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RingConn Smart Ring Review (2024)

Last updated: 09.11.2023 Reading time: 13 Min.

There is a fresh face on the block– the RingConn Smart Ring.

This compact device is more than just an accessory; it's your pocket-sized health guru.

The RingConn Smart Ring is an innovative device that monitors your sleep and records your daily activities. 🚶‍♀️

But does the RingConn really deliver what it promises?

We have done the legwork and tested this Smart Ring just for you.

We'll share our hands-on experiences from the test and determine how good this smart ring is.

Let's get started. 👇🏻

  • RingConn
    Smart Ring
    Price from   £ 289
    This ground-breaking piece of wearable technology offers innovative health and fitness tracking features right on your finger.
    Smart Ring
    This ground-breaking piece of wearable technology offers innovative health and fitness tracking features right on your finger.
  • Precise sleep monitoring, complete with sleep stages and overall sleep assessment
  • Nap logging
  • Measures oxygen levels, heart rate, and their fluctuations to provide a snapshot of your health
  • Records daily activities such as steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned
  • Comes with a handy charging case
  • Has a solid battery life of about a week
  • All the recorded data is accessible for free in the app
  • No need for a subscription, so it's cost-effective in the long run
  • The app is still under development, but it doesn't affect its use
  • Lacks a smart alarm feature
  • Limited language options for the app - only English and Chinese versions are available for now

Most important points at a glance

  • Brand-new Smart Ring
  • Comprehensive sleep analysis
  • Monitoring of your health metrics
  • Detailed activity tracking
  • Available in US standard sizes from 6 - 14
  • Offered in three appealing colours
  • Water and dust resistant for worry-free wear
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices

RingConn smart ring: Testing the sleep analysis feature

RingConn Smart Ring's standout feature is its sleep tracking. 😴

This new tech ring can record your sleep in detail.

All the recorded information can be found in an app that works on both Android and iPhone.

We were curious to know if it works as well as it claims.

So we tested it for you.

Just so you know - we wore the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra during our testing. This was to make sure we could compare RingConn's data accuracy. ⌚

Sleep phases.

RingConn registers a wide range of sleep states, including REM, deep and light sleep, as well as the times when you're awake.

It can also record your naps during the day. 🌞

But the big question is: Are these records accurate?

We compared RingConn's sleep data with the Apple Watch Ultra and the Oura Ring to check.

You can see the recorded sleep phases of RingConn, Oura Ring and Apple Watch Ultra.
Sleep phases of different smart wearables. Left: RingConn; Center: Oura; Right: Apple Watch Ultra Image: © Smart Home Fox

Here's what we found when we compared the data:

Awake Light Deep REM Total Sleep
RingConn 1 hr 14 min 2 hr 10 min 35 min 1 hr 24 min 5 hr 23 min
Oura 1 hr 24 min 2 hr 40 min 1 hr 48 min 50 min 5 hr 18 min
Apple 1 min 2 hr 58 min 1 hr 8 min 1 hr 46 min 5 hr 52 min

The total sleep time recorded by RingConn and Oura was very similar.

They both showed similar periods of being awake, although the Apple Watch had trouble detecting these times.

However, the RingConn recorded less deep sleep than the Apple Watch and Oura.

In general, though, wearable devices can't measure sleep with 100% accuracy.

You need to go to a sleep lab for the most accurate results. 🧪

But compared to other wearables, the RingConn is a reliable way to measure sleep.

Just to let you know - The Oura Ring is currently one of the best sleep trackers around. You can check out our in-depth Oura ring review.

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Sleep score

The Sleep Score tells you how good your sleep was.

The score can range from 1 to 100, with 100 being the best sleep. 🌙

A higher score means that you slept better.

You can see the recorded sleep scores of RingConn and Oura Ring.
Sleep scores of different smart wearables. Left: RingConn; Right: Oura
Image: © Smart Home Fox

In our test, the Oura Ring achieved a sleep score of 64, but the RingConn had a higher score of 81.

However, we have found in previous tests that Oura usually gives a lower sleep score. 📉

But we think that the lower sleep score given by Oura is actually more in line with our own feeling about the quality of our sleep.

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Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and respiratory rate

The new RingConn keeps an eye on more than just your sleep.

It also tracks how much oxygen is in your blood and how often you breathe. 🌬️

Oxygen saturation shows how well your blood is carrying oxygen around your body.

In a healthy person, it should be above 95%.

Breathing rate indicates how many breaths you take in one minute.

If you're healthy and resting, you take about 12 to 18 breaths per minute. 🕰️

You can see all this info in the app.

You can see the oxygen saturation and breathing rate recorded by RingConn
Breathing rate and oxygen saturation recorded by RingConn. Left: Breathing rate; Right: Oxygen saturation
Image: © Smart Home Fox

With these extra features, you can better understand your overall health.

Smart alarm

A smart alarm watches how you sleep and tries to wake you up when you're in a light sleep.

This way, you wake up in the morning feeling better.

But RingConn doesn't have this function. 😔

Our day-to-day experience

When we tested the RingConn, we were impressed by its sleep-monitoring capabilities.

It proved to be reliable and accurate. 🤩

We liked that it can also monitor naps.

This is good for people who like to take a short nap in the afternoon.

All in all, our daily experience with the sleep analysis function of the RingConn Smart Ring was very positive.

RingConn smart ring: Testing the health features

The RingConn can study more than just your sleep.

It can also look at different things about your health. 🏃‍♀️

We took a closer look at these features in our test.

Now let's talk about what we found out.

Heart rate.

The RingConn measures your heart rate.

This helps you to know how healthy your heart is. ❤️

The app even shows how your heart rate changes with different activities.

We looked at the heart rate data from the RingConn and the Oura Ring to see if they were similar.

You can see the recorded heart rate of RingConn and Oura Ring.
Recorded heart rates of different smart wearables. Left: RingConn; Right: Oura
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Here's what our test found:

Lowest heart rate Average heart rate
RingConn 38 45
Oura 38 47

The two rings provided us with very similar data.

Quick tip: You can even set the RingConn to alert you when your heart rate gets too high or too low. 🚨

Heart rate variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tells you how well your body can handle stress and adapt to change.

A higher HRV is usually a sign of good health. 👌

In our test, we compared the HRV data of the Oura Ring with that of the RingConn.

You can see the recorded heart rate variabilities of RingConn and Oura Ring.
Heart rate variability of different smart wearables. Left: RingConn; Right: Oura
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Here's what we found:

Maximum HRV Average HRV
RingConn 175 ms 89 ms
Oura 127 ms 27 ms

The average HRV values of the two rings were quite similar.

However, the RingConn sometimes showed a much higher maximum HRV.

This can happen if the ring moves on your finger while you sleep. 🌙

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Stress management

RingConn's smart ring can help you see what makes you feel stressed.

It shows you when and how much you were stressed during the day.

That's something you don't often see with other wearables. 😮

You can even check your stress score in the RingConn app.

You can see the recorded stress score and stress levels in the RingConn app.
Stress score and stress levels displayed on the RingConn app. Image: © Smart Home Fox

But in our tests, we saw something odd.

Even on busy days, the Ring displayed stress values that seemed too low to us. 😕

You really shouldn't need a device that tells you if you're stressed, though.

That's why we think it's okay if the stress values aren't completely accurate.

It's more about getting a rough idea of what stresses you and when.

Body temperature

RingConn has special skin temperature sensors that are supposed to measure your body temperature.

This feature was introduced recently, in April.

Our day-to-day experience

We wore the RingConn Smart Ring constantly for a few weeks and looked closely at the health information it provided. 📊

The results were quite impressive.

The RingConn consistently measures a lot of basic data, all displayed in the app. 📲

We're satisfied with the health features of RingConn

RingConn smart ring: Testing the activity measurement features

RingConn claims that it can measure various things about your activity and fitness.

We wanted to find out, so we tested it.

We took a close look at RingConn's data and compared it to two other devices - the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra.

When we got ready to do some exercises, we were curious to see how the RingConn would perform. 🚴‍♀️

Activity score

Every day RingConn gives you a score that shows how active you have been.

In the app, you'll find a detailed overview with the times in which you were most active.💪

We liked this feature very much.

You can see the recorded activity score and activity levels in the RingConn app.
Activity score and activity levels displayed on the RingConn app. Image: © Smart Home Fox

And when we tested it, RingConn gave us a score of 76.

The Oura Ring gave us a similar score of 74.

So similar to other fitness trackers, the Ringconn does a good job of keeping track of your movement. 👌🏼

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Smart Home Expert and Product Tester

“Smartwatches and wearables can track a variety of health data such as steps, heart rate, calories burned, sleep patterns, exercise activity and location. These can help improve one's fitness and health. However, there is also a risk of privacy being compromised if this data is misused by third parties. It is, therefore, important to be aware of what data you want to share and how to protect your privacy.”

Steps, distance, and inactivity

The RingConn counts how many steps you take and how far you walk in a day. 🚶‍♂️

This gives you a good overview of how much you have moved.

The RingConn also remembers when you aren't moving.

When you check the app, you can see how much time you spend standing and sitting.

Calorie consumption

The RingConn can do more than just count steps - it also tracks calories burned. 🔥

So you can better estimate how much energy you use each day.

Data accuracy

You may be wondering whether RingConn's data is accurate. 🤔

That is precisely what we wanted to know.

So we compared the data from RingConn with those from two other devices: the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra.

To simplify it, we've highlighted the distances in green and the step counts in red in the screenshots below.

You can see the recorded distances and step counts in the RingConn app.
Distance and step counts displayed on the RingConn app.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

We chose the Apple Watch Ultra as a reference device because it's made specifically for sports.

Here's what we found out:

Steps Distance Calories
RingConn 8,954 7.88 km 548
Oura 7,455 9.90 km 622
Apple 8,972 8.38 km 787
Note: Here, we looked at 'activity calories' - the calories you burn while exercising.

The step counts of the RingConn and the Apple Watch Ultra were almost identical.

The distance measured by both devices was also very similar.

But when we compared these to the Oura Ring's data, there were some small differences.

Also, the RingConn seemed to show that we had burned fewer calories than we actually had.

But all in all, we were impressed with how accurate RingConn's data was. 📊

Our day-to-day experience

RingConn does an excellent job of recording your daily activities.

It has been conducive to keeping track of our daily activities. 👣

But if you really want to increase your training, the RingConn might not be the best choice.

Instead, a smartwatch designed specifically for fitness may be a better choice.

Have a look at our tests to find out the best fitness smartwatch for you. ⌚


Smart Home Expert and Product Tester

“Smartwatches track health data such as heart rate, calories burned, sleep patterns and your exercise activity. The data is shared with other smart home devices, which can be helpful in gaining a better understanding of your health and fitness and optimising exercise or sleep plans.”

RingConn smart ring: Decoding the design and wearing comfort

The look and feel of wearable tech is really important.

It's not just about what data the ring collects, but how it looks and fits on your finger. ✨

In our test, we took a close look at how the RingConn looks and feels.

At first glance, the RingConn looks very well made.

Packaging of the RingConn.
Packaging and design of the RingConn smart ring. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Let’s talk about how the ring is designed and how comfortable it's to wear.

Material and shape

The RingConn is made of titanium, a material known for being lightweight but very strong. 💪

It has a round inside, while the outside is like a rectangle with smooth edges.

The weight of the ring can vary between 3 and 4.5 grams, depending on its size.

Weight of the RingConn ring.
The RingConn weighs between 3 and 4.5 grams. Image: © Smart Home Fox

We think the design is stylish and straightforward.

It's water and dust resistant and meets the IP68 standard. That means you can use it even when swimming. 🌊

If you want to learn more about how water-resistant different devices are, we've got an article about the best smartwatches for swimming.

Colour options

The RingConn comes in a selection of three matt shades:

  • Pale Gold
  • Moonlight Silver
  • Midnight Black

A shiny line around the edge adds a nice touch to the ring. ✨

On the inside of the ring, you'll find the sensors that make it smart.

The ring we tested was impeccably made, and we were delighted with its elegant look.

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The RingConn smart ring is available in nine different sizes, from size 6 (with a diameter of 16.50 mm) to size 14 (with a diameter of 23.10 mm). 📏

This makes it very easy to find the right ring size.

But how can you find the right size for your finger?

If you aren't sure about the size of your finger, you can find it in a jewellery store. 💎

Another option is to use the RingConn sizing kit.

With this kit, you can try different ring sizes to find which ring fits best.

We used this kit in our test, and it helped us find the right size. ✅

It's a good idea to wear the ring all day because the size of your finger can change throughout the day.

Generally, fingers are at their slimmest during the early morning and can swell up as the day goes on.

This is especially true in hot weather or after exercising.

Hence, trying on different ring sizes at different times of the day can help ensure a perfect fit.

Wearing comfort

Comfort is essential when wearing the RingConn, as it has to be worn over a more extended period. 🤗

Everyone may feel differently, but we found it really comfortable when we tried it out.

Wearing comfort of the RingConn ring.
The RingConn is extremely comfortable to wear, just like the Oura smart ring. Gold: RingConn; Silver: Oura
Image: © Smart Home Fox

It didn't take long to forget it was even there, and it didn't get in the way during daily tasks.

It's important to remember that if the ring is comfortable, it'll record your sleep better. 😴

If it's not comfortable, it could wake you up at night.

Our day-to-day experience

When it comes to style and ease of wear, the RingConn gets a thumbs up from us. 👍🏻

We found the sizing kit especially handy, allowing you to wear the ring before you buy it.

That way, you can ensure it fits well, and you like it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that compared to a smartwatch, a smart ring like the RingConn is much more comfortable to wear while you sleep.⌚️

So if your primary concern is monitoring your sleep, this ring might be a good choice.

RingConn smart ring: Testing the battery

Battery life is a crucial factor when we consider wearables. 🔋

It tells us how long we can wear the device without charging it.

RingConn claims that its smart ring can go a week without charging.

We tested it and want to share our findings with you.

Battery life

In our test, we found that the battery of the RingConn lasts between 5 and 7 days. 📅

This depended on how much we used it.

If you move around a lot or do a lot of sports, the ring will need to record more.

This causes the battery to drain more quickly.

But all in all, the battery life was exactly as stated by the company.

So we're pretty happy with it. 😃

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Charging case

The RingConn comes with a wireless charging case, which is quite handy.

This case can charge the ring 18 times before it needs to be recharged.

The case is slightly larger than the cases you see for earbuds and has a smooth finish.

It's decorated with the RingConn logo, which looks pretty neat.

To charge the case, you use a Type-C USB port. 🔌

To charge the case, you use a Type-C USB port. 🔌
You can easily charge your RingConn’s case with a Type-C port. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The good news is that a cable allows you to connect a Type-A port to a Type-C port.

So you don't have to buy an additional cable.

A rubber layer inside the case keeps the ring in one place.

So it can't move when you close the lid.

RingConn charging in the wireless case.
You can easily charge your RingConn smart ring with the wireless charging case. Image: © Smart Home Fox

There is also a magnet that holds the ring in place. 🧲

We even shook the case to see if the ring would move, but it stayed still.

It didn't make any noise or shift, which is great. 🎉

Charging times

We tested how long it takes to charge the case and the ring.

Both were fully charged in about 1.5 hours each.

But remember, you don't get a power plug with your purchase.

However, you can easily find a variety of power adapters online.

Setting up the RingConn smart ring

To use RingConn, you must download the app on your mobile phone. 📲

With the RingConn app, you can change the settings of the ring and check your data.

The app is available for both Apple and Android phones.

You can download it from the Playstore for Android and the App Store for iOS.

We tried RingConn ourselves in our test, so read on to see how we did. 👀

Setting up the app

Setting up the RingConn app is extremely easy.

Here's how you can do it:

  • Start by downloading the app.
  • Next, open it on your phone.
  • The app will automatically look for any RingConn rings close by.
  • You'll have to put some personal info into the app, like how old you are, your gender, and your size.

And that's it - you're all set to use your RingConn.

We found the app to be well-designed and user-friendly. 🤗

It guides you through each step of the setup process, making it simple to get started with your new smart ring.

Testing the RingConn app

To set up your RingConn and to check your data, you need the RingConn App.

It works with iPhones as well as with Android phones. 📱

Data stored in one place

The RingConn app displays all your tracked data.

This includes details about your sleep, your steps, how active you were, and calories burned.

So you can always easily check your stats and see how you're doing.

RingConn app displaying stress data.
The RingConn app displays all your tracked data. Image: © Smart Home Fox

You can also connect the RingConn app with Apple Health.

This means that you can see all your RingConn data in Apple's own Health app. 🙌

You can also see how you've been doing over a few weeks right in the app.

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Changing the settings

With the RingConn app, you can adjust all the essential settings for your ring.

RingConn app settings displayed.
You can easily adjust all the settings right through the app. Image: © Smart Home Fox

You can also set it up to notify you when your heart rate is too high or too low. 🔔

Our day-to-day experience

We tested the RingConn app and were very satisfied with it.

It's simple to use, and thanks to the clear layout, everything is easy to find.

It allows you to customise your ring settings and display your data how you want.

We can't wait to get new updates and improvements to roll in.

Stay tuned to Smart Home Fox as we update you on what's new with RingConn. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss a thing. 📩

How much does the RingConn smart ring cost?

The cost of the RingConn smart ring is a crucial point to consider.

You can buy it directly from the Ringconn website.

This smart ring is also cheaper than the Oura ring. 🎉

Another big advantage of RingConn is that you don't need a subscription, unlike Oura.

So you can access all your RingConn data for free, and the company says it'll stay that way.

RingConn smart ring and charging case on the table.
The RingConn smart ring includes a wireless charging case, along with a Type-C cord for charging the case. Image: © Smart Home Fox

RingConn also offers free shipping to anywhere in the world. 🚚

We got our test model without any problems.

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Are there any alternatives to the RingConn smart ring?

If you're still unsure about the RingConn, that's okay. 🙂

There are many other great options, and we're happy to introduce you to some of them.

Let's explore the alternatives.

Oura ring

The Oura ring is considered a pioneer in the smart ring industry.

It helps you in your daily life by recording your sleep, activity and heart rate, among other things.

We've tested the top alternatives to the Oura Ring as well.

Check price*

Circular ring

The Circular ring was released in the fall of 2022.

At the moment, it's not quite as advanced as the Oura or the RingConn, and its data tracking isn't as reliable.

We faced issues with it, so we can't recommend the Circular Ring yet. 👎

But if it's further improved, it could become a good option.

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Smartwatches are another good option if you want to track your sleep. 😴

They have many great features for fitness and sports.

However, some people find that large smartwatches aren't comfortable to wear to bed.

If you're an athlete and want to improve your performance, a smartwatch might be just what you need.🏋️‍♂️

You can check out our in-depth comparison of the best smartwatches to find the right one.

Should you buy the RingConn smart ring? - Our conclusion

So, is the RingConn smart ring worth your money? 💰

It's a new gadget on the market, and tech fans are eager to learn more about it.

We were excited to test it, too.

And we absolutely loved it.

Here's why:

  • It gives you an accurate sleep analysis
  • It tracks your activity and health
  • It measures your heart rate
  • It's easy to use via its app

RingConn has done everything it promised.

It's as good as other smart rings and even smartwatches. ⌚️

What impressed us the most is that you don't need an app subscription to see all your data.

After our test, we can say that this smart ring convinced us, and we'd gladly recommend it. 🌟

Criteria Rating Comment
Health functions Detailed analysis of sleep and health
Design Chic and high quality
Battery Lasts for a week
Service No issues
App Well designed and user friendly
Price-performance ratio Affordable and good

Contact RingConn

Customer service: To contact RingConn directly for complaints, support, or queries, you can email them at

Registered office: 1226 North King ST NUM 292, Wilmington, Delaware, United States

How do we test our smart wearables?

Our process begins with detailed online research when we evaluate smart wearables like smart rings and smartwatches.

Then we order many of these gadgets to our location and use them for a few weeks as we would in real life. 🏡

That way, we can determine how good or bad they are.

If you want to know everything about our method, check out our detailed test procedure for smart wearables.

Testing the training functions

When we want to see how good these smart rings are for workouts, we use them while exercising in a gym. 🏋️‍♀️

To make sure the rings are accurate, we also wear a band around our chest that measures the same things.

This way, we can compare the ring and chest band readings.

Testing the health functions

We always wear these smart rings to see how well they work, even when we sleep in bed. 🛌

This way, we can keep track of our sleep patterns.

We also compare the sleep data they collect with information from another device that we know is accurate.

Ultimately, we look at all the health data the rings have recorded to see how useful they're in keeping track of our health.

Testing the smart features

We connect these smart rings to our phones to test all the cool features. 📱

This way, we can see how helpful and user-friendly these gadgets are.

Final thoughts and buying advice

Once we have reviewed all the wearable details, we give our final thoughts and recommend whether it's a good buy.

With this, we want to help you find the best gadget that perfectly fits your needs. 👌

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the RingConn waterproof?

    The RingConn has an IP68 rating, designed to resist water and dust. 💦

    This means you don't have to worry about taking it off for a shower or swimming.

  • What's the battery Life of the RingConn?

    The battery life of the RingConn is pretty decent. 

    You can expect the battery to last between 5 to 7 days with typical use. 📆

    Remember that the duration can vary based on your personal settings and how often you use the ring. 

  • Which Smartphones Are Compatible with the RingConn?

    This smart ring can pair with both iOS and Android devices. 

    You can easily manage it through its dedicated app on both platforms. 

  • What Size Options Does the RingConn Offer?

    The RingConn offers a range of sizes to suit various finger sizes. 👆🏻

    You can get it in any size from US standard 6 up to size 14

    They also provide a handy sample kit to help you pinpoint your ideal ring size.



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