Air Up Bottle Review - Testing the viral water bottle (2024)

Air Up Review 2023

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 11 Min.

Do you find normal water boring but can't switch to soft drinks because they're too unhealthy? 🥤

Air Up offers a clever solution.

With a fragrance-filled drinking bottle, tap water can imitate different delicious flavours.

All the taste without calories or sugar – just pure water.

But does this groundbreaking gadget live up to its promise?

We put it to the test. Read on to find out if it's worth buying. 👀

Air Up bottle review
  • Sugar-free
  • Zero calories
  • BPA-free bottle
  • Diverse fragrance options
  • Encourages increased water intake, particularly for kids
  • Can aid in weight reduction
  • Leak-proof only when using the screw cap
  • Not suitable for dishwashers
  • Fragrance pod activation can be a bit cumbersome
  • You may gulp down some air while drinking
  • Flavour is not as strong as traditional drinks like Coca-Cola or Sprite

Most important points at a glance

  • With the Air Up water bottle, you can enjoy water infused with flavour
  • It's a more environmentally friendly choice than traditional soft drinks
  • Not a substitute for traditional soft drinks
  • Wide range of flavours available
  • Starter kit on offer, which includes the drink bottle and a selection of fragrance pods in different flavours

Who invented Air Up?

Air Up is a unique idea that started in Munich, Germany. 🇩🇪

The innovative idea was launched in 2019 by five dynamic individuals: Lena Jüngst, Tim Jäger, Jannis Koppitz, Fabian Schlang, and Simon Nüesch.

Their goal was to help people drink less soft drinks while protecting the environment.

Their idea even caught the eye of some big names from the German TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen".
After a special event in 2018, investors like Frank Thelen and Ralf Dümmel took notice and decided to invest in their start-up early on.

How does the Air Up bottle work?

About 80% of your taste is related to your sense of smell. This phenomenon is called retronasal olfaction.

Certain smells travel from the back of your throat to your nose when you drink.

Air Up hydration system
Air Up’s hydration system Image: © Smart Home Fox

This method lets you trick your brain into thinking there's flavour, even when you're only drinking water.💧
Air Up uses special scent pods to impart these smells to the water, making you think you taste flavours.

Testing the Air Up flavour

We tried several Air Up fragrance capsules to understand the flavours better.

We couldn't try them all as there are more than 30 options. 😲

The Air Up pods currently contain the following flavours:

  • Kola
  • Cherry Kola
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry
  • Virgin Mojito
  • Raspberry-Lemon
  • Apple
  • Mango Passion Fruit
  • Orange Passion Fruit
  • Blackcurrant
  • Pineapple
  • Basil-Lemon
  • Peach
  • Orangeade
  • Lemon
  • Ice Tea Peach
  • Lime
  • Orange-Vanilla
  • Strawberry-Lemongrass
  • Elderflower
  • Sweet Coconut
  • Honeydew Melon
  • Lavender Lemonade
  • Strawberry-Balsamic
  • Guava
  • White Peach Smoothie
  • Wild Berry
  • Iced Coffee
Air Up flavour pods collection
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Our favourite Air Up flavours

While testing the Air Up bottle, we tried different flavour pods. 😋

Of course, taste varies from person to person, and what one person likes, another may not.

Nevertheless, we would like to share our experience of the taste of Air Up with you.

Here are the flavours we liked best:

  • Orange-Passion Fruit, which felt tropical
  • Watermelon, that was refreshing
  • And Wild Berry, which tasted just like mixed berries

Comparing the different Air Up flavours

Air Up offers various flavours, each giving you a unique water taste.

Air Up flavour pods comparison
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Here is our take on the tested flavour pods.

Orange Passion Fruit pod

Orange Passion Fruit was our favourite of the Air Up flavours we tried. 🍊

Air Up flavour pod - orange passionfruit
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Even though these pods taste light, this one felt fruity and fresh.

It's like a little tropical touch in your water.

Watermelon pod

Watermelon has easily secured its place as one of our top choices. 🍉

It may not taste exactly like a watermelon, but it's close.

Air Up flavour pod - Watermelon
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Plus, it feels stronger than some other pods we've tried.

Wild Berry pod

As the name suggests, the Wild Berry pod tastes like berries. 🫐

Air Up flavour pod - Wild Berry
Image: © Smart Home Fox

We found it delicious, one of our favourites from Air Up.

Peach pod

We liked the taste of the peach pod. 🍑

Air Up flavour pod - Peach
Image: © Smart Home Fox

But it doesn't taste as strong as the normal peach iced tea we're used to.
It's good but not strong enough to compete with a classic iced tea.

Lime pod

When we tried the Lime Pod for the first time, it seemed a bit artificial in taste. 🍋

But as time passed, it tasted more like a real lime.

Air Up flavour pod - Lime
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Still, it didn't quite have the strong, refreshing effect we had hoped for.

If you squeeze a fresh lime into your water, it might taste even better.

Orange Vanilla Swirl pod

We weren't big fans of the orange-vanilla swirl. 😕
It tastes a lot like the creamy sweets you find in the shops and is quite strong.

Air Up flavour pod - Orange Vanilla swirl
Image: © Smart Home Fox

It feels like Air Up tried to capture a milkshake feeling. 🥛

But with water, we prefer a refreshing taste.

Raspberry Lemon pod

Initially, the Raspberry-Lemon flavour exuded a peculiar, somewhat artificial flavour that was difficult to determine. 🍓

Over time, the taste seemed to fade.

Air Up flavour pod - Raspberry-lemon
Image: © Smart Home Fox

The unusual taste shone through every now and then, but it was difficult to describe.

Unfortunately, this taste didn't quite strike a chord with us.

How strong is the flavour from Air Up's pods?

At first, we thought Air Up might have the taste of ordinary soft drinks, but it's more like flavoured water from the shop.

However, the taste changes depending on the type of water.
Carbonated water seems to enhance the taste of the pod more than still water. 💦

Tip: You'll get a stronger taste if you inhale through your nose as you sip.

How long do Air Up pod last?

How long can you expect an Air Up Pod to last? At a price of about £2 per pod, that's a fair question. 💷

Air Up claims that one pod can flavour about 5 litres of water.

That's about 4 days if you drink 1.5 litres a day.

However, our test found that the flavour wears off after about 3 litres. ☹️

It's still there, just not as strong as at the beginning.

Testing the Air Up water bottle

On the Air Up website, we found two bottle options to choose from.

One is a 650 ml plastic bottle available in five different colours.

The other option is a stainless steel bottle that comes in two sizes, 480ml and 850ml, and two colours.

Whichever you choose, you'll get a pack of three flavour pads to go with it. 😋

The Air Up bottle is essential for the system to function properly.

What material is the Air Up bottle made of?

The original Air Up bottle holds 650 ml and is made of BPA-free Tritan.

This material is known to be safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Construction of the Air Up bottle
The original Air Up bottle is made from safe, BPA-free Tritan. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Assembling the bottle is also very easy.

Tip: To preserve the bottle's condition, don't put it in the dishwasher.

The mouthpiece of the Air Up drinking bottle is made of the same safe silicone that is used in dummies for babies. 👶🏼

Mouthpiece of the Air Up bottle
The Air Up bottle's mouthpiece is made of safe silicone. Image: © Smart Home Fox

Its sturdy lid is made of ABS plastic.
The lid can be put on quickly thanks to the practical quick-release function.

Lid of the Air Up bottle
The lid of the Air Up bottle is made from ABS plastic. Image: © Smart Home Fox

However, to prevent spillage, you should make sure the lid is screwed on tightly. 🫗

How does the drinking bottle work? - A step-by-step guide

Using the Air Up bottle is easier than it seems at first glance.

First, fill the Air Up bottle with water.

Filling the Air Up bottle with water
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Push the straw deep into the mouthpiece.

Inserting the drinking straw into the mouthpiece of the Air Up bottle
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Then, put the mouthpiece and the straw back into the bottle.

Attaching the mouthpiece and drinking straw to the Air Up bottle
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Attach the fragrance pod to the mouthpiece.

Attaching the flavour pod to the Air Up bottle
Image: © Smart Home Fox

If you want to deactivate the flavour pod, simply press the mouthpiece down.

Deactivating the flavour pod on the Air Up bottle
Image: © Smart Home Fox

To enjoy the flavour while drinking, slightly lift the pod up.

Activating the flavour pod on the Air Up bottle
Image: © Smart Home Fox

Now it's time to sip.

Tip: Draw the water up through the straw instead of tilting the bottle.

Not getting any flavour from the Air Up bottle - What should you do?

If your Air Up bottle doesn't deliver the expected taste, here's a quick troubleshooting checklist:

  • Make sure you've set up the bottle with our instructions guide.
  • Ensure you have activated the pod correctly,
  • Double-check the straw's placement - it should touch the mouthpiece's end.
  • Try a different Pod to rule out any problems.
  • Take the bottle apart and reassemble it, ensuring everything is seated properly.

Reviews on Air Up from customer organisations

Air Up is a German company and was featured in a "mini test report" by Stiftung Warentest . 🇩🇪

This organisation, based in Germany, is known for its impartial reviews and comparisons of products and services.

They examined how Air Up works, which flavours are offered and whether the company keeps its advertising promises.

Here is a simple breakdown of their findings:

  • The group tested different flavours like Raspberry-Lemon and Orange-Vanilla. The use of sparkling water made the taste even better.
  • Although Air Up says its scents are "natural", not all come from the fruit itself. Some are made up of natural compounds that simply taste like fruit.
  • Orange Vanilla Bean caused a stir because although it is advertised as a "natural flavouring", analysis revealed Piperonal, a synthetic flavouring.
  • The plastic bottle passed the tests without containing any harmful substances.
  • Although Air Up claims to do without additives, the test found carriers and solubilisers in the flavour pods.

Stiftung Warentest, therefore, believes that Air Up could be ideal for anyone who has difficulty drinking enough water. 👧🏼

However, not all elements in the pods are natural.

This may clash with some consumers' perceptions of the packaging and promotional material.
In addition, while the product offers a unique experience, the pods have an environmental cost due to plastic waste. 🌎

Who should buy the Air Up drinking bottle?

Air Up is an innovative product.

Let's see who this bottle is best for.

Good option for minimal water drinkers and soda lovers

Air Up might be right for you if you're not a big fan of plain water or love carbonated drinks. 🧃

It adds a touch of flavour and helps you drink more water.

And if you're a fan of carbonated drinks like Coke or Fanta, Air Up offers a healthier alternative that lets you enjoy a delicious drink without the added sugar and calories.

Great for people looking to lose weight

If you're trying to lose weight, the Air Up bottle can be a great help.
Instead of sugary drinks, you get tasty water without extra calories or sugar. 🧁

Drinking plenty of water is always good for weight loss.

And when you drink a lot of water, you feel less hungry and have more energy.

Should you buy the Air Up starter set or the Air Up flavour pods?

If you don't know the Air Up hydration system yet, start with the complete set. 📦

But if you already have the bottle, you can buy just the flavour pods.

You can get these pods individually or in a pack of three, depending on how many you need.

The starter set

The starter set we looked at contains a plain, anthracite-coloured bottle and three flavour pods. 🍊

Other flavours are also available if you want to try something different.

Air Up starter set
The Air Up starter kit includes a 650 ml bottle and three flavour pods. Image: © Smart Home Fox

This set is the perfect introduction for those who don't know Air Up yet.

You get the main bottle and a few flavours to get you started.

The fragrance pods

You get them in sets of three, perfect for those who already have their favourites.

If you already have an Air Up bottle, this is a good choice.

Where can you buy Air Up?

If you're looking for Air Up products, you can find them in two main places.

The official Air Up site is always stocked with the latest items. 🛍️

If you shop on Amazon, you'll be happy to know that the Air Up range is also available there.

Is Air Up bad for your health?

You can drink plain water with a hint of flavour with Air Up. This makes it suitable for people with allergies or diabetes. 🤧

But is Air Up really safe?

A study by Stiftung Warentest found that it poses no health risks.

The Air Up bottle contained no signs of harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A or benzene.

Nevertheless, it's advisable to protect all plastic bottles, including those of Air Up, from prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat. 🌞

The capsules contain flavour carriers and solubilisers, which aren't harmful.

Even though these carriers are technically additives, they aren't of concern.

It's worth noting that the "natural flavours" in the pods don't always come directly from the fruits indicated on the packaging.

They're rather fruit-inspired flavours, not exact replicas.

Air Up can be a helpful tool for anyone with trouble drinking enough water. 💦

However, you should be aware that the fruit illustrations on the pods don't necessarily correspond to the exact taste.

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to regular water, infused water might be a better option than Air Up.

Is Air Up good for the environment?

The main goal of Air Up is to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles, which is a step forward for our planet. 🌏

The Air Up bottle is made of Tritan plastic and is designed to last a long time.
Tritan is known for its durability, making it a better option than disposable bottles.

Air Up good for environment
Image: © Smart Home Fox

However, it should be noted that these bottles are made in China, which could raise concerns about the energy sources used (e.g. coal).
Plastic, including Tritan, pollutes the environment if not properly recycled.

Another factor of concern is disposable aroma pods.

They're packaged individually, which leads to more waste. 🍬

And since they're consumed frequently, more resources are used over time.

If we look at the bigger picture, Air Up could reduce plastic waste compared to single-use bottles.

But compared to using glass or other reusable bottles, Air Up's environmental footprint isn't the best. 🐾

This is especially true when you consider the plastic of the pods, their packaging, and the carbon emissions of transport.

Alternatives to Air Up

Air Up isn’t the only solution if you’re seeking water that is flavoured without any added sugars or calories.

Other brands have developed their methods, such as using flavour cubes. 🧊

Many of these companies also pay attention to sustainability in producing their products.

Let's explore some other options on the market:


Special feature

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Fienza Starter Set

Works on the same principle as the Air Up

Bottle is made of high-quality, BPA-free Tritan plastic

Leak proof design

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Waterdrop Starter Set

Bottles crafted from glass or metal

Flavour cubes without sugar or synthetic additives

Contains natural extracts from fruits and plants, along with vitamins

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Hydracy Bottle

Made with organic stevia and natural berry extracts

Provides all the vitamins you need for a day

No sugar or calories

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Should you buy the Air Up bottle?

If you're considering the Air Up bottle, here's our experience after trying it out.

The idea behind Air Up is spot on. 💯

With the fragrance pods, your water takes on a hint of various flavours, and there's a wide range to choose from.

Yet, while Air Up suggests it can replace fizzy drinks like cola, we felt the flavour could be stronger.

It's more similar to gently flavoured water rather than a full-on soda.

Price-wise, starting at just under £35 for the bottle and £4.99 for three pods, it's not the most economical if you compare it to plain water.

But compared to fruit juices, you might save some cash. 🤑

On the sustainability front, opinions might differ.

It's not as green as filling a reusable bottle with tap water.

Yet, when you stack it against traditional bottled soft drinks, the reduced plastic and carbon footprint make it a greener choice.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you place the Air Up bottle in the dishwasher?

    You can put the mouthpiece and the straw of the Air Up bottle in the dishwasher. 🧽

    The bottle is best washed by hand with water and a mild detergent.
    Don't worry if you notice a slight plastic smell - it should fade after the first wash.

  • Can you fill the Air Up bottle with sparkling water?

    You can fill the Air Up bottle with sparkling water.

    The bottle has a special pressure equalisation valve to cope with the pressure of carbonated drinks.

    However, using tap water is a greener choice. ♻️
    However, the bottle isn't suitable for other drinks such as tea or juice.

  • Is BPA harmful?

    Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, is a chemical that can affect how your body works.

    It's unsafe for children who are still growing and developing. 👶🏼
    Fortunately, the Air Up drinking bottle doesn't contain BPA, making it a safe choice.

  • Where is Air Up manufactured?

    The main bottle of Air Up is manufactured in Asia. 🌏

    Meanwhile, the ingredients that give the pods their taste come straight from Germany.

  • How much does an Air Up bottle cost?

    When choosing Air Up bottles, there are a few options to choose from.

    The Classic bottle made of Tritan costs £24.99. 💷

    If you prefer a smaller stainless steel version, the 480 ml steel bottle costs £44.99.
    However, if you're looking for a larger capacity with the same robust stainless steel finish, the 850 ml Steel bottle is available for £54.99.

  • Is Air Up carcinogenic?

    Based on current knowledge, Air Up appears to be safe.

    Several tests have shown that the fragrances released don't contain carcinogenic elements.

    Air Up is pure water with a hint of scent. 💦



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