Dyson V15 Detect vs. V10 Absolute Comparison - UK (2024) ⚖️

Dyson V15 vs V10

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Young vs old – or in other words: The Dyson V15 Detect vs Dyson V10 Cyclone.

The new Dyson V15 Detect delights customers ? with innovations such as laser dust detection, dirt analysis and hair screw tool, as well as compelling cleaning performance.

However, the Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute also had an excellent cleaning performance and was very innovative when Dyson launched it in the UK. ?

That leads us to the question: Is it worth buying the expensive Dyson V15 Detect, or does the value-for-money Dyson V10 do the job, too?

We meticulously reveal all their differences and similarities in this detailed comparison – let’s dive into it. ??

Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute and Dyson V15 Detect Absolute in one picture

Advantages V15:

Max. suction power: 230 AW

Runtime: approx. 67 minutes

Test result: 99 %

Size of the dirt container: 0.76 l

Width of the floor nozzle: 25 cm (9.8 inches)

Weight: 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)

Display: Yes

Special features: Laser detection

Advantages V10:

Max. Suction power: 150 AW

Runtime: approx. 50 minutes

Test result: 99 %

Size of the dirt container: 0.76 l

Width of the floor nozzle: 23 cm (9 inches)

Weight: 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)

Display: No

Special features: Laser detection

Find out more about our favorites now

Strong suction power
V15 Detect
Price from   £ 649.89 £ (659.90 )

Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson's new flagship convinces with excellent cleaning performance and innovative technology.

The cordless and bagless 2-in-1 battery vacuum is super versatile in use. Whether it’s a hard floor or carpet, or even if you use it as a hand vacuum – NOTHING can stop this device.

The Dyson V15 has a whopping 230 air watts, which is the most powerful suction we have ever seen.

Thanks to over 60 minutes of runtime and three different power modes, the cordless vacuum achieves excellent cleaning results.

It even has an LCD display so that you can monitor the suction process.

And there’s more to it: The V15 constantly analyses the floor and the size and type of dirt.

Dyson V15 Detect: Dirt Particle Analysis on the Display

The vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the suction mode according to its analysis and does the work for you.

Dyson also upgraded the attachments. They’re now even more efficient in combating (pet) hair. 

The new brush for mites/pet hair from Dyson
Image © Smart Home Fox

Hair can’t wrap itself around the brushes anymore, thus preventing blockages.

The revised Fluffy attachment for hard floors also has a green laser now. With this, you can see even fine dust particles and vacuum them directly.

The Fluffy attachment with laser

 Oops, Dyson did it again…

...The engineers put in the work and managed to top their existing devices off with even more innovative features and improved performance in the V15!

Check Amazon*


Most substantial suction power (230 AW)

Automatic suction level adjustment (surface and type of dirt)

New laser technology in the Fluffy attachment to detect dirt

Interchangeable battery option

Over 60 minutes running time

Incl. torque drive floor nozzle + soft roller (Fluffy attachment)

Cordless & Bagless

Strong at cleaning skirting boards and corners




Laser only works on hard floors

Best bagless vacuum
V10 Cyclone Absolute
Price from   £ 497.22

Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

The test winner of 2018 has powerful suction and an innovative design

This cordless vacuum plays in the top league. Its cleaning performance leaves nothing to be desired, and the innovative design is very user-friendly.

The Dyson V10 Absolute caught us off-guard with its entirely new design when it came out in 2018

The new arrangement of the engine and dirt tank has improved performance significantly.

The power unit of the Dyson V10 in a new design
Image © Smart Home Fox

The Dyson V10’s Highlights 

Excellent Cleaning Performance 

The Dyson V10 came out with flying colours in our cleaning tests. No matter what dirt or on which floor type, the Dyson V10 left the floor spotless.

The Dyson V10 vacuuming the carpet
Image © Smart Home Fox

The cordless stick vacuum scored so well thanks to its powerful suction. According to the manufacturer, the V10 has 150 AW. You see that when you vacuum. That’s why the V10 stole the show from all other cordless vacuums in 2018. 

Emptying the Dirt Container 

Emptying the Dyson V10
Image © Smart Home Fox

The new emptying function is also a considerable advantage. 

You just have to push the slider forward, and the dirt falls directly into the dustbin. 

Advantage: It’s very suitable for allergy sufferers, but it’s also great for everyone else. Now the annoying dust won’t find its way back into the flat. 


It’s super easy to convert it from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum. The vast amount of accessories also increases the versatility of the V10 immensely. 

Long Runtime 

The battery life of the Dyson V10 is excellent and lasts for up to 60 minutes. That’s sufficient for cleaning most flats and houses. After that, it takes about 4.5 hours to charge the battery fully. 

3 Different Power Settings

It’s also got an upgrade from two to three suction modes. This way, you can always choose a suitable power mode for the dirty challenge that lays in front of you. 

The button for the power settings of the Dyson V10
Image © Smart Home Fox

You can switch to turbo mode if you have to deal with stubborn dirt. If it’s only light dirt, the minimum level will be sufficient. 

The medium level works great for most everyday situations. 

The extra mode improves cleaning performance and battery life. 

There’s always room for improvement 

After the Dyson V11 came onto the market, the price of the V10 has also dropped immensely. The most significant disadvantage of the cordless vacuum cleaner has become insignificant. 

Which variant is the best deal? 

There are three variants of the V10: 

  • Absolute, 
  • Motorhead, 
  • Animal. 

The manufacturer offers only the Absolute model at the moment, which is the best option anyway if you ask us. Its features are simply the best. 

Read more about that in our detailed Dyson V10 Absolute review

We recommend the Dyson V10 for those who want an excellent cleaning performance but don’t need the latest technology (display, automatic adjustment of suction power, etc.). 

This naturally affects the price of the V10. It’s much cheaper than the latest models.

Check Amazon*


Very good cleaning performance


Improved emptying system

Large dust container

Long battery life


Washable filter

2-year guarantee



No floorhead lighting

No display

V15 vs. V10: The Cleaning Test

The most important test for any cordless vacuum cleaner is the cleaning test. Both cordless vacuums did very well here. But how do they perform in our comparison?

That’s how we tested them:

We always conduct our tests in the same way. This way, we create fair test conditions so that we can compare all devices with each other.

We spread different kinds of dirt (lentils, oat flakes and fine sand) on various floor types (laminate, low carpet and high-pile carpet). Then we check how the vacuum copes with it!

Here we also try out the different power settings and find out which works best for daily cleaning.

Last but not least, we also use the devices for several weeks in everyday life to see if they can manage the daily challenges.

The cleaning test confirmed what everyone suspects:

We have two test winners that deliver excellent cleaning results ?

Cleaning On Hard Floors

Dyson UK supplies two attachments for cleaning hard floors:

  • A floor nozzle with a soft dusting brush, the so-called Fluffy attachment. It’s specially designed for hard floors.
  • And a standard attachment that is suitable for any floor type.

That’s why we carried out the test with each attachment.

The Dyson V15 On Hard Floors

The V15 hardly reaches its limits when vacuuming dirt on hard floors. It works exceptionally well with the Laser Fluffy attachment ? %.

Dyson V15: Cleaning Hard Floors With The Laser Fluffy Attachment

The Torque-Drive (universal attachment) also did a great job on the hard floor.

However, it was a bit louder and didn't feel as smooth in movement.

Cleaning hard floors with the Torque-Drive

The Dyson V10 On Hard Floors

The Dyson V10 also performed great on hard floors. It only left a tiny bit of sand behind with the standard electric brush, but you could barely see it with... it removed a total of 97% of the sand.

The Dyson V10 cleaning the hard floor

Cleaning Low Carpets

Cleaning low-pile carpets is a no-brainer for the Dyson devices, too!

Both perform above average here.

The V15 Detect Absolute On A Low Carpet

The V15 Detect didn’t leave a single grain of dirt behind, no matter whether coarse dirt or fine sand.

Dyson V15: Cleaning a low carpet

The V10 On A Low Carpet

The V10 didn’t have any problems here, either. It removes anything that comes up.

Dyson V10: Cleaning a low carpet

Cleaning A High-Pile Carpet

High-pile carpets pose a significant threat to all vacuums in general. The fine dirt often gets stuck in the depths, which is why most vacuum cleaners have a hard time with it.

But not so with the two Dyson vacuums ?

The V15 And High Carpets

The V15 does a real deep cleanse on high carpets. It also removes fine dirt from the carpet, thanks to the powerful suction.

In our test, it achieved a whopping 100 %.

Only very few other vacuums manage that!

Dyson V15: Cleaning a high carpet

Dyson's V10 Cyclone On A High Carpet

The V10's test result on a high carpet is just a little behind that of the V15.

It removed 99% of the dirt... That’s also exceptional!

Dyson V10: Cleaning a high carpet

Everyday Cleaning With The V10 vs V11

After our test in the test area, we also gave the cordless vacuums quite a dirty challenge in everyday life.

Without exception, both the V15 and the V10 are a huge relief during daily cleaning. And that even though we have children and pets.

But they also come in very handy for the weekly, thorough cleaning.

The Dyson V15 Detect in everyday use

The Design Of The Dyson V15 vs V10: Differences And Similarities

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest vacuum of them all?

At first glance, the two vacuums look the same…

They both have the typical striking futuristic design with metallic colours. It’s a perfect accessory for any modern home and a great addition to your smart home.

The main thing that sets the V15 apart from its predecessor is its highlights in gold on the motor unit.

The Structure Of The Devices

At a second glance, you’ll see a difference between the two.

After the V8, the Dyson V10 was the first cordless vacuum cleaner from the V series with the inline design. That means:

  • The motor and dirt container are in a vertical line.
  • The suction tube is attached to the dirt container.

This design has many advantages. For example, you can empty the vacuum in a clean and precise way. We’ll talk more about that later...

The Display In Comparison

Well, this one’s an easy comparison because the V10 doesn’t have one ?

Dyson UK started equipping its cordless vacuums with displays since the Dyson V11 Absolute.

The Dyson V15 has an LCD, which makes it the perfect addition to your smart home. It’s ahead of the game here.

Dyson V15: The LCD

The display is a real asset because you can monitor the device more easily with it. It can give the following helpful information:

  • Remaining runtime (calculated live)
  • Current cleaning mode
  • Error messages
  • Maintenance instructions and tips
  • And the brand-new feature: The dirt analysis

The Size in Comparison

The size determines a vacuum’s handiness and manoeuvrability. If you don’t like bending down while vacuuming, you should pay close attention here.

Measuring the Dyson V15

Measuring the Dyson V10

The good news is that both devices have a comfortable size, so you don't have to worry about that.

The Size Of The V15 And V11 In Comparison

Category Dimensions V15 Dimensions V10
Total size as a floor vacuum cleaner 117 cm (46 inches) 125 cm (49 inches)
Length of the motor unit 40 cm (15.7 inches) 35 cm (13.8 inches)
Width of the standard brush 25 cm (9.8 inches) 23 cm (9 inches)
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The Weight

The V15 on the scales

There is a clear difference in weight. The Dyson V10 is 500 grams (1.1 lbs) lighter, and you’ll notice this when you lift it.

However, when vacuuming the floor, the weight is well distributed because the vacuum cleaner rests on the floor.

So in terms of weight, the V10 takes the win. But keep in mind that the extra weight of the V15 is the price for the improved performance.

The Weight Of The V15 And V10 In Comparison

Category Dimensions V15 Dimensions V10
Total weight as floor vacuum cleaners 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs) 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)

V10 vs V15: Which One Comes With Better Accessories?

Accessories are essential because they can expand the range of uses.

Dyson UK varies the delivery scope and always launches different variants of a model.

For our comparison, we chose the Absolute variants because we think that their delivery scopes include the essential accessories:

  • Dyson V15 Detect Absolute
  • Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

The Delivery Scope Of The V15 And V10 In Comparison

Model V15 Detect Absolute V10 Cyclone Absolute
Motor unit V15 V10
Suction power 230 Air watt 150 Air watt
Size dirt container 0.76 l 0.76 l
Dirt analysis Yes No
Display Yes No
Weight 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs) 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)
Suction tube Yes Yes
Electric standard brush Yes (Torque Drive) Yes
Hard floor attachment Yes (Laser Slim Fluffy) Yes (Fluffy attachment)
Mini electric brush Yes (anti-hair nozzle) Yes
Multi-Tool Yes Yes
Crevice tool Yes Yes
Wall mount Yes Yes
Accessory wand clip for the suction tube Yes No
Extra soft brush Yes Yes
Extra hard brush Yes No
Flex adapter Yes No
Charger Yes Yes
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You’re missing an accessory after the purchase? No worries, you can simply buy them in the Dyson UK online shop.

Which Brush Is For What?

Let’s take a look at the most important accessories of the two cordless vacuum cleaners:

The Mini Electric Brush vs Anti-Hair Nozzle

The Mini Electric Brush vs the Anti-Hair Nozzle from above

The Mini Electric Brush and the Anti-Hair Nozzle from below

The anti-hair nozzle is ideal for vacuuming upholstery, mattresses or car seats.

And it’s also a great asset in the fight against pet hair. Read more about this in this review: "Battery vacuums against pet hair"

Dyson revised this nozzle just in time for the release of the V15 Detect.

It has a cone-shaped brush now where the hairs can’t get stuck. The rotating brush transports them to the side instead. There, they simply fall off and disappear in the endless depths of the suction tube.

It’s super convenient. See for yourself ?

But the mini electric brush - even though it doesn’t have the anti-hair function - is also an excellent cleaner head.

Nevertheless, the upgrade is excellent, so the V15 wins the race here ?

The Crevice Nozzle When Things Get Tight...

With the crevice nozzle, you can remove dirt even in the last cracks and corners.

Both models come with this attachment.

Dyson’s crevice nozzle

The Multi-Tool Or Combination tool...

It works great on sensitive floors or the ceiling with its soft bristles.

You can simply pull back the bristles to use the hard end and remove stubborn dirt.

It’s a true all-rounder among the cleaning heads. ??

The combo accessory nozzle

The Practical Wall Mount From Dyson

You should keep the wall mount near a power socket.

With this, you can store your new Dyson upright on the wall, which saves a lot of space. You can also attach two accessories, so they're always at hand.

Of course, the cordless vacuum cleaner also charges whenever you connect it to the wall mount.

A practical wall mount

A Dyson Floor Dock

Dyson’s floor dock

You don't want to drill holes into your wall or keep the device in the same place?

No problem! You can also get a Dyson floor dock instead of the wall mount.

In this stand, you can also store and charge the vacuum upright.

Your advantage: You can move the docking station wherever you want.

You can conveniently buy a suitable dock for the V10 online.

Even though there’s no dedicated dock for the V15, the V11 docking station fits perfectly, too.

The Accessory Clip For The Suction Tube...

...is super practical. Simply clip it onto the suction tube and choose your favourite accessory. Then, you can attach it directly to the vacuum cleaner and always have it at hand during cleaning.

The accessory clip for the suction tube

This gadget is the one from the newer V15.

But we also found it in the delivery scope of the Dyson V11 Absolute and the Dyson V11 Outsize.

The Quick Release Extra-Soft Brush

This attachment is the way to go if you want to dust your books and furniture gently.

The Quick Release Extra-soft Brush

The Quick Release Extra-Hard Brush

You can also make the brush a little harder for stubborn dirt on the car floor mat, for example.

That’s where this attachment comes into play.

Even if the name isn't that convenient, the attachment certainly is ?

Quick Release Extra-hard Brush

The essential accessories are the attachments for cleaning the floor.

They have sophisticated technology and make a decisive contribution to the cleaning performance.

That’s why we’ll take a closer look at the floor nozzles in the following chapter.

Cleaning Features: What Improves The Cleaning Performance?

There’s a multitude of factors that determine the cleaning result – not just the suction power.

The Torque Drive Of The Dyson V15 vs Electric Floor Brush Of The V10

Dyson improved its standard floor nozzle over the many generations of models. Now, they’ve reached their current peak with the high torque cleaner head of the Dyson V15. It’s virtually suitable for any floor type.

The Torque Drive of the Dyson V15

The Dyson V10 automatic floor brush

But the electric (automatic) floor nozzle of the V10 was already very efficient and significantly improved the cleaning performance.

That’s how it works:

It has its own motor that makes the brush rotate inside. The bristles pick up the dirt and throw it towards the suction tube.

Then the powerful suction ensures that the dirt ends up in the dirt container.

The Torque-Drive goes a few steps further. The vacuum cleaner can detect the floor type and automatically adjust the cleaning mode, thanks to sensors in the brush.

As if that weren’t enough, it even has an anti-hair (anti-tangle) function now.

A comb in the brush catches long hairs that would otherwise wrap themselves around the brush.

Laser Slim Fluffy vs Fluffy Attachment

Both devices have a special attachment to vacuum hard floors even better.

The idea is to offer an alternative for sensitive floors (like parquet). But, of course, these nozzles also work on any other hard floor (vinyl, laminate, PVC, tiles, etc.).

The Slim Fluffy Laser Attachment vs Fluffy Attachment

The manufacturer completely revised the Fluffy attachment for the Dyson V15 and came up with quite a few new features. Let’s see...

The Fluffy Attachment Of The V10

The Fluffy attachment of the Dyson V10 picks up dirt better on hard floors as it presses the dirt into the soft roller. Then, it catapults the dirt into the suction tube.

It works super smoothly, and it’s also quieter than the standard automatic brush we described earlier.

The Slim Laser Fluffy Attachment Of The Dyson V15

The principle is the same…

...but what's new is that the attachment has a green laser respectivley a green light now. You can switch it on and off via a button on the brush.

The green laser detects even microscopic dust particles and hairs on hard floors.

Your advantage: You can clean much better because you can see the dirt better.

We were caught off-guard during the test. We didn’t think it would work this well.

Before vacuuming with the laser in the dark

After vacuuming with the laser in the dark

And even more astonishing: It doesn’t only work in the dark, but also in bright rooms.

Before vacuuming with a laser in the light

The laser proves to be a real advantage in our test!

But it’s not just the laser that’s new here: The nozzle is also smaller than the old one, which contributes to the better manoeuvrability of the device.

Suction Power: Checking The Motor Power

Dyson cordless vacuums use cyclone technology (More about the technology...).

And this is how it works

The cyclones in the cyclone chambers swirl up air and thus throw the dirt outwards. That separates even the finest dirt from the air before it returns into the room.

The Dyson V15 reaches a peak power of 230 air watts with its 125,000 rpm. That makes it the most powerful cordless vacuum ever.

The V10 also trumped all other units when it first appeared, achieving 150 air watts (learn more about the air watt unit) at its peak.

Even today, a few years after its release, the V10 still outperforms most other devices with its powerful suction.

The Automatic Suction Level Adjustment Of The Dyson V15

Since the vacuum cleaner can automatically detect the surface, you don't have to adjust the cleaning mode anymore.

Display in auto mode

But more importantly, the vacuum saves a lot of energy thanks to the automatic suction level adjustment.

That’s because it only uses as much energy as it needs.

The vacuum shifts up a gear on a carpet, for example, to get a better cleaning result.

We miss this feature with the V10.

The Dirt Particle Analysis with a piezo sensor

A brand-new feature of the Dyson V15 is its dirt particle analysis. A piezoelectric sensor determines the type and size of the dirt particles that the vacuum sucks in.

Before vacuuming
Before vacuuming...

Dirt analysis after vacuuming
After vacuuming..

These are your advantages here:

It proves that your vacuum cleaner removes even the smallest particles.

Moreover, and this is quite sensational, the vacuum also adapts the suction power to the analysed dirt type.

The Number Of Power Settings In Comparison

Both vacuums have three power settings, and all three of them have their justification.

The button for the power settings on the Dyson V15

The slider of the Dyson V10’s cleaning modes

The Eco mode is the weakest of the three levels and is suitable for vacuuming light dirt, such as removing dust from furniture.

The most powerful one is the Boost mode. It’s the hero of the day whenever you have to remove hefty dirt.

The third and last is the Medium mode (Med). This one’s the go-to for everyday life. You can remove most dirt types with it.

With the Dyson V15, you can select the cleaning mode with a button and see the current level on the LCD screen.

The V10, on the other hand, has a slider with which you can adjust the cleaning mode.

The Conversion To A Cordless Hand Vacuum (2-in-1 Function)

Both cordless vacuums are so-called 2-in-1 devices. It’s also one of the main reasons why these devices are so popular these days ?

You can use it as a conventional vacuum

...but you can also quickly convert it and use it as a handheld vacuum.

That increases the device’s versatility in use enormously, and it makes the investment even more valuable.

You can use it to clean the car, a mattress, upholstery and furniture.

Check out our comparison of the best cordless car vacuums if you want to know what is crucial in this area of application and which vacuum works best here.

Vacuum cleaner for the car

The weight of a hand vacuum cleaner is essential because you have to hold the vacuum cleaner all the time.

That's why the V10 is ahead of the V15 here. It’s 500 grams lighter. You notice that immediately.

However, the V15 makes up for this with its stronger suction power.

It’s up to you what’s more important to you.

V10 vs V15: Handling In Comparison

Dyson places enormous emphasis on ease of use and user-friendliness. From purchase to repair, you can quickly get help from a customer service representative.

The V10 and the V15 are on par here.

The Commissioning Of The Devices

You have to charge the vacuums before the first use.

Then you can choose an attachment, plug it in and off you go.

It's all pretty self-explanatory!

Unboxing a cordless vacuum

The Power Button

One often criticised feature of Dyson’s cordless vacuums is the power button. Some people don't like the fact that you have to hold the button while vacuuming.

It’s the same with the V10 and the V15.

The power button

Dyson states that this saves battery.

We found that it’s no big deal to hold the button down. It just takes a while to get used to it.


The two opponents don’t differ much here.

The joints between the floor nozzles and the suction tube, and the small rollers and gliding pads on the bottom side of the brush ensure excellent manoeuvrability.

The rollers on the brush

Both vacuums are super easy to handle and move around.

But the new Laser Slim Fluffy attachment glides a little more smoothly over hard floors.

Cleaning Under Furniture (Height Of The Floor Brush)

The typical design of the Dyson vacuums makes cleaning under furniture easy-peasy.

You can place them almost entirely on the floor so that you can reach far under the bed.

Tip: You can also turn the handle to get a few centimetres further.

Vacuuming under the furniture with the V15

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute vs V10 Cyclone Absolute: Volume

Of course, vacuums aren’t exactly quiet in general, but there are still noticeable differences between them.

How Loud Are The Dyson V10 And V15 (In dB)?

Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute and Dyson V15 Detect Absolute volume comparison

We measured just under 10 dB difference in the most substantial cleaning mode, which you can hear pretty clearly. So the new V15 is much quieter.

In the end, however, we have to note that the volume of both devices doesn’t create a pleasant atmosphere for conversation ?

Comparing The Volume Of The Dyson V10 And V15

Cleaning Mode Volume Dyson V10 Dyson V15 volume
1 73 dB 66 dB
2 75 dB 69 dB
3 80 dB 72 dB
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What’s the runtime of the two cordless vacuums?

You can see the development very well in the runtime of the two vacuums.

The runtime of the V10 is already on a high level, but the Dyson V15 managed to top that off.

In our opinion, the medium level is decisive for both devices, as you’ll use it most of the time.

When buying a new vacuum, make sure that you can clean your entire home with one charge.

The Runtime of V15 Detect and V10 Cyclone In Comparison

Cleaning mode Duration V15 Duration V10
Eco 67 min 50 min
Medium 47 min 30 min
Boost 9 min 9 min

The V15 also has the click-in function.

The spare battery of the Dyson V15 at the charging station

With this, you can simply exchange the battery and use a spare battery. That doubles the runtime from one moment to the next!

It's also nice that you can charge the spare battery without the device. In addition, it’s relatively small so that you can charge it on the bedside table or the like.

Please note that a replacement battery isn’t included in every "variant" of the V15. But you can buy batteries in the Dyson UK online shop.

How Long Are The Charging Times Of The V10 And V15?

The Dyson V10 Absolute takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully, while the V15 Detect takes about 4.5 hours.

More power = longer charging time?

Is It Difficult To Maintain The Dyson Devices?

The answer lays at hand: No!

A practical feature of the V15 is that it shows any maintenance work and error messages that may be required.

Maintenance for both vacuums consists of four tasks:

  • Emptying the dirt container
  • Cleaning the dirt container
  • Cleaning the HEPA filter
  • Cleaning the floor nozzles

Emptying The Dirt Container

Many cordless vacuum cleaners have problems when emptying: dirt falls next to the dustbin, the dirt won’t come out, etc.

Dyson sets itself apart from the competition in the UK is that they have perfected the emptying function.

Firstly, the dirt containers of both cordless vacuums have an excellent capacity of 0.76 litres. Thus, you don't have to empty them so often, but the devices are still handy.

You have a large area to clean and need a larger dirt container?

No problem: The Dyson V11 Outsize had a larger dirt container.

But it’s not just the dirt container that’s super large – it also has an XL torque drive, making it the best cordless vacuum cleaner for large areas and homes.

Secondly, you can empty the two Dyson vacuums very precisely into the dustbin, thanks to the inline design described above. All V-series device since the Dyson V10 has this technology, i.e. both the V10 and V15 have it.

This emptying function is perfect for allergy sufferers, as it transports the dirt very efficiently into the dustbin.

And this is how it works:

First, you have to remove the suction tube. Then hold the appliance over the dustbin with the dirt container facing downwards.

Now you have to push down the red lever.

Emptying a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

A lid pops open, and the dirt falls out of the dirt container.

It’s very efficient!

Tip: Empty the dust container directly outside over the dustbin. This way, there’s not a chance that fine dust sneaks back into your home.

Cleaning The Dirt Container

You also have to clean the dirt container from time to time.

To do this, you can remove the container and tap it out or rinse it.

All you have to do is press the small red lever on the bottom side.

Removing and cleaning the dirt container

Attention: The container must dry entirely after cleaning before you can use it again.

Cleaning The HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter (particulate air filter) can remove even microscopic dirt particles from the air. That’s very practical against allergens, bacteria, etc. and improves the quality of life for allergy sufferers:

Filtration top ?

Dyson's HEPA filters are supposed to last as long as the vacuum itself.

But even if you have to replace a filter, you can simply buy a new one in the Dyson online shop.

If you want to clean the filter, you just have to twist it off at the back. Then, tap it out or wash it if it’s very dirty… both is possible.

Washing the HEPA filter

If you wash the filter, please keep in mind that it must dry for about 24 hours before reuse.

Cleaning The Floor Nozzle

Floor nozzles get dirty: There’s no way around it.

Whether it’s the Fluffy (soft roller) attachment or the standard floor nozzle, it can’t hurt to inspect it regularly.

Cleaning works the same for all Dyson floor nozzles:

There’s a small lever or opening to unscrew (a coin is beneficial here) on the housing of the floor nozzle.

Cleaning the Torque-Drive Floor Nozzle

You have to open it to take out the brushroll.

Now you can remove hair from the brush with a knife or even wash out the Fluffy attachment…

Please pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

The Price You Pay For Luxury

Battery vacuums are cheaper in the long run

Both cordless vacuum cleaners belong to the premium sector and, therefore, the devices are also quite expensive.

But when you buy a cordless vacuum, you tend to save money in the long run compared to an ordinary vacuum. That’s because cordless vacuums are not only cordless but also bagless, and the filters are long-lasting.

Thus, you save money, time and protect the environment all at the same time ?

Of course, the "discontinued" Dyson V10 Cyclone is now available at a lower price than the new Dyson V15 Detect.

Conclusion And Price-Performance Ratio: Dyson V10 Cyclone vs Dyson V15 Detect comparison

All that’s left to say at the end of our Dyson V10 vs Dyson V15 comparison is:

We have tested two great cordless vacuums. Both achieved insanely good cleaning results and convinced us all along the line.

So it's up to you whether you go with the value-for-money Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute, where you get excellent performance at a lower price ?

Or if you choose the Dyson V15 Detect. It convinced us with its excellent cleaning performance and even more powerful suction. The innovative new features are also convincing:

  • Laser dust detection (we don't want to miss it anymore ?)
  • Real Smart Home Function: The Dirt Particle Analysis
  • The anti-hair function of the nozzles

Mind-blowing features! ?

The decision is now up to you! We hope that you’ll have lots of fun with your new device.

Contact Dyson UK

Customer Service: To contact Dyson UK directly, please call their helpline 0800 298 0298 or visit their live chat. The Customer helpline is available Monday to Friday (8 am - 8 pm) and Saturday and Sunday (8 am - 6 pm).

Registered office: Dyson United Kingdom - Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury SN16 0RP.

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  • What Is Dyson’s Customer Service Like?

    Dyson’s customer service is fast and straightforward.

    You’ll get some emails from Dyson UK (if you wish) after receiving your vacuum. These contain helpful instructions on how to set up and get the most out of your new device. Very useful!

    PS: Even if there’s an issue, they solve it very fast and smoothly.

  • Dyson UK Customer Service: Ordering On The Website

    You won’t have any problems if you order via Dyson's webshop. Customer service representatives are available via phone and chat.


  • Dyson UK Customer Service: The 30-Day Return Guarantee

    You can try out the device for 30 days and then return it free of charge.

  • Sustainability

    Dyson places great importance on sustainability. You can see that in the packaging, in the monitored supply chains, and in their long-lasting products.

  • Social Commitment

    The James Dyson Foundation was established to inspire young people and children and promote innovation, development and entrepreneurship from an early age.

  • Can I Buy The Dyson V15 In Instalments?

    Yes, you can finance or pay off the V15 in up to 24 small monthly instalments on the Dyson website.

  • How Long Is Dyson’s Warranty On The V15?

    Dyson provides a 2-year warranty on all of their devices.


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