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Which is the best Apple Watch for you? - UK review

Best Apple Watch

Last updated: 20.12.2023 Reading time: 12 Min.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect accessory for your iPhone?

Then you definitely need an Apple Watch. ⌚️

Receiving and answering messages, listening to music and, of course, extensive training support - all a breeze with these smartwatches. 🙌

But as is the norm with Apple, they come with a high price tag. 💶

So, is buying the latest model really necessary?

Read on and find out which is the best Apple Watch for you. 👇

You can see the Apple Watch 7 and an iPhone.

Here’s a look at some of the main points:

  • The first Apple Watch was released in 2015
  • Not all models are available in stores anymore
  • Only smartwatch brand that lets you reply to iPhone messages directly from the wearable
  • Available in various sizes and designs

Find out more about our favorites now

Apple Watch 9

The latest Apple Watch stands out with its advanced gesture control, on-device Siri, and enhanced fitness and health functionalities.

The Apple Watch 9 helps you understand and improve your sleep, physical and mental health, all through a smart, CO2-neutral wearable.

The Apple Watch 9 is an ideal accessory for any iPhone user, particularly attractive to those interested in sports and health. 🏃🏼‍♂️

Health in Focus

The Apple Watch 9 serves as a comprehensive health tool. 

It is equipped with sensors for real-time data

You get even more insights with the app, which includes: 

  • Sleep analysis
  • Heart rate
  • ECG
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Fall detection
  • Temperature measurement

The temperature feature is typically beneficial for women tracking their menstrual cycle. 

This year's model also adds new mental health functions, including a daylight sensor. 

Heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch 9
© Smart Home Fox
The Apple Watch 9 is an eco-friendly, CO2-neutral version catering to environmental awareness.

Optimal Training Support

This watch offers various training plans and modes, ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

All data is accessible in the Fitness app, allowing for detailed workout tracking and personalisation.

Smart Functions in the Test

The Apple Watch 9 extends beyond health and fitness. 🏋️

It includes smart features like:

  • Receiving notifications
  • Answering messages
  • Making calls
  • Listening to music
  • Using Apple Pay
  • Accessing on-device Siri.

It also introduces a new "Double Tap" gesture control for ease of use.

Note: It is only compatible with iPhones.

Design and Battery Life

Design-wise, it mirrors the Series 7 and 8 but has an improved screen brightness of 2,000 nits, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra from 2022. 

The battery life remains at 18 hours. ⏳

However, our tests have revealed better performance than advertised.

Our Conclusion

Though changes from the Apple Watch 8 are minimal, the Apple Watch 9 excels in our tests. 

It is especially suitable for sports enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals, offering a wide range of relevant functionalities.

Buy on Amazon*


Eco-friendly CO2-neutral design

Built-in Siri functionality

Enhanced display brightness

Improved response speed

Precise iPhone tracking

Available in new pink color


Gesture control not compatible with earlier models

Battery lasts for a day

Familiar design style

Best overall 🏆

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple's latest smartwatch for your iPhone.

The Apple Watch 8 is the perfect accessory for your iPhone. The smartwatch comes with a variety of functions for active and health-conscious people!

The Apple Watch 8 gives iPhone users pretty much everything you could ask for!

Features a variety of health functions 

This modern wearable is specially designed to help you monitor your health.

Many different sensors are featured on the smartwatch for this purpose. 

The most important data is displayed on the screen in real-time. You can also access plenty more information in the corresponding app: 

  • Sleep tracking features (now with sleep phases)
  • Heart rate sensor
  • ECG function
  • Blood oxygen saturation measurement 
  • Fall and accident detection 
  • Temperature measurement 
  • And many more 
Using a built-in sensor that measures your temperature, the Apple Watch 8 can better estimate when you're ovulating and give you a more accurate prediction of when your next period will be. 

Comprehensive support for your training 

The Apple Watch 8 also offers extensive support for your workout

Avail of features like different integrated training plans and training modes.

Of course, you can also create your own workouts. 

The smartwatch records all important data during training and makes it available to you in the corresponding app. 

You can see the recorded workout on the Apple Watch 8.

The Apple Watch 8 is ideal for sports enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. 

The wearable is also water-resistant up to 50 metres.

The best smartwatch for your iPhone 

You’ll have no shortage of smart features with the Apple Watch 8 either:

  • Receive notifications and calls 
  • Answer your messages
  • Make phone calls 
  • Listen to music 
  • Contactless payment (Apple Pay)
  • Siri voice assistant 
Please note: The Apple Watch 8 can only connect to an iPhone. 

Same design, longer battery life with power-saving mode

There are no changes in the design of the Apple Watch 8 compared to its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 7. 

The smartwatch is available in sizes 41 mm and 45 mm. You have a choice of material between aluminium and stainless steel

You can see what is included in the package, including watch strap.

As we have come to expect, the Apple Watch 8 is also equipped with a high-resolution Always-On Retina display.

The regular battery life of 18 hours has not been extended. However, there is now a power-saving mode that promises a runtime of 36 hours. 🔋

Particularly practical: The Apple Watch 8 can be fully charged in only 1 hour and 20 minutes thanks to the fast charging function. 

Testing the Apple Watch 8 - Our conclusion 

The improvements on the Apple Watch 7 are limited. However, the wearable still impressed us in our test. 

Many health and training features offer a wide range of functions to sports enthusiasts and people who want to better understand their bodies. 🚀

Check Amazon*


Extensive support for training

Many health functions

Best accessory for your iPhone

Messages and calls directly on the watch

Music function

ECG function

New: Supports international roaming


Only compatible with iPhone

High price

Best affordable Apple Watch

Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation)

The best alternative to Apple's top smartwatches for the iPhone.

The Apple Watch SE is an affordable, yet functional alternative to Apple's top-of-the-line models. The wearable offers pretty much everything you could want.

This cheaper alternative to Apple's flagship models offers you pretty much everything you need. 

Comprehensive support for your training 

The Apple Watch SE offers you extensive support for your training

This wearable comes with a variety of pre-installed training plans.

On top of that, you also have the option to create completely personalised workouts. 

While you train, the smartwatch records all kinds of data. 

You can see the training function on the Apple Watch SE.

After your workout, you will receive a detailed overview of your data in the companion app on your iPhone. 📱

Please note: The Apple Watch is only compatible with an iOS mobile phone. It cannot be connected to an Android smartphone. 

Many health features

The Apple Watch SE not only tracks your workouts but also records a variety of different health data throughout your day.

Among other things, you will receive the following data: 

  • Pulse and heart rate 
  • Notification when heart rate is too high or too low 
  • Detailed sleep analysis
  • Fall and accident detection 
  • Cycle tracking
  • Reminder to take medication
  • and much more 
Please note: You cannot create an ECG or measure your blood oxygen level with this watch.

You can see the sleep analysis on the Apple Watch SE.

Many smart features to complement your iPhone 

Want to receive incoming messages and calls and listen to your favourite songs directly via the smartwatch? 🎶

With the 2nd generation Apple Watch SE, that's no problem at all!

You can see the messaging and calling function on the Apple Watch SE.

The wearable offers you following smart functions, among others:

  • Receive and reply to messages 
  • Call function
  • Music function (also offline)
  • Contactless payment via Apple Pay 
  • Apple's voice assistant Siri 
  • Many more apps in the App Store
  • Crash detection (safety feature in case of car crash)

Design and battery life of the Apple Watch SE 2 

The Apple Watch SE has the same case as older Apple Watch models.

You can choose between 2 sizes: 40 and 44 mm. 

You can also choose from the following colours:

  • Starlight
  • Silver 
  • Midnight 

You can see the Apple Watch SE 2.

The battery of this smartwatch lasts for about 18 hours. This means you need to charge your wearable every day. 

Info: Of course, the actual battery life also depends on how intensively you use your smartwatch.

The Apple Watch SE review - Our conclusion 

Looking for the best accessory for your iPhone, but don't want to shell out quite so much cash? 

Then the Apple Watch SE is just what you’re looking for!

The smartwatch is a high-performing, cheaper alternative to Apple's top models! 🚀  

Check Amazon*


Cheaper alternative to Apple's top models

Extensive training support

Many health functions

Receive and reply to messages

Music function

High-quality workmanship


Only compatible with iPhone

Outdated design

Limited functions

No ECG function or oxygen measurement

Fast charging

Apple Watch Series 7

A high-quality smartwatch that looks great on petite wrists.

Not only does this smartwatch look elegant, it also records all types of health metrics, calorie monitoring, and fitness data in addition to extensive smart features.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is currently one of the best smartwatches on the market. 

Diverse design options for every taste 

It should be no surprise that Apple produces high-quality products and great designs. 

The Apple Watch Series 7 is no different! 🥳

You can choose from two different sizes (41 mm / 1.61 inch or 45 mm / 1.77 inch) and many different case materials and bracelet band designs. 

In collaboration with Nike and Hermés, Apple also offers an exclusive collection of Apple Watch Hermés and Apple Watch Nike smartwatches.

Apple Watch 7

The standard Apple Watch Series 7 comes in the following styles: 

  • Aluminium Case (colours: Red, Green, Blue, Polar Star, Black)
  • Stainless Steel Case (colours: Gold, Silver, Graphite)
  • Titanium Case (colours: Titanium, Space Grey)
Thanks to its interchangeable wristbands, you can customise the Apple Watch Series 7 to suit your personal taste and match with any outfit.  

Many smart features and extensive support for sport activities

The Apple Watch Series 7 offers you just about everything you could want from a modern smartwatch. 

Not only are there plenty of pre-installed workout training plans available, but there are also numerous analysis tools for the tracked health, fitness, and body composition data. 

You can record all health information in the Health app. 

Apple Watch Series 7 apps

Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 7 comes with the modern OLED Display which serves as an ideal complement to your smartphone!

Also, text messages and phone calls can be initiated and received directly with the Apple Watch Series 7 on your wrist. 📞

You can make calls using the touch screen on this smartwatch. 

Contactless payment and music control are, of course, no problem with the Apple Watch Series 7. 🥳 

Our final thoughts on the Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch 7 impresses us with its diverse smart features and its extensive support for your workouts and training goals. 

This smartwatch stands out and is characterised by its simple yet elegant design

Thanks to its many different styles and interchangeable wristbands, this stylish accessory goes well with every outfit. 🙌

Check Amazon*


High quality and modern design options

Easy and intuitive functions

Comprehensive support for your workouts and training goals

Diverse health and fitness data monitoring

Extensive smart features

Sharp OLED Display with Always-On capability

Fast charging battery

Onboard GPS system


Only compatible with iPhone

Relatively Expensive

Low battery life (lasts for approx. one day)

Always-on display

Apple Watch Series 6

A top-class smartwatch for your iPhone with extra modern features.

The Apple Watch 6 is the perfect accessory for your iPhone: Receive and reply to messages as well as extensive training support wherever you go!

The Apple Watch Series 6 supports you with many different features. 

Numerous smart functions on board 

Incoming messages and calls are sent directly from your iPhone to your Apple Watch 6. 

There are a number of different options for replying to WhatsApp messages and the like. 
You can see a received message on the Apple Watch 6.
© Apple

In addition, you can also access various music streaming services with this smart wearable, listen to your songs offline or control the songs on your mobile phone. 🎶

On top of that, there is also the option of contactless payment. 💶

Info: With the cellular version, you can also access the internet and mobile network when your mobile phone is not nearby. 

Support for your sport - New: Automatic cycling recognition 

The Apple Watch Series 6 offers you many different pre-loaded training plans and workouts. 

Of course, all your important data is recorded during training and then made available to you in the corresponding fitness app. 📱

The Apple Watch 6 now automatically detects cycling activity and tracks your data. 🚴

New: Sensors for blood oxygen measurement 

Of course, the Apple Watch Series 6 not only supports you during your workout but also records all important health data in your everyday life. 🙌

💡 The Apple Watch Series 6 is the first model that can measure your blood oxygen. 

You can see the measured oxygen saturation on the Apple Watch 6.
© Apple

In addition, the smartwatch also analyses your sleep and offers you the option of creating an ECG. 

Our conclusion on the Apple Watch Series 6

Even though the Apple Watch Series 6 is no longer the latest model, the smartwatch has everything on board that you would want from a modern wearable. 🥳

So if you're the proud owner of this gadget, it's not really worth upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 7.

Check at Amazon*


All important features included

Extensive support for sports

Perfect extension of your iPhone

New: Blood oxygen saturation and automatic cycling detection

High-quality Always-On display


Quite low battery life (18 hours)

Very simple sleep analysis

High price

No longer available everywhere

What can the best Apple Watch do?

2022 brought along more Apple Watch releases in September with the arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra, a few short days after the release of the Apple Watch Series 8.

The numbering of the various models is not always entirely clear.

So we’ve compiled a breakdown below to clear things up.

While we’re at it, let’s also have a look at the functions of each individual model that is currently still available. 👇

From the very first Apple Watch to today: the different generations

In 2014, the tech company announced their very first smartwatch. 🥳

And it was simply called “Apple Watch.”

The device was then launched one year later.

Many other models were released in the years that followed. 👇

  • Apple Watch (2015)
  • Apple Watch 1 and Apple Watch 2 (2016)
  • Apple Watch 3 (2017)
  • Apple Watch 4 (2018)
  • Apple Watch 5 (2019)
  • Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE (2020)
  • Apple Watch 7 (2021)
  • Apple Watch 8, Ultra and SE 2 (2022)

Older models are sometimes difficult to get your hands on.

From time to time, you can still find excess stock of these models from third-party dealers on the internet.

📌 A word of advice: We don’t recommend buying the original Apple Watch or the Series 1 and 2, as the price is disproportionate to the range of functions.

Comparing the functions of the different Apple Watch Series

These days, there are plenty of different Apple Watch Series to choose from. And every year a new model is released. It's easy to lose track of them all. 🤯

The Series 8, 7, 6 and 3 as well as the Apple Watch SE 2 and Ultra are the main products on sale today.

Info: The Apple Watch SE appeared as a more affordable alternative alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 in 2020.

Let’s take a look at the different features of the individual models that are still easy to find on the market. 👇

Ultra Series 8 SE 2 Series 7 Series 6 Series 5 Series 4 Series 3
Release year 2022 2022 2022 2021 2020 2018 2017 2016
Display sizes 49 mm 41 and 45 mm 40 and 44 mm 41 and 45 mm 40 and 44 mm 40 and 44 mm 40 and 44 mm 38 and 42 mm
Resolution 410 x 502 pixels 352 x 430 pixels / 396 x 484 pixels 324 x 394 pixels / 368 x 448 pixels

352 x 430 pixels /

396 x 484 pixels

324 x 394 pixels /

368 x 448 pixels

324 x 394 pixels / 368 x 448 pixels 324 x 394 pixels / 368 x 448 pixels 272 x 340 pixels / 312 x 390 pixels
Always-On display
Built-in compass
Memory 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 16 G 8 GB
Battery life 36 hours 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours
LTE variant available? ✅ (LTE only)
ECG function
Blood oxygen measurement
Fall detection
Family Setup
Water resistance ✅ (suitable for diving) ✅ (suitable for diving) ✅ (suitable for diving) ✅ (suitable for diving) ✅ (suitable for diving) ✅ (suitable for diving) ✅ (suitable for diving) ✅ (suitable for diving)
iPhone model required min. iPhone 8 with iOS 16 min. iPhone 8 with iOS 16 min. iPhone 8 with iOS 16 min. iPhone 6S with iOS 15 min. iPhone 6S with iOS 14 min. iPhone 6S with iOS 13

min. iPhone 5S with iOS 12

(min. iPhone 6 for cellular version)

min. iPhone 5S with iOS 11

(min. iPhone 6 for cellular version)

Buy Offer* Offer* Offer* Offer* Offer* Offer* Offer* Offer*

All fitness watches have built-in GPS, so they can always determine your location.

What is Apple Family Setup?

Apple Family Setup allows you to set up an Apple Watch for a family member without their own iPhone. An iPhone is only needed to set up the smartwatch for the first time. After that, the wearable can be used independently of a mobile phone. However, not all functions of the smartwatch will be available in this mode.

Family Setup is particularly useful if you want to set up a smartwatch for your child or an older family member.

Comprehensive support for your training with the best Apple Watch

No matter which generation you choose, the Apple Watch always features many pre-installed training plans and workouts to accompany your exercise routine. 🥳

You can see the recorded workout on the Apple Watch 8.
Apple Watch 8

The wearables record the most important data during your training and show it directly on the display of the wearable.

The fitness app on your iPhone will then give you even more insights. 📱

Info: Newer models often feature better, more modern sensors, which can record your data even more accurately.

In addition, older Apple Watch models may not be able to record all the information.

You can see the recorded training data in the app.

In general, the information recorded is more than sufficient for casual athletes. However, particularly ambitious athletes may find it lacking in some data.

In this case, we recommend a high-quality fitness watch from brands like Garmin or Polar.

Check out our review of the best fitness watches available in the UK.

Wide range of health functions

Of course, the Apple Watch isn’t resting on its laurels when it comes to everyday functions either. In fact, it records plenty of health data throughout your day. 🙌

The three activity-tracking rings we’re all familiar with are always part of the package.

The activity tracker is seen on the Apple Watch Series 8.
Apple Watch 8
You can set personal daily goals too, such as your step count goal.

Once you've reached your goal, your Apple Watch will let you know. 🥳

Besides a pedometer, the fitness watches naturally include many other health-tracking features. 👇

  • Calories consumed
  • Floors climbed
  • Distance travelled
  • Pulse and heart rate measurement

Info: Newer models can of course track extra health data.

Blood oxygen saturation: Only from 6th gen. onwards

Only Apple Watches from the 6th generation onwards are equipped with the necessary sensors to measure blood oxygen levels.

Oxygen saturation can give you an indication of how well your body adapts to altitude. This is of particular value to mountain climbers.

In addition, possible sleep apnoea can also be detected.

⚠️Caution: Smartwatches cannot provide medically validated results. Always consult a doctor if you are unsure.

Which models can take an ECG?

The top models from some smartwatch manufacturers allow you to monitor your heart function by means of an ECG. 💓

The Apple Watch Series 4 was the first smartwatch in the world to have this feature.

You can see how an ECG is created on the Apple Watch Series 8.
Apple Watch 8
You can see the ECG function on the Apple Watch 8.
Apple Watch 8

These watches can detect, for example, indications of a cardiac arrhythmia, such as atrial fibrillation.

The Apple Watch SE (2) and the Apple Watch 3 or older models cannot take ECGs.

⚠️Caution: Again, smartwatches cannot provide medically validated results. If in doubt, always consult a doctor!

Sleep tracking with an Apple Watch

When it comes to sleep tracking, the performance of many Apple watches was pretty disappointing for a while. 😕

The watches only recorded the duration of your sleep.

💡 With the new watchOS update, however, the sleep analysis has greatly improved.

You can see sleep monitoring on the Apple Watch 8.
Apple Watch 8

Now the smartwatches also record your individual sleep phases as well as your breathing rate and blood oxygen levels.

By the way, we’ve also reviewed the Oura Ring. This smart ring records your sleep data particularly well. 😴

The smart functions of the Apple Watch

No other smartwatch can currently support your iPhone as well as an Apple Watch. 🙌

Notifications and calls are sent directly to your fitness watch.

You can reply to messages or make phone calls directly via the wearable. 🥳
You can see an incoming call on the Apple Watch Series 8.
Apple Watch 8

In addition, Apple's well-known voice assistant Siri is also on board.

Since the Apple Watch Series 3, she can even talk. 🙌

Contactless payments via Apple Pay and controlling your music are also no problem at all when using the best smartwatches for iPhones.

There are hardly any differences in the smart functions between the different generations. All models complement your iPhone perfectly.

Other differences to consider when buying an Apple Watch

It’s not just recorded data that differs between the various Apple Watch models.

Over the years, Apple has also made some changes to its design.

But which is ultimately the best Apple Watch for you? 🤔

Let's find out together! 👇

Various colours and designs

In general, Apple has remained true to its design of the Apple Watch over the years.

Every year, a new wearable appears that looks almost confusingly similar to its predecessor.

The most significant innovation in terms of design is usually limited to colour.
You can see the different colours of the Apple Watch Series 7.
© Apple

Newer models feature larger screens and thinner bezels than, say, the Series 3, giving them a sleeker, more modern look.

Info: With each Apple Watch, you can also choose between different case materials. Different options are available depending on the model.

For example, in addition to the aluminium case, you can also choose a case made of stainless steel, titanium or ceramic.

A new colour variant also appears with each new generation, which is often limited to that generation.

With the Apple Watch SE and Series 6, for example, a blue case was offered for the first time.

With the Apple Watch 7, a green case was also added.

Each year, special versions from Nike and Hermes are released that feature an exclusive clock face and strap.
You can see the Apple Watch Nike version.
© Apple
You can see the Apple Watch Hermes version.
© Apple

Comparing Apple Watch sizes

With each new smartwatch, Apple brings new versions to the market.

Most of the time, the new features are limited to the colour of the watch.

But in the past, there have also been variations in the different size options available for each smartwatch.

Available sizes Screen border width Resolution Offer
Series 3 38 and 42 mm 4.5 mm 272 x 340 Pixel / 312 x 390 Pixel Offer*
Series 4 40 and 44 mm 3 mm 324 x 394 Pixel / 368 x 448 Pixel Offer*
Series 5 40 and 44 mm 3 mm 324 x 394 Pixel / 368 x 448 Pixel Offer*
Watch SE 40 and 44 mm 3 mm 324 x 394 Pixel / 368 x 448 Pixel Offer*
Series 6 40 and 44 mm 3 mm 324 x 394 Pixel / 368 x 448 Pixel Offer*
Series 7 41 and 45 mm 1.7 mm

352 x 430 Pixel / 396 x 484 Pixel

Watch SE 2 40 and 44 mm 3 mm 324 x 394 Pixel / 368 x 448 Pixel Offer*
Series 8 41 and 45 mm 1.7 mm

352 x 430 Pixel / 396 x 484 Pixel

Ultra 49 mm 1.7 mm 410 x 502 Pixel Offer*

The original Apple Watch and Series 1 and 2 are also available in 38 and 42 mm sizes.

Due to the rather poor price-performance ratio of older models, we only recommend as far back as Apple Watch Series 3.

Moreover, the older models are not readily available on the market.

Which size is right for me?

Of course, which size you need always depends on the circumference of your wrist.

Info: Larger watch versions not only have a larger display, but are also slightly heavier.

For narrower wrists (circumference 13 to 20 cm) we recommend the smaller 38, 40 or 41 mm versions.

For wider wrists (circumference 14 to 22 cm), the larger 44 and 45 mm versions are suitable.

The medium 42 mm model (Apple Watch 3) fits both narrower and wider wrists.

Smaller watch models are generally recommended for ladies.

Many customisation options thanks to watch faces and interchangeable bands

Apple offers a particularly large number of customisation options for its fitness watches. 🙌

The straps of the different models can be interchanged.

The 38, 40 and 41 mm versions are compatible with each other.

The straps of the larger 42, 44 and 45 mm models can also be interchanged.

You're guaranteed to always find a strap that matches your outfit.

Tip: If you want to wear your smartwatch while exercising, we recommend a silicone sports strap.

You can find a large selection of interchangeable Apple Watch bands on the internet.

Apple Watch straps*

A watch face is seen on the Apple Watch Series 7.
Apple Watch 7
The new Contour watch face is seen on the Apple Watch Series 7.
Apple Watch 7

In addition, you can also customise the watch face of your Apple Watch to suit your personal needs.

There are many different watch faces to choose from.

You can also customise which information should be displayed on your watch face.

For example, you can check the tides on the tide widget or your activity data with just a single glance at the AMOLED display of your fitness tracker. 🤩

Which Apple Watch has the best battery life?

When choosing the right smartwatch, the battery life naturally plays an important role. 🔋

After all, this determines how long you can use your wearable before it needs to be recharged.

In terms of battery life, the various Apple Watch models do not differ (except for Apple Watch Ultra). All have a battery life of around 18 hours.

This means you need to charge your sports watch about every day.

This result is quite disappointing. 😕

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a particularly long battery life of up to 36 hours.

The Apple Watch 7 is seen charging.
Apple Watch 7

Fitness watches from other manufacturers, such as Garmin, perform much better here.

Garmin Fenix 7*

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro*

Comparing charging times of the Apple Watches

As new generations of the Apple Watch have been developed, the wearables have seen much faster charging times.

New from the Apple Watch 7: Thanks to the quick-charge function, the battery can be charged from 0 to 80% within 45 minutes and to 100% within 75 minutes.

GPS or GPS+Cellular - Which version is the right one?

In addition to colour, case and size, you can also choose between a "GPS" and a "GPS + Cellular" version of the Apple Watch.

The latter has an integrated eSIM card. This means you can access the internet and the mobile network independently of your mobile phone.

With an Apple Watch with a built-in eSIM card, you can also receive messages and make calls when you don't have your mobile phone with you. 🥳

WatchOS: The Apple Watch operating system

All Apple Watches run Apple's own watchOS operating system.

You can also access the Apple App Store with the Apple Watch and download third-party apps to your fitness tracker as you see fit.

Many apps, such as Spotify, Shazam or Uber, have already been optimised for smartwatches.
You can see the apps on the Apple Watch 7.
Apple Watch 7
Every year, Apple brings out a new version of its watchOS operating system.

The new watchOS 9 even features a Low Power Mode to extend your battery life!

Especially practical: Older Apple Watch models also receive the update!

This means that new functions can also be integrated in older generations, provided that the necessary sensors are available. 🥳

At some point, however, the time comes for every Apple Watch when it is no longer supplied with a new update.

Caution: Think carefully about whether you really want to buy an older Apple Watch Series, as it is unlikely to receive any more software updates in the foreseeable future.

Instead, the low-priced Apple Watch SE, for example, could be a good alternative for you.

Here, you can find all the info on the best Android smartwatches in the UK.

Apple Watch reviews by Which?

Which? also tests out smartwatches for consumers in the UK.

The various models of the Apple Watch Series even received their own comparative review!

In their review of the latest models, the Apple Watch SE came out on top, with a score of 80%! 🏆

This model was also featured in their list of best smartwatches with heart rate monitors, coming in at third!

The Apple Watch Series 7 was also deemed a Best Buy and followed the SE with a score of 79%. 🚀

Which? also praises the Apple Watch Series 3 for its extensive smart and fitness tracking features, awarding it a score of 76%.

All three watches received criticism for their short battery life, but this is to be expected when it comes to conventional smartwatches.

Which? hasn't yet reviewed the Apple Watch 8, but you can find our review here.

So plenty of Apple's high-quality models perform very well across the board according to Which?.

How much does the best Apple Watch cost?

As we're used to with Apple, the brand's prices are not exactly cheap.

These smartwatches tend to come with a hefty price tag. 💰

The smaller versions of the various models as well as versions with aluminium housings are usually somewhat cheaper.

If you also choose the simple "GPS" version instead of the "GPS + Cellular" version, you can also save a few pounds. 💶

Apple launched a cheaper alternative to the flagship models for the first time in 2020 with the Apple Watch SE.

However, the Apple Watch SE does not record all health information. You also miss out on the Always-On display.

When it comes to older models (original Apple Watch, Series 1, Series 2), the range of functions is usually disproportionate to the price.

Therefore, we advise you not to buy these models. 😕

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, we can recommend the models from Huawei, for example. These devices are also compatible with Android phones.

You can read about our thoughts on the Huawei GT3 in our best smartwatch review. You can also find info here on our best sports watch, best Android watch and more!

Where can you buy your Apple Watch?

If you want to buy a new Apple Watch, the Apple Store is probably your first port of call.

Apple only sells the latest Apple Watch models.

In addition, products can often be found at a better price on the internet. 💶

Leftover stock of the original Apple Watch and the Series 1 and 2 can often only be found with a bit of luck and at an overpriced price from various retailers.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is also pretty difficult to find.

The situation is different for the Apple Watch 5 and 6. These models are still easy to find online. 🥳

What alternatives are there to the Apple Watch?

Are you looking for a smartwatch that perfectly complements your iPhone?

But you don't want to buy a fitness watch from Apple?

Or are you looking for a modern wearable for your Android phone?

In this case, it's worth looking at other manufacturers. 🙌

📍Please note: You can only access the full range of functions for your iPhone with an Apple Watch.

Replying to incoming iOS messages directly via your smartwatch is only available on the Apple Watch.

You can see the reply function on the Apple Watch 7.
Apple Watch 7

Still want a smartwatch that doesn't come from Apple?

Then the following manufacturers offer the best alternatives for you:

  • Garmin
  • Polar
  • Huawei
  • Fitbit
  • Fossil
  • Michael Kors
Even conventional watch manufacturers, such as Fossil, now have innovative smartwatches on offer.

Devices from Polar or Garmin offer particularly comprehensive support for your training.

Comparing the best Apple Watches - Our conclusion

We’ve now compared the best Apple Watches for you.

Ultimately, we can say that there is currently no better complement to your iPhone than the new models from this manufacturer. 🥳

However, these wearables also come at a high price. So you might want to go for a cheaper, older model.

We love that Apple regularly updates older generations with the latest software. 🤩

That being said, you definitely won't go wrong with the latest Apple Watch model, as it's one of the best smartwatches on the market. 🚀

Find out more:

  • What is the best Apple Watch for kids?

    For children, we can recommend the Apple Watch SE. This affordable alternative has all the important functions on board and can also be used without a mobile phone thanks to the family configuration. Make sure to opt for the smaller case size!

  • Which Apple Watch has the best battery life?

    The newest model, the Apple Watch Ultra, comes with a battery life of up to 36 hours. All other Apple Watch generations do not differ in terms of battery life. According to the manufacturer, these models all have a runtime of about 18 hours.

  • What is the difference between "GPS" and "GPS + Cellular"?

    The Apple Watch is available in two versions: "GPS" and "GPS + Cellular". The latter has an integrated eSIM card which provides you with cellular connectivity independent of your iPhone. That way, you can leave your phone at home and still receive messages and access the internet on your smartwatch.

    With the simpler "GPS" variant, you must have your mobile phone on you to receive messages and make calls.

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