Shark FlexStyle review UK (2024) - Is this really a Dyson airwrap dupe?

Last updated: 03.05.2023 Reading time: 12 Min.

Curls, waves, straight hair or a chic salon-quality blowout - what will it be today?

With the new Shark FlexStyle 5-in-1 hair styler and dryer, you'll be spoilt for choice! 🤩

And the best part?

Instead of high temperatures, the unit only works with hot air!

This is to prevent damaging your hair during styling and make it look healthier and stronger in the long run. 😇

That's a lot of promises.

That's why we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the Shark FlexStyle for ourselves!

Here we put the device through its paces for you in our test. 👇

  • Shark
    Price from   £ 270 £ (299.99 )
    A 5-in-1 hair styler and dryer.
    A 5-in-1 hair styler and dryer.


  • Gentle styling thanks to Coanda effect
  • Less hair damage
  • Easy handling
  • Jointed wand
  • Great styling results
  • Long cable with flexible swivel joint


  • No ion technology
  • No cleaning tool included

Most important points at a glance:

  • UK release date: October 2022
  • 5-in-1 hair styler and dryer
  • For curls, straight hair and blowout hairstyles
  • Power: 1,400 watts
  • 3 temperature settings + cold setting
  • 3 airflow settings
  • With heat sensor

Testing the Shark FlexStyle Air Styling

The Shark FlexStyle claims to be able to whip up the most diverse styles with ease.

From hair-drying to straightening and natural-looking curls, everything should be possible.

We wanted to see how the TikTok-viral hair styler performed with our own eyes.

So in our styling test, we demanded everything from the Shark FlexStyle air styler and dryer. 👇

The Shark FlexStyle for curls

Thanks to its curling attachments, the Shark FlexStyle should be able to give your hair bouncy curls with ease.

We wanted to see that for ourselves.

Info: Our test subject for this test has medium length, thick, blond hair. 👩

You can see the curls styled with the Shark FlexStyle.
You can see the curls with the Shark FlexStyle.

The result: The curls fall soft and shiny. 🤩

Compared to results from conventional curlers, the curls are somewhat less defined.

But they look particularly natural. And your hair is exposed to far less heat during the styling process.

This will keep your hair stronger and healthier in the long run.

And let's face it, we all want healthy and shiny hair at the end of the day. 👸🤴

Two attachments for curls in opposing directions

Curls look particularly natural when they alternate in different directions.

To make this possible, the Shark FlexStyle comes with 2 attachments - one for left-handed curls and one for right-handed curls. 🙌

We’ll go into detail on what the handling of the Shark FlexStyle is like below. 🤓

How long does it take to curl hair?

It took our tester about 30 minutes to curl her medium-length hair with the Shark FlexStyle.

With a little practice, however, you need less time.

In comparison: Styling is somewhat faster with a conventional appliance (about 15 minutes). On the other hand, those hair stylers are also much hotter.

How long did the curls last?

In our test, the curls lasted for about 2 days.

With a conventional curler, on the other hand, you might get a little longer out of them.

Info: In our test, we used the medium heat setting for styling to style the hair particularly gently. At higher temperatures, however, the curls often last a little longer. 🤓

Straight hair with the Shark FlexStyle

The Shark FlexStyle not only allows you to curl your hair, but also to straighten it.

A paddle brush is included in the package contents for this purpose.

In our test, it made our test subject's hair nice and straight.

Info: Our tester has thick, long, untreated hair. 👩

You can see the straight hair with the Shark FlexStyle.
Straight hair

The paddle brush attachment definitely makes the hair nice and smooth.

However, the results cannot compete with those of a conventional straightening iron.

After styling with the Shark FlexStyle, our tester's hair was still relatively voluminous. There was also a bit of frizz still visible.

In our opinion, this makes the hair look particularly natural. 😌

Straightening with the Shark FlexStyle is far gentler on your hair than with a conventional straightener.

Salon-quality blowouts

When we use a hairdryer and brush at home, the results are rarely as beautiful as when we go to the hairdresser.

Thanks to the oval brush attachment, such blowout hairstyles are now much easier to achieve.

Tip: This attachment is also particularly suitable for creating more volume at the roots or fringes. 🦊

You can see how a blowout hairstyle is styled with the Shark FlexStyle.

Once you get used to using this attachment, you can create great hairstyles in no time.

We love: Instead of having to hold a brush in one hand and a hairdryer in the other, you now only need the Shark FlexStyle. This makes styling much easier. 💪

Check out how the brush attachment is used. 👇

The Shark FlexStyle drying system

If you're in a hurry and don't have time for elaborate styling, you can also use the Shark FlexStyle as a hairdryer.

There are 2 drying attachments for you:

  • Styling concentrator (for a concentrated air flow)
  • Diffuser (for defining curls)
You can see how the hair is dried with the Shark FlexStyle.
Styling concentrator

While testing out the hairdryer with the concentrator, our tester's hair dried quickly.

Compared to a conventional hair dryer, the hair felt particularly soft and smooth. 😊

Info: You can also use the Shark FlexStyle without the attachment to dry your hair. 💡

Our conclusion on styling with the Shark FlexStyle

Beautiful hairstyles are very quick and easy to create with the Shark FlexStyle.

We were especially thrilled with the natural-looking curls.

But the appliance is also ideal for straightening, blowouts or simply for drying the hair.

As the Shark FlexStyle works with warm air, the hair looks particularly healthy and shiny.

Curls are not quite as defined as with a conventional curler and straight hair is not quite as smooth as with a straightener, but your hair will remain strong and healthy in the long run! 🤩

Ease of use of the Shark FlexStyle

The Shark FlexStyle advertises particularly easy styling while drying your hair at the same time.

In addition, the device comes with many different styling attachments:

  • Concentrator
  • Diffuser
  • Oval brush
  • Paddle brush
  • 2 curling barrels

In this video from the manufacturer, all the attachments are presented individually. 👇

With so many options, it's hard to know where to start.

So let’s take a closer look at the different attachments and their use. 👇

The Shark Flexstyle itself

The Shark Flexstyle itself is elongated and comes with a joint that can be angled at 90°.

This is to make styling particularly simple and flexible.

Instead of twisting your arms, you can simply bend the device. This way you can reach all sides of your head without any problems. 🙌

There's only one thing left to say: great job, Shark!

You can see the Shark FlexStyle.
Not angled
You can see the Shark FlexStyle angled.

The various attachments can now be attached to the unit.

Then it's time to start styling.

Info: To switch attachments, there is a sliding button at the top of the appliance. 💡

Step 1: Prepare your hair with the styling concentrator

With the concentrator attachment, the Shark FlexStyle can be used like a hairdryer.

This attachment creates a concentrated airflow that dries your hair in no time.

You can rotate the attachment 360° and style your hair from different directions. It is also possible to use the appliance without any attachment as a hairdryer. 👍

You can see the Shark FlexStyle with its concentrator attachment.
Concentrator attachment

Hair dries faster and looks healthier after using the styling concentrator than with a conventional blow-dryer.

If you want to continue working with one of the other attachments, your hair should remain slightly damp. 💦

Now you can use the following attachments:

  • Curling barrels for curls
  • Paddle brush for straight hair
  • Oval brush for bouncy blow-dries
Good to know: If you have curly or wavy hair, the diffuser attachment is suitable for drying your hair. 💡

We recommend using conditioning products to further protect your hair.

Argan Oil*

Diffuser for drying curly and coily hair

If you have particularly curly or wavy hair, you will know that a normal hairdryer doesn’t always achieve the best results for your hair type.

But Shark has thought ahead here and includes a special diffuser attachment! 🤩

The prongs reach deep into the hair, right to the roots. This allows you to define your hair very well during drying.

You can see the diffuser attachment of the Shark FlexStyle.

The diffuser attachment has extendable prongs, making it suitable for all lengths.

The result: great curls from root to tip. 👩🦱

Here we show you how to use the curl-defining diffuser:

Paddle brush for straightening your hair

You can use the paddle brush to straighten your hair.

Tip: For best results, your hair should still be slightly damp. A spray bottle can also be used to add some moisture back. 🦊

Spray Bottle*

You can see the paddle brush of the Shark FlexStyle.
Paddle brush

The warm air volumises your hair, while the brush smooths it beautifully.

The hair may not be as straight as with a conventional straightener, but it looks more natural and healthier. 🙌

You can see the paddle brush of the Shark FlexStyle.
left: air-dried; right: with paddle brush
Tip: If you have frizzy hair, we recommend quickly straightening the hair with the paddle brush first. This way, less hair sticks out and you can continue working with the curling attachments more easily.

Here you can see the paddle brush in use:

Curling barrels for curling your hair

Our favourite attachments included with the Shark FlexStyle are definitely the two curling attachments.

They can be used to create beautiful, soft and natural curls. 🤩

Info: 2 curling barrels are included, one for right-handed and one for left-handed curls. For curls in different directions, the attachment must be changed. 🤓

You can see the unstyled hair.
Hair up

Thanks to the innovative Coanda effect, styling with these curling attachments is extremely easy.

All you have to do is hold the end of your hair strand against the attachment.

Then, thanks to the special airflow technology, the strand wraps around the attachment all by itself.

Good to know: If the section of hair you try to curl is a little too wide, the excess hair slips off the barrel by itself. 👍

You can see a finished curl of the Shark FlexStyle.
Curl Barrel

When all the hair is wound onto the attachment, we recommend moving the appliance back and forth slightly.

After a few seconds (max. 30 seconds) you can switch off the Shark FlexStyle.

Carefully pull the device out of the curl. The hair will slide down and you can admire the finished curl.

Tip: Turn on the cool shot button for a few seconds before pulling the wand out of the hair. This way you’ll achieve particularly great results. 🦊

You can see the finished curls with the Shark FlexStyle.

Tip: When styling with higher temperatures, the curls usually become a little tighter. To protect your hair, however, we recommend always starting with the lowest temperature. 🦊

After cooling, lightly run your fingers through the finished curls. This will help you achieve a more natural look.

Here you can see how to use the curl attachments. 👇

The Shark FlexStyle is easier to use than a conventional curling wand.

Next, we would like to offer you some tips on how to make the styling process even easier. 🦊

Section off your hair for easier styling

When it comes to styling the back of the head in particular, the front hair often obscures the view.

Individual strands are constantly in the way, quite annoying....

To prevent this, we recommend that you pin your hair up.

You can see the curling attachments of the Shark FlexStyle.
Curl Attachment

This way you can work on individual sections without other hair getting in the way. 🙌

Curl your hair in different directions

To create a particularly natural look, we recommend curling your hair in different directions.

For this purpose, 2 attachments are included in your order.

Caution: To create this natural look, you constantly need to stop and start to change the attachments. This can be a bit annoying. ❗️

You can see the curling attachments of the Shark FlexStyle.
Curl attachments

The attachments are labelled with an "R" for right and an "L" for left, according to which direction the curl is styled.

Tip: Your hairstyle looks even more amazing when the first face-framing curls gently twist away from your face. 🦊

Start with the lowest temperature level

Although you can achieve better styling results with higher heat, your hair will be more stressed. 🥵

For this reason, we generally recommend starting with the lowest heat level.

Only increase the temperature if you are not satisfied with the styling results at a lower temperature.

Tip: We recommend also using a heat protection spray. 🦊

Buy GHD Heat Protector Spray*

Oval Brush for Blowout Hairstyles

As the name suggests, this brush has an oval shape.

Its use is similar to that of a conventional round brush.

This way you can create beautiful blowout hairstyles just like at the hairdresser's.

But instead of a hairdryer in one hand and a brush in the other, all you need is the Shark FlexStyle.

You can see how the oval brush is used.
Oval brush

By blowing warm air from inside the brush onto your hair, you can create volume.

Detangling bristles in the centre of the brush attachment comb your hair in the process.

The smoothing bristles on the side edges provide extra tension and shine.

Info: In our test, it took us a little while to get to grips with the attachment. However, in contrast to conventional styling with a hairdryer and brush, the Shark FlexStyle is much easier to use. 👍

Our conclusion on using the Shark FlexStyle

We looked at the Shark FlexStyle in detail for our review.

Compared to conventional curlers and straighteners, we find it much easier to use.

We are particularly enthusiastic about the ability to angle the device by 90°. This means that even hard-to-reach areas at the back of the head can be styled without any problems. 🤩

On top of that, the Shark FlexStyle is also particularly gentle on your hair.

Suitable care products:

Gentle styling with hot air

The biggest selling point for the Shark FlexStyle is probably its particularly gentle styling.

In contrast to conventional straighteners and curlers, it doesn’t use particularly high temperatures.

Instead, the unit only works with hot air. 💨

We’ll explain exactly how that works below.

Info: The Shark FlexStyle has an output of 1,400 watts. 💡

Styling and drying in one thanks to Coanda effect

The Shark FlexStyle features the innovative Coanda effect.

This automatically attracts your hair to the curl attachments and wraps it around them.

Unlike conventional curling irons, you don't have to curl your hair by hand.

What is the Coanda effect?

The Coanda effect is a phenomenon that describes how a fluid jet flows along a surface. If the surface is curved, the fluid jet does not simply flow straight on, but follows the curvature of the surface.

In the case of the Shark FlexStyle, it is not a fluid jet, but a stream of air. This flows along the round curling attachments and thus attracts the hair.

But this innovative technology is also used for the brush attachments.

Auto-wrap curlers achieve a smooth and shiny finish.

We felt the Shark FlexStyle was missing the innovative ionic technology that provides extra shine. ⚠️

Smart heat sensor for the right temperature

The Shark FlexStyle comes with 3 different blower settings and 3 temperature settings plus a cold setting.

A heat sensor checks the temperature up to 1,000 times per second. 🤯

This ensures that your hair is not exposed to any more heat than necessary.

How much heat can your hair take?

In general, your hair should not be exposed to temperatures above 170 °C. Only very thick hair can withstand temperatures of up to 220 °C. However, if you regularly style your hair at such high temperatures, it could be irreparably damaged.

The Shark FlexStyle works with far less heat than conventional devices.

Tip: Nevertheless, we recommend that you also use a heat protection spray during styling. 🦊

Buy GHD Heat Protector Spray*

High volume of the Shark FlexStyle

In our test, we found that the Shark FlexStyle gets quite loud.

Since the hair tool works with hot air, this is to be expected.

But when we measured it, we were surprised. The unit gets up to 87.5 decibels loud. 📢

You can see the volume of the Shark FlexStyle.

This volume is roughly equivalent to that of a piano concerto or a hairdryer.

To put that in perspective: Employers in the UK must provide their employees with hearing protection from volumes starting at 85 decibels. 👂

You can see the volume of the Shark Flexstyle represented by a graph.
Volume: up to 87.5 dB

To protect your hearing, it is recommended to wear earplugs during styling.

Suitable accessories for sensitive hearing

Design review of the Shark FlexStyle

We naturally also looked at the design, quality and workmanship of the Shark FlexStyle for our review.

With such a premium-class device, expectations are naturally high.

The 5-in-1 hair styler and dryer is supplied in a black box. 🎁

You can see the storage case of the Shark FlexStyle.
Package contents
You can see the storage case of the Shark FlexStyle.
Storage case

In our opinion, the leather look zipped box has a very high-quality appearance!

Info: We used the unit in the colour "Stone" for testing. ✨

Appearance and finish of the Shark FlexStyle

The Shark FlexStyle in Stone colour comes in a matt silver with shiny accents.

The attachments are in the same colour. 🌈

You can see the Shark FlexStyle.
Shark FlexStyle Unit

All in all, the device looks very good, we did not notice any flaws in the workmanship. 🤩

The Shark FlexStyle attachments

The attachments of the Shark FlexStyle also look high-quality and well-made.

They can be easily swapped out using the slide switch at the top of the unit. 🙌

You can see the Shark FlexStyle with its attachment.
You can see how to change the attachment of the Shark FlexStyle.
Changing the attachment

In our test, however, we noticed that the attachments wiggle slightly on the device.

But this was neither annoying nor did it have a negative impact on the styling.

How much does the Shark FlexStyle weigh?

The Shark FlexStyle weighs about 650 grams including the cable.

You can see the weight of the Shark FlexStyle.

This definitely makes it one of the heavier hairstylers.

So for longer styling, your arm might get a little tired. 💪

The dimensions of the unit are:

  • Height: 4.57 cm
  • Depth: 34.3 cm
  • Width: 4.57 cm

Controls of the Shark FlexStyle

The Shark FlexStyle comes with different controls. 👇

You can see the controls of the Shark FlexStyle.
  1. Switch on / off
  2. Temperature levels (3 choices)
  3. Fan speeds (3 choices)
  4. Cold setting
The selected temperature or fan level can be read from the small LED lights. 👍

However, when using the appliance, we found that the buttons at the bottom of the appliance are not so easy to reach. 😕

It would have been better to place the 3 lower buttons further up, next to the cold air button. The button for activating the cold air setting is very easy to access with your thumb.

In addition, there are also two other controls at the top of the unit. 👇

You can see the controls of the Shark FlexStyle.
  1. Slider for angling the unit
  2. Slider for changing the attachments

Altering the angle of the upper end of the Shark FlexStyle is a breeze.

We find this feature especially great! It allows you to style the hair on the back of your head without having to contort yourself. 🥳

Operating the Shark FlexStyle is simple and intuitive.

Our experience with the Shark FlexStyle flexible cable

The cable of the hair styler is just under 2.7 metres long and is attached to the lower end of the appliance with a swivel joint.

You can see the flexible cable of the Shark FlexStyle.
Flexible cable

The flexible cable can be rotated 360°.

That way, you won't get tangled up in it during styling! 🙌

Our experience with the Shark FlexStyle design

Overall, the design of the Shark FlexStyle is well thought out. The device is of high quality and is easy to operate. 🥳

We would only have wished that the controls were a little easier to reach.

Package contents - Everything included

The Shark FlexStyle comes with everything you need. 👇

You can see the scope of delivery of the Shark FlexStyle.

  1. Shark FlexStyle
  2. Curling barrels
  3. Concentrator
  4. Diffuser
  5. Oval brush
  6. Paddle brush

The unit is delivered in a chic storage case. In addition, an instruction manual is included in the box.

The brand also gives a 2-year guarantee on the device. 👍

You can see the instructions for the Shark FlexStyle.
Styling guide

Now, let’s have a look at everything that’s included in the box in a bit more detail. 👇

1. The Shark FlexStyle Unit

The most important tool is of course the Shark FlexStyle itself.

Depending on how you want to style your hair, the different accessories can be attached.

Info: The appliance can also be used as a hairdryer without any attachment. 💡

You can see the Shark FlexStyle.
Shark FlexStyle

2. Two curling attachments

The package also includes 2 attachments for curling your hair, one attachment for left-handed and one for right-handed curls.

A small label at the top of the barrels provides information about the direction in which the curl is turned with the respective attachment.

You can see the curling attachments of the Shark FlexStyle.
Curling attachments

3. Styling concentrator

The concentrator attachment is suitable for drying your hair.

The concentrated airflow enables precise styling during drying.

We love: The attachment can be rotated 360°. 👍

You can see the concentrator attachment of the Shark FlexStyle.
Concentrator attachment

4. Diffuser

This attachment is designed to dry and define curly and wavy hair.

The teeth of this diffuser are extendable, making it suitable for hair of different lengths. 🙌

You can see the diffuser attachment of the Shark FlexStyle.
Diffuser attachment

5. Oval Brush

The oval brush can be used to create great blowout hairstyles.

Detangling bristles comb the hair, side bristles tames flyaways and add shine.

Important: It takes some practice to achieve great results with this attachment. ❗️
You can see the oval brush of the Shark FlexStyle.
Oval brush

6. The Paddle Brush

You can straighten your hair with the paddle brush.

Smoothing bristles provide extra tension and shine.

 You can see the paddle brush of the Shark FlexStyle.
Paddle brush

Also included: the storage case

The storage case is not just ideal for displaying your hair styler in the bathroom.

It’s also ideal for travelling with the Shark FlexStyle.

Especially great: There is a separate area in the box for each of the attachments. So everything is in good hands. 👍

You can see the storage case of the Shark FlexStyle.
Storage case
You can see the inside of the Shark FlexStyle storage case.
Storage case from inside

How to clean the Shark FlexStyle

To ensure that you enjoy your hair tool for a long time, it is recommended that you clean it regularly.

But don't worry, cleaning the Shark FlexStyle only takes a few moments. 😇

Here we’ll explain how to carry out maintenance.

Cleaning the filter

The filter is located at the bottom of the unit where the cable is attached.

This is how you clean it:

  1. Make sure that the Shark FlexStyle is not plugged in.
  2. Simply slide the filter cover off in the direction of the cable.
  3. Now the filter is exposed.
  4. Use a clean toothbrush to brush dust and other debris from the filter. Always brush in the direction of the cable.
  5. Also clean the cover of the filter with the toothbrush. The holes should be free of dust and dirt.
  6. Slide the cover back over the filter.
  7. Done. 🥳
You can see the filter of the Shark FlexStyle.
Cleaning the filter
Info: A cleaning tool for cleaning the filter is not included. However, you can get the filter nice and clean with a toothbrush. 🤓

Wipe the curl attachments and the diffuser.

The curling attachments and diffuser can be easily wiped clean with a damp microfibre cloth.

This keeps the attachments spotless! ✨

How often does the Shark FlexStyle need to be cleaned?

How often the Shark FlexStyle needs to be cleaned depends, of course, on how often you use it.

If used regularly, we recommend cleaning the filter once a month.

Our experience with cleaning the Shark FlexStyle

Cleaning the Shark FlexStyle takes only a few moments.

If done regularly, your hair tool will stay beautiful and you can enjoy it for a long time. 🥳

How to get SharkFlexStyle curls to hold

Unlike conventional appliances, the Shark FlexStyle styles with hot air instead of high temperatures. 💨

This will protect your hair in the long run and keep it healthy and strong.

However, the styling results also differ from those of conventional hair stylers. In our experience, the curls are a little looser with the Shark FlexStyle than with a conventional curling wand.

With the paddle brush, the hair is also not quite as straight as with a conventional straightener.

In our opinion, hairstyles with the Shark FlexStyle look particularly natural. The hair shines and looks strong and healthy.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your hairstyle last a little longer. 🦊

Use Shark FlexStyle on damp hair

This multistyler isn’t as effective on dry hair.

With the Shark FlexStyle, the best results can be achieved when your hair is still a little damp. 💦

If necessary, it is advisable to re-moisturise the hair with a spray bottle during styling.

Spray Bottle*

Tie your hair up at night

If you tie your curls up overnight, they will usually last up to several days.

You can easily put your hair in a bun before you go to bed at night.

Tip: To avoid kinks in the hair, we recommend using a special silk scrunchie. 👱‍♀️

Silk Hair Ties*

Hands off your curls

Many of us have the habit of constantly running our fingers through our own hair.

Unfortunately, this habit causes curls to fall out more quickly.

That means: Hands off your curls!

Use hairspray to set the hair

Hairspray is also a good way to make your curls last longer.

But be sparing with the use of hairspray. If you use too much, your hair can quickly look stiff.

Tip: You can also add some hairspray to the hair before styling. 🦊

got2b Hairspray*

Our product recommendations for longer-lasting curls:

Price of the Shark FlexStyle in the UK

As a 5-in-1 hair styler and dryer, you can style many different hairstyles with a single appliance.

Of course, it comes with a price.

At market launch, the Shark FlexStyle costs £299.99. 💶

Is it worth the price tag?

In our opinion, yes. After all, with this hair styler you don't need a hairdryer, a straightener, a curling iron or a hot brush.

The Shark FlexStyle combines the functions of these devices.

If you like to style your hair frequently, it's definitely worth the investment. 🥳

And on top of that, the device is especially gentle on your hair.

The Shark FlexStyle review UK - Our conclusion

A hairdryer, curling iron, straightener and hot air brush all in one - that's what the new 5-in-1 hair styler and dryer from Shark promises.

We took a close look at the Shark FlexStyle for our review and were thrilled! 🤩

It’s incredibly easy to produce great hairstyles with this tool, even without any experience:

  • Curls and waves
  • Straight hair
  • Bouncy blowouts

Your hair is dried and blow-dried at the same time.

But that’s not all!

Instead of using high temperatures, the Shark FlexStyle works with hot air. This protects your hair and keeps it strong and healthy.

So if you style your hair often, we can definitely recommend the Shark FlexStyle! 🚀

Contact the brand

Customer service:

0800 862 0453 or email

Available from:

Monday – Friday between 8am and 8pm

Saturday between 9am and 7pm

Sunday and UK Bank Holidays between 10am and 6:30pm

Read more

  • Who is behind Shark?

    SharkNinja is a US company that manufactures household appliances. The company is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, USA. 

    Since 2022, the manufacturer has also offered hairdryers and stylers under its "Shark Beauty" category.

  • When is the Shark FlexStyle available in the UK?

    The Shark FlexStyle was launched in the UK in October 2022.

  • Where can I buy the Shark FlexStyle in the UK?

    You can buy the Shark FlexStyle directly from our website. The link will take you directly to Amazon UK, where you can complete your purchase.

  • What can the Shark FlexStyle do?

    With the Shark FlexStyle you can dry and straighten your hair, make curls or achieve modern blowout hairstyles. It also comes with a diffuser attachment for defining curly hair.

  • Does the Shark FlexStyle damage your hair?

    As soon as your hair is exposed to heat, it is stressed. However, unlike conventional curling wands and straighteners, the Shark FlexStyle works with much lower temperatures. To style your hair, the device only uses hot air. This way, your hair is protected in the best possible way and remains healthy and strong in the long run.

  • Is the Shark Flexstyle a Dyson airwrap dupe?

    Having tested both products, we can say the Shark FlexStyle hair styler is definitely a dupe for the Dyson airwrap. With the many different attachments, the Coanda effect technology and less-damaging hot-air styling, this 5-in-1 hairstyle from Shark features a lot of the main attractions of the Dyson airwrap.

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