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Top 3 Toniebox Alternatives - We have tested them for you! (2024)

Toniebox Alternatives 2024

Last updated: 05.02.2024 Reading time: 12 Min.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect radio play device for your child? 🤔

Perhaps you're wondering how you can enjoy stories without always having to buy new audiobooks like with the Toniebox?

Maybe you're wondering which other products are similar to the Toniebox and which stands out as the top choice.

Don't worry. We've done the legwork for you!

We've tested various Toniebox alternatives and would like to share our insights.

Let's explore together and find the best option for your family's storytime. 📚

Toniebox alternatives

Top Toniebox alternatives

  • Player Classic
    Price from   £ 89.99 £ (99.99 )
    The Yoto Player Classic is great for kids with its huge range of stories and songs, plus it can be used as a nightlight, clock, and speaker.
    Player Classic
    The Yoto Player Classic is great for kids with its huge range of stories and songs, plus it can be used as a nightlight, clock, and speaker.
    Price from £ 89.99 (£ 99.99 )
  • Tigerbox
    Price from   £ 90.54 £ (115.86 )
    The Tigerbox is a top-notch music box packed with a wide range of songs and audiobooks that kids will love.
    The Tigerbox is a top-notch music box packed with a wide range of songs and audiobooks that kids will love.
    Price from £ 90.54 (£ 115.86 )
  • Player
    Price from   £ 89.99
    The Timio Player offers a screen-free, educational audio experience for kids aged 3-8.
    The Timio Player offers a screen-free, educational audio experience for kids aged 3-8.
    Price from £ 89.99
  • Audio Player
    Price from   £ 59.99
    Voxblock is a kid-friendly audio player offering entertaining content without needing the internet.
    Audio Player
    Voxblock is a kid-friendly audio player offering entertaining content without needing the internet.
    Price from £ 59.99

Find out more about our favorites now

Yoto Player Classic

The Yoto Player Classic is great for kids with its huge range of stories and songs, plus it can be used as a nightlight, clock, and speaker.

It's easy to use and lets you record your own stories too.

The Yoto Player Classic, quite like the Toniebox, is a box-shaped music player designed for children.

Our First Impressions

It is quite compact and is made of hard plastic with a rubber bottom. It has a neat pixel display on the front. 👾

Charging is simple with the magnetic charger; it works even when plugged in.

The battery lasts around eight hours when fully charged, one hour more than the Toniebox.

Yoto Player Cards 

This device uses pre-loaded Yoto cards with stories, music, and sounds.

Just insert a card into the slot, and the content will be downloaded via the internet so you can listen to it offline later.

Card inserted into the Yoto Classic Player
Image ©: Yoto

With space for up to 140 hours of audio data, it's quite a library in a box!

Pausing the audio files is also very easy. Just take out the card.

The cards are slightly cheaper than Tonies, costing between a few pounds and £9 per story. You can also buy blank cards for your content.

Simple Operation

Operating the Yoto Player is child's play with just three buttons.

There is an on/off switch on the side and two on the top to control the volume and to move between chapters.

Bluetooth Speaker

The Yoto Player doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

Card inserted into the Yoto Classic Player
Image ©: Yoto

You can connect the Yoto Player app to your device and stream music from services like Spotify or Deezer.

Yoto App

The app is user-friendly and gets better and better over time.

You can use it to control the player, buy new cards and even replace lost cards.

New content is added every month to keep things fresh.

Our Conclusion

The price of the Yoto Player is similar to that of the Toniebox.

However, it stands out with its selection of stories, including classics for older kids up to the age of ten, like Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.

The cards are more affordable and easier to store than the Toniebox characters.

It's also versatile – as a night light, clock or Bluetooth speaker.


The design is smart and appealing.

Kids find the story cards simple to use, and they're great for all ages.

Offers kid-friendly radio and podcasts.

Doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

Features charming pixel art and a clock display.


It's a bit bulky and heavy.

The power cord's design is not great and can break easily.

The clock feature requires Wi-Fi to work.

The speaker's sound quality is average.

Story cards can be easily lost.

Tigermedia Tigerbox

The Tigerbox is a top-notch music box packed with a wide range of songs and audiobooks that kids will love.

It features an easy-to-use touch display and delivers excellent sound quality.

If you've heard of the Toniebox, you'll likely come across the Tigerbox too.

While these two audio play devices have much in common, they also have some distinct differences.

Using the Tigerbox

The Tigerbox Touch is easy for children to use thanks to its 3.9-inch touchscreen. 📺

They can play audiobooks and songs with Tigercards, Tigertickets, or wildcards by simply touching and scrolling.

Using the Tigermedia Tigerbox
Image ©: Tigermedia

A handy feature is the sleep timer, which ensures the box doesn't play all night if you forget to switch it off. 🌛

The night light is also a great feature to help children fall asleep.

Tigercards and Subscription

Children can get entertained with stories and songs on Tigercards.

You can also take out a Tigerticket subscription, which includes a library of child-friendly audiobooks and songs.

Safety Features of the Tigerbox

The new Tigerbox model has a safer volume limit and thus solves a previous problem with the maximum volume.

And the wildcard function allows you to play your content, such as MP3s or self-recorded stories.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Tigerbox is impressive.

It's clear and engaging, perfect for little music lovers.

Our Conclusion

The Tigerbox, with its touch display, is the ideal choice for listening to audiobooks and songs suitable for children.

With its outstanding sound quality, it promises a great listening experience. 🚀

Bear in mind, however, that the individual Tigercards come at an additional cost, although they're cheaper than Tonies.

There is also the option of taking out a monthly or annual Tigerticket subscription.


Designed with high quality

Excellent sound quality.

Features a touch display for easy use.

Cheaper to maintain compared to Toniebox.

Offers a subscription with around 10,000 kid-friendly audiobooks and songs.

Has a monthly subscription option with no need to cancel.


The wood and display can get scratched easily.

To enjoy brand benefits, subscribe monthly or buy Tigercards.

Timio Player

The Timio Player offers a screen-free, educational audio experience for kids aged 3-8.

It's durable, portable, and battery-operated, perfect for on-the-go learning and entertainment.

The TIMIO Player is a fun, educational audio device for kids aged between 3 and 8.

Our First Impression

In the starter set, you'll find the player, 5 plastic discs, a small canvas bag for storage, and instructions.

It contains 60 audio activities on 5 themes and offers 100 minutes of playing time per language.

How Timio Works

You can switch on the player with a button on the back.

The volume can be easily adjusted using "quieter" or "louder" buttons.

Working of the Timio player
Image ©: Timio

The player, doubling as a speaker, uses magnetic technology to hold and play the discs, which work no matter how they're placed.

You also don't need to connect your device to wifi.

There is also an automatic switch-off after five minutes to save battery life.

The low battery indicator is a practical feature which lights up all 12 LED lights.

Learning New Languages

Timio is a multilingual player that helps your children learn different languages. 🌎

You can change the player's language by holding down the globe button. It scrolls through English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Dutch.

Release the button when you hear the language you want.


Timio is sturdy and can easily withstand falls and knocks. It was developed for children and can withstand rough handling.

Pouch of the Timio player
Image ©: Timio

The handy little pouch also keeps the discs well-organised.

Our Conclusion

TIMIO is a great screen time free option for children, with lots of content for different age groups.

The sound quality is impressively clear and not tinny. 🔊

It's portable, battery-powered and doesn't need the internet, making it great travel entertainment.


Screen-free and educational for kids 3-8 years old.

Offers 60 activities in different themes.

Easy to use with touch buttons.

Doesn't require the internet.

Runs on batteries, making it portable.

Automatic shut-off to save battery life.

Durable and withstands rough handling.


Batteries need replacing, no recharge option.

Stories are narrated in an American accent.

No option to pause, fast forward, or rewind stories.

Story durations are quite short.

Voxblock Audio Player

Voxblock is a kid-friendly audio player offering entertaining content without needing the internet.

It's designed with sustainability in mind, making it a great pick for environmentally aware families.

Voxblock is a kid-friendly audio player, catching the eye with its colourful bumpers and engaging audiobooks.

Our First Impression

It's unique because it doesn't need the internet to work.

You don't have to set it up, download apps or figure out how to connect it to WiFi.

Open the box, switch it on, and it's ready.

Its design is based on simplicity: no screens or lights, just storytelling with a 20-minute timer for bedtime. 😴

Using the Voxblock

Using the Voxblock is really easy.

It has a hidden on/off switch directly behind the book.

When you switch it on, you can see the volume, the battery and the pause button light up.

The light glows green when a story is playing, orange in sleep mode and red when it's time to recharge.

To start a story, simply insert one of the small books into the slot.

Listening to the Voxblock player
Image ©: Voxblock

It has a big play button that you can use to pause and resume the story, arrows to skip chapters and buttons to change the volume.

There is also a socket for headphones if your children want to listen quietly.

Voxblock Books

Instead of cards or figures, Voxblock uses mini-books for stories that can be stored neatly on a bookshelf.

These books are easy for children to handle and fit into the Voxblock.


Sustainability is the key for Voxblock.

The books and all packaging are made from recyclable cardboard.

The Voxblock player has as few parts as possible to ensure environmental friendliness.

Our Conclusion

In our view, the Voxblock is a well-designed unit.

It's compact, less than 20 cm long, 12 cm wide and 3 cm thick with the bumper attached.

This makes it incredibly light and easy to transport - perfect for travelling.


No internet required for use.

Can last for 14 hours of play on a single charge.

Features a 20-minute sleep timer.

Compact and portable design.

Uses mini books for stories, which are easy for kids to handle.

Made with sustainable materials like cardboard.

Packaging is fully recyclable.

Headphone socket for private listening.


Cannot connect Bluetooth headphones

Mini books are sustainable but less durable than plastic or other materials.

What is the Best Toniebox Alternative?

Everyone's talking about the Toniebox these days! Its audiobooks, songs, and fun characters are great for kids. 🤩

But if you're looking for something different, what other options exist?

We've taken a good look at Toniebox alternatives and compared them.

Why look for a Toniebox alternative?

Maybe the Toniebox is too expensive for you, or you don't always like buying new Tonies.

Or perhaps its style just doesn't fit with your home.

These are all good reasons to see what else is out there.

Remember that not every music box is as good as the Toniebox regarding quality and safety.

Toniebox placed on a table

That's why we've focused on testing the best alternatives and ensuring they're top-notch.

So you can find a music box that's just right for you and your family and feel good about your choice! 🥳

The best alternatives to the Toniebox:

What should you consider when buying an audio player for kids?

When choosing a music box for your kid, there are a few vital things to consider.

Most importantly, it should be safe and well-made, regardless of brand.

In the next part, we'll look at what makes a good music box for children.

We'll explain what you need to look out for so that you can choose a music box that is fun and safe for your child.

Craftsmanship - Sturdy and Reliable

If you're looking for an alternative music box, you should pay attention to how stable the device is, mainly depending on your child's age.

The younger your child is, the more durable the music box should be.

Most of these devices have an age recommendation of 3 years and above.

Particularly with young children, you must be confident that the music box won't break at the slightest mishap.

Children can be surprisingly quick, and the device could slip off the bed or out of little hands. 🛏️

The Toniebox, for example, is known for its durability.

Toniebox thrown on the floor to test durability

You can drop it or toss it around, and it'll work perfectly without any damage. 👍

So, if you're considering an alternative, you should always assess the quality and durability regarding your child's age.

Volume Control

The safety of young children's hearing is a top priority. 👂

Notably, it's not just the Toniebox that offers the ability to adjust speaker and headphone volumes through a dedicated app.

Adjusting the volume of the Toniebox
Adjusting Toniebox’s volume through the app.

All of the alternatives mentioned in our article lets you adjust the speaker volume.

Volume adjustment is a function that parents appreciate.

Ease of use

When choosing a music box for your child, it must be easy to use.

If a three-year-old doesn't know how to switch it on or adjust the volume, it defeats the purpose of such a device.

Child handling the Toniebox

You should also consider how your child accesses their favourite audiobooks:

  • Will you need to buy specific accessories like Tonie figures?
  • Can you stream audio content from services like Spotify?
  • Is it possible to play your own audio files using a micro SD card or USB stick?

A great feature of some music boxes, including the original Toniebox, is the ability to create your recordings, which adds a creative touch to the experience. 👍

Even though there are different audio devices, the three best Toniebox alternatives all have one important feature in common: they're incredibly easy for children to use!

Battery Life

When choosing a music box for your child, knowing how long the battery will last is essential.

This is particularly important for long car journeys or weekend trips so the fun doesn't end too quickly. 🔋

Imagine your child's disappointment when their favourite story suddenly stops playing because of a drained battery.

Toniebox with two new tonies

Another important consideration is how long it takes for the audio device to charge fully.

Does it charge quickly, or do you have to wait for hours before it's ready for use again?

And don't forget about how the music box gets its power?

Does it use regular batteries or a specific charger, or can you just use a standard phone charging cable?️

These factors will ensure your little ones can enjoy their music box without interruption.

Are there cheap alternatives to the Tonies Toniebox that are still safe for your child?

Yes, there are!

If you search online for a radio play device for your child, you'll find a wide selection.

However, it's essential that you also pay attention to the quality.

Be aware that many cheaper devices cannot keep up with the Toniebox.

The differences can lie in the design, volume and sound.

So, choose carefully to ensure safety and fun for your child. 🎶

Cheap and safe alternatives to the Toniebox

Are there alternatives to the Toniebox for adults?

Who says audiobooks are only for children?

As an adult, you might also want to enjoy a good audiobook before going to bed without having to take your mobile phone to bed. 📖

The Amazon Echo Dot and the HomePod Mini are two popular alternatives for Apple enthusiasts.

These Bluetooth speakers are user-friendly and offer voice control so you can play your favourite songs or audiobooks effortlessly.

Even better, you can set a sleep timer if you want to fall asleep while listening.

Smart Home Integration

Bluetooth speakers from Amazon and Apple that offer more than just music. 🛜

These devices can become part of your smart home set-up and allow you to control lighting, blinds and room temperature with voice commands.

Imagine you're lying in bed and realise you've forgotten to switch off the light in the living room — you can simply ask your speaker to do it for you.

Stylish Design and Impressive Sound

Both the Echo Dot from Amazon and the HomePod Mini from Apple have an eye-catching design.

Their compact, spherical shapes make them visually appealing additions to your home.

Although both speakers deliver excellent sound quality, independent tests have shown that the HomePod Mini has a slight advantage.

Which Bluetooth speaker is right for you?

The decision between the HomePod Mini and the Echo Dot depends on your needs.

Android users may find the Echo Dot more user-friendly as it doesn't require an iPhone or iPad to set up.

It's also a little more budget-friendly.

If you own Apple devices, the HomePod Mini integrates seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, ensuring smooth interaction between devices.

The best Toniebox alternatives for adults

The best Toniebox alternatives in the test - Our conclusion

Undoubtedly, there are excellent alternatives to the Toniebox that deserve your attention.

After a thorough test, we selected three products that we particularly liked. 🙌

The ideal choice for you and your child depends on your requirements.

In this article, you'll find the most important factors to consider when purchasing.

If you pay attention to these, you will find a suitable device that meets your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

  • What colours can I get the Toniebox in?

    You can get the Toniebox in these colours:

    • Pink
    • Green
    • Berry
    • Anthracite
    • Red
    • Light blue
  • What is included with the Toniebox starter set?

    The Toniebox starter set includes the Toniebox itself, a charger, and a creative Tonie for personal use. 🔌



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