plate. Meanwhile, they are rinsed with clean water from the fresh water tank.

Textured plate for cleaning the mops of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen close up.

Mop cleaning the Dreame L10s Ultra at the base station.

Dirty water is then sucked up and ends up in a separate container (dirty water tank).

The dirty water tank of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen close up.

Can I use distilled water in the water tank?

No, you cannot use distilled water in the water tank. Water level sensors detect when there is too much water in the tank via electrical contacts. The water is then drained out and ends up in the dirty water tank.

The electrical contacts that measure water level in the base station are circled in red.

Since distilled water is not conductive, the contacts do not react and the tub would overflow.

By cleaning the mops regularly, dirt is not pushed around from room to room.

The advantage of the whole process is obvious: your floors are always cleaned with clean mop pads.

The cleaning process takes just 2 minutes. Compared to similar models, this is quite a short time. 👍

P.S.: The dirty water tank is sealed well. This ensures that odours cannot easily escape.

The seal of the Dreame L10s Ultra's dirty water tank can be seen close up.

Nevertheless, for hygiene reasons (and to avoid bad odours), it is recommended to dispose of the dirty water down the toilet no later than 48 hours after cleaning.

Mop drying

At the end of the cleaning process, the wet mop pads are dried at the base station.

This is done with hot air (40 degrees). The process takes about 2 hours. Afterwards, the pads are as dry as can be.

Depending on your preference, you can set the drying time in the app up to 4 hours.

This prevents

  • bacteria from forming 🦠
  • bad odours from occurring 🦨

Without the drying function, you would have to remove the pads by hand after each cleaning. Yet another aspect that takes work off your hands! 👍

The mop drying is pretty quiet. However, you can still hear a slight buzzing noise. But at only 35 dB, it’s not exactly bothersome.

Despite the presence of this function, washing the pads in the washing machine from time to time is still recommended.

The two mopping pads of the Dreame L10s Utra are washed in the washing machine.

Adding detergent

This is a really cool feature that hardly any competitors offer.

There is a compartment in the base station where a special cartridge with a cleaning solution is installed.

The cartridge containing the Dreame L10s Ultra cleaning agent is held up.

The detergent compartment in the base station of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

This adds the cleaning agent to the fresh water that is fed into the mobile water tank.

For one thing, this ensures your floors are even cleaner, while on the other, it adds a pleasant scent to your home. 🌺

We haven't yet found a way to refill the cartridge by hand. Unfortunately, you will probably have to continue buying them.

When the cleaning fluid is used up, it can be reordered online.

We think Dreame's idea is very good. Because here, too, you no longer have to intervene by hand to add detergent to the mobile water tank.

This saves time and automates floor cleaning a little bit more.


The base station is very easy to clean.

Most large parts of the device can be easily removed and only need to be rinsed under running water.

The textured plate of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station is removed.

The textured plate of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station is cleaned under running water.

It's also a good idea to give the cleaning tray a wipe. A special brush is included in the package contents for this purpose.

The cleaning tray of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station is wiped down using the cleaning brush.

Coarse dirt gets left behind in the cleaning tray. This can be removed with a kitchen towel.

The dirt in the cleaning tray of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station is removed with a wipe.

The clean cleaning tray of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station can be seen.

P. S.: Pressing the Home button for 3 seconds (located on the top of the station) will let water into the tank. Then you can clean the bottom area. By pressing the button again (3 sec.), the water is pumped out.

After a few weeks, you can rinse the two water tanks with tap water and clean them with the cleaning brush.

The base station doesn’t require any more maintenance than that. 🕺

Cleaning the base station is super simple. That is a big advantage.

Dreame L10s Ultra in the mopping test: How good is the mopping performance of the robot vacuum-mop combo?

We took a closer look at the mopping performance of the Dreametech L10s Ultra.

For this purpose, we carried out a test under extreme conditions and also observed the mopping performance in everyday use.

This was our experience. 👇

Mopping performance in our extreme test

To study the capabilities of the Dreame L10s Ultra in detail, we created artificial stains (ketchup, coffee, cream cheese) as part of our extreme test.

Different stains are created for the mopping test of the Dreame L10s Ultra.

Then the L10s was given three attempts to mop up the mess. This was the result:

The laminate mop test result of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.


(The coffee stains in the top right corner were not mopped up because the robot identified the end of the door as an obstacle and so avoided the area).


Good to see: The robot mop can clean dirt from almost any floor type.

That is an excellent result.

With this performance, the Dreame L10s Ultra is one of the best robot hoovers with mopping capabilities on the market.

Should you let a robot mop clean up "extreme messes"?

The answer is quite clearly: No.

We recommend removing extreme messes by hand.

The robot can “technically” clean up this dirt (something we have hardly ever observed with any other device). However, the mop pads will still be covered in dirt. And until they are cleaned at the station, the robot will leave streaks behind.

Mopping robots are not designed for such extreme situations.

But for removing everyday dirt (footprints, small stains after eating, dirt from outdoors, etc.) the Dreame L10s is perfectly suitable.

Mopping performance in everyday life

The Dreame L10s Ultra did well in our extreme test.

But how does it do in everyday use?

An area of approx. 7 cm remains unmopped along skirting boards, as the mops do not reach across the full width of the unit (but vacuuming can still be carried out in these spots).

The Dreame L10s Ultra mops along the ledges.

We love that the water tank is refilled at the station. This means that even larger living areas can be mopped without any problems.

Our 80 m² flat (~ 40 m² cleaning area) was completely cleaned, and the clean water tank was still more than half full. We even selected the shortest interval for the mop pad cleaning (every 10 m²)!

The water tank level of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station can be seen after a complete cleaning of the flat.

So if you select a longer cleaning interval (every 10 m² - 35 m²), very large spaces can be mopped in one go (up to 300 m²).

We were very pleased with the mopping performance.

Water is released very evenly (and very abundantly). Even at the lowest water release level, the floor was almost too wet.

Therefore, we would not recommend the Dreame L10s Ultra for hardwood floors (it works great on all other hard floor types).

The increased moisture was quite a lot, especially after the pads were cleaned and dampened at the station. After about 5-6 m², the moisture decreases.

We recommend selecting the lowest or, at the most, medium water flow level.

How can I avoid streaks with my robot mop?

Occasionally, there was a slight streaking after mopping.

This can be avoided by following these tips:

Do not use detergents.

The addition of the cleaning liquid may cause slight streaking on some floors.

If you observe this, try leaving out the detergent.

Simply remove the cleaning cartridge located in the base station.

The cleaning agent of the Dreame L10s Ultra is taken out of the base station.

Set low water supply.

The water output of the Dreame L10s Ultra is quite high (which is a good thing).

But this can also lead to smudge marks when drying.

Therefore, our tip: Use the lowest water output quantity in the app. This is more than enough.

The water intensity is set in the Dreame Home App.

Clean the mop pads in the washing machine.

Even if the mops are wrung out / cleaned in the base station, they should be washed regularly in the washing machine.

The Dreame L10s Ultra mops are washed in the washing machine.

This will ensure all dirt is cleaned off them.

And this is how the result looked on the laminate / PVC floor:

The mop test result on laminate floor can be seen.
The wipe test result on the PVC floor can be seen.

The vacuum-mopping robot also scored well on the tiled floor in the bathroom.

The Dreame L10s Ultra mops a tiled floor in the bathroom.

Thanks to the rotating mops, dirt in the grout was also cleaned up. 👍

What is also very good is that as soon as the robo-vacuum makes its way to the station (to wash the pads), the two mops are lifted.

This means that dirt is not distributed across your home. 💪

All in all, the mopping performance was totally impressive. With this result, the Dreame L10s Ultra is one of the best robot vacuum-mop hybrids on the market.

And if you take a closer look at the dirty water after mopping, the result is clear as day.

The clean water tank and the dirty water tank are located in front of the base station of the Dreame L10s Ultra.

The dirty water of the Dreame L10s Ultra is poured out.

Below, we take a closer look at the features that contributed to the good mopping performance. 👇

Rotating mops

The Dreame L10s Ultra is equipped with two rotating mops that rotate 180x / minute.

The two rotating mop pads of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen from below.

This technology seems to be establishing itself more and more among robotic vacuum cleaners. And the results speak for themselves.

The water drips from the water tank through the nozzles onto the two pads.

The water nozzles of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen up close.

Super handy: The two mop pads are magnetically attached and can be easily removed.

A mop pad of the Dreame L10s Ultra is removed.

A Dreame L10s Ultra mop is attached using a velcro.

The quality of the grooved mops is also impressive. They are quite fluffy. The fibres can hold onto dirt quite well.

The fluffy mop of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen in the close-up.

Deposits cleaning agent

In the base station there is a slot with a special cleaning agent suitable for robotic mopping.

Thus, some detergent is always added to the fresh water.

This ensures that

  • your floors are cleaner 💎
  • and your home smells more pleasant 🌺

Another positive effect: The dirty water tank smells nice because cleaning agents are, of course, also found in the pumped-out dirty water.

This means that the dirty water can remain at the station a little longer than usual without being emptied, before it starts to smell.

Additional downward pressure

Thanks to two bolts, additional downward pressure is exerted on the mop pads.

The two bolts, which provide additional contact pressure on the mop pads, can be seen.

This ensures better contact between the mops and the floor.

A nice feature to have! 💪

Raising the mop pads when crossing carpets

This is a real highlight. Not many devices can keep up here.

As soon as the Dreame L10s Ultra crosses carpet, the two mops are lifted by approx. 7 mm.

The two mops are lifted by approx. 7 mm when driving over a carpet.

P. S.: When the robot cleans along the edges of the carpet, the carpet repeatedly comes into contact with the rotating mops (when the robot turns). This is by no means a disaster, but it's worth mentioning.

For flat carpets, this function is worth its weight in gold. For shaggy carpets, it doesn’t work as well.

But the functionality is still useful on high-pile carpets. Because when raised, the mops are no longer supplied with water and rotation stops.

So while the mops still touch the carpet fibres, the intensity is in no way comparable to regular mopping.

P. S.: On trips back to the cleaning station and also after the cleaning is finished, mop pads are lifted (which is very positive). However, the pads still slightly touch the floor (see picture).

Streaks from the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

This is not a big deal, but it shouldn’t go unmentioned.

Setting water flow per room & intensive mopping mode

In the mobile app, you can set how high the water output per room should be.

The water intensity is set per room in the Dreame Home App.

Thus, a sensitive floor (e.g. hardwood) can be cleaned with a low level of water and more durable flooring (e.g. tiles) is cleaned with a lot of water.

During testing, we noticed that a lot of water was released. So the lowest level was sufficient in our flat. 💧

Also interesting: You can schedule rooms to be cleaned 3 times in the app. Here, the cleaning is done in a chequered pattern.

The Dreame L10s Ultra has cleaned a room 3 times.

This setting is recommended for areas that are particularly dirty.

Mop cleaning at the station

The greatest influence on the mop quality, however, is self-explanatory: the mop cleaning in the base station.

In the middle of a cleaning session (after your selected interval), the robot returns to the station and the mop pads are cleaned.

The session then continues with freshly washed pads, leaving the dirt behind in the dirty water tank.

This feature is really fantastic and has become a clincher for us when rating robot vacuums!

Dreame L10s Ultra in our vacuum test

The mopping performance was thoroughly convincing. 💪

Can the Dreame L10s Ultra also stand up to our vacuum test?

Let’s find out!

Vacuum test on hard floors

On hard floors, the Dreame L10s Ultra performed well.

The Dreame L10s Ultra's vacuum result on a hard floor can be clearly seen.

However, a little dirt has remained. This is because the contact between the brush and the hard floor is not as good as it could be.

So the hard floor vacuuming performance is good (but not quite good enough to be the very best).

Vacuum test on carpet

Next, the Dreame L10s Ultra was given the chance to prove itself on carpets.

And here we were really surprised. The test result was outstanding! The 5300 Pa suction power is clearly noticeable here. 💪

Results on a short-pile carpet:

  • Lentils: 100 %
  • Oats: 98 %
  • Sand: 76 %

Result on a long-pile carpet:

The Dreame L10s Ultra's suction test result on a low carpet can be seen.

Good to know: The Dreame L10s Ultra is equipped with special carpet detection. If a fluffy surface is detected, the robot automatically switches to the strongest suction level.

P.S.: Carpets are shaded on the map.

The carpet can be seen hatched in the map of the Dreame L10s Ultra.

Furthermore, the two mops lift by approx. 7 mm when crossing carpets.

The mops of the Dreame L10s Ultra are lifted when driving on the carpet.

This is a very special feature that only a few robots on the market can currently offer.

It has to be said that the mops are only lifted by about 7 mm. So if you have a very high pile, shaggy carpet, it won't work so well.

In summary, we can say this: Thanks to its suction power and the functions mentioned above, the Dreame L10s Ultra can play right up there with the best robot vacuums for carpets.

Corner and skirting cleaning

In principle, corner cleaning is not an easy task for robot vacuum cleaners.

Due to the round shape alone, perfection is made pretty much impossible.

The Dreame L10s Ultra also loses some ground here.

The Dreame L10s Ultra is cleaning a corner.

When automatic obstacle detection is switched on, the cleaning robot navigates a little more sensitively and drives even less far into corners.

Other brands, e.g. Roborock vacuum cleaners cut a somewhat better figure in this category (even if the round shape means corner cleaning will never be perfect).

Our opinion: We don't find it that problematic. Seeing as the robot vac cleans our flat at least 3 - 4 times a week, hardly any dirt accumulates in the corners.

Cleaning corners once a month with a conventional hoover is more than sufficient (click here for a comparison of the best cordless vacuum cleaners). 🧹

The gadget does a great job with skirting boards.

The Dreamebot L10s Ultra gets very close to the boards and the side brush sweeps the dirt towards the suction opening.

The Dreame L10s cleans along the skirting.

However, you must bear in mind that an area of approx. 7 cm remains unmopped along skirting. This is because the mop pads do not extend across the full width of the unit.

The Dreame L10s Ultra mops along the skirting, leaving a gap.

Vacuum test in everyday use and conclusion: Does the vacuuming performance of the Dreame L10s Ultra hit the mark?

The answer is quite clearly: yes.

We were thrilled, both in our extreme test and in everyday life.

It has been doing the rounds in our test arena for a month now and still works incredibly reliably.

P.S.: We mainly have hard flooring (laminate, PVC and tiles) in our testing space. We sometimes got the feeling that the Dreame L10s Ultra could do with more of a challenge.

The combination of strong mopping and vacuuming power ensures our floors are spotless.

Dreame L10s Ultra in tackling hair

Long human hair and / or pet hair can be a challenge (especially for a robot vacuum cleaner). 🐶

The Dreame L10s Ultra copes well with hair and pet dander.

And here’s why:

Self-emptying mobile dust bag

The mobile dirt bin is quickly filled up by hair.

So you’re forced to empty it by hand after almost every cleaning.

With the Dreame L10s Ultra, the base station does this for you.

Because after each cleaning, the mobile bag is automatically emptied at the station.

A great feature that saves you a lot of work.

Good cleaning performance

Hair is a very light kind of dirt and so does not pose a problem for the Dreame L10s Ultra when cleaning.

Thanks to the strong suction power and the very good mopping performance, hair pick up is a breeze.

Removable front roller, brush and side brush

Hair tends to get caught in the rollers, brushes, etc.

No need to worry: these can be removed with a simple click.

The front roller of the Dreame L10s Ultra is removed.

The side brush of the Dreame L10s Ultra is removed.

Now you can easily remove the hair that has accumulated there and then put the parts back.

P. S.: A practical cleaning tool is included in the order.

The rubber brush of the Dreame L10s Ultra is cleaned of hair using a cleaning tool.

Easy care rubber brush

The main brush of the Dreame L10s Ultra is made of hard rubber.

Compared to a bristle brush, hardly any hair gets stuck in these brushes, which is a massive bonus.

Hairs only accumulate at the ends. These can be easily removed with a flick of the wrist.

Stuck hairs are removed from the side brush of the Dreame L10s Ultra.

Hair is removed from the rubber brush of the Dreame L10s Ultra.

It also helps that the rubber brush can be removed at both ends. 👍

First steps and map creation

To access the full potential of your Dreame L10s Ultra robot vacuum cleaner, it needs to be set up and your map needs to be created.

First steps

Luckily, you are provided with a clear quick-start guide.

You will find this when you lift the lid of the multipurpose station.

The quick start guide of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen on the base station.

Then you just follow these steps:

  • Unpack the machine and attach the side brush and main brush.
  • Place the auto-empty station by the wall (ensure sufficient distance) and connect it to the power supply.
  • Insert the detergent cartridge in the station.
  • Install the water tanks and add fresh water.
  • Download the app and set it up (you can find out more about this in the chapter "Mobile phone app").

Start the first familiarisation session.

Map creation

During the first exploration, the Dreame L10s Ultra creates a detailed map of your home.

Make sure to open all doors and tidy up the flat as much as possible on the first trip.

Due to the quick-map function, the process is completed in a few minutes.

For our 80 m², the robot vacuum cleaner took just 5 minutes.

P. S.: During quick-mapping, the Dreame L10s Ultra does not vacuum / mop, but merely scans your home at a fast pace.

And this is what the final result looks like:
The map of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen in the Dreamehome app.

The map is not very detailed. Only the outlines of doors and pieces of furniture can be seen. For everyday use, however, the level of detail is quite sufficient.

Now you can use all kinds of great functions to customise the map and tailor it to your needs, for example:

  • Draw no-go zones and virtual walls.
  • Separate / merge rooms.
  • Name rooms.
  • Determine suction power / water output for each room.
  • and so on.

We’ll go into detail about the individual functions in the Mobile App chapter.

3D Map

It is also possible to view your map in 3D mode.

The most common pieces of furniture (e.g. table, couch, toilet, ...) can be placed on the map using drag-and-drop.

Pieces of furniture are placed in the 3D map of the Dreame L10s Ultra by drag-and-drop.

Apart from visual appeal, we currently don’t see any great benefit to the 3D map.

Personally, we only use the normal 2D view. This is completely sufficient for everyday use.

Can the Dreame L10s Ultra be used on multiple floors?

The answer is: yes, but only conditionally.

You can carry the Dreambot (with the Base Station) to the first floor and simply start it there. Then the map of the first floor will be created.

The second map can also be created without the base station. But then the mapping takes much longer, because the robot drives around and searches for the station. Eventually, it will give up and go back to where you left it.

Then, if the first floor is to be cleaned, you can carry the robot upstairs.

(The map of the first floor must be selected in the app).

Once the first floor is completely cleaned, the robotic vacuum returns to the place where it was dropped off and waits for you to carry it back home to its base station.

If the robot does not start from the station, the mobile water tank is empty. Thus, only vacuuming (and not mopping) can be done on the second floor.

You can also carry the station with you to the new floor each time. However, this is not really practical due to the size.

Therefore, the Dreame L10s Ultra is not perfect for use in multi-storey houses.

Is there any way for my Dreame L10s Ultra to mop upstairs?

This workaround allows your Dreamebot to mop upstairs:

  • Select the first floor in the app.
  • Start the cleaning.
  • Allow the mops to be cleaned at the station. At the same time, the mobile water tank (80 ml) is also filled up.
  • Carry the robot upstairs.
  • Press the cleaning button (found on the top of the robot).

As the mobile water tank is only 80 ml in size, approx. 40 m² of surface can be mopped.

The robot has 4 crash sensors.

The crash sensors on the underside of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

These allow cliffs (e.g. stairs) to be detected and safely avoided.

As the 4 crash sensors are located at the front, it’s possible for the robot to turn off the edge of cliffs and then hang from its rear end.

Luckily, this hasn’t happened to us, but it has been discussed in some forum posts.

Navigation of the Dreame L10s Ultra in the test

We put the navigation of the Dreame L10s to the test.

Laser navigation (LIDAR) is used as the basis. The laser itself is located in the laser tower.

Laser navigation has established itself as the state-of-the-art navigation method for robot vacuum cleaners.

The laser navigation tower of the Dreame L10s Ultra is touched with both hands.

This ensures that the robot moves quickly and systematically around your home in an orderly fashion.

Laser navigation cannot see flat objects (< 10 cm). To detect these, Dreame uses other technologies. 👇

Obstacle detection of the Dreame L10s Ultra (AI Action)

With the help of the RGB camera and a cross laser, even flat objects (such as socks, cables, etc.) are circumnavigated independently.

 The RGB camera and cross laser of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen in the front view.

The manufacturer calls the technology "AI Action".

In the app, the items that the robot vacuum cleaner has spotted are displayed on the map.
The avoided objects are displayed in the Dreame Home App.

Testing the obstacle detection of the Dream L10s Ultra

To test the Dreame L10s Ultra's object recognition performance, we spread various objects around the home and saw how the robot vacuum coped.

Here we have switched on the "pet mode" (more sensitive object detection).

Dog mess

Pet excrement is a very sensitive issue with robot vacuum cleaners. 💩

If these are overlooked, it can end up being a royal mess. 😱

The result of the Dreame L10s Ultra's obstacle detection test when driving around dog mess can be seen.

Dreame L10s Ultra avoids dog poop during object detection test.

All in all, the Dreame L10s Ultra made a good impression. Only the very flat dog mess was missed.

Very flat objects

The flatter the objects, the more difficult it is to detect them.

The result of the Dreame L10s Ultra's obstacle detection test on flat objects can be seen.

Compared to other models, the Dreamebot did a good job. The majority of obstacles were recognised. However, the robot made contact with some of the objects when driving around them.

Cable test

Cables (especially mobile phone or laptop charging cables) are often found on the floor.

The robot was quite impressive in this test.

Only two wires were lightly touched.

The robot reduces the rotation of the side brush when driving around obstacles, which is a massive advantage. This means that even if the cable is touched, it won’t immediately be vacuumed up.

The result of the Dreame L10s Ultra robot vacuum cleaner in the object suitability test of cables can be seen.


The Dreamebot has an easy time with taller objects such as shoes.

It confidently recognised and avoided all obstacles (it only lightly touched the slippers with its rear end). 👇

The Dreame L10s Ultra avoids shoes during the object detection test.

The result of the Dreame L10s Ultra vacuum robot in the object suitability test of shoes can be seen.

Conclusion on navigation

The laser navigation of the Dreame L10s Ultra is very reliable.

When obstacle avoidance is switched on, even flat objects are spotted and avoided.

P. S.: If you activate pet mode in the app, the robot is particularly sensitive. It drives more carefully and gives a wider berth to flat objects.

Furniture, table or chair legs etc. are hardly touched. This means you don't have to worry about scratches on your furniture or the robot itself. 👍

(P. S.: Even the curtains are avoided, as can be seen in the video 🎞️).

It is almost "too careful" on the move for our taste. We would only activate pet mode when a really untidy flat needs to be cleaned.

It’s super convenient that objects are given a wide berth and the rotation speed of the side brush is reduced in this mode.

The travel path of the Dreame L10s Ultra when detecting an obstacle is drawn in.

This reduces the likelihood of the robot hoover getting tangled up in an overlooked cable, for example. 🔌

If your home is as tidy as possible (no socks, cables etc. lying on the floor), then you do not need to switch on object detection.

For families with children and/or pets, however, it is almost impossible to not have things lying around on the floor. Keeping up with the tidying is a constant struggle.

This is where the Dreame L10s Ultra's obstacle avoidance makes perfect sense.

But you can't blindly rely on the technology. It has not yet been developed to that extent.

Climbing performance test on the Dreamebot L10s Ultra

The Dreame L10s Ultra can traverse a height of approx. 2.1 cm.

That is a very good test result. 👏

The Dreame L10s Ultra crosses a high door threshold in the test.

This makes the Dreame L10s Ultra one of the best robot vacuums for high doorsteps.

If you have higher door thresholds at home (this can be the case in older houses), we recommend you use a special door threshold ramp. 👇

Dreamehome app review

The robot vacuum cleaner can also be controlled using buttons (found on the top of the robot).

  • Start / stop cleaning
  • Back to the station
  • Area cleaning

The control button of the Dreame L10s Ultra robot vacuum cleaner can be seen.

It's not exactly “smart”.

The mobile phone app offers considerably more options. 📱

Mobile app

You have a choice of 2 mobile phone apps:

But which app suits you better?

The Xiaomi app is recommended if you use other smart products from the Chinese electronics giant (such as a smart Xiaomi air purifier). Then you don't need to switch back and forth between apps.

The disadvantage is that some functions are still missing from the Xiaomi app (e.g. video surveillance). These will presumably be added in the future, but it is not possible to say when this will happen.

That's why we decided to use the Dreamehome app. 👇
The Dreamehome app is available for download in the App Store.

Setting up the app

Setting up the mobile app is very easy. You are guided step-by-step through the process.

First, you can download the app from the respective app store and register.

The next step is to add your robot vacuum. To do this, you must scan the QR code, which can be seen in the Quick Start Guide.

The QR code to be scanned is circled.

Now you have to hold down two buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds (see image below). This puts the robot vacuum cleaner into pairing mode.

You then need to enter your Wi-Fi details and the internet connection will be set up.

The internet connection of the Dreame L10s Ultra is set up.

Now the app is ready to use and you can access the many exciting functions.

Functions of the Dreamehome App

In this chapter, we will take a closer look at the app's range of functions. 🔎

The usual settings can be adjusted right on the start screen:

The start screen of the Dreame Home app can be seen.

(1): Start cleaning

(2): Map management

(3): Return to charging station

(4): Select cleaning mode (single room cleaning, complete cleaning, single zone cleaning).

(5): Set no-go zones

(6) Adjust cleaning settings (determine suction power, water output etc.)

(7): Adjust settings for the base station (How often to clean mops? When to empty the mobile dust chamber?).

(8): Select 3D map view

(9): Further setting options

We will go into more detail about the most important settings / functions below. 👇

Determining the suction power or water output

Set the desired suction power or water output.

These settings can be adjusted individually for each room.

Suction power and water settings are selected in the Dreame L10s Ultra app.

Set cleaning sequence

You can set the desired room cleaning order in the Dreamehome App.

The cleaning sequence of the Dreame L10s Ultra is set in the Dreamehome App.

For example, have the living room and bedroom cleaned first and the bathroom last (to avoid cross-contamination).

Single room / zone cleaning

Should only a certain area (2) or a certain room (1) be cleaned?

This can be set with a few clicks in the Dreamehome App.

Single room cleaning and area cleaning are selected in the Dreame L10s Ultra app.

Define no-go zones

Should a certain area not be vacuumed / mopped at all?

You can exclude areas from cleaning with the help of no-mop zones / no-go zones.

No-mop zones and No-go zones are set in the Dreame Home App.

3D map

In the Dreamehome app, you can view the map in 3D.

Individual pieces of furniture can also be placed here.

The map of the Dreame L10s Ultra is edited in the 3D view.

This makes the map look a little more realistic.

Cleaning history

Check out the statistics for past cleaning sessions.

Statistics on past cleaning runs are displayed in the Dreamehome App.

Adjust base station settings

You can define settings for the docking station in the app.

  • (1): Mop cleaning (every 10 - 35 m² or by zones)
  • (2): Mop drying (2 - 4 hours)
  • (3): Self-draining (after every, every second or every third docking).

Settings for the base station of the Dreame L10s Ultra are made in the Dreamehome App.

Check the condition of the spare parts

You can view the condition of the spare parts in the app.

The condition of the spare parts is viewed in the Dreamehome App.

P.S.: The information is only intended as a guide. Depending on the intensity of use, the wear of the parts may differ.

Spare parts can be conveniently purchased online as needed:

Check Amazon*

Set weekly cleaning schedule

Do you forget to start the Dreame L10s Ultra from time to time?

Then set up a convenient weekly cleaning schedule. Then the little household helper will start cleaning entirely independently.

The weekly cleaning schedule is defined in the Dreame L10s Ultra app.

Object avoidance

In the app, you can adjust various settings regarding object detection:

  • Pet mode on / off (when activated, objects are detected even more sensitively and given a wider berth).
  • Should pictures be taken of the obstacles?

Various settings regarding the object recognition of the Dreame L10s Ultra are made in the app.

Handling carpets

Set how the Dreamebot should handle carpets.

Carpet cleaning settings are set in the Dreame L10s Ultra app.

Video surveillance / camera function

Your Dreame L10s Ultra can stream a video of your home.

This allows you to use the Dreamebot as a kind of surveillance camera (you can read more about this topic in the "Video surveillance" chapter).

The video camera of the Dreame L10s Ultra is used.

Our conclusion on the Dreame Home App

In our experience, the Dreamehome app is well made.

There is hardly anything to criticise about the range of functions. All the most important settings are available.

The structure is typical for the industry. The app is intuitive and very clear. You get the hang of it after a few minutes. 👍

We did not find any errors or bugs during the test period. This is very positive.

Testing the voice control of the Dreame L10s Ultra

Your Dreame L10s Ultra can be controlled via voice command with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Voice control via Siri is currently not available, but will be added soon.

The app describes the steps to activate the voice skill for the respective assistant.

Instructions for activating the voice assistant of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

In our test, the voice control was not very impressive.

Actually, there are only 3 commands:

  • Start cleaning
  • Stop cleaning
  • Back to the charging station

If voice control is extremely important to you, then the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is a very good alternative.

In addition to the integration of the common voice assistants (Alexa, Google, ...), this also has its own voice assistant on board (OK YIKO), which knows significantly more voice commands.

Dreame L10s Ultra: Our experience with the video surveillance function

The Dreame L10s Ultra can be used as a mobile surveillance camera thanks to the built-in camera. 📷

This opens up completely new areas of application for you.

You must first enter a four-digit code of your choice to begin using this function.
The entry of the four-digit code for video surveillance by the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

Afterwards, you will see a real-time image of your home.

In the Dreame L10s Ultra app, you can view video footage from your home in real time.

We love that the robot informs you by voice output: "Camera is on" as soon as the camera is accessed. These notifications are repeated at regular intervals as long as the camera is active. 📣

This is to prevent people from being filmed unintentionally.

You can then select the following functions:

The functions of the Dreame L10s Ultra video surveillance can be seen.

(1): Control of the robot by arrow keys

(2): Take photos

(3): Voice output: You can send voice commands but not receive them

(4): Back to the station

(5): Patrol the entire flat

(6): Select a specific room for the robot to patrol

(7): View recorded images


We liked the security features of the Dreame L10s Ultra.

All in all, everything worked very smoothly without any issues.

The picture quality is good.

The image quality of the Dreame L10s camera can be seen.

It’s a bit of a pity that a luminous ring is visible in direct light.

Light ring when using the video function of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

The video functions enable completely new applications in the security sector (which is becoming increasingly important).

You can now use your robot vacuum as a mobile surveillance camera.

Or you can check what your pet is up to in your absence! 🐶 😺

There will certainly be households where the security features of the Dreametech L10s Ultra are put to very good use.

Battery performance review of the Dreame L10s Ultra

The Dreame L10s Ultra is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery.

This ensures a maximum runtime of 160 to 210 minutes.

In our tests, we can confirm the battery performance is good.

After cleaning our 80 m² flat (suction level: standard, mopping: lowest water output), the robot still had approx. 79% battery remaining.

P.S. : If you deactivate mopping, the robot hoover can clean for longer. The rotation of the two mopping pads consumes additional battery capacity.

When our 80 m² flat is vacuumed alone (level: standard), the Dreambot still has approx. 84% battery remaining.

The remaining battery capacity of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen in an app screenshot after cleaning an 80 m² flat.

Assuming that the robot returns to the base station with approx. 15% remaining battery (recharge & resume function), living spaces of up to 350 m² can be cleaned in one go.

What does “Recharge & Resume” mean?

The robot is designed to thoroughly clean homes, even in large areas. When its battery runs low while working, it autonomously returns to the base station to recharge before picking up where it left off.

Charging the battery takes some time (approx. 1 % = 4 minutes). If the battery drops to 20 %, for example, it will take around 5 hours before the battery is fully charged again. 🔋

With its enormous battery life, the Dreame L10s Ultra is suitable for cleaning large houses / flats.

Our experience with the volume of the Dreame L10s Ultra

In our experience, the Dreame L10s Ultra does its work very quietly.

  • Vacuum level "Turbo": 60 dB.
  • Vacuum level "Strong": 57 dB.
  • Vacuum level "Standard": 52 dB.
  • Mop drying at the station: 35 dB. (slight ventilation noise)
  • Mop cleaning at the station: 35 dB.
  • Emptying process at the base station 70 dB. (duration approx. 20 seconds)

The operating volume of the Dreame L10s Ultra is shown on a decibel scale.

Based on the measured values, the Dreame L10s Ultra is definitely among the quieter robot vacuums.

Design, dimensions and workmanship

The finish of the Dreame L10s Ultra appears minimalist and at the same time very functional.

This applies to both the robot and the base station.

Robot vacuum

The robot itself has standard dimensions: height 9.7 cm; diameter: 35 cm.

The Dreame L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner is measured with a ruler.

The Dreambot thus remains under the magic 10 cm height mark, which means it fits under the most common pieces of furniture. 💪

The design itself does not hold any big surprises.

The Dreame L10s Ultra robot vacuum cleaner can be seen up close from the front.

One disadvantage: The bumper does not have a rubber lip, so it may get scratched more easily.

When you open the lid, you’ll find the mobile dust container.

The flap of the Dreame L10s Ultra is opened.

The mobile dust bin of the Dreame L10s Ultra is held up.

The underside also offers no surprises: The side brush, main plastic brush and mops are in their designated places.

The underside of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen in the close-up view.

The workmanship of the main brush deserves some praise. The brush is made of thick rubber and is lined with foam, which further increases its durability.

This means you can expect it to have a long life.

The rubber brush of the Dreame L10s Ultra is held up.

The lining of the rubber brush of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

When you hold the Dreamebot in your hands or look at it up close, you’ll notice that the plastic used is not of the highest quality.

The Dreame L10s Ultra is seen from the side.

This makes the robot vacuum cleaner look somewhat unimpressive.

Base station

Although the base station is quite narrow, it’s pretty tall. The dimensions are:

  • Width: 34 cm
  • Depth: ~41 cm
  • Height: 56.8 cm

The base station of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen close-up.

Unfortunately, there is no cable management system at the back. This means that excess cable from the power cord (approx. 1.2 m long) cannot be rolled up. 🔌

The base station of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen from behind.

The workmanship seems well-thought-out:

  • The silver magnetic panel looks cool and is easy to pull off and put back on.
  • It also has a space for storing cleaning tools (so they don’t get lost).

The silver, magnetic panel of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station is removed.

The cleaning tool of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

The two water tanks (fresh water / dirty water) are located inside the station.

The two water tanks of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station can be seen.

Here, too, everything is very solidly built in. The water tanks and the container with the washing liquid fit snugly (no water dripping through during use).

Also positive: The water tanks are well sealed and nothing leaks. 👍

The seal of the fresh water tank of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen in the close-up.

But here again:

The build quality is not the best. This can be seen in a few examples:

  • The plastic used for the base station does not appear to be of such high quality. In addition, the "processing seam" is visible.
  • The two containers (dirty water / fresh water) are made of thick plastic and so seem a bit clunky

The base station of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen from the side.

The two water tanks of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station can be seen in the close-up.


The Dreame L10s Ultra has a very minimalist design. Everything is designed for functionality.

From a purely visual point of view, the premium models from Roborock and Ecovacs look better. They are also a little better made. However, this is also clearly noticeable in the price. 💸

You can read our reviews on some of those models here:

Unfortunately, the Dreame L10s Ultra is only available in white. So if you are not a fan of this colour, you don’t have any other options.

Package contents

The package contents of the Dreame L10s Ultra include:

  • Base station
  • Robot hoover
  • Operating instructions
  • Cleaning agents
  • Spare dust bag
  • Cleaning tool
  • 2 x mop pads
  • Mains plug

The entire package contents of the Dreame L10s Ultra can be seen.

The contents are minimalistic. This keeps the total price low.

In particular, we would have liked another pair of mop pads. Because the mops occasionally have to be washed in the washing machine.

P. S.: Spare parts can be purchased online at any time*

Is the Dreame L10s Ultra good value for the price?

With an RRP price of £1,099.90 at launch, the price seems very high at first glance.

But if you put it in perspective of the quality and features offered and, in particular, to comparable models from competitors, you get a different picture.

Comparable models from Roborock, for example the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, are up to 40% more expensive. 🤯

Therefore, our conclusion here is: You get a lot of bang for your buck. 💰

Buying the Dreame L10s Ultra is definitely a good investment.

Alternatives to the Dreame L10s Ultra

In terms of performance, the Dreame L10s Ultra clearly plays in the big leagues of robot vacuum cleaners.

As comparable alternatives, we only consider models that also use a multifunction station.

With this in mind, the only real alternative available in the UK we would consider is the Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI. You can read our review here.

Review of the Dreame L10s Ultra: our conclusion

We asked ourselves the question at the beginning: Is the Dreame L10s Ultra a dream come true, or too good to be true? 😴

Our test conclusion is: a "Dreame" come true!

In summary, we can say this: The Dreame L10s Ultra is easily comparable with any of the big players in the industry. 💪

The manufacturer leaves any unnecessary bells and whistles behind. Everything is focussed towards the goal of providing a good (and smart) cleaning device.

The result: you get a good overall package at a fair price. ⚖️

If the mopping function is very important to you, you will be particularly happy with this Dreamebot. 🤩

Find out more

  • What should I do if the mops on my Dreame L10s Ultra dry up very quickly?

    The reason for this may be that the water tank is not properly filled with water at the base station.

    This can happen if there is air in the system.

    To fix this, the straw trick helps: take a glass straw and suck the air from the water outlet (located in the middle of the base station) until water flows.

     A glass straw is held on the water outlet of the Dreame L10s Ultra base station.

    This removes the air from the system, and the mobile water tank should then be able to be supplied with fresh water.


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