UK's finest: The Ultimate Comparison of The Dyson V15 Detect vs V11 Absolute

Dyson V15 vs V11

Last updated: 07.07.2023 Reading time: 17 Min.

The new Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is here! It’s supposed to "take over" for its predecessor, the V11.

That’s reason enough to pit the two against each other in a direct comparison:

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute vs Dyson V11 Absolute – The battle of the titans in the UK.

The new one shines with lots of innovations that make any cordless vacuum fan’s heart beat faster. ❤️

But, is the Dyson V15 better than the V11?

However, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for the V15 than for its predecessor, the V11.

One thing’s for sure: We have two premium cordless vacuums here.

But which of the two fits best to your needs? And is the Dyson V15 worth it?

Read on to find that out in our detailed comparison.

Dyson V15 Detect vs Dyson V11 Absolute in comparison

Advantages V15:

Max. Suction power: 240 AW

Battery runtime: approx. 67 minutes

Test result: 99 %

Size of the dirt container: 0.76 l

Width of the floor nozzle: 25 cm (9.8 inches)

Weight: 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)

Display: Yes

Special: Laser detection

Advantages V11:

Max. Suction power: 185 AW

Battery runtime: approx. 60 minutes

Test result: 100 %

Size of the dirt container: 0.76 l

Width of the floor nozzle: 25 cm (9.8 inches)

Weight: 3.05 kg (6.7 lbs)

Display: Yes

All important facts at a glance

  • Two premium cordless vacuums in the UK
  • Both are test winners

Find out more about our favorites now

Strong suction power
V15 Detect
Price from   £ 649.89 £ (659.90 )

Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson's new flagship convinces with excellent cleaning performance and innovative technology.

The cordless and bagless 2-in-1 battery vacuum is super versatile in use. Whether it’s a hard floor or carpet, or even if you use it as a hand vacuum – NOTHING can stop this device.

The Dyson V15 has a whopping 230 air watts, which is the most powerful suction we have ever seen.

Thanks to over 60 minutes of runtime and three different power modes, the cordless vacuum achieves excellent cleaning results.

It even has an LCD display so that you can monitor the suction process.

And there’s more to it: The V15 constantly analyses the floor and the size and type of dirt.

Dyson V15 Detect: Dirt Particle Analysis on the Display

The vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the suction mode according to its analysis and does the work for you.

Dyson also upgraded the attachments. They’re now even more efficient in combating (pet) hair. 

The new brush for mites/pet hair from Dyson
Image © Smart Home Fox

Hair can’t wrap itself around the brushes anymore, thus preventing blockages.

The revised Fluffy attachment for hard floors also has a green laser now. With this, you can see even fine dust particles and vacuum them directly.

The Fluffy attachment with laser

 Oops, Dyson did it again…

...The engineers put in the work and managed to top their existing devices off with even more innovative features and improved performance in the V15!

Check Amazon*


Most substantial suction power (230 AW)

Automatic suction level adjustment (surface and type of dirt)

New laser technology in the Fluffy attachment to detect dirt

Interchangeable battery option

Over 60 minutes running time

Incl. torque drive floor nozzle + soft roller (Fluffy attachment)

Cordless & Bagless

Strong at cleaning skirting boards and corners




Laser only works on hard floors

Quiet operation
V11 Absolute
Price from   £ 439 £ (462 )

Dyson V11 Absolute

It’s our winner. It impresses with its strong suction power and innovative features.

Dyson brought the suction performance of its V-series to the next level with the V11. On top of that, they also equipped it with innovative technology, a practical display and an exchangeable battery.

The latest model from Dyson is also the best. Dyson UK continuously improves its devices, and the most recent model from 2020 has a surprise in stock for us. 

Now you can click out the battery of the device and put in a charged one. You can double up the runtime with a few simple steps.

The Dyson V11 Absolute with a replaceable battery

Tops of the Dyson V11 

Battery Life 

The battery life is about 60 minutes, which is the best runtime among Dyson's cordless vacuums. It should be more than enough for most households. 

You can even extend or double the runtime thanks to the click system. 

New and Smart 

Dyson equipped the V11 with a practical LCD screen. The display helps to monitor the device and shows useful information.

The new LCD display of the Dyson V11
Image © Smart Home Fox

Intelligent Adjustment of Suction Power

The new Dyson V11 recognises the surface and adjusts the suction power accordingly. That improves the cleaning performance and prolongs the battery life, as it saves battery power. 

Exceptional Suction Power 

The V11 brought the most powerful suction to the table of all the devices that we tested. The suction power was so strong that we removed more dirt from the carpet than we had spread. 

The suction power of the 2020 model is even at 220 AW in boost mode.

You can read the full Dyson V11 Absolute review here. 

Which Dyson V11 from 2020 is the best? 

There are currently 3 variants of Dyson V11 from 2020 on the market: 

  • Dyson V11 Extra 
  • Dyson V11 Extra Pro and
  • Dyson V11 Extra + 
  • Dyson V11 Outsize 

The difference between the first three is only in the delivery scope. 

Attention: Please always compare the current prices, as Dyson often changes the offers. 

The Dyson V11 Outsize 

However, the Outsize has a couple of innovations in stock: 

As the name suggests, it has a different size. The dirt container has a capacity of 1.2 l, which is almost 500 ml larger than before. 

The floor brush is also 25 % wider. 

Thanks to these features, you’ll be done much faster if you clean with the Outsize ☺ It’s also particularly suitable for larger areas.

Which Dyson V11 is your best choice? 

We recommend the Dyson V11 Absolute 

  1. For all those who have to vacuum a lot of hard floors because it includes the soft floor nozzle. That cleaner head does a great job when cleaning hard floors.
  2. For all those who have many different floor types because the Absolute Extra’s Torque-Drive floor nozzle of the V11 comes in very handy here. 

Only the Extra Pro has even more features, like the docking station for storage. But YOU have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for that.

Check Amazon* 


New automatic floor roller

New LED display

Over one-hour battery power

Very powerful suction

Much quieter

Battery is replaceable


About 400 grams heavier than its predecessor

Power button not lockable

The Cleaning Test: The V15 vs V11 In Comparison

Both cordless vacuum cleaners performed very well in our cleaning test (detailed reviews: Dyson V15 Detect and Dyson V11 Absolute.)

But what’s their performance like in a direct comparison?

We always proceed in the same way in our cleaning tests. First, we spread different kinds of dirt on various floor types, and then we check how the vacuum copes with it.

We used the Auto mode with both Dyson devices during the test.

The overall result was more than convincing for both:

Overall cleaning test results in comparison: Dyson V15 vs V11

Model Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Dyson V11 Absolute Extra
Result 100 % 99 %
Check Amazon* Offer* Offer*

Cleaning On Hard Floors

We cleaned hard floors twice with the V15 and the V11 because both devices have a standard floor nozzle and an extra soft one for hard floors.

The result was very good with the new V15 and also with the "old" V11. Neither of the two devices left a single grain of sand behind in our test.

Dyson V15: Cleaning On Hard Floors

You can see that the V15 feels at home on hard floors. The revised soft roller named "Slim Fluffy Laser" is particularly efficient here. It illuminates the hard floor with a laser that’s in front of the cordless vacuum. With this, you can see even the tiniest remains of dust.

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute: Cleaning on hard floors

Dyson V11: Cleaning On Hard Floors

The V11 didn’t have any troubles cleaning hard floors, either. However, it was a little faster with the Fluffy attachment (soft roller).

Dyson V11 Absolute Extra: Cleaning on hard floors

Cleaning On Low Carpets

Both devices quickly handled the low carpet. Dirt can’t stand a chance against the powerful suction combined with the High Torque cleaner head.

Dyson V15 Detect: Cleaning On Low Carpets

The answer’s pretty clear with the V15 here. The result is top, and vacuuming is a breeze with it on low carpets.

Dyson V15 Detect: Cleaning on low carpets

Dyson V11 Absolute: Cleaning On Low Carpets

The Dyson V11 is on par with the V15 here and came out with flying colours, too.

Dyson V11 Absolute: Cleaning on a low carpet

Cleaning On High-Pile Carpets

Most vacuums reach their limits when it comes to cleaning long-pile carpets. But it’s a different story with the Dyson devices.

It seems as if they were made for that.

The powerful suction ensures that the carpet gets real deep cleanse – A fantastic result.

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute: Cleaning A High Carpet

On a long carpet, the V15- shows what it’s got.

Our carpet looked like new after cleaning!

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute: Cleaning on a high carpet

Dyson V11 Absolute Extra: Cleaning A High Carpet

The V11 is in no way inferior to its younger brother on high carpets and achieves outstanding results, too.

Dyson V11 Absolute Extra: Cleaning a high carpet

Cleaning In Everyday Life

Both devices take a considerable burden off your shoulders when it comes to everyday cleaning.

They’re always ready to go, so we could quickly vacuum after the children came in or remove pet hair from the upholstery. But the vacuums are also perfect for thorough cleaning of our entire flat (4-person household + pet).

Cleaning In Corners And On Ledges

The two vacuums came out with flying colours here.

The V15 cleans in the corner
The V15 cleans in the corner

The V15 cleans along the ledges
The V15 cleans along the ledges

We’ve never seen something like this before. Thanks to the powerful suction and the sophisticated floor nozzles, you can get the dirt out of every corner.

Dyson V15 vs V11: The Design In Comparison

The design is, of course, a matter of taste.

Both devices of our comparison Dyson V15 vs V11 come in the typical modern look with futuristic shapes and bright, metallic colours...

They’re true eye-catchers.

The V15 has some colour highlights now, so you can easily distinguish it from its predecessor.

V15 and V11 side by side

Dyson UK didn’t change much on the outside.

But as we all know, it's the inner values that count...

...and the V15 has some exciting upgrades.

The LCD Screen In Comparison: Smarter Than Ever

The lcd display of the V15 can show...

  • The battery status (real-time),
  • Error messages,
  • Maintenance tips
  • and the current cleaning mode.

But on top of these standard notifications, the V15’s display also analyses the dirt that the vacuum sucks up.

… Wait, what?

Let’s take a closer look at this and see how it works. ?

A piezoelectric sensor (more about the sensor...) constantly scans the dirt that’s coming up the suction tube.

The sensor can detect which dirt the vacuum cleaner picks up based on the size, like mites, bacteria or even viruses.

You can see the result on the LCD.

Image of the display showing the different dirt types

Do we need this kinda thing?

One advantage is that you have proof now that the vacuum cleaner removes even the smallest dirt particles.

But the true advantage is that the vacuum can adapt the suction power precisely to the dirt type that it’s facing, thanks to the sensor combined with the new floor nozzle.

The test showed: It’s not a must… but it won’t hurt, either.

The Assembly Of The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Both vacuums have an inline system so that the motor and dirt container are in one vertical line.

The vacuums stand side by side with the inscription Inline Design

Dyson UK used this design since the V10, and it’s proven itself as very useful. The main benefit of the inline design is its easy-to-handle emptying function. We’ll talk more about that later...

The Difference in Size

The height of the vacuums is almost identical. It doesn’t make a difference in handling that the V15 is 2 cm (0.2 inches) lower.

Both devices stand side by side with a measuring tape

Dyson chose this size so that the vast majority of people can work well with it.

The Size of the V15 vs V11 in Comparison

Category Approx. dimensions of the Dyson V15 Approx. dimensions of the Dyson V11
Total size as a floor vacuum cleaner 117 cm (46 inches) 117 cm (46 inches)
Length of the motor unit 40 cm (15.7 inches) 40 cm (15.7 inches)
Height of the motor unit 26 cm (10.2 inches) 25 cm (9.8 inches)
Width of the standard brush 25 cm (9.8 inches) 25 cm (9.8 inches)
Height of the standard brush 7 cm (2.7 inches) 7 cm (2.7 inches)
Check Amazon* Offer* Offer*

The Weight

The weight is well distributed during use because the vacuum rests on the floor.

V15 on the scale

It doesn’t affect handling that both cordless vacuums weigh approximately 3 kg (6.6 lbs). But, of course, this depends on the user.

The V15 vs V11 Comparison of the Weight

Category Weight of the Dyson V15 Weight of the Dyson V11
Total weight as a floor vacuum cleaner 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs) 3.05 kg (6.7 lbs)
Motor unit 2 kg (4.4 lbs) 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs)
Suction tube 0.2 kg (0.4 lbs) 0.18 kg (0.4 lbs)
Floor nozzle 0.81 kg (1.8 lbs) 0.63 kg (1.4 lbs)

Cleaning Features: What Improves Cleaning Performance?

It’s not just about the suction power when it comes to the cleaning result. It’s about the interaction of motor, accessories and design.

Let’s see what plays into Dyson’s hands here.

The Suction Power: Which One’s Stronger?

The Dyson V11 was the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market for a long time, with 185 air watts (AW).

In 2020, the Dyson V11 Outsize (220 AW) pushed the V11 off its throne. Now the Dyson V15 tops off even the V11 Outsize with a whopping 230 air watts.

That makes the Dyson V15 Detect the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market.

What does Air watt mean?

Air watt measures the efficiency of vacuums. It’s calculated from the airflow and the power (watts) that a vacuum generates and consumes (Read more about this measuring unit...).

However, it’s not just the suction power that determines how well a cordless vacuum cleans:

The overall design and the quality of the accessories also play an essential role.

Now we’ll talk about the crucial cleaning features and which the Dyson vacuums have to offer.

The Floor Nozzles In Comparison

The floor nozzles are extremely important for the cleaning performance. We’re used to high quality and well-functioning attachments with Dyson.

The V15 and the V11 have two different floor nozzles:

  • The Torque Drive
  • The Fluffy attachment

The Torque Drive Floor Nozzle

This attachment is almost identical on the V11 and the V15.

The Torque Drive floor nozzles stand side by side

There’s just one exception:

The new Torque Drive has a kind of anti-tangle comb inside. This comb is supposed to remove hair from the brush automatically.

It’s a great idea, but there’s still some room for improvement in the realisation, as the comb only picks up very coarse tangles.

The Torque Drive Anti-Tangle Comb

The Torque-Drive is the standard nozzle that you can use for any floor type.

Our cleaning tests proved that...

...No matter whether it’s a carpet, tiles or laminate – The Torque Drive can easily handle all dirty challenges we’re throwing at it.

The brush has a rotating roller inside that picks up the dirt with its "fins" and flings it into the suction tube.

The torque drive from below

Then the powerful suction transports the dirt directly into the dirt container.

Dyson V15*

Dyson V11*

What Makes The Torque Drive So Strong?

Dyson calls it DLS technology. And this is how it works:

The brush measures the resistance it encounters 360 times a second.

This way, the device recognises when the floor type changes and adjusts the suction power accordingly.

There are two advantages from this: Longer battery runtime and even cleaner floors.

Adjustable Opening Slots

There are two slots at the front of the brush.

Front-view of the Torque Drive

You can adjust the size of the slots with a small lever. That’s very helpful if you want to vacuum different floor and dirt types.

Tip: We usually use the medium setting.

The Fluffy Attachment

Dyson has developed this attachment for hard floors such as laminate, vinyl and especially for sensitive parquet.

It moves much more quietly and smoothly over the hard floor, thanks to the soft rollers and felt glides.

In addition, it picks up dirt even better on hard floors. The dirt presses into the roller so that the brush can catapult it into the suction tube.

The Laser Slim Fluffy Attachment Of The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

The Fluffy attachment of the Dyson V15 has a new design now.

The two Fluffy attachments standing side by side

It doesn’t just have new colours…

The new design is a bit narrower and more compact than the old one. But that gives it better manoeuvrability and makes it smooth-running.

But the real innovation is the green laser, which illuminates the area in front of the Fluffy attachment. You can also switch on and off with a small button on the brush.

The laser of the Fluffy attachment

You can see the dust on hard floors much better with this laser.

You may think that this only works in the dark…

… but that’s not true. The only time the laser doesn’t make a big difference is in direct light. Otherwise, it’s super helpful.

Our test proved: It’s not a must to change the brushes, but it’s worth it for the increased comfort when vacuuming.

The Automatic Suction Level Adjustment

Both devices can adjust the suction level automatically, and this feature always worked very well.

It's simply more relaxing when your cordless vacuum chooses the suction power for you. The device also saves energy here.

With the Dyson V11, the brush automatically adjusts the suction level.

The V15, on the other hand, also takes the data from the piezo sensor into account.

Number Of Power Settings

Both vacuums have three power settings: Eco mode, Medium and Boost.

There’s also a fourth setting: Auto mode. You can only use the Auto mode with the Torque Drive.

Each mode has its justification.

The Eco mode is a little weak and therefore only suitable for light soiling.

The medium mode is perfect for most everyday dirt.

You only use the boost mode for dirty challenges. ?

Which Accessory Is For What? Dyson V15 vs V11 vs V11 Outsize

Accessories are an essential criterion when buying a cordless vacuum, as they determine the versatility of a device.

Dyson UK revised some gadgets for the V15 Detect but kept a few the same as for the Dyson V11.

All accessories of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

All accessories of the Dyson V11 Absolute

The accessories vary mainly with the different variants that Dyson offers in the UK.

They also change the delivery scope for the individual models from time to time.

Tip: Quickly check whether the vacuum of your choice has everything you need before buying.

Your advantage: You can also buy all accessories in the Dyson UK online shop.

We put the Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro against the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute for our comparison.

We also tested the V11 Outsize. The Outsize also comes from the V11 series, but it’s much larger.

We’d especially recommend this vacuum if you have to vacuum a huge area.

Here’s an overview of the delivery scopes of these three variants.

Model V15 Detect Absolute V11 Absolute Extra Pro V11 Outsize
Motor unit V15 V11 V11 Outsize
Suction power in Air watts 230 185 220
Size of the dirt container 0.76 l 0.76 l 1.2 l
Weight 3.1 kg (6,8 lbs) 3.05 kg (6.7 lbs) 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs)
Display Yes Yes Yes
Analyses particles Yes No No
Suction tube Yes Yes Yes
Torque Drive Yes (anti-tangle) Yes Yes (XL version = 25% larger)
Fluffy attachment Yes (with a laser) Yes (without laser) Yes (with a laser)
Crevice nozzle Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Tool Yes Yes Yes
Mini Electric Brush / Hair Nozzle Yes (revised: anti-tangle) Yes Yes (revised: anti-tangle)
Flex adapter Yes No No
Wall mount Yes Yes Yes
Extra soft nozzle Yes Yes Yes
Extra hard brush Yes Yes Yes
Accessory holder for the suction tube Yes Yes No
Charging dock No Yes No
Charger Yes Yes (2x) Yes
Extra battery No Yes Yes
Check Amazon* Offer* Offer* Offer*

Now we’ll look at the essential accessories and reveal the similarities and differences between the Dyson V11 and V15.

The Suction Tube of The Cordless Vacuums

The suction tube is in a metallic colour and looks nice.

It’s of high quality and is designed to last.

The Torque Drive

This cleaning head is the standard floor nozzle for both vacuums.

The V15 has a new feature to offer, though: The "anti-tangle" function. The name refers to the comb described above, which is supposed to prevent hair from wrapping around the brush.

The Torque Drives standing side by side

The Fluffy Attachment

Let's summarize again: Dyson revised the Fluffy attachment for the V15, which is slightly smaller now, and it also has a fancy laser.

The soft castors make it the go-to attachment for cleaning hard floors.

The Fluffy attachments of the V11 and the V15 standing side by side

The Crevice Nozzle

This cleaning head gets where no one else can. It’s excellent for vacuuming between upholstery, for example.

The crevice nozzle from Dyson

The Combination-Tool... manufacturer invented it, and everybody else copied it. That's how good the Multi-Tool is!

You can use the soft dusting brush to vac sensitive objects such as books, and use the hard end for more robust surfaces.

The combination tool: With and without bristles

The Mini Electric Brush Of The V11 vs The Hair Screw Tool Of The V15 Detect

Innovation ahead!

Dyson came up with something special again:

This mini electric brush comes in super handy if you want to remove pet hair from upholstery or mites from mattresses.

Dyson has revised the brush, so that hair can’t wrap itself around the brush bar anymore. Instead, they just fall off, and the vacuum sucks them into the endless depths of the suction tube.

What a great idea! And it works brilliantly, too.

Hair nozzle against hair

Here’s a video ?

The Flex Adapter

This adapter is available for both devices. You can vacuum under furniture more easily with it, and you won’t even have to bend down ?

The flex adapter

The Wall Mount

That one’s pretty self-understanding. You use it to store the device. Once you attach it to the wall, you can hang your vacuum cleaner on it. That saves space, and the device charges simultaneously, too.

The practical wall mount of the battery-powered vacuum cleaner

The Extra Soft Brush

This cleaning head comes in super handy when you want to remove dust particles from sensitive surfaces.

The extra soft brush from Dyson

The Charging Dock (Floor Dock) Of The Dyson V11 Absolute

The Dyson V11 comes with a charging dock. You can place this charging dock near a power socket and put your cordless vacuum on it for storage and charging.

Your advantage: You don't have to drill holes in the wall.

And another plus: You can charge the batteries without the vacuum cleaner, too.

This means that you can also store the device in the broom cupboard and charge the small battery on the bedside table.

Extra Tip: You can use the dock of the V11 instead. It fits perfectly well.

The Extra Hard Brush From Dyson

The stubborn dirt brush is suitable to break dirt from dense carpet, e.g. on a heavily soiled doormat.

The extra hard brush from Dyson

The Accessory Holder...

That’s some kind of clip that you attach to the suction tube. Then you can attach various accessories to it.

Your advantage: You’ll always have the right accessories at hand when vacuuming.

Conclusion on the Accessories

Both vacuum cleaners leave nothing to be desired. ?

However, the V15 Detect’s accessories are further developed and are thus even more efficient.

The Practical 2-in-1 Function

You can use the V15 and the V11 as cordless floor vacuums and also as handheld vacuums for cleaning objects and furniture.

That’s a considerable advantage of 2-in-1 devices!

The Conversion to a Cordless Hand Vacuum

You can convert both models in the same way with a few simple steps.

Thanks to the tried-and-tested plug-in system, you can remove the suction tube in no time at all and attach another accessory.

Dyson’s cordless vacuum as a floor vacuum and as a cordless hand vacuum

What The Hand Vacuum Is Suitable For

The 2-in-1 function makes the Dyson vacuums even more versatile in use. Here are some inspirations for the most popular applications:

The V11 And V15 For Cleaning Furniture, The Ceiling etc.

You name it – The devices will do it.

OK, you still have to hold the device. But we tried everything during our test and are delighted with the results. You can quickly vacuum the couch or the kitchen table whenever needed. Simply convert it to a handheld vacuum, and off you go!

Vacuuming furniture

Vacuuming the ceiling

The Dyson Cordless Vacuums Against Pet Hair

Are you a passionate pet owner and have a lot of fun with your furry friends at home?

Then you know the struggle with the dirt that pets leave behind.

The Dyson V15 and V11 against pet hair

Whether cat or dog hair – Both the V11 and the V15 are excellent for removing pet hair (Read more about that in this review: Best cordless vacuums against pet hair).

The V15 vs V11 In The Car

Both devices also work great in the car.

Dyson V15 and V11 in the car

The powerful suction comes in very handy in the footwell (Check out our review on the best battery vacuums for the car).

A considerable advantage: You can simply take the cordless device with you to the car and won’t have to look out for a power socket.

How Heavy Are The Two Devices In Handheld Mode?

The Dyson V11 and the Dyson V10 both weigh about 2 kg (4.4 lbs).

The weight plays a decisive role here. Even though the weight didn’t disturb us...

Holding both hand vacuums with outstretched arms

...The vacuum cleaner won’t rest on the floor in hand vacuum mode. You have to hold it the whole time.

Your arm can get tired if it has to hold 2 kg (4.4 lbs) for a while. Then you may have to use both hands or take a short break.

Handling: Dyson V15 Detect Absolute vs V11 Absolute In Comparison

Commissioning The Dyson Devices

The Dyson V11 Absolute and the V15 Detect Absolute come in convenient boxes and, to our delight, without any plastic.

Dyson didn’t waste a single cm in the packaging.

You should first give the device a full charge on the charging station after unpacking. Then you can get started.

Do you have to hold a button on a Dyson?

Yea, you have to. You can’t lock the button… not even on the Dyson V15.

That’s always a popular point of criticism.

The power button of the two Dyson devices

Once again, we asked ourselves in our Dyson V11 vs V15 comparison:

Why Do You Have To Hold The Power Button With Dyson’s Vacuums?

Dyson insists that this increases the runtime enormously because you have to press the button to vacuum…

So you only press it down when you are cleaning. Otherwise, the device won’t vacuum = saves battery. ?


Several factors play into the manoeuvrability of Dyson’s cordless vacuums.

Firstly, there’s the floor nozzle. Whether you’re using the Torque-Drive or Fluffy attachment, both have a joint, contributing to excellent manoeuvrability.

The joint of the Torque Drive and Fluffy attachment

There’s a sharp turn ahead? Not a problem.

The Torque Drive also has small rollers with which the vacuum can glide across the floor.

You could dance around the flat with the Dyson vacuum cleaners ?

We didn’t notice any differences in manoeuvrability during the test.

Cleaning Under Furniture (The Height Of The Floor Brush)

You can place the cordless vacuum cleaner on the floor and then vacuum under furniture, thanks to the brush’s joint.

Vacuuming under the bed with the Dyson V15 and V11

Since the brush is approx. 7 cm (2.8 inches) high, it’s also the minimum height for furniture if you want to vacuum beneath it.

If it doesn’t fit under a piece of furniture, you can always choose another attachment instead.

Dyson V11 vs V15 Detect: Comparing the Volume

Well, you have to break an egg to make an omelette.

It’s the same with the Dyson vacuums. They’re not exactly quiet.

Dyson V15 volume test

Dyson V11 volume test

We measured 76 dB in boost mode with the V11 and 72 dB with the V15... But you won’t hear a difference.

Volume in comparison

Our volume scale shows that this is about as loud as a washing machine.

That’s about the only area where the two Dyson devices are average.

Volume: Dyson V15 and V11 in comparison

Power Setting Volume of the Dyson V15 Volume of the Dyson V11
Eco 66 dB 65 dB
Medium 69 dB 70 dB
Boost 72 dB 76 dB
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Who Lasts Longer?

The runtime or battery life depends on various factors:

  • Which attachment is in use?
  • What’s the floor type
  • Etc.

The bottom line is: Both vacuums have great runtimes.

The V11 can probably last a little longer, as it doesn’t have that many digital add-ons as its successor. However, that’s just our assumption. ?

The Runtime of the Dyson V11 vs Dyson V15

Power setting Runtime of the Dyson V15 Runtime of the Dyson V11
Eco 67:22 minutes 70 minutes
Medium 47:28 minutes 55 minutes
Boost 8:59 minutes 8 minutes
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Can I Replace The Battery On The Dyson Vacuums?

Yes! You can replace the battery with both the V11 and the V15. They have the practical click-in function.

Dyson’s click-in function

How Long Takes Charging?

The charging time of the batteries is approx. 4.5 hours.

Maintenance of The V15 And V11: Differences and Similarities

The maintenance tasks for the two vacuums are straightforward. It’s just these four:

  • Emptying the dirt container
  • Cleaning the dirt container
  • Maintaining the HEPA filter
  • Cleaning the floor nozzles

Emptying the Dirt Container

Another thing the vacuums have in common: The dirt containers have a capacity of 0.76 l.

Thus, you rarely have to empty the dust container.

The size is well-chosen:

It’s not too small – then you’d have to empty it very often – and also not too big – then it might be a little bulky.

And that's how you clean it:

Emptying the two battery vacuums

First, you have to remove the suction tube. Then hold the dirt container over the dustbin and push the red lever down.

Whoosh! The dirt lands with pinpoint accuracy in the dustbin.

The lever system ensures that dirt rarely gets caught.

Usually, you don't have to help with your hand, as you’d have to with many devices from other manufacturers.

Your advantage: Therefore, these devices are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Attention: We still recommend emptying the container outside. Then the nasty fine dust definitely won’t find its way back into your home.

Cleaning the Dirt Container

Same with cleaning the containers.

There’s a small lever you have to push down to remove the containers... easy-peasy. ?

Lever for removing the container

Simply use a cloth or hold the container under running water for cleaning. Done!

Cleaning the HEPA Filter

Dyson’s HEPA (particulate air) filters remove even the smallest particles from the air.

The HEPA filter

The filtration not only leads to an even cleaner floor, but also to clean air with fewer allergens.

You can unscrew the filters at the back for cleaning.

You can also rinse the filter under running water or simply tap it out. Afterwards, it has to dry before assembly.

How Long Does The HEPA filter Have To Dry?

The filter must dry for 24 hours. Then you can put it back in and continue vacuuming.

How Often Do I Have To Clean The Dyson HEPA Filter?

You should clean the filter once a month. This way, you can keep the device’s performance at a high level.

How Long Do Dyson’s HEPA Filters Last?

The HEPA filters are so-called "long-lasting" filters. Therefore, it’s improbable that you’ll have to replace them.

Cleaning the Floor Nozzles

Of course, you also have to clean the floor nozzles.

You should take a look at them now and then.

If there’s a lot of hair or other dirt, you can remove the rollers by pulling the lever.

Then use a small, sharp knife to remove the dirt.

Removing hair from the brush

You can also clean the soft roller under running water.

The Price of the V15 vs. V11 In Comparison

Cordless vacuum cleaners V11 and V15 are cheaper in the long run

Surprise, surprise… The new Dyson V15 Detect is even more expensive than its predecessor. ?

BUT, both cordless vacuums are test winners and are the best you can get in UK's cordless vacuum market.

The Dyson V11 and V15 are the perfect choices for those who value quality.

We think that the higher purchase costs of a cordless vacuum cleaner will pay off over time, since you save money on bags and filters with Dyson’s devices. That’s not the case with conventional corded vacuums.

Dyson V15 vs. V11 Conclusion of the Comparison: Who Wins The Battle Of UK's finest?

At the end of our extensive "Dyson V15 Detect vs V11 Absolute comparison," only one question remains: Which one fits best to YOUR needs?!

We meticulously revealed all their similarities and differences in our test...

The most important innovations of the V15 are:

  • The laser for detecting microscopic dirt particles on hard floors.
  • The dirt analysis and
  • The anti-tangle functions of the brushes

So if you’re big on these technical and valuable gadgets, you should go for the latest Dyson device: The V15 Detect.

If you don't need all the bells and whistles but still want a great vacuum, you’ll be more than satisfied with the cheaper Dyson V11.

You're spoilt for choice here! Both are premium devices. ?

The good news is that no matter which device you choose, you can't go wrong. ?

Contact Dyson UK

Customer Service: To contact Dyson UK directly, please call their helpline 0800 298 0298 or visit their live chat. The Customer helpline is available Monday to Friday (8 am - 8 pm) and Saturday and Sunday (8 am - 6 pm).

Registered office: Dyson United Kingdom - Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury SN16 0RP.

Read more

  • Dyson UK Customer Service: After-Purchase Service

    You’ll get some emails from Dyson UK (if you wish) after receiving your vacuum. These contain helpful instructions on how to set up and get the most out of your new device.

  • Dyson UK Customer Service: Ordering on The Website

    Ordering via Dyson's online shop in the UK works very well and reliably. You can also get in touch with customer advisors via phone and chat.

  • Dyson UK Customer Service: 30-Day Return Guarantee

    Dyson UK offers every customer a 30-day take-back guarantee for the devices.

    You can test the vacuum, and if you aren’t satisfied – which is highly unlikely – you can return it for free.

  • Sustainability

    Dyson places great importance on sustainability. You can see that in the packaging, in the monitored supply chains, and in their long-lasting products.

  • Social commitment

    The James Dyson Foundation was established to inspire young people and children and promote innovation, development and entrepreneurship from an early age.


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