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Can you make phone calls with Alexa in the UK?

UK Review: Can Alexa make phone calls? Everything you need to know (2022)


Last updated: 14.06.2022 3 Min.

It's hard to imagine our lives without Alexa.

But did you know that you can also make phone calls with Alexa Echo in the UK? 📞

There are many options available to you: Video calls, phone calls to landlines and mobiles and even worldwide Skype calls! 🌏

We take a look at the different options together in our UK review.

Let's go.?

Smart fox makes phone calls with Alexa Echo

An overview of all the essential points

You can use the following communication options with Alexa in the UK:

  • Alexa Echo <> Alexa Echo (also with video)
  • Alexa App <> Alexa Echo device
  • Calling with Alexa in the fixed network (Echo Connect)
  • Making calls with Alexa in the mobile network (Vodafone OneNumber)
  • Make calls with "Alexa Echo" in the car
  • Send voice messages

Can Alexa make phone calls in the UK?

Setting up the phone function

To make phone calls comfortably with the help of Alexa, you must first set up the cell phone function in the Alexa app (iOS / Android).

Don't worry. The set-up process will take no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Open the Alexa app (note: make sure you installed the latest version of the app)
  • Select the menu item "Communication". This looks like a speech bubble and can be found at the very bottom of the bar ?
  • Next, tap on 'Call'
  • You will then be asked to enter your mobile phone number
  • You will now receive an activation code on your mobile phone - enter this code in the app
  • The Alexa app will ask you whether you want to synchronise your contacts. We recommend confirming this.

That's it. Now you are ready to make and receive calls with your Alexa device!

The set-up process's confirmation code is entered in the Alexa app.

An internet connection is required to make phone calls with an Alexa Echo device.

Whenever you make a call, the Alexa Echo speaker and the Amazon Alexa mobile app will ring simultaneously on the recipient's phone.

Make a phone call with Alexa: The following options are available to you:

  • Alexa to Alexa
  • Drop-In Calls
  • Alexa > Skype Calls
  • Call landlines with Alexa (Echo Connect)
  • Can Alexa call a mobile phone (Vodafone OneNumber)
  • Calling with Alexa in the car
  • Send voice or text messages

Interested in one of these topics? Read on to find out more. ?

Making a call from one Alexa device to another Alexa device

The easiest and most intuitive way to make phone calls with Alexa in the UK is "Alexa to Alexa calling".

The smart fox makes phone calls via the Alexa Echo

You must have an Amazon Echo Speaker (Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show) or the Alexa app on your phone to make calls.

Making calls by voice command

You can give Alexa the command to call a contact:

For example, "Alexa, call James Smith".

Alexa will dial the number. The ring on your Amazon Alexa Echo device lights up green (this signals to you that a call is being made). ?

A call is made via the Alexa mobile app, with the ring light of the Echo device glowing green.

It is essential to pronounce the name exactly as it’s saved in your contact list.

To end the call, say: "Alexa, hang up" or "Alexa, end the call".

Accepting / rejecting a call

As soon as a call comes in on your Echo device, the ring lights up green. 🟢

You can also hear a ringing sound, and your smart speaker announces the caller's name.

Now you can accept or reject incoming calls:

"Alexa, accept call",

or "Alexa, ignore the call".

Making a call using the Alexa app

Alternatively, you can make a call using the Alexa mobile app. Here’s what you have to do:

  • First, open the app and select the menu button "Communication"
  • Next, click on the "Contact icon" in the top right corner - here you will find all your contacts
  • Select the desired contact and start the call

Set up video calls with Alexa

Using Alexa Echo Show you can make video phone calls in the UK.

A video call is made on the Alexa Echo Show device.

During the phone call, you can turn the video off or on again at any time:

"Alexa, turn on video".

"Alexa, turn the video off".

You can use the following Echo Show devices for video calls. 👇

Drop-In Calls

You can use the "Drop-in" function on "Echo" and "Echo Show" devices.

Simply said, the "Drop-In" function allows you to make a call on an Amazon Echo device without accepting first.

This means you can call up the Echo Show in the living room while on the move and, for example, check up on grandma/grandpa.

Furthermore, the Amazon Echo devices could be used as an "intercom" for announcements in a larger household thanks to the drop-in function. e.g. "dinner will be served in 10 minutes".

The drop-in function is controversial in the UK. However, it could help supervise older adults, people in need of care or small children.

A baby is seen on the Amazon Echo Show device.

Setting up the "Drop-In" function

Don't worry: "The drop-in function" must be explicitly allowed.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile phone and select the "Communication" menu item at the bottom.
  • Select the item "Contacts".

You can now specify for each contact (blue slider) whether they should have "drop-in access" to your Alexa Echo devices.

You can also use Alexa to call landlines ☎

The magic word is Echo Connect.

Echo Connect is on the floor

Alexa devices can now make and receive calls to and from a landline number with the Echo Connect.

The Echo Connect acts as a kind of gateway or bridge between Amazon Alexa and the landline.

The Smart Fox asks the question of whether it’s possible to make calls to landlines with an Alexa Echo.

Here's how to set up Alexa:

First, connect the Echo Connect to the router or your phone.

Now connect your Alexa to the Echo Connect by following the set-up steps in the Alexa app.

Echo Connect is connected to the modem

Sometimes, there are difficulties with installing the Echo Connect. If you have any problems, Amazon customer service in the UK is always ready to help.

You can also call or receive hands-free calls from friends on the landline via your Alexa device.

The person you are calling doesn’t necessarily have to own an Alexa Echo device or the Alexa app.

The quality sometimes isn’t great. Especially if you are a little further away from the Amazon Echo, the person you are talking to has difficulty understanding you.

Link your mobile phone to an Alexa Echo device

Another option is to use the mobile network on the Echo device.

It’s shown that you can also call a mobile phone using an Amazon Alexa Echo device.

In the Uk, this is currently only possible with the mobile phone provider "Vodafone" and "OneNumber Calling".

The person being called does not need an Alexa Echo device or an Alexa app.

To activate the service, you must carry out the following steps:

  • Open the following window: "More" > "Settings" > "Communication".
  • Select the item "Vodafone" and complete the individual registration steps.

Once the service is set up, you can make calls via Alexa to a mobile number or receive calls without holding your phone.

"Alexa, call James Smith on his mobile".

There are no additional costs for you when making calls via OneNumber Calling.

This is because your Vodafone mobile phone contract is still valid. This means that if you have a flat rate, Alexa calls via OneNumber are also included in the rate.

Even when your smartphone is switched off, you can now make and receive calls.

With Alexa, you can also make Skype calls

Thanks to the cooperation, it’s now possible to make Skype calls with Alexa.

It’s shown that it is also possible to make Skype calls with Alexa Echo devices.

Set up Skype on your Echo device

You need to follow these steps to set it up:

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.

Link your Skype account with Alexa as follows: "More" > "Settings" > "Communication" > "Link with Skype".

Log in with your Microsoft account (Note: Use the exact log-in details as your Skype account).

Now you can use Alexa to call your Skype contacts or receive Skype calls:

Start call: "Alexa, call Charles Edward on Skype".

When you receive a Skype call (recognisable by the "classic Skype ringing sound"), simply say: "Alexa, accept the call".

If you want to make a Skype call, please note that the word "Skype" appears in the voice command.❗

Skype calls with Alexa are available in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom and USA.


Skype is one of the most popular communication tools in the world. 🌍

If you link Alexa to your Skype account, you can also make calls abroad.

You can do this without sitting at your computer or holding a mobile phone. That’s very practical! ✅

Skype calls with Alexa are free. 🆓

Making calls in the car with Alexa Echo ?

With the Amazon Echo for your car, you can install the smart assistant in your car at a later date.

The entire scope of delivery of the Amazon Echo for your car is on the floor.

The handy device is attached to the dashboard and can be powered via the 12 V connection (cigarette lighter) or a USB plug.

Amazon Alexa Echo for the car is attached to the dashboard.

The audio can be played through the following channels as desired:

  • Car sound system (via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm AUX cable).
  • Mobile phone speaker
P.S.: Your smartphone must also be in the car, as the "Echo Auto" uses the data volume of the mobile phone.

Now you can access all the normal Alexa functions:

"Alexa, play my favourite music".

"Alexa, what's the weather going to be like today?"

It also makes hands-free phone calls in the car possible. When you see incoming calls that can’t wait, you can still take them! 📞

In our experience, the idea is not bad. The calls and the operation with "Alexa Car" also worked quite well.

However, if you open the Alexa app on your mobile phone and activate the "Hands-Free Mode", the usual possibilities of Alexa voice control are also available to you.

You have to decide for yourself whether you need the "Amazon Echo for the car".

Sending messages with Alexa in the UK

If you don't feel like making a phone call, you can also send voice or text messages.

Send a voice message

Like Whatsapp, you can send voice messages: "Alexa, send a message to Mary Jones". 📩

Alternatively, you can also send a voice message via the Alexa app.

To do this, go to "Communication" and select "Message" in the menu bar at the top.

Now you can select the contact and speak or type in the message. Easy!

The recipient is informed of the receipt via the Alexa app and the Echo device (yellow ring lights up).

Making calls with Alexa in the UK: our conclusion

Amazon hits the spot with the possibility to make phone calls via Alexa.

Many different options are available in the UK:

  • Video or voice call
  • Alexa App <> Alexa Echo device
  • Telephone calls in the landline network (Echo Connect)
  • Calling a mobile network (Vodafone OneNumber)
  • Alexa <> Skype
  • Making calls in the car with "Alexa Echo Auto
  • Sending voice or text messages

In our independent review, making calls with Alexa worked quite well.

Many British smart home fans swear by the advantages, and for them, it’s hard to imagine making phone calls without Alexa.

The more the voice assistant settles in UK households, the more exciting calling via Alexa will become in practice!

More on the topic

  • Activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode

    If you don’t want to receive calls/messages, you can put Alexa into "Do Not Disturb Mode" ("Alexa, switch to Do Not Disturb Mode"). 

    You can end this mode by saying: "Alexa, end do not disturb mode".

  • Can you also call an ambulance or the police with Alexa?

    No, you cannot use Alexa to call emergency services in the UK.

  • How much will it cost me to make a call with Alexa?

    Making calls with an Amazon Alexa Echo device is free. However, you do need wi-fi. 

    There are also options for making calls with Alexa in the mobile radio network (Vodafone One Number) or the fixed network (Echo Connect).

    In that case, a fixed network or phone contract is needed.


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