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Review of the best electric toothbrushes in the UK 2024

Best Electric Toothbrushes

Last updated: 07.07.2023

Dental care is an important topic. That’s why many households now insist on using electric toothbrushes, while others are still wondering whether a good old manual toothbrush is enough.

And even if you’ve already decided an electric toothbrush is what you want, there is still the question of which model it should be. Because not all of the ones on the market are really recommendable. 🧐

We’ve tested what makes a good electric toothbrush. So hopefully we can give you comprehensive buying advice.

We also took a close look at the most promising candidates.

So if you want to ditch your old manual brush, read our review and comparison of the best electric toothbrushes for your pearly whites.

Smart Home Fox with electric toothbrush.
  • Oral-B
    Genius 8000 (powered by Braun)
    Price from   £ 150
    The Oral-B Genius 8000 is a dream for fans of smart gadgets.
    Genius 8000 (powered by Braun)
    The Oral-B Genius 8000 is a dream for fans of smart gadgets.
  • Philips
    Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean
    Price from   £ 69.99 £ (139.99 )
    The patented sonic technology of the Philips Sonicare 4300 ensures perfect cleaning results.
    Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean
    The patented sonic technology of the Philips Sonicare 4300 ensures perfect cleaning results.


  • Make brushing your teeth easier
  • Better for gums and protect you in the long term
  • Even hard-to-reach places are cleaned effectively
  • Wide variety of functions and features
  • Tech gadgets motivate children and technology fans


  • Heavier and bulkier to hold
  • May require some practice to use
  • Not all models deliver excellent results
  • Highly priced, compared to a "normal toothbrush".

Most important points at a glance

  • Electric toothbrushes provide more thorough teeth cleaning
  • They make your daily tooth brushing routine easier
  • Your electric toothbrush should be adapted to your individual requirements
  • Models are available in different price ranges

Find out more about our favorites now

Best overall 🏆

Philips Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean

The patented sonic technology of the Philips Sonicare 4300 ensures perfect cleaning results.

62,000 brush movements a minute and sensitive pressure sensors - that sounds promising. Of course, you also get the reliable Philips quality.

Outstanding quality and perfect handling

With the ProtectiveClean from Philips, you have the choice between black, white, light blue and pink. But all have one thing in common: whatever the colour, the toothbrush has a very high-quality look and scores points with its top-class workmanship.

The brush also feels very comfortable to hold thanks to the non-slip handle.

Timer, different cleaning intensities and pressure control 

The Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean is also suitable for people with sensitive gums. This is because it has a pressure control. 

If you begin to apply too much pressure, the brush pulses and flashes a light to remind you to go easier. The power will also automatically be reduced.

Although there’s only one cleaning mode, you do get to choose between high and low intensities. People with sensitive teeth will be happy about the low intensity mode.

A two-minute timer and a 30-second interval timer are also included. 😃

Long battery life

The Philips Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean also scores points with its battery life. 

With one battery charge, the toothbrush runs for around 6 weeks!

The charge level light informs you in good time when the battery needs to be charged.

The Philips Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean is shown in the charging dock.

Replacement brush heads are quite expensive

The most important follow-up costs for an electric toothbrush are the replacement brush heads. The original ones for the Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean are not exactly cheap. 💸

You have to budget around 8 to 16 pounds per brush head.

However, the toothbrush is also compatible with some other brush heads.

The brush head for the Philips Sonicare is shown.

We do, however, appreciate the BrushSync technology, which lets you know when purchasing a new brush head is in order.

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Good quality and workmanship

6 week battery life

Teeth feel very clean after cleaning

User-friendly, self-explanatory controls

Good value for money

Compatible with different brush heads


Original brush heads are quite expensive

Only one brush head is included in the box 

Good guarantee

Oral-B Genius 8000 (powered by Braun)

The Oral-B Genius 8000 is a dream for fans of smart gadgets.

Advanced brushing technology and a good battery life are included with the Genius 8000. But that's not all, of course.

Smartphone app, reminders and pressure sensor

The Oral B Genius 8000 comes with a range of high-tech features to make brushing more enjoyable and convenient. 

The toothbrush is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to connect to a smartphone app that tracks your brushing habits.

This allows it to provide personalised tips and guidance, while also reminding you when it's time to replace the brush head. 

The brush can also be used without the app.

The toothbrush also features a pressure sensor that alerts you if you're brushing too hard and a timer that ensures you brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes.

The battery performance is impressive

There is really nothing to criticise about the battery life of around 2 weeks.

This way, the toothbrush can accompany you on holiday without you having to carry the charger everywhere. 🤗

Rotating toothbrush

As is the case with many of Oral-B’s toothbrushes, the Genius 8000 is a rotating toothbrush. It features advanced brushing technology that incorporates a round brush head and oscillating-rotating movements. 

The brush head adapts to the contours of your teeth for thorough cleaning, while the oscillating-rotating movements ensure that all surfaces of your teeth are cleaned effectively. 

Additionally, the toothbrush has six brushing modes to choose from, including deep clean, sensitive, and teeth whitening, to suit your individual needs.

This makes the Genius 8000 suitable even for those with sensitive teeth.


One disadvantage of the Oral B Genius 8000 is its price. As a high-end toothbrush, it comes with a premium price tag that may not be suitable for all budgets.

But if you’re looking for an electric toothbrush with a solid cleaning performance and app-compatibility, then this is a good choice for you.

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Smartphone app

Rotating-oscillating movements

Excellent cleaning performance

Can be used independent of the app

Long battery life

2-year guarantee from Oral-B



Good battery life

Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean

The Philips sonic toothbrush not only impresses with its excellent quality, but also with its appealing design.

The Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean is in the upper price range, but you also get a lot of technology. What's more, your teeth will be pleased with the particularly thorough cleaning.

A real eye-catcher in the bathroom and when travelling

Of course, the 9000 DiamondClean also shines with the tried and tested Philips Sonicare quality.

It feels high quality and is very well-made.

But it also looks really chic with its matt design. 

The design of the Sonicare 9000 electric toothbrush.

The glass-shaped inductive charging station for storing the toothbrush is also quite something. 🥰

A practical travel companion

The DiamondClean not only comes with a stylish charging travel case in imitation leather look: thanks to the integrated USB cable in a compartment on the underside, your toothbrush can also be charged on-the-go.

This way, the toothbrush is safely stored when travelling and you don't have to take an extra charger with you. 😍

Interesting technical features 

Of course, the DiamondClean toothbrush has a brushing timer and a pressure control. 

3 intensity levels and 4 cleaning programmes are also included. You can choose from

  • Clean
  • White + 
  • Gum Health 
  • Deep Clean +

In addition, the electric brush recognises which programme is best suited for certain brush heads and sets it automatically.

The Sonicare 9000 electric toothbrush programme display.

The Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean also tells you when to change the brush head. 🤩

Brush head replacement indicator of the Sonicare 9000 electric toothbrush.
App shows when a brush head change is due 

App offers no real added value

The app for the 9000 DiamondClean toothbrush could be more user-friendly.

App start screen of the Sonicare 9000 electric toothbrush
This is what the home screen of the Philips Sonicare 9000 DiamondClean app looks like

All in all, however, it is quite possible to do without it, as it does not actually offer users much added value. 

Vibrations take some getting used to

If you haven't used an electric toothbrush before, the vibrations of the DiamondClean might take some getting used to. 💁

In any case, you should stick to the recommended cleaning method, otherwise it can become unpleasant. 

But after about 2 to 3 days, you get used to the brushing technique and the feeling in your mouth.

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High quality

Appealing design

Good battery life

Intuitive operation

Recognises best programme for brush heads

Indicates when to change brush head

Inductive charging

Travel case, which is also a charger


Vibrations take some getting used to

App could be better 

Quite expensive

User-friendly mobile app

Oral-B iO 10

The Oral-B iO 10 is just what you need if you expect premium quality when brushing your teeth.

This model will especially please technology fans, because it comes with all kinds of refinements.

This premium electric toothbrush has a lot to offer. 

Multifunctional charging station

The iO sense charging station of the Oral-B toothbrush is a real all-round talent. It displays the time, acts as a timer during brushing and also provides direct feedback on your brushing technique thanks to artificial intelligence. 😄

There are 6 LEDs on the charging station, each representing a tooth area in the mouth: top left, top centre, top right, bottom left, bottom centre, bottom right. Initially, all the LEDs light up in blue; as they clean, they turn white. When an area has been sufficiently cleaned, the corresponding light begins to pulsate. 

The brushing time can also be visualised via the LEDs on the charging station. However, it is also shown as a digital display on the display of the toothbrush itself. 

Dental cleaning analysis via app

If you want an even more detailed analysis of your teeth cleaning, you should definitely use the app. Here you can even check 16 tooth surfaces. The cleaning of the inner and outer surfaces as well as the top surfaces is also displayed. 😊

At the end of the cleaning process, a point system shows how thorough your cleaning process actually was. The top score here is 100 points. 

7 cleaning programmes and pressure control 

You can't go far wrong with the Oral-B iO 10 when it comes to pressure when brushing. There is a ring on the toothbrush handle that turns red when you press too hard. If you don't press hard enough, the ring stays white. 😊

Optimum pressure intensity is shown as a green ring. 

With the 7 cleaning programmes, you have lots of choice. You can choose from:

- Daily cleaning

- Intensive cleaning

- Brighten

- Sensitive

- Super sensitive 

- Gum protection 

- Tongue cleaning

Not for small budgets 

The only disadvantage of the Oral-B iO 10 is probably the price. And it's a pretty hefty one. Even at the commonly found discounted price of £400, it’s still a hard pill to swallow. 😔

Without a doubt, you get absolute premium quality for this price. But you should still put some thought into the purchase.

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iO-Sense charging station offers many functions

Tooth cleaning analysis via app

7 different cleaning programmes

Pressure indicator light

Flawless cleaning result


Very expensive

Stylish design

Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige

The Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige impresses with the proven sonic technology.

The Philips sonic toothbrush can be adapted to your personal needs thanks to various brushing programmes. With SenseIQ technology, you can perfect your brushing technique.

Excellent cleaning results with sonic technology

The Sonicare series from Philips are sonic toothbrushes.

A sonic toothbrush is shown.

This is also the case with the 9900 Prestige. 💪🏻

It cleans with 62,000 vibrations per minute.

The result: plaque is effectively removed and your teeth feel clean. Thanks to the movements in combination with toothpaste and saliva, the space between your teeth is also thoroughly cleaned. 

Adapt cleaning programmes to individual needs 

The Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige definitely does not lack different settings for the cleaning programmes. 

There are 3 cleaning speeds (light, medium, strong) as well as 5 cleaning programmes. 👏🏻

The following cleaning modes are available: 

- Clean for a normal daily clean

- Deep Clean for particularly thorough cleaning

- White for whiter teeth

- Gum massage for gum care

- Sensitive for sensitive gums and teeth

The cleaning programmes can be set via the smartphone app.

There is both a two-minute timer and a 6-quadrant timer to make sure you don’t lose track of time. The latter ensures that all areas in your mouth get the same attention. 

SenseIQ technology for smart cleaning

The innovative SenseIQ technology of the 9900 Prestige is based on an interaction of sensors and analysis programmes. Your personal toothbrushing technique is recorded and evaluated. 

The toothbrush's sensors retrieve data up to 100 times per second. 

This involves the following points: 

- applied pressure

- where to clean 

- how intensively certain areas are cleaned

- surfaces covered during cleaning

You can use this data to improve your cleaning technique and avoid mistakes 😀

Limited functionality without app

The predecessors of the Sonicare 9900 Prestige still had a button on the brush handle that could be used to set the cleaning programmes. You won't find this button on this model. 

To set another programme, you’ll need to use the app. Otherwise, the default programme is automatically used. If you have to rush to the bathroom in the morning, it can be quite annoying to have to open the app every time. 

Quite expensive 

Even though this electric toothbrush really has a lot to offer, you should think carefully about whether you really want to spend around 300 pounds on it. 

You can find higher prices, but we find the price quite steep for a toothbrush. 😒

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Sonic technology effectively and gently removes plaque

The spaces between the teeth are also cleaned

Many different cleaning modes 

Practical smartphone app

SenseIQ technology to improve cleaning behaviour


Quite expensive

Without the app, only the standard cleaning programme can be used.

Good Value 💰

Oclean X Pro Elite

The Oclean X Pro Elite is a low-noise electric toothbrush with many advanced features.

With many of the features of much more expensive models, the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush is a promising budget smart toothbrush.

The Oclean X Pro Elite isn’t as established on the market as brands like Philips and Oral-B, but it is certainly standing up to the competition.

Cleaning performance

One of the highlights of the Oclean X Pro Elite electric toothbrush is its advanced brushing technology. 

The toothbrush has a high-frequency motor that generates up to 84,000 strokes per minute, which can help to remove more plaque and bacteria from teeth and gums. 

The toothbrush also features several brushing modes, including standard, gentle, and deep clean, which allow you to customise your brushing experience.

Smart features

Another highlight of the Oclean X Pro Elite electric toothbrush is its smart capabilities.

The toothbrush can connect to an app via Bluetooth, allowing you to track your brushing habits and receive personalised recommendations for your oral health. 

With 4 brushing modes and 32 intensity levels, there’s a suitable cleaning method for everyone.

The toothbrush also has a touch screen display that shows the brushing mode, time, and battery level, making it easy to use and track progress.

Noise reduction technology

The Oclean X Pro Elite is marketed as a quiet electric toothbrush, thanks to its award-winning noise reduction technology.

Clocking in at just 45 decibels, this model is noticeably quieter than competitors, which often produce volumes of over 70dB.

The battery life is also impressive. At a whopping 35-day runtime, this brush is one of the longer-lasting models on the market.

It also features a nifty wireless charging pad that can charge your brush up in just 3.5 hours.

You’ll also receive a magnetic wall mount with your order to display your electric toothbrush in the bathroom.

Brush and brush heads are quite cheap

The Oclean toothbrush costs around 90 pounds. This makes it a good option if you’re looking for a cheap electric toothbrush, especially considering the many high-end features it includes.

Follow-up costs are also kept quite low.

A pack of 6 brush heads is available for approx. 18 pounds. 👍🏻

No pressure sensor

One downside of this smart electric toothbrush is the lack of pressure sensor. 

We feel this feature should be present on every high-end electric toothbrush, as it can help reduce gum damage.

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Chic design

Long battery life

Magnetic wall mount

Smart features and app

Good value



No pressure sensor

How does an electric toothbrush work?

Brushing your teeth for about 2 to 3 minutes at least twice a day - 3 times is better - should be compulsory for all of us. Otherwise, plaque builds up on the teeth and can damage them if not removed regularly. However, a normal manual toothbrush often has a hard time removing plaque completely. 🤷

According to studies, almost 50% of people in the UK don’t know how to brush their teeth properly.

Electric toothbrushes lead to better cleaning results 🦷

Electric toothbrushes produce rapid movements that can effectively remove plaque.

Most electric toothbrushes are now equipped with a rechargeable battery. More rarely, you will also find models with battery operation.

Electric toothbrushes have a thicker handle.

Because the handle of an electric toothbrush is much thicker due to the built-in technology, they can take some getting used to at first.

The brush head is attached to the handpiece. It is also the only part you need to replace regularly.

Electric toothbrush types - from rotation to ultrasonic

The market now offers a huge selection of electric toothbrush models. Basically, however, they can all be divided into the following three groups: 👇🏻

Oscillating-rotating toothbrushes

They are equipped with round brush heads.

Each tooth is cleaned individually with rotating movements. The bristles swivel back and forth at high speed. The number of rotations a toothbrush can make per minute varies.

Rotating electric toothbrush.

On average, there are about 9,000 movements per minute.

With rotating-oscillating models, a distinction is often made between 2D and 3D technology.

While 2D models rotate and oscillate, 3D toothbrushes also vibrate.

These electric toothbrushes can effectively remove plaque.

A toothbrush with optical pressure control is designed to prevent tooth enamel or gums from being damaged by too much pressure. 😊

Sonic toothbrushes

Electric sonic toothbrushes look more like normal manual toothbrushes in terms of the brush head.

Sonic electric toothbrushes.
Sonic brushes have an oval brush head that resembles a manual toothbrush

They do not work with rotations, but with vibrations.

On average, sonic toothbrushes create tens of thousands of vibrating pulses per minute.

Tip: Sonic toothbrushes loosen plaque without any pressure and are gentler on tooth enamel. They also deliver top results in terms of cleaning.

Sonic brushes are generally slightly more expensive.

Ultrasonic toothbrushes

Ultrasonic toothbrushes are often confused with sonic toothbrushes, but they certainly differ. A normal sonic toothbrush works in a frequency range of around 250 hertz. The ultrasonic version works in an ultrasonic frequency range of more than 20,000 hertz.

Ultrasonic toothbrushes require special toothpaste activated by ultrasound.

This type of electric toothbrush works quite differently to the other two. Ultrasonic brushes are also much harder to find on the market in comparison. 💁🏻

The best electric toothbrush - must-have features

To find out which is the best electric toothbrush, we had to decide which features are the most important for an electric toothbrush. After all, we want to be able to answer all your questions as well as possible.

Here you can find out what conclusions we came to. 👇🏻

When buying an electric toothbrush, you should first and foremost consider your personal needs. However, there are a few other factors to consider.

Different cleaning modes

If you don't have any experience with electric toothbrushes, you might think that different brushing modes are simply a luxury. But in fact, they are very useful.

They allow you to adapt your cleaning routine to your individual needs even more so.

The number of cleaning modes an electric toothbrush has varies from model to model. The following cleaning levels are the most common: 👉🏻

  • Normal cleaning: The normal standard programme for daily tooth cleaning for normal teeth.
  • Sensitive: If you have sensitive teeth and/or gums, you should choose a particularly gentle cleaning programme.
  • Deep cleaning or whitening: This is an even more intensive cleaning programme that dissolves plaque better and can thus make the teeth brighter. How well it works, however, also depends on the condition of your teeth.
Electric toothbrush with two cleaning programmes.
This brush from Philips Sonicare, for example, has two different cleaning programmes

Some electric toothbrushes also have additional cleaning programmes specifically for gum protection or tongue cleaning.


The first useful feature that every electric toothbrush should have is a built-in timer. This ensures that you stick to the recommended brushing time.

Good electric toothbrushes have two timer signals: the brushing time signal and the quadrant timer.

The former shows you how long you need to brush in total, and the latter gives you an understanding of how long you should brush each area.

Timers are particularly important in electric toothbrushes for children, as their sense of time is not as well-developed.

Battery-level light

A battery-level light is virtually a standard feature on electric toothbrushes.

The charging indicator light of an electric toothbrush.

And that's a good thing. After all, it's annoying when you go to brush your teeth in the morning and nothing is working. 😕

The charging indicator light lets you know when you need to charge your toothbrush.

The charging status is usually indicated by a flashing light.

Electric toothbrush on charge.

Pressure sensors or pressure control

While some (gentle!) pressure is necessary to really remove all plaque when brushing, it should never be too strong.

If you press too hard with the toothbrush, you can injure your gums and damage the enamel.

Smart pressure sensors can be useful with an electric toothbrush. It can be carried out via acoustic or visual signals. Generally, only higher-priced models feature visual pressure control.

Tooth brushing apps

There are now also many smart electric toothbrushes on the market. They can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You also have to download the corresponding app to your mobile phone. And that opens up even more features and possibilities for you. 😌

Apps can offer you real-time feedback on how to improve your cleaning technique and avoid possible cleaning mistakes.

For this purpose, a 3D teeth model is often displayed on your phone screen. Thanks to position recognition, you can see exactly where you have already brushed. You also receive a warning if you apply too much pressure. 😎

Such apps also offer additional motivation, particularly for tech fans and children or teenagers.

However, smart toothbrushes are not an absolute necessity.

Package contents

Electric toothbrushes also differ in the package contents. As standard, however, they come with a charging station, instructions for use and a toothbrush head. Often, one or two replacement brush heads are also included. 🤩

The scope of delivery of an electric toothbrush.
The brush unit, a brush head and the charging station are included as standard with an electric toothbrush

A suitable storage option such as a travel case can also be practical.

What is the best cleaning method?

We have already mentioned that electric toothbrushes clean in different ways.

But which cleaning method is actually best for you? 🧐

Before we get into it: Whether oscillating-rotating or sonic, electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes. They remove more plaque and provide noticeably cleaner teeth.

The right brushing technique for rotating toothbrushes

Rotating electric toothbrushes with their round brush heads often take some getting used to if you have previously only used conventional manual toothbrushes. They clean with a high speed and fast, pulsating movements. 🙌🏻

The brushing technique with a rotating or oscillating brush also requires some getting used to.

The following video shows in detail how to do it properly: 👇

To get the most out of the round shape of the brush head, each tooth should be brushed individually.

So a little more patience is needed here.

Using sonic toothbrushes

If you want to make the transition from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush as easy as possible, a sonic toothbrush will serve you well. With its oval brush head, its shape is more reminiscent of the good old manual toothbrush. 👏🏻

Electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush.

A larger surface is covered and you don't have to change your brushing technique too much.

Extra advantage: Thanks to sonic technology, tiny water bubbles are also produced, which also clean the interdental spaces. 🤗

Sonic toothbrushes also perform around a thousand times more brushing movements than a manual brush. The fast movements even remove stubborn plaque at the gum line.

Differences between rotating and sonic toothbrushes

Sonic and rotating toothbrushes are not that different. They do have some things in common and, as we all know, you can get used to anything.

However, there are also differences to point out. 👇🏻

Rotating toothbrush Sonic toothbrush
Adaptation Cleaning technique takes some getting used to Handling comparable with manual toothbrush
Cleaning performance Better plaque removal according to studies Does not remove quite as much plaque
Efficiency Around 10,000 oscillations/rotations and approx. 50,000 pulsations per minute Around 30,000 to 62,000 brush movements per minute
Cleaning comfort Each tooth must be brushed individually Several teeth can be cleaned at once, but additional side-to-side movements required
Suitability for sensitive teeth May irritate very sensitive teeth or gums Only needs to be pressed on minimally and is therefore very gentle on teeth and gums

Ease of use of electric toothbrushes

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush, you should also consider the ease of use of the model. This is mainly a question of how easy it is to clean hard-to-reach places, for example. But noise-level also plays a role for some people.

For the elongated brush heads of sonic toothbrushes, you should make sure that the brush heads are no larger than 2 cm.

Otherwise, it can be difficult to clean the back molars thoroughly.

Electric toothbrush brush head size.
The brush head of the Philips Sonicare has a size of around 2 cm

Oscillating-rotating toothbrushes usually have no problem reaching every area of the mouth well. The volume can be more of a problem here.

Rotating toothbrushes are usually louder than sonic toothbrushes.

Some also find the strong rotations unpleasant. However, this is mainly a matter of getting used to.

Can you find cheap replacement brush heads?

Just as a conventional manual toothbrush needs to be replaced regularly, so do the electric toothbrush heads. 💁🏻

Here you should pay attention to two points:

1. That the toothbrush is compatible with multiple brush heads.

2. That the replacement heads are not too expensive.

Different brush heads for electric toothbrushes.
There are different brush heads for the Philips Sonicare

In our opinion, having to constantly spend a lot of money on new brush heads is very annoying.

The price range here is anything from 2 to 12 pounds per brush head.

Either way, the brush attachment must be replaced regularly, as bacteria and other dirt naturally collect in it too. And then the whole thing is no longer really hygienic. In addition, the bristles wear out over time and the cleaning performance decreases.

How often should electric brush heads be replaced?

Just as a manual toothbrush should be replaced about every three months, the same applies to the brush heads of electric toothbrushes. For one thing, bacteria accumulates in them over time and for another, the bristles slowly wear out. As a result, cleaning becomes less effective.

Good care and thorough cleaning of the brushes can increase their lifespan, but still does not change the fact that they need to be replaced regularly. ​

So it's smart to keep an eye on the prices of replacement brush heads for different electric toothbrushes before you buy them. These are part of the running costs. Meaning, costs don’t stop once you purchase your brush. 🤷

Tip: You can usually get a better deal by buying a multipack of brush heads.

Battery specifics

Nowadays, very few electric toothbrushes run on removable batteries. Most of them are equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery instead. In most cases, however, rechargeable batteries are also very long-lasting. So it's usually not a problem that you can't replace the battery.

The various electric toothbrush models also differ from each other in terms of the charging method. While some are charged with a normal mains plug, others have a practical USB interface. Some brushes even feature wireless inductive charging. ☝🏼

Charging the electric toothbrush with the mains plug.
Most electric toothbrushes are charged via a mains plug

Electric toothbrushes also offer different battery life. You should make sure it’s not too short.

A long battery life is especially practical if you take the toothbrush with you when you travel. You might not even need to take the charger with you.

As a rule, electric toothbrushes have a battery run down time of about 14 to 22 hours on a full battery charge.

With a brushing time of two minutes twice a day, this corresponds to approx. 5 to 14 days of running time.

Do electric toothbrushes come with a guarantee?

Of course, as with all other electronic devices purchased in the UK, electric toothbrushes come with a warranty. The standard warranty period in the UK is six months from the date of purchase, while you may need to prove you didn’t cause the fault after the first 6 months. ☝🏼

Some manufacturers also offer free extended warranties (usually for an additional year).

Oral-B offers a 2-year guarantee on their electric toothbrushes.

Again, the warranty only covers damage that is due to defects in workmanship or materials.

Storage options

Of course, an electric toothbrush should be used every day. But it still makes sense to have a safe place to store it. 😺

At home, a charging station offers a space to stand the brush itself as well as spaces for several brush attachments. This way, everything is together in one place.

Slot for electric toothbrush.
Unfortunately, the charging station of the Philips Sonicare only offers space for the electric toothbrush itself

If you want to take your electric toothbrush with you when you travel, a travel case is useful. It keeps everything safe and hygienic in your suitcase.

Some electric toothbrushes are also equipped with a travel lock. This prevents the brush from being accidentally activated by pressure while on the go. 😎

Who is an electric toothbrush suitable for?

Even though the electric toothbrush has now replaced the manual toothbrush in many bathrooms, some people are still unsure about using one. Many people do not dare to use an electric toothbrush, especially when certain tooth or gum diseases are involved.

So, in this chapter we’ll discuss who exactly electric toothbrushes are suitable for. 🤔

Electric toothbrushes for gum disease

Gum disease, or periodontitis, affects the soft gum tissue and, without treatment, can destroy the bone that supports your teeth. In the long term, the inflammation of the tissue can cause the teeth to become loose and even fall out.

People who suffer from gum disease often wonder whether an electric toothbrush will put too much strain on their gums.

But experts also advise gum disease sufferers to switch from a manual toothbrush to an electric one.

This is because the latter removes plaque and thus bacteria more effectively. 👌🏻

In addition, electric toothbrushes are also better at preventing gum disease.

What is plaque?

Plaque is an accumulation of bacteria that attaches itself to the teeth. If this bacterial plaque remains on the tooth surface, it can cause great damage. Gum inflammation and tooth decay are then not far down the road. This is why it is so important to clean your teeth thoroughly every day and also to visit the dentist regularly.

However, there is no clear answer to the question of whether sonic toothbrushes or rotating toothbrushes are better for periodontitis.

On the one hand, rotating brushes seem to remove plaque somewhat better. On the other hand, sonic toothbrushes are said to create micro-currents that can remove plaque virtually without contact. This means that they also clean under the gum line. However, this has so far only been proven under laboratory conditions. 😶

Are electric toothbrushes recommended for sensitive teeth?

Even if you have sensitive teeth, you can benefit from an electric toothbrush. Sensitive teeth are more prone to decay and gum disease. So it's even more important that you remove plaque thoroughly. And for this purpose, an electric toothbrush is your ideal partner.

Generally speaking, sonic toothbrushes clean a little more gently than rotating ones.

If you have sensitive teeth, you should also make sure that your electric toothbrush has a sensitive setting. This allows you to clean your teeth thoroughly but gently. 😻

Electric toothbrushes for braces

Daily dental hygiene becomes a real challenge with fixed braces. Food residues and plaque easily accumulate under wires and brackets and are not so easy to remove.

To do this with a conventional manual toothbrush, you really have to be thorough and skilful.

Brushing your teeth with fixed braces is easier and even more efficient with an electric toothbrush. The rotating, oscillating or pulsating movements remove food debris even from small spaces. 😸

Tip: There are also special ortho-brush attachments for some electric toothbrush brands. They are specially adapted to the needs of braces wearers.

Using electric toothbrushes with dentures

Even if you have dentures, you can still use an electric toothbrush. It doesn't matter if you have removable or fixed dentures or even dental implants.

However, if you have removable dentures, don't forget to remove them first before brushing. This way you can clean your natural teeth thoroughly first.

Gaps and spaces are particularly common with fixed dentures and implants. The rotating, oscillating or pulsating movements of an electric toothbrush can also help to loosen plaque and food debris from these. 🙌🏻

Important: The use of sonic and rotating toothbrushes should be avoided on implants until they are completely healed. Otherwise, the vibrations may loosen them and make it more difficult for them to grow into the jawbone.

Do children need electric toothbrushes?

Whether or not your child should use an electric toothbrush depends on several factors.

A child who brushes conscientiously and with the right technique does not necessarily need an electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes can be useful for children who cause a fuss about brushing their teeth and are not particularly thorough.

But the right age also plays a role here. 💁🏻

Tooth brushing should begin as soon as your child’s first milk tooth appears, but not with an electric toothbrush. Babies are sensitive, and the vibrations and volume of electric toothbrushes can overwhelm them.

So for children under 3 years of age, a normal children's toothbrush should be used.

Electric toothbrush for children.
Electric toothbrushes for children are only recommended over the age of 3

Accordingly, both electric toothbrush manufacturers and dentists agree that these types of brushes are more suited to the hands of parents.

Dentists agree that parents should take care of their children's teeth until they are 8 years old. But even older children should have their teeth checked every now and then to make sure they are clean.

What electric toothbrush is the Which? Best Buy 2023

Which.co.uk regularly puts electric toothbrushes through rigorous tests to rate the best options for UK consumers.

Their best electric toothbrush for 2023 is the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300.

This model, which also won best model here at Smart Home Fox, scored 87% from Which?.

The Philips brush scored points for its excellent plaque-removing abilities, but lost points for its high price-point. 💰

Which? has also compiled a list of the best cheap electric toothbrushes, which required at least a 70% in their lab tests.

The winner here is the Oral B Pro 3 3000 CrossAction White, which, despite its battery life, impressed with its cleaning performance.

How do you brush with an electric toothbrush?

If you use a conventional manual toothbrush, you have to loosen plaque with up-and-down movements. You also have to use a little force.

Although cleaning your teeth with an electric toothbrush is much easier and more comfortable, there are still a few things to keep in mind. 👇🏻

The most important tip: Let your toothbrush do the brushing.

This means that all you have to do is hold the toothbrush against your teeth and move it along each area without pressure. Don't forget the chewing surfaces or the outer and inner surfaces.

There are also differences in the brushing technique, depending on whether you use a rotating brush or a sonic toothbrush.

Brushing with a rotating brush vs. a sonic toothbrush

Brushing with rotating round-head brush Brushing with a sonic toothbrush
1. Each tooth is cleaned individually. Several, usually 2 teeth, are brushed at once.
2. Place the brush on the tooth surface and wait briefly until it has cleaned the tooth; then move the brush away from the gum line. Do not use too much toothpaste and spread it on the teeth before the actual brushing process.
3. For a gum massage, gently move the brush over the gums. In general, you should not apply too much pressure. Brush from gum to tooth. Brush at a 45-degree angle starting at the gums and brush the dirt away.
4. The correct order for brushing is first the outer surfaces, then the inner surfaces and then the chewing surfaces. This brushing order should also be followed here.

Should you get your teeth professionally cleaned?

If you brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day for at least 2 minutes with an electric toothbrush, you’re already doing a lot of good for your dental hygiene. But unfortunately, there are still places from which plaque is not completely removed.

To get rid of stubborn plaque and to get the spaces between your teeth spotless, it makes sense to have your teeth professionally cleaned by a hygienist. For ideal results, you should have it done twice a year by your dentist. Your teeth are not only cleaned, but also polished so that bacteria can't take hold so easily. Afterwards, a fluoride gel is used to remineralise the tooth surface.

Unfortunately, professional dental cleanings are not usually covered by health insurance. However, some do cover the costs, at least on a pro-rata basis.

More tips on oral hygiene

Apart from brushing your teeth thoroughly, there are other things you can do to keep your teeth healthy.

Brush your teeth for the recommended minimum time

Even with an electric toothbrush, the minimum brushing time is 2 minutes twice a day.

Keep your toothbrush clean

After brushing your teeth, clean your toothbrush thoroughly under running water.

This prevents the build-up of bacteria and food.

Cleaning an electric toothbrush.Some models include a special ultrasonic cleaning device for cleaning the brush heads.

Replace brush heads regularly

Replace the brush heads approximately every three months. Some brushes also indicate when it is time to replace them by a colour gradient.

Use dental floss

Plaque can also collect in the spaces between the teeth. Even with an electric toothbrush, as good as it may be, you cannot achieve adequate cleaning between teeth. That's why you should also use dental floss. 💪

Electric toothbrushes and dental floss.

Interdental brushes for the interdental spaces

Floss isn’t your only option for cleaning between teeth: interdental brushes are also available.

But which of these makes more sense?

Several studies have now found that interdental brushes remove significantly more plaque than dental floss. However, not everyone can achieve this result.

Interdental brushes are only useful if there’s enough space between your teeth.

If your teeth are very close together, it is better to use dental floss. Floss can easily clean even narrow spaces. 🥳

Water flosser as an additional aid

Water flossers can also be useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Braces wearers in particular should think about purchasing one.

Water flosser is shown.

Tongue cleaner for even more oral hygiene

For an even cleaner mouth, you should also clean your tongue regularly. There are special tongue scrapers for this purpose. Some electric toothbrushes also have tongue cleaning programmes.

Note: In principle, the less pressure the better when using an electric toothbrush. So let your brush do the brunt of the work.

How expensive are electric toothbrushes?

There is now a huge range of electric toothbrushes across all price categories. Own brands from drug stores and special offers can often be found for as little as 10 to 20 pounds.

Mid-range models cost around 50 to 100 pounds. There are plenty of brushes available from well-known brands in this price range.

Electric toothbrushes from the premium sector are available from 100 pounds upwards. They are usually equipped with many special features and several cleaning programmes. Premium toothbrushes can cost up to 400 pounds.

But are they really better in terms of cleaning performance? 🤔

The cleaning performance of electric toothbrushes does not necessarily improve with rising prices. Even budget models can be quite good. Conversely, not all expensive brushes perform equally well.

The main differences between the cheap and the expensive toothbrush models lie in the features and additional functions.

Affordable toothbrushes are usually limited to basic functions.

Conclusion on our review of the best electric toothbrushes UK

Buying an electric toothbrush is well worthwhile for most people. It makes cleaning teeth easier and removes plaque safely and thoroughly. 🥰

However, as there is a wide range of electric toothbrushes with different features and functions, you should figure out your requirements beforehand. Do you have sensitive teeth, receding gums or gum problems? Do you like tech gadgets? Or are bright white teeth important to you?

Suitable models are now available for almost all dental cleaning needs.

Generally speaking, if you have problems with your gums and teeth, a sonic toothbrush is often the better choice. They usually clean a little more gently and softly. 😌

If you suffer from dental problems or are unsure about the condition of your teeth, it is definitely a good idea to talk to your dentist. They can give you tips and help you choose the right toothbrush.

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