Dyson Gen5detect Review - Here’s how it performed in our UK tests

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 14 Min.

Finally, Dyson's long-awaited cordless wonder, the Gen5detect, is on the market in the UK! 🎉

Contrary to our expectations, it's not called Dyson V16, but Gen5detect.

It claims to clean better, last longer and detect dirt with the improved laser.

Sounds impressive, right? 🧐

So we put it to the test.

We've checked how well it cleans, how long it lasts, and much more.

Read on to find out if the new Dyson Gen5detect is worth the money.

  • Dyson
    Gen 5 Detect
    Price from   £ 849.99
    The Dyson Gen5detect marks a significant advancement in the cordless vacuum cleaner sector, featuring innovative enhancements.
    Gen 5 Detect
    The Dyson Gen5detect marks a significant advancement in the cordless vacuum cleaner sector, featuring innovative enhancements.


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Impressive suction power (262 AW)
  • Features laser technology for detecting dirt
  • Automatic suction adaptation based on the dirt
  • Analyses the amount and type of dirt collected
  • Incorporates an effective HEPA filter
  • Highly user-friendly with easy handling
  • Removable and replaceable battery
  • Performs exceptionally well in cleaning corners and ledges


  • Quite expensive
  • Laser functionality is limited to hard floor surfaces only

Most important points at a glance

  • Delivers excellent cleaning performance with extra power
  • Top-of-the-line cordless cleaner from the leading brand on the market
  • Offers the highest suction power among all cordless vacuum cleaners
  • Features the most effective laser-guided dust detection system
  • The only cordless vacuum cleaner on the market that analyses dirt
  • Turn the cleaner on and off directly from the control panel

Dyson Gen5detect review: Vacuuming test

To get a deeper insight into the performance of the Dyson Gen5detect, we put it through a comprehensive test. 🧐

We're experienced in testing cordless vacuum cleaners and have already tested countless top models.

Our most important question remains: Does the cleaner clean effectively and deliver what it promises?

We sprinkled dirt on different surfaces to put the Gen5detect through its paces and then tasked the vacuum to suck it up.

This approach provides a detailed look at the cleaning capabilities of this cordless hoover.

It even outperformed some of Dyson's other cordless models, to our delight.

Let's now move on to the details of this cleaning test in our comprehensive Dyson Gen 5 Detect review. 👇🏻

Vacuuming on hard floors

Vacuuming hard floors requires a balance of thoroughness and gentleness.

The Gen5detect meets these requirements and ensures that dirt is removed effectively without damaging the surface.

Using the standard floor nozzle

In our test, the Dyson Gen5detect performed admirably on hard floors with its standard floor nozzle.

It successfully swept up 97% of the dirt we applied.

Overview of Dyson Gen5detect cleaning results on hard floor with the standard nozzle.
The Dyson Gen5detect impressively picked up 97% of the scattered dirt in our test with the standard floor nozzle. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Admittedly, it failed a bit on the sand, leaving a small amount behind.

However, it's important to remember that this standard nozzle is more suitable for carpets.

Using the fluffy optic floor nozzle

The Fluffy Optic cleaner head is specially designed for hard floors.

In our test, it picked up a remarkable 100% of dirt on hard floors and left no marks.

Overview of Dyson Gen5detect cleaning results on hard floor with the fluffy floor nozzle.
With the fluffy optic floor nozzle, the Dyson Gen5detect effortlessly collected 100% of debris from hard floors. Image: © Smart Home Fox
Watermark: Disabled

Its outstanding performance and efficiency make it our first choice for cleaning hard floors.

It also operates with less noise for a quieter cleaning experience. 🤫

To get a better understanding of hard floor cleaning, take a look at this video.

Vacuuming on low pile carpets

Effective cleaning of low-pile carpets depends on strong suction to loosen dirt from the fibres.

The Dyson Gen5detect met this challenge with flying colours, removing a whopping 99% of the dirt.

Overview of Dyson Gen5detect cleaning results on low pile carpet.
On a low pile carpet, the Dyson Gen5detect impressively managed to gather 99% of the dirt. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Interestingly, the only minor hitch was that the vacuum's powerful suction tended to get stuck on the carpet itself.

You can see this in action for yourself.

Vacuuming on high pile carpets

High-pile carpets pose a special challenge for vacuum cleaners.

The deep, thick fibres provide many hiding places for dust and dirt, meaning powerful suction isn't only desirable but also essential.

The Dyson Gen5 Detect has taken this task in stride, successfully vacuuming 99% of the dirt from long-haired carpets.

Overview of Dyson Gen5detect cleaning results on high pile carpet.
With its strong suction, the Dyson Gen5detect effectively removed 99% of dirt from long-pile carpets. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The video shows the carpet-cleaning power of the Gen5 in action. 💪🏼

No doubt about it, Gen5 is a real expert when it comes to cleaning carpets.

Vacuuming corners and edges

Navigating tricky nooks and edges can often prove challenging, but these are exactly the places where dust likes to linger.

However, we had no problems at all with the Gen5. 🤗

It did an excellent job of cleaning these spots no matter which nozzle we used - the hard floor nozzle or the standard nozzle.

Let's see it in action.

Vacuuming under the furniture

Removing dust and dirt from under furniture can be difficult because many vacuums aren't designed to slip underneath easily. 🛋️

But this task becomes much easier with the Dyson Gen5detect and its unique design.

Dyson Gen5detect cleaning under the furniture.
With its innovative design, the Gen5 effortlessly reaches and cleans under the furniture. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The Gen5detect is especially efficient with its standard adjustable attachment.

Dyson Gen5detect cleaning under the furniture with the standard attachment.
The standard attachment of the Gen5detect is designed for easy bending. Image: © Smart Home Fox
Both the attachments of Dyson Gen5detect laid out in front of the bed.
Comparing the fluffy optic attachment with the standard attachment on the Gen5detect. Image: © Smart Home Fox

It navigates and cleans under furniture with ease.

Our day-to-day vacuuming experience

We have just started testing the Gen5detect, but we're really impressed so far.

Its powerful suction picks up deep-seated dirt with ease and simplifies cleaning.

In addition, the vacuum's laser dirt detection, found in the Fluffy attachment, proves to be a very clever addition. 🧠

We can't wait to take a closer look at the vacuum's long-term performance - we assure you that you'll be the first to know our findings.

The design of the Dyson Gen5detect in review

The Gen5detect impresses with its revised design.

This cordless stick vacuum stays true to the high standards we associate with Dyson and exudes premium build quality. 🎖️

Here's a closer look.

A closer look at the design of the Dyson Gen5detect.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

The Gen5detect brings a fresh look to the Dyson range with new colours.

The handle has a matte finish, and the filter is bright turquoise, while the cyclones retain their traditional golden hue.

All this gives the Gen5detect a fresh, modern look.

The quality is just as high as you'd expect from Dyson. 🤩

The connectors fit perfectly, and the accessories are top-notch.

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Display panel

The Dyson Gen5detect vacuum features an elegant LCD screen that provides valuable insights. 📺

Display screen of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Gen5detect's display screen offers useful information at a glance. Image: © Smart Home Fox

It provides details such as:

  • The current battery level
  • The active suction level
  • A detailed dirt analysis
  • Any necessary alerts or notifications

Interestingly, the motor gives three brief pulses whenever the display flags a notification.

Dirt analysis

Dyson describes this feature, displayed directly on the device's LCD screen, as "scientific proof of thorough cleaning."

But what does that mean? 🤔

Let's break it down.

The vacuum cleaner uses a piezoelectric sensor to analyse the dirt it encounters constantly.

This data is then displayed in a "dirt chart" on the LCD screen.

Dirt chart on the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Dyson Gen5detect's pre-vacuuming dirt analysis. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The piezo sensor classifies dirt based on its size and can thus detect everything from dust mites to bacteria to viruses. 🐜

As you vacuum, the colour of the bars on the display shows the level of cleanliness achieved.

Once the bars turn white, you can ensure the dirt has been effectively removed.

This is how the results look in the dirt bin.

Filled dirt container of the Dyson Gen5detect.
Dyson Gen5detect ensures all dirt is securely stored in the bin. Image: © Smart Home Fox

There are two clear advantages here:

First, you have tangible proof of the cleanliness achieved, as the device picks up even the smallest particles. 🦠

Second, the piezo sensor works with the new floor nozzle to adjust the suction power depending on the amount of dirt detected.

This practical feature is unique to the Gen5detect.

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How big is the Dyson Gen5detect?

The Gen5detect doesn't deviate much from what you'd expect in size. 📏

Specific measurements land at 127 cm x 25 cm x 27 cm (50 x 9.8 x 10.7 inches) for the overall unit.

In handheld mode, the motor unit measures 38 cm x 12 cm x 25 cm (15 x 4.7 x 9.8 inches).

Measuring the Dyson Gen5detect
The Dyson Gen5detect is a bit bigger in size compared to other models. Image: © Smart Home Fox

You'll notice that the Gen5 is slightly larger than its older models - including a larger filter, a larger motor, and a roomier dust box.

Sure, it's a bit bigger, but that's where all the power is. 🔋

What is the weight of the Dyson Gen5detect?

The Dyson Gen5detect, with the tube and floor nozzle attached, tips the scales at approximately 7.7 lbs (3.5 kgs).

Dyson Gen5detect placed on a weighing scale.
The Dyson Gen5detect, at 7.7 lbs, weighs a little more than most other cordless vacuums. Image: © Smart Home Fox

If you're just using the handheld unit, it weighs 5 lbs (2.27 kg), which is 0.4 lb (0.21 kg) heavier than the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute. ⚖️

You might need to use both hands for a long time in handheld mode because of the extra weight.

But don't worry - when you use it as a standard floor vacuum, it feels lighter because most of its weight is supported by the floor.

The weight of the Dyson Gen5detect at a glance

Category Dimensions
Total weight as a floor vacuum cleaner 7.7 lbs (3.5 kgs)
Weight of the handheld unit 5 lbs (2.27 kgs)
Weight of the suction tube 1.7 lb (0.8 kg)
Weight of the floor nozzle 0.8 lb (0.38 kg)

Dyson Gen5detect Accessories - What does each one do?

Are you wondering about the purpose of each attachment?

Then you're in the right place.

Dyson Gen5detect accessories laid on table.
All essential accessories are included in the Dyson Gen5detect package.

Next, as part of our Dyson Gen 5 Detect review, we'll go over the specific functions of each accessory. 👇🏻

Laser fluffy optic cleaner head

The Laser Fluffy Optic cleaner head is a remarkable nozzle that enhances the Gen5's ability to clean hard floors.

Its built-in laser illuminates even the hair and microscopic dust particles, making them easily visible.

Laser fluffy optic nozzle of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Gen5detect's laser fluffy optic nozzle uses a green laser to highlight and effectively collect dust particles. Image: © Smart Home Fox

This may seem unusual at first glance, but its practical benefits become clear once you use it.

You'll be amazed at how much dirt you'd have missed without the laser's help. 🔦

We'll go into this in more detail in the coming sections.

Digital motorbar floor nozzle (Standard floor nozzle)

The digital motorbar floor nozzle is a versatile accessory suitable for hard floors and carpets.

Digital motorbar floor nozzle of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Gen5detect's digital motorbar nozzle is versatile, suitable for cleaning both carpets and hard floors. Image: © Smart Home Fox

However, we found that it works slightly better on carpeted floors.

Its improved design includes blades that effectively remove hair on carpets.

A built-in comb prevents hair from getting tangled in the brush. 🪮

This feature is especially useful for pet owners, making dealing with pet hair a breeze.

If your main concern is pet hair, we have a special guide to help you find the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner.

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Hair nozzle

The Gen5 hair nozzle, also known as the hair screw tool, is specifically designed to pick up hair, especially from upholstered furniture or the interior of a car.

Hair nozzle of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Gen5detect's hair nozzle effectively removes hair from furniture. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The interesting thing about it is its design - it doesn't get tangled in the hair.

It has a roller that tapers and is free at the end.

Tapered hair nozzle of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The hair nozzle of the Gen5detect is designed to prevent hair tangling, thanks to its tapered end. Image: © Smart Home Fox

This means that the hair is moved sideways, and the vacuum cleaner easily picks them up.

Here you can see how the hair screw tool works in use. 👀

Crevice nozzle

The crevice tool is a fantastic addition to the Gen5 accessories.

Crevice nozzle in the vacuum tube of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The crevice nozzle is perfect for reaching and cleaning narrow spaces in your furniture. Image: © Smart Home Fox

It's integrated into the vacuum tube, so it's always ready when you need it.

This tool is great for cleaning tight spots, like the gaps between your sofa cushions. 🛋️

Crevice nozzle cleaning between the sofa cushions.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

It's easy to use and makes cleaning hard-to-reach places a breeze.

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Combination tool

The combination tool is a staple of Dyson, and it continues to impress. 💁🏼‍♀️

This is a dual-purpose accessory - one end has a soft brush for delicate surfaces, and the other has a harder tip for tough cleaning.

Close up of the combination nozzle in the Dyson Gen5detect.
The combination nozzle of the Gen5detect features two distinct brush types. Image: © Smart Home Fox

It's simple to use and great for cleaning your house.

Flexible adapter

The flexible adapter is designed to help you clean those tough-to-reach areas, like beneath your furniture.

Flexible adapter of the Dyson Gen5detect
Image: © Smart Home Fox
The flexible adapter being used to clean under the furniture.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

It's very helpful when using the hard floor attachment because it allows you to easily clean under things like your bed.

Wall mount and charger

The Dyson Gen5detect comes with a wall mount and charging plug. 🔌

With the wall mount, you can hang the vacuum cleaner on the wall, saving space and keeping it handy.

Wall mount on the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Dyson Gen5detect comes with a mount, allowing for convenient wall-hanging storage. Image: © Smart Home Fox

There is also room for a few attachments on the bracket, so you can keep them neat and easy to find.

When the vacuum cleaner is hanging on the wall, you can plug it in to charge.

But at this price, we'd have liked to see a charging station or stand included. 💷

What are the cleaning features of the Dyson Gen5detect?

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, it's not just how powerful the suction is that matters.

It also depends on how the different parts and functions work together.

This is where the Gen5detect really shines. ✨

It's designed so that each part works well with the others, making it a really effective cleaning tool.

Suction power

The Dyson Gen5detect uses a unique technology known as the "Radial Root Cyclone".

This means it has a powerful mechanism to eliminate dust and dirt while maintaining maximum suction power.

The machine has 14 cyclones and a power of 262 Airwatt, which is 32 more than the previous version, the V15.

But does that change the way it cleans?

Honestly, you won't notice much difference from the V15. 😕

But you'll certainly notice how powerful the Gen5detect is when you use it.

Floor nozzles

As mentioned earlier, the Dyson Gen5detect has two different floor attachments.

One is specifically for hard floors, and the other is for all types of flooring.

The Fluffy Optic cleaner head with laser dirt detection

This Fluffy Optic cleaner head is simply fantastic.

It has been equipped with a laser dirt detection function, making tracking down dirt much easier.

It also does a great job in the dark.

Dyson Gen5detect’s fluffy optic cleaner head laser in the dark.
The laser of the Dyson Gen5detect works well in the dark. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Plus, it is also effective in well-lit areas. 💡

Dyson Gen5detect’s fluffy optic cleaner head laser during the day.
The Dyson Gen5detect's laser performs well even in brightly lit spaces. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The concept is simple but effective: a green laser casts light before the nozzle, exposing hidden dirt.

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The Digital Motorbar floor nozzle

The Digital Motorbar floor nozzle is the perfect choice for those who prefer the simplicity of a single attachment without changing nozzles frequently.

The digital motorbar floor nozzle of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The digital motorbar nozzle of Dyson Gen5detect effectively cleans both carpets and hard surfaces. Image: © Smart Home Fox

It delivers top-notch performance on carpets and is also suitable for hard floors.

However, it doesn't have a laser function. 😞

Power settings

With three available suction levels in manual power mode, you can choose the right setting for the job.

Eco-mode is ideal for light dirt on hard floors.

It also cleans electronic devices such as computers or game consoles. 🎮

Medium mode (Med) or Auto mode is suitable for everyday dirt, regardless of the floor type.

And for bigger cleaning challenges, the Boost mode provides an extra boost of suction power.

Automatic suction level adjustment

The Gen5detect incorporates an impressive automatic suction level adjustment feature.

This intelligent feature automatically recognizes the floor type being cleaned and adjusts the suction level accordingly.

The automatic suction level mode of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Gen5detect automatically adjusts its suction level based on the floor type and amount of dirt detected. Image: © Smart Home Fox

When cleaning carpets, the vacuum cleaner switches to a higher suction mode for thorough and effective cleaning. 🔋

The piezoelectric sensor also plays a role in determining the suction level.

It kicks the suction power up a notch if it detects increased dirt or coarser particles.

This, in turn, effortlessly tackles more challenging cleaning tasks.

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How did the Dyson Gen5 perform as a handheld hoover?

Switching the Gen5detect to handheld vacuum mode is quite easy.

One neat feature is the built-in crevice tool that is part of the suction tube. 🛠️

The crevice nozzle integrated into the suction tube of the Dyson Gen5detect.
Image: © Smart Home Fox
Close up of the crevice nozzle.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

This means you can quickly switch from a floor vacuum to a handheld vacuum, which is a handy improvement. ✋🏻

You don't have to keep track of separate parts anymore.

It's a bit heavier than the previous model, the Dyson V15 Detect, but you don't really notice that.

But if you use it as a handheld vacuum for a while, you might have to use both hands.

If you prefer something lighter, you might want to read our review of the Dyson V12 Slim Detect and a comparison of the Dyson cordless vacuums.

Despite carrying a bit more weight, the Dyson Gen5detect shines as a handheld vacuum, especially for tidying up your furniture.

Handheld hoover cleaning the sofa.
The Gen5's handheld hoover simplifies vacuuming your sofa. Image: © Smart Home Fox

It's also quite effective when it comes to cleaning car interiors.

Handheld hoover cleaning the interior of the car.
The Gen5's handheld hoover effortlessly tidies up your car interior. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Now, as part of our Dyson Gen 5 Detect review, let's delve deeper into how this cordless hoover performed in our rigorous tests. 👇🏻

Power button for switching on and off

The Dyson Gen5detect has finally made changes to its power button.

Instead of the old 'trigger', a button is now placed above the LCD screen to turn the device on and off.

Below the LCD screen is another button that lets you go through the menu.

Power button on the Dyson Gen5detect.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

However, there is one small issue: the buttons are too far away from the handle.

So it's not easy to operate them when you hold the vacuum cleaner with one hand. 😕

Manoeuvrability of the handheld hoover

This cordless hoover is really easy to move around due to its flexible joint and the rollers on the cleaning heads.

Close up of joints and rollers on the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Gen5's handheld hoover moves easily thanks to its flexible joints and rollers. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The ergonomically designed handle ensures a comfortable grip on the device as well.

Ergonomically designed handle of the Dyson Gen5detect.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

While this is a small detail, it shows the high quality of the device. 👌🏼

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How long does the battery last on the Dyson Gen5detect?

The Dyson Gen5detect boasts a sizable 10-cell lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2500mAh. 🔋

This new model's battery is notably larger and more powerful than the one found in its predecessor, the V15.

Battery of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The battery of the Dyson Gen5detect is slightly larger compared to earlier models. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Let's delve into our hands-on experiences with this upgraded battery as part of our Dyson Gen 5 Detect review.

What is the continuous runtime of the cordless hoover?

The Dyson Gen5detect battery lasts up to 70 minutes when used in Eco mode. ⏰

This is an improvement over previous models.

However, the battery life can vary.

Factors such as the dirt level of the area, the power mode used, and the type of surface to be cleaned can influence the battery runtime.

Does the cordless hoover feature an exchangeable battery?

The Gen5detect has the option to change the batteries.

However, you'll have to buy the extra battery separately. 💷

Dyson calls this feature 'Click In Battery', meaning the battery can be easily removed from the motor unit.

Click-in battery of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The battery can be easily removed from the Dyson's motor unit. Image: © Smart Home Fox

If you buy an extra battery, you can double the operating time of your vacuum cleaner - which we highly recommend for larger households.

Plus, being able to replace the battery yourself is an eco-friendly option that's kinder to the environment. 🌱

How long does the Dyson Gen5detect take to charge?

The Dyson Gen5detect needs a bit of time to charge fully.

It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge, which is a bit longer than some other vacuum cleaners on the market.

Does the cordless stick vacuum come with a charging station?

No standalone charging station is included with the Dyson Gen5detect. 🥲

But the wall mount that comes with the device also serves as a charging station.

You just need to make sure that it's placed near a power outlet.

What is the power consumption of the Dyson Gen5detect?

During our tests, we found that the Gen5detect consumes 32 watts of power during charging.

But, when it's on standby, it doesn't use electricity.

Screenshots of the power consumption by the Dyson Gen5detect.
The battery uses 32 watts during charging and conserves energy by not drawing power when on standby. Image: © Smart Home Fox

This means that if you leave it on the charging station, it won't eat up your electricity.

Efficient use of the battery is a key factor for low power consumption in cordless vacuum cleaners. Manufacturers that rely on high-quality battery technologies and implement optimised charging and discharging electronics allow for longer runtimes and better utilisation of available energy.


Smart Home Expert and Product Tester

How loud is the Dyson Gen5detect?

We also tested how loud this cordless hoover is. 🔊

Measuring the volume of the Dyson Gen5detect.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

This vacuum cleaner did well on our Smart Home Fox volume scale with a noise level between 70 and 80 decibels.

Loudness scale
Image: © Smart Home Fox

It is within the range we normally expect from vacuum cleaners.

Noise Comparison: Hard Floor Nozzle Vs. Standard Floor Nozzle

When we used the hard floor nozzle, the vacuum cleaner was surprisingly quiet, which was quite impressive. 🤫

However, the noise level increased when we switched to the standard floor nozzle for hard floors.

So if you prefer quieter vacuuming, you should consider using specialised nozzles.

How does the vacuum cleaner sound?

The sound a vacuum cleaner makes isn't just about how loud it's in decibels, but also about what the noise actually sounds like.

The Gen5detect does well here, as it doesn't make a harsh or annoying noise.

This makes the vacuum cleaner more pleasant, which is a plus.

Maintenance of the Dyson Gen5detect in review?

Taking care of the Dyson Gen5 cordless vacuum is easy.

It essentially requires attention in three main areas:

  • Emptying the dirt container
  • Cleaning the dirt container
  • Maintaining the HEPA filter
  • Cleaning the floor nozzles

Now, let's look at how to do each of these tasks. 👀

Emptying the dirt container

Getting rid of the collected dust and dirt from the Dyson Gen5detect is simple.

When you need to empty it, you can easily remove it.

Just open it, press the red button on the bottom, and the container comes right out.

Removing the dirt container of the Dyson Gen5detect.
Pressing the red button allows for easy detachment of Dyson's dirt container. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Once opened, hold the dust container over your trashcan and slide the red handle down. 🗑️

Emptying the dirt container of the Dyson Gen5detect.
Emptying Dyson's dirt container is easy - just hold it over a trashcan and slide the handle down to release the contents. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The dirt and dust will fall directly into the garbage, which is a great help for anyone with allergies.

For people with severe allergies, it's even better to do this outside over the trashcan so the dust doesn't fly inside.

Cleaning the dirt container

Keeping the dirt container of the Dyson Gen5detect clean is an easy task.

To clean it, all you need is a damp cloth. 🧽

Just give it a quick wipe, and it's clean again.

Cleaning and maintaining the HEPA filter

The Dyson Gen5detect uses a HEPA filter that captures even the microscopic dust particles.

So only clean air comes out of the vacuum cleaner.

HEPA filter of the Dyson Gen5detect.
To keep the air from your Dyson Gen5 clean, regularly clean your HEPA filter. Image: © Smart Home Fox

You need to check the filter regularly, shake it to remove dust, and wash it when it's dirty.

If the filter breaks, you can even buy a new one from Dyson. 🏷️

Dyson offers a range of spare parts to keep your vacuum cleaner working for a long time.

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Cleaning and maintaining the floor nozzle

It's easy to keep the floor nozzle clean.

Close up of the digital motorbar nozzle of the Dyson Gen5detect.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

You need to do this for both types of nozzles - the Digital Motorbar and the Fluffy Optic nozzle.

Check regularly to see if any dirt or hair is caught in it.

If there is, remove the nozzle from the side and use a small blade or knife to clean it. 🔪

Does the Dyson Gen5detect have available spare parts and accessories?

The Gen5detect vacuum cleaner comes with parts that can be replaced.

This means that if a part wears out or breaks, you don't have to throw away the whole vacuum cleaner, just replace the part.

This helps keep the vacuum cleaner longer and is also good for the environment. ☘️

Whether you need a new filter, an alternative floor nozzle, or a replacement battery, you can find it all in the Dyson online store.

This way, you can always keep your vacuum cleaner ready for use.

What are the features and functionality of the Dyson app?

The Gen5detect can be paired with the 'My Dyson' app and offers a range of features to make your cleaning routine easier.

First, you can quickly set up your warranty in the app after purchasing your vacuum cleaner, so you don't have to deal with paper forms. 📱

The app also includes several helpful videos.

They show you how to care for your vacuum, clean it, and hang it on the wall.

Screenshots of the Dyson mobile app.
Use Dyson's mobile app for easy access to handy videos on how to maintain and clean your vacuum. Image: © Smart Home Fox

These videos are really useful if you're not sure what to do or if you just want to make sure you're doing everything right.

There's also a shopping section in the app. 🛒

Here you can buy additional parts or accessories for your Dyson Gen5detect right in the app.

The app has some good features, but you don't necessarily need them to use your Dyson Gen5detect vacuum.

But it can make everything a little easier.

Plus, it works on both Android phones and iPhones.

What does the UK delivery package of Dyson Gen5detect include?

With the Dyson Gen5detect UK delivery package, everything you need comes conveniently to your door. 🚛

The Dyson Gen5 Detect arrives smartly packaged, pre-charged and ready to use.

The packaging doesn't use any extra plastic, which is a big step towards protecting the environment.

Delivery package of the Dyson Gen5detect.
The Dyson Gen5detect's UK delivery package is eco-friendly, using no additional plastic in its packaging. Image: © Smart Home Fox

The package includes the following items:

  • The Laser Fluffy Optic cleaner head
  • Digital motorbar floor nozzle or the standard nozzle
  • Hair nozzle or the hair screw tool
  • Seamlessly integrated crevice tool
  • Combination tool
  • Flexible adapter
  • Wall bracket
  • Charger

This cordless stick vacuum comes with several handy, well-designed, and very useful tools.

However, it's worth noting that the "Absolute" model of the Gen5detect has fewer additional tools than the older model, the V15.

This is probably due to a concept called 'shrinkflation". 📉

It essentially means that you get less for the same price.

For this reason, you won't find extra hard and soft brushes in this package.

But the attachments that come with the Dyson Gen5detect are more than enough to handle all kinds of cleaning tasks in your home.

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Where can you buy the Dyson Gen5detect?

You can buy the latest model from Dyson directly from their official online store.

They offer excellent customer service and usually have good stock availability.

They also offer a fast and free delivery service. 📦

You'll also find the Gen5detect in the big electronics stores and online shops like Curry.

Best Price Guarantee on Dyson

Dyson's Best Price Guarantee is an appealing reason to shop in their online store.

This means, quite simply, if you spot the identical product at a lower price at Argos, Currys or John Lewis in the UK, Dyson will repay you the price difference after you've bought it. 💷

So, you can always be assured you're getting your Dyson product for the best possible price.

Is the Dyson Gen5detect environmentally friendly?

Dyson states they care about our environment, which shows in their actions.

For starters, the Dyson Gen5detect packaging doesn't use much plastic, showing Dyson's attempt to cut down on waste. 📦

Also, if something goes wrong with your vacuum, you don't have to throw away the whole thing.

Smart Home Fox sustainability check.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Dyson offers spare parts for their vacuum cleaners.

This means less electronic waste because you just swap out the broken part for a new one.

It's a handy and earth-friendly solution. 🔄

Final verdict in our Dyson Gen5detect review: Is it the right vacuum for you?

The Gen5detect is more expensive than other Dyson models. 💰

But it's also one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners you can get.

We put it to the test and found it to be super powerful, more so than any other cordless vacuum we've tried.

It has new features like a laser that detects dirt, which is really impressive. 🤗

It also has powerful suction, lasts a long time on one charge, and effectively filters out dirt.

All these high-quality features make the higher price worth it.

So if you're looking for the best cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, the Gen5detect is a great choice.

Not only is it a top-notch cleaning tool, but it's also a great way to make your home cleaner and healthier.

If you're looking to save some money, you can also consider some affordable models from Dyson.

Alternatives to Dyson Gen5detect

Criteria Rating Comment
Suction and cleaning performance Top notch
Design Well thought out and high quality, but just a little heavy
Scope of delivery Less parts included than the previous model
Handling Practical and user friendly
Maintenance Easy and convenient but the floor nozzle is a bit difficult to remove
Battery Runs longer but also takes longer to charge
Price-performance ratio Expensive but good

Our In-Depth Testing Process - How the Smart Home Fox team puts cordless hoovers to test?

Joe, our wireless vacuum expert on the Smart Home Fox team, has spent over half a decade meticulously testing every model that has landed with us.

His vast experience allows him to evaluate and assess each product accurately.

Joe - cordless vacuum expert.
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Backed by rigorous testing of numerous models, our reviews provide comprehensive, unbiased advice.

We assess the cleaning performance of each vacuum cleaner, compare it to the competition, and then rate it.

Curious about us? 🤔

Learn more about the Smart Home Fox team on our 'About Us' page.

Our ratings are always based on a standardised practical test.

We evaluate cordless vacuum cleaners in different categories, such as:

  • Suction Test: How effectively does it clean different types of debris on various floor surfaces?
  • Usability: How practical is the vacuum for daily use?
  • Design: Is it well-made? Was user-friendliness a priority during design?
  • Package Contents: Does it come with useful, high-quality attachments?
  • Model Comparison: How does the vacuum compare to other models?
  • Cleaning Features: What factors contribute to the vacuum's cleaning performance
  • Hand Vacuum Usability: Can it be used as a handheld vacuum, and if yes, how well does it function?
  • Ease of Use: How user-friendly is the vacuum?
  • Battery Performance: How long can it clean on a single charge?
  • Maintenance: What maintenance is required, how often, and how much time does it take?
  • Value for Money: Is the hoover worth its cost in terms of performance?

With these standard tests, we aim to compare different vacuum cleaners and offer you the best possible advice.

This way, you can make an informed decision for your next purchase!

You can also learn more about how we test our vacuums with our in-depth testing process.

Contact Dyson

To contact Dyson directly for complaints, support, or queries, please contact them through the live chat option on the Dyson online shop or call them at +0800-298-0298.

Dyson Limited, Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom - SN16 0RP

Frequently asked questions

  • How good is the Dyson Gen5detect's dirt detection?

    The Dyson Gen5detect's ability to detect dirt is a standout feature.

    It uses laser technology to spot and remove even the finest particles on your floor, ensuring a clean living space. 🛋️

  • Can you put the Dyson’s dust box in the dishwasher?

    You can easily clean the Dyson's dust box in the dishwasher.

    However, you should be aware that Dyson doesn't provide a guarantee if anything breaks in the process.

    There is also a risk that the fine metal springs and particles inside the dust box will rust over time. 

    This can have a negative impact on performance.

  • How is the filtration efficiency of the Dyson Gen5detect's HEPA filter calculated?

    Filtration efficiency is calculated by comparing the number of standardised dust particles entering the vacuum cleaner against those released back into the air.

    In the case of the Gen5, its HEPA filter successfully captures a significant amount of these standardised dust particles, signifying a high filtration efficiency. 

    This results in cleaner air being emitted from the vacuum, reducing potential allergens and dust in your environment. 💨

  • How to properly install the Dyson wall mount on the wall?

    The Dyson wall mount is very easy to attach to the wall.

    Everything you need for installation is included in the package.

    Detailed operating and installation instructions are also available in the app.

    You can also watch a short video showing the installation steps.

  • How long does the battery of the Dyson Gen5detect last?

    The battery life of the Gen5detect depends on how much power you use when cleaning. 🔋

    To maximise battery life, you should use the cleaner on its lowest power setting, called Eco Mode, where the battery lasts 70 minutes.

    This means you can clean a large part of your home before recharging the device.

  • Is the Dyson Gen5detect suitable for allergy sufferers?

    The Dyson Gen5detect is a good choice for people with allergies. 🤧

    Its HEPA filter is designed to capture even the smallest allergens and dust particles in the air.

    This means the vacuum cleaner will help keep your surroundings clean and healthy.

  • How sustainable is the Dyson Gen5detect?

    The Dyson Gen5detect was built with environmental friendliness in mind.

    It comes in packaging that doesn't use plastic, which shows that Dyson strives to avoid harmful waste. 📦

    And if something breaks on the vacuum cleaner, you can replace the part instead of throwing the whole unit away.

    This reduces electronic waste and is better for the planet.

  • What are the problems with the Dyson Gen5detect?

    We haven't experienced any problems with the Dyson Gen5detect. 

    However, it's important to note that a long-term assessment will ultimately determine its reliability. 

    If you encounter any specific issues, we encourage you to reach out to us. 📥

    You can easily contact us by sending an email to contact@smart-home-fox.co.uk.

  • Is the Dyson Gen5detect worth it?

    We think that the Dyson Gen5detect offers good value for money.

    This cordless vacuum delivers high-quality performance, new technological features, and is durable.

    If you're willing to spend more money on a high-quality product, you'll be happy with the Gen5detect.



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