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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets

Our Review 2022: The best cordless vacuum cleaners for carpets UK


Last updated: 23.02.2022 8 Min.

Have you ever thought about the number of germs on your carpet?

According to scientific studies, it's not only us who love a cosy, warm surface - but also bacteria! They like to nest there. In damp rooms, such as the bathroom, mould can grow in them.

If we want to clean our carpet, we need a hoover to handle the unique requirements.

We have tested vacuums for you to find out which cordless hoovers are particularly suitable for carpets.


Review: The best cordless vacuum cleaners

Overview of all critical points

Carpets are often magnets for bacteria and fine dirt. Not every cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable for carpets:

  • For carpets, you need a cordless hoover that cleans deep

  • that has real power

  • and that has the right attachments

  • A clean carpet is essential for children and allergies.
    Smartest Stick Vacuum
    Tineco Pure One S12 Main

    Tineco S12 PureOne

    Tineco S12 PureOne

    The Tineco Pure One is the smartest of the floor cleaners on the market and performs very well on carpets in our tests.

    The app and the display for control and monitoring make the device particularly smart. In addition, clever accessories and a strong suction power make it very suitable for carpets.

    The highlights of the Tineco S12


    Cleaning results on carpet

    The Tineco hardly had any trouble on the short carpet with the standard brush.

    Cleaning results of the Tineco on short carpet

    The Tineco also performed well in the tests on long carpets!

    Cleaning results of the Tineco on short carpet

    The standard floor brush

    The floor brush seems basic at first, but the performance is excellent. You can use it on hard floors and carpets.

    What else makes that vacuum cleaner stand out?

    The vacuum cleaner has many innovative features that make household chores easier.

    The app

    With the Tineco app, you can monitor your device and get helpful information about the condition and maintenance of your vacuum cleaner.

    Very useful: the cleaning schedule that you can create with your app.

    The practical filter cleaning tool

    With a specially developed filter cleaning attachment, you can remove filtered dirt from the built-in filter.

    The filter cleaning tool

    Order from Amazon*


    Excellent cleaning performance

    Automatic filter cleaning tool

    Spare pre-filter

    Automatic suction mode

    Replaceable battery included

    Stylish design


    "Touchbar" for infinitely variable suction power control

    Charging station/wall holder very well-thought-out

    LEDs on the brush



    Sometimes necessary to change soft roller and standard brush (depending on floor)

    Packaging also contains plastic and polystyrene

    Brush roller occasionally lifts off

    Best Vacuum 2022 🏆
    Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

    Dyson V15 Detect

    Dyson V15 Detect

    The Dyson V15 is an ultimate carpet Pro and impresses with many innovative features.

    The strong suction power combined with the sophisticated floor nozzle ensures a perfect result on short and long carpets.

    The Highlights of the Dyson V15 Detect


    Cleaning performance on carpets

    Whether you have a short carpet.

    Cleaning result on short carpet

    Or a long rug.

    Cleaning result on long carpet

    The cleaning performance of the V15 was awe-inspiring.

    High Torque cleaner head

    The floor nozzle that can be used for both carpets and hard floors is provided by Dyson with the High Torque cleaner head.

    The High Torque cleaner head

    Powerful cleaning on floors and carpets: The integrated digital motor works exceptionally well on carpet and conveniently has nylon bristles and adjustable suction slots.

    The bristles swirl the dirt out of the depths, and the 200+ Airwatt suction power does the rest.

    Automatic Cleaning Mode

    Thanks to sensor technology, the vacuum cleaner independently detects the type of floor and switches to a more robust cleaning mode depending on the difficulty (e.g. long carpet).

    Cutting-edge innovation: Laser detection technology

    The laser detection is something no other device can do: The Dyson V15 counts the dust it sucks up and makes the analysis available via lcd screen.

    Indeed not necessary, but we tried it on our living room carpet for the first time, and the results were impressive (and disturbing at the same time).

    The LCD display shows you proof of the deep clean

    In the end, you have a technical analysis of how clean your carpet is.

    Verdict on the V15

    All in all, an impressive cleaning device and absolutely recommendable


    Most substantial suction power (230 AW)

    Automatic suction level adjustment (surface and type of dirt)

    New laser technology in the Fluffy attachment to detect dirt

    Interchangeable battery option

    Over 60 minutes running time

    Incl. torque drive floor nozzle + soft roller (Fluffy attachment)

    Cordless & Bagless

    Strong at cleaning mouldings and corners



    Laser only works on hard floors

    Test Winner 2020 🏆
    Dyson V11 Absolute Extra

    Dyson Dyson V11 Absolute

    Dyson Dyson V11 Absolute

    The best vacuum on Smart Home Fox and the device also convinced Which? with a score of 85%. The Which? verdict is: this is the best cordless vacuum you can buy!

    Extremely powerful suction and excellent attachments make the V11 a relief when cleaning and a solid cordless vacuum cleaner for carpets.

    Highlights of the Dyson V11 Absolute


    Cleaning results on carpets

    A great result on a long pile carpet, kudos!

    Cleaning results of the Dyson V11 Absolute on a long pile carpet.

    The V11 has no trouble on short carpets either.

    Cleaning results of the Dyson V11 Absolute on a short pile carpet.

    180 air watts helped the V11 2020 beat the competition; that's some serious suction power!

    Attachments especially for carpets

    For cleaning carpets, the V11 has a combination brush. It's powerful on carpets but can also be used for hard floors.

    Torque Drive Motorhead of the Dyson v11

    Gentle on the floor and strong suction when vacuuming, this motorised tool makes it easy to deep clean carpets. The adjustable suction slots are also practical.

    What else makes the vacuum cleaner stand out?

    The V11 has a handy LCD display that allows you to monitor the suction process.

    LCD-Display Dyson V11

    It also has many accessories that make it versatile in other areas.

    Dyson V11 accessories

    Dyson v11 Outsize

    If you have a large area to clean, check out the Dyson V11 Outsize.

    It offers:

    • a 150% larger dirt bin, which means less emptying
    • a 25% wider cleaner head, which means you can clean large areas faster
    • and more power, which means more efficiency and cleanliness

    Our Review: Dyson V11 Absolute


    New automatic floor roller

    New LED display

    Over one-hour battery power

    Very powerful suction

    Much quieter

    Battery is replaceable


    About 400 grams heavier than its predecessor

    Power button not lockable

    Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

    Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

    Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

    When it came on the market a few years ago, it was a revolution: a real evergreen!

    It kicks in on carpets and achieves a proper deep clean.

    Highlights of the Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute


    Cleaning results on carpet

    Our rating:  Excellent!

    In combination with the V10, the electronic floor brush passes the carpet test without any difficulties.

    Dyson V10 cleaning performance on short carpet

    Dyson V10 cleaning performance on long carpet

    The automatic hard floor brush

    The Absolut version of the Dyson V10 Cyclone also comes with a standard power brush.

    The device is perfect for cleaning carpets, but it also works well on hard floors in most cases.

    The brush head for all floor types

    Super suction power

    While the V10 doesn't come close to its successors in suction power and technology, it is still one of the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners in the UK market.

    Kobold VB100

    Vorwerk Kobold VB100

    Vorwerk Kobold VB100

    Luxurious: The masterpiece from Vorwerk advertises superb cleaning results on carpets and a simple but exquisite design.

    The cordless hoover with bag comes with one of the most powerful floor brushes - the EBB100.

    Our review: The Highlights of the Vorwerk VB100


    Cleaning results on hard floors

    The cleaning results are really impressive.

    On carpets, the VB100 could clean almost everything we threw at it.

    Both on long carpet

    Cleaning results of the VB100 on long carpet

    as well as on short carpet✨

    Cleaning results of the VB100 on short carpet

    The EBB100 is Vorwerk's standard brush and is well suited for carpets and hard floors.

    You can set different suction levels via a pedal. The large rolls make the floor brush easy to move.

    The floor brush EB100 of the VB100

    What else distinguishes the vacuum cleaner?

    The Vorwerk vacuum cleaner also has a removable bag that you can simply take off and throw away. This bag also filters fine dust from the air, similar to a HEPA filter.

    The dust bag of the VB100

    Not eco friendly: It's convenient, but it also comes at a cost to you and the environment.


    Strong cleaning performance

    Comparatively light in weight

    Only cordless hoover with dust bag (allergies)

    Click-in battery

    Easy to use

    Can stand on its own

    Comparatively quiet

    Stylish and elegant design

    Strong suction power

    There are always new attachments


    No classic 2-in-1 function

    Hoover bag (cost and eco)


    Carpet cleaning hacks

    Carpets are perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria of all kinds. This is highlighted by the studies and experts on germ formation in carpets. Those in the kitchen or bathroom are particularly affected.

    Staphylococci (can cause nausea and vomiting), campylobacter (responsible for diarrhoea), and listeria, which can trigger infections, are frequently found in carpets ?.

    Especially if the carpet is near the toilet, it can be contaminated with faecal bacteria by water splashing out. For kitchen carpets, food germs are more relevant.

    But bacteria can also grow on carpets, especially if they frequently come into contact with street shoes or pet paws.

    Small children in particular, who throw food on the carpet and then continue to eat it, are at risk of contracting infections.

    A danger for babies & children: germs on carpets

    Playing on the floor can also be tricky, as germs may be inhaled.

    But don't worry:

    Help is in sight! ?

    Why do I need a cordless hoover for carpets?

    Vacuum cleaners are essential household appliances - no doubt.

    Unfortunately, it's not that easy to clean a carpet with them. You've probably noticed that even fluff and hair often stick to the carpet and are difficult to remove.

    It's the same with bacteria, except they are usually even deeper in the carpet fibres.

    This means that a vacuum cleaner has to get down deep to suck them up properly.

    People with allergies suffer immediately from the allergens in the carpets.

    However, if you don't suffer from allergies, you may not have thought about the problem yet.

    We generally recommend that people with allergies avoid carpets to minimise the possibility of irritation.

    Many people still think that you can clean floors thoroughly with any hoover. Unfortunately, this is not true. Especially vacuum cleaners that are too weak or bad are not suitable for carpets, as they are not good for deep cleaning.

    Dust and dirt particles remain and create an environment inside in which germs and bacteria flourish.

    The inside of a carpet

    Our review paid particular attention to the best cordless upright hoovers you can use to get your carpets clean ?.

    The different types of carpets

    For thousands of years, people have loved rugs to make their homes cosier. Of course, it was more common to use animal skins laid on the floor in the past, but the effect was a cosy, warm, feel-good atmosphere.

    The classic carpets that used to be laid permanently in living rooms are now out of fashion. However, people still love to decorate and embellish their spaces with carpets.

    Usually, one only distinguishes between the high pile and short pile carpets, i.e. whether they have long or short fibres.

    And these are also the "carpet types" from our tests.

    Short and high pile carpet in comparison to our test

    We compared short and high pile carpet

    There are many different subtypes, which have various advantages and disadvantages.

    The Flokati is a typical high-pile carpet that is considered quite challenging to clean. However, its great advantage is that it looks charming and brings a cosy, snug atmosphere into any room.

    In contrast, short-pile velour carpets are among the more robust and dirt-repellent floor coverings.

    Different hoovers for different types of carpets?

    All right, so we know that there are many different types of carpets.

    But are different vacuum cleaners needed to clean different carpets? ?

    Don't worry; you don't have to buy a special hoover for each type of carpet.

    All you need to do is buy an excellent vacuum cleaner that is suitable for cleaning carpets. However, for different textile floor coverings, the right hoover accessories and the "power" of the hoover are far more significant.

    Here, the right floorhead is most important.

    Most carpets in living rooms are subjected to a lot of wear and tear as we walk over them repeatedly, helping dirt settle deep into the carpet fibres. So when pets come into the picture and shed hair, the right brush head becomes indispensable.

    The perfect pet tool: We have tested the best cordless vacuum for cleaning pet hair.

    Generally speaking, a combination brush is sufficient for short-pile carpets. You can manually adjust the brush for either carpet or hard floor coverings. This brush is convenient because you don't have to change anything.

    For high-pile carpets or particularly coarsely woven carpets, "turbo brushes" are recommended. These are equipped with more rigid bristles to get deeper into the carpet fibres and remove deep-seated dirt ?.

    Two different combi brushes of a Dyson hoover.
    Different combi brushes

    For many vacuum cleaners from well-known brands, there are also brush attachments that are powered separately:

    So-called electric floor nozzles.

    They are mainly found with premium brands such as Bosch, Dyson, Shark, Miele, Samsung and Vorwerk. This ensures that long carpet fibres, in particular, are combed through properly, and dirt is removed.

    Especially if you have valuable carpets at home, you should check whether the electric brush is gentle enough.

    The rotating brush heads can usually be adjusted to the height of the carpet fibres.

    There are also brush attachments that are only set in motion by the suction air. However, these are less recommended for carpet cleaning as they are weaker in performance.

    Which? Review: The best cordless vacuum cleaner

    Which? has taken an in-depth look at cordless hoovers to determine the winners. Cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be lighter and easier to use than corded vacuums, making cleaning feel like less of a chore. The assumption that they cannot keep up with the classic corded hoovers in cleaning and suction power is outdated.

    Which? Review: Here are the best cordless vacuum cleaners for 2022!

    Today, there are some cordless vacuum cleaner models that can keep up with or even outperform powerfu corded vacuum cleaners ?.


    Which? tests cordless hoovers according to the following criteria: Is the cordless hoover as good as a conventional hoover? How long does the cordless hoover run? Is the battery replaceable? How clean do my floors get with the cordless hoover? Is it quiet and easy to use?

    70% is the minimum score a device must achieve to be considered a "Best Buy".

    What to look for when buying a cordless hoover for carpets

    Not every cordless hoover is well suited to cleaning carpets - just as not every corded or canister vacuum cleaner is up to the task.

    If you want to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner that deep cleans your carpets, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

    Cleaning performance on carpets

    This is, of course, the first thing to look for if you value the ability of a cordless vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean carpets.

    Cleaning performance is not easy to measure, but it depends on the interaction of different, comprehensible variables. And at Smart Home Fox, we test precisely that.

    Our test looks like this, for example:

    Dyson V15 test result on long carpet

    The suction power of the cordless vacuum cleaner

    The first thing many people look at here is the wattage, but this is not decisive. It has already been shown in some tests that some devices with low wattages outperformed those with high wattages in terms of suction results.

    The suction power of the battery hoover shows the fox

    Ultimately, the decisive factor is the suction power that reaches the nozzle. However, it is also important that the suction is not so strong that it can tear out fibres and loops.

    So how do you determine the suction power of a device?

    We have tested countless cordless hoovers and find that this is the wrong question.

    Much more critical than the suction power is the cleaning power, and that results from the interaction of various factors.

    At the end of the day, these performance figures can only be indications for us customers of how well the devices clean a carpet.

    You can only find out whether the appliance is really suitable if you try it out or if it's easier:

    If you inform yourself through independent reviews. We have tested the best cordless hoovers ?

    Volt for power determination

    In many cases, the suction power of cordless vacuum cleaners is not specified in watts but volts. As a general rule, the higher the voltage, the better the motor and suction power.

    You can use the following guideline values as a guide:

    • Ten volts for devices that are used primarily as hand vacuums.
    • Eighteen volts is the minimum required to achieve satisfactory cleaning results in a household.
    • A vacuum cleaner that cleans carpets and/or if you have pets should have 25 volts.

    Or does Pascal determine the performance?!

    The suction power value in Pascal (Pa)

    In the meantime, some hoover brands have started to indicate the suction power in Pascal. This tells you how much underpressure is created during the vacuuming process. The higher the pressure difference, i.e. the Pa value, the greater the suction power. For brand-name appliances in the higher price range, you will usually find values from 15,700 Pa.

    Airwatt as the measure of all things or at least for measuring suction power

    Another established measurement is the specification in Airwatt (More on this topic). In this case, the interaction of power (in watts) and airflow is taken into account.

    The right design

    The right design is also important for hoovers. They should be ready for use quickly and easy to store. Upright vacuums are ideal for cleaning large areas of the carpet.

    In addition, it's important for most people that the device is flexible and that they have a large radius of movement.

    Cordless hoovers are ahead of corded and canister hoovers in terms of flexibility and ease of use. Thanks to their cordless design, you can clean everywhere, regardless of whether there is a power socket nearby or not. (However, the Flexology Technology by Shark has to be mentioned here. The Flexology Technology makes it possible for the upright hoover to reach and be stored almost anywhere in the house.)

    Especially interesting are the cordless hoovers that you can use both as a floor hoover and as a hand hoover (so-called 2-in-1 hoovers).

    Dyson V15 cordless vacuum cleaner
    2 in 1 hoover: As a vacuum cleaner for floors
    Dyson V15 cordless handheld hoover
    2 in 1 vacuum cleaner as a handheld vacuum cleaner

    One combination, for example, is perfect for sucking up cobwebs from the ceiling.

    Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner: vacuuming the ceiling

    This expands the range of applications immensely. Furniture, upholstery, mattresses or your car - you can clean everything with the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners.

    Another nice feature:

    You don't have to drag the cable and hoover carriage behind you constantly.

    No more tangled cables ?

    Another advantage: The lack of a carriage also means that cordless vac cleaners save space, as a wall mount can hang them up.

    Consider the battery life

    This is a crucial parameter for a cordless hoover. If the battery is empty, you can't use the best vacuum cleaner. How long can you clean before you need a charger?

    The battery life of cordless vacuum cleaners

    Dyson and Tineco come out on top in many tests, with a runtime of around 50 and 80 minutes, respectively.

    If you only have a small flat, you will be fine with shorter battery life. If you have to clean a whole house or a large apartment, you're unlikely to want to stop in the middle and recharge the battery.

    It's also important to know how long it takes to fully recharge the battery so that your vacuum is ready to use again as soon as possible.

    Good cordless hoovers now also have a replaceable battery.

    Make sure the volume is pleasant

    This is a factor that is often overlooked.

    It may not be that important for many, but if you live in a rented flat, you may be more concerned that your hoover does not make unnecessary noise.

    Parents of small children will also be pleased with low-noise appliances because they typically only have time for vacuuming when their children are already in bed. So it's good if the vacuum cleaner is quiet, so it doesn't wake the little ones up again.

    In our tests, we subject each appliance to a volume test and rank them on the Smart Home Fox volume scale.

    The Smart Home Fox volume scale
    The Smart Home Fox volume scale

    We have not yet been able to find a quiet device in our tests, but at least vacuums that are quieter than others ?♂️.

    In this context, it is much more important that the devices do not develop any unpleasant noises, such as high-pitched whistling sounds.

    An efficient filter performance

    Even though we are talking about a hoover, these devices can actually suck up much more than just dust.

    Pet hair, coarse dirt, sand, or allergens are all removed at best.

    It’s also important that the vacuum cleaner keeps all these particles inside and does not release them back into the surrounding air.

    You should therefore pay attention to which filter has been installed.

    A Dyson HEPA filter

    HEPA filters are considered exceptionally efficient, as their unique structure allows them to securely retain even the smallest particles and allergens.

    These filters are also recommended for hoovers used by people with allergies.

    Vorwerk offers an alternative.

    The Kobold VB100 cordless hoover has a vacuum bag that filters the air instead of a HEPA filter.

    A hoover bag from Vorwerk
    A hoover bag from Vorwerk

    Do you prefer a bag- or bagless hoover for carpets?

    Whether a bagless vacuum cleaner or one with a bag is better is not easy because both options have pros and cons.

    Hoovers with paper bags are often less recommended because the pores can quickly get clogged, and you lose suction power. Fleece bags are a better alternative. However, the dust bags must, of course, be changed regularly, and as a result, there are always ongoing costs for them.

    A hoover without a bag is cheaper. One drawback, however, is that you have to empty and clean the dust container again and again. Especially if you suffer from allergies, this may become a problem for you.

    Availability of suitable accessories

    As already mentioned, the right attachment is crucial for high suction efficiency. A crevice tool gets in to all the right corners. The Dyson dusting brush is another great accessory to clean delicate objects and surfaces.

    You should clarify in advance which floor nozzle or brush attachment you cannot do without and which one is not suitable for the condition of your carpet and, if necessary, get advice on this.

    In addition to the combination brush, you should also buy a suitable power brush, especially for heavily used carpets.

    Dysons mini motorhead brush

    This also features a motorised rotating brush. The brush combs through the carpet and loosens the dirt so that the dirt can suck it up more effectively afterwards.

    Why is it important that the height of the electric brush roll can be adjusted?

    The height of the electric brush must be adjustable because it can be fitted to the size of the carpet. If a long-pile carpet is vacuumed with a too flat brush, the fibres can be damaged, and the carpet becomes shabby over time.

    In addition, the suction power can be regulated. If it is too strong, the appliance sucks in the carpet and can no longer be moved. In this case, you can open the slots on the brush a little, and it will be easier to vacuum.

    Cordless vacuum cleaner or 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner

    Anyone looking for a new cordless hoover is spoilt for choice. Not only do you have to decide between the different brands, such as Shark, Dyson and Bissell, you also have to determine whether you want an ordinary cordless vacuum cleaner or a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner.

    A 2-in-1 appliance is very practical because you can use it both as a stick hoover and as a hand hoover.

    While the stick hoover is usually used to clean floors, handheld hoovers are used primarily for quickly vacuuming up a few crumbs or dust. Since they are particularly small and light, they are also perfect for use on shelves, sofas or tables.

    Even though you will most likely use the stick vacuum to clean your carpets, a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner is still an excellent investment because it is incredibly versatile.

    Are robot vacuum cleaners suitable for carpets?

    Nowadays, it's hard to imagine life without them: vacuum robots. They do the work for us and keep our house spotless while we are at work or out enjoying our free time.

    This makes them a valuable addition to any household. But how do the robots cope with carpets?

    Again and again, we hear complaints about robotic vacuum cleaners not being able to clean carpets properly. Some fail at a carpet height of more than 1.5 centimetres, as they can't get over the edge ?. Some don't even try, as their sensors recognise carpet edges as obstacles that have to be avoided.

    The solution: a crevice tool is great for reaching all corners of your carpet and tight spaces.

    Another problem with robots is that the suction power is often too low to clean carpets sufficiently.

    Carpet edges are a problem for robot vacuum cleaners

    In many cases, the suction power of robot vacuum cleaners falls short, as they only have a small body, move by themselves, and the motors cannot consume too much power because they are battery-powered.

    However, you don't have to do without the independent household help if you have carpets at home because there are already models that can also perform well on textile floor coverings.

    Adjustable power setting: There are even brands, such as Roborock, iRobot or Ecovacs, that recognise carpets and automatically switch to turbo mode. Then the suction power increases, and crumbs and dust are removed even from the deeper layers. We have thoroughly tested vacuum robots for carpets and found quite convincing models ?.

    The best robot vacuums for carpets should offer:

    If you want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner that also thoroughly vacuums your carpets at home, you should definitely pay attention to the following points:

    • The suction power of at least 1500 Pa, 2000 Pa or more is even better

    • Plastic bristles or rubber blades are best for vacuuming carpets. A combination of both is ideal.

    • If you are a pet owner (The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair), you should make sure that the brushes of the robot vacuum cleaner can be removed. This makes it easier to remove pet hair, which often gets wrapped around the brushes. The shark anti hair wrap is another great tool.

    • The dust box should not be too small because the robot will probably vacuum frequently when you are not at home. In that case, you won't notice when the box is full, and the device can no longer provide enough power. Robot vacuum cleaners with a self-emptying base in our test performed well in this case.

    • Every robot vacuum cleaner should be able to overcome doorsteps or carpet edges. If such obstacles are higher than 2 cm, a virtual boundary function is also an advantage. This allows you to define different cleaning zones. You can let the robot vacuum only the carpet at first and then move it to other areas of your home.

    • HEPA filters and long battery life are also important for a robot vacuum cleaner before returning to the charging station.

    How much does a good cordless vacuum cleaner for carpets cost?

    Admittedly, if you want to buy a good cordless hoover, you usually have to invest a little more than you would with a corded vacuum cleaner.

    However, cordless vacuum cleaners are simply much more flexible to use. They are also real all-around talents thanks to their various attachments and the frequent possibility of converting them into handheld vacuums.

    In the long run, cordless vacuum cleaners are often cheaper because they are bagless and rely on long-lasting filters.

    Cordless vacuum cleaners are cheaper in the long run

    Not only do you save money, but also time and nerves.

    A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner has many advantages that the higher price is justified.

    For models from the mid-price category, with which you get very reliable devices, you have to spend around 350 to 480 pounds.

    The premium models are mainly the Dyson vacuum and Vorwerk vacuum. In this category, you have to expect around 600 to 1300 pounds. However, these devices are also equipped with the latest technologies and the best filtration and motors. They also shine with their unbeatable cleaning performance ?.

    How good are the cheap alternatives?

    Well-known discounters also offer cordless hoovers of their brands. Low prices are desirable for many customers.

    However, don't be fooled by low prices because they usually can't compete with the more expensive brand-name models.

    Overall, we would recommend a low-priced cordless hoover as a secondary device to pick up a few crumbs or hairs from time to time. However, in our opinion, they are unfortunately not sufficient as the primary cleaning device used on carpets.

    More tips and tricks for carpet care

    A good hoover is the absolute basic when it comes to carpet cleaning. However, there are also a few unique home remedies that can quickly get rid of stubborn dirt.

    Emergency remedy mineral water

    A stain on the carpet can happen quickly. Unfortunately, many people think of professional cleaning right away.

    But that doesn't always have to be the case.

    No matter what kind of stain it is, if you act quickly and dab the spot with mineral water right away, you can most likely prevent the worst.

    Baking soda as an all-rounder

    Baking soda can be used almost anywhere in the household.

    Did you know that it's also great for cleaning carpets?

    You have to sprinkle baking soda on the dirty spot and add hot (but not boiling!) water. This opens the pores of the fibres. Leave it on for a few hours and then dab it off with a cloth. In most cases, the problem should be solved.

    Cleaning with detergent

    If you want to clean a large area of your carpet and make it smell fresh again, you should get some washing powder. Spread the powder over the entire surface of the carpet and work it into the fibres with a brush. Leave it to work for a while, and then vacuum it off thoroughly. You will have a clean and nice-smelling carpet again.

    Salt for stubborn stains

    For carpet owners, they are an absolute disaster: red wine stains!

    But if you are quick, you can prevent the stain from sticking to the carpet. First, put salt on the stain immediately after the mishap. Do this from the outside inwards to prevent the stain from spreading further. The salt usually absorbs the stain and can then be vacuumed up.

    Red wine stain on the carpet

    Shaving foam instead of carpet foam

    Many people clean their carpets regularly with carpet foam to give them a new shine. But it's not necessary to buy a new product - if you have a colourless shaving foam without methanol at home, it will do just as well. Simply apply it to dirty areas and gently massage it in with a brush.

    Scrubbing brush or rubber brush against animal hair

    Pet hair often sits deep in the fibres of our carpets and is therefore difficult to remove. If your hoover has reached its limits, you can try using a rubber brush or a scrubbing brush to brush the hair out of the carpet. A squeegee, which is often used when cleaning windows, usually works well too.

    You can prevent the problem by ensuring that the new cordless hoover you buy is suitable for pet hair.

    Pets on carpets

    Vinegar water for better colour

    Over the years, the colours of a carpet can fade. However, if you treat it with vinegar water, you can restore the natural colour and get unpleasant odours out of the fibres.

    Carpet impregnation spray

    No household has ever succeeded in altogether avoiding stains on the carpet. You can spray your carpet with regular impregnation spray to prevent damage. However, you should first try the spray on a small, inconspicuous carpet area to avoid nasty surprises afterwards.

    Our Review 2021: The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets UK

    A cordless hoover for carpets is ideal for any household where textile floor coverings are found. ?

    After all, these devices can also be used for other floor coverings, ceilings, upholstery, furniture, etc., through various accessories, such as special nozzles and brushes. In addition, cordless models for high-pile carpets should be compelling so that you can remove dirt from deeper layers.

    You should not do without attachments if you have different floors at home (carpets, hard floors, etc.). This way, you can achieve a thorough cleaning effect everywhere. After all, you want to make sure that your cordless vacuum cleaner can also be used for laminate or other floors.

    After testing many different hoovers, we can promise you that there are good cordless hoovers out there that can also clean carpets efficiently and are in no way inferior to their corded competitors.


    I have always been excited about smart home products. User-friendliness is one of the most important criteria for new products for me and my reviews should also be user-friendly. This way, you can find the product that suits you best and I hope that our test reports offer you real added value in this way.


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