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Smartwatches on Black Friday / Cyber Monday: Find the best deals in the UK here! (2024)

Black Friday Smartwatch Deals

Last updated: 24.11.2023 Reading time: 8 Min.

Smartwatches offer you extensive support for your sport and everyday life. ⌚

However, they aren't cheap. You'll quickly have to dish out several hundred pounds.

Fortunately, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. 🎉

On these offer days you can save up to 50% when buying a watch. 🤑

But don't hesitate too long, check out the deals here.👇

Black Friday Smartwatch Deals
  • Samsung
    Black Friday Deals
    The best Samsung Black Friday Deals on Amazon. 🥳
    Black Friday Deals
    The best Samsung Black Friday Deals on Amazon. 🥳
  • Smartwatch Black Friday Deals
    Get the best smartwatch Black Friday Deals on Amazon! ⌚️
    Smartwatch Black Friday Deals
    Get the best smartwatch Black Friday Deals on Amazon! ⌚️

Best Smartwatch Black Friday deals (2023)

We've compiled the best Black Friday smartwatch deals just for you. 🤑

PS: These deals are called "lightning offers" - act quickly before they're gone! ⚡️

Delivery problems on Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

Due to the current supply bottlenecks, there may be delivery problems for certain product groups on Black Friday.

Technical products in particular are more affected due to the chip shortage.

Therefore, the motto for this year's Black Friday is: Buy fast while stocks last. ⚡️

More Black Friday Smartwatch offers (2023)

There are now countless smartwatch manufacturers. And they all participate in the Black Friday discount battle.

Below you'll find an overview of other top offers.👇

Best Deals for Android Smartwatches on Black Friday

Android smartphones are widely used. Therefore, the corresponding smartwatches with the Wear OS are also very popular.

P.S.: Check out the best Android smartwatches and get inspired.

Here are the best deals on Black Friday. 👇

Best Black Friday Bargains for iOS Smartwatches

If you have an iPhone with iOS operating system, the in-house Apple Watches offer you the best support.

Get the best price with our Black Friday Deals. 👇

Samsung Smartwach on Black Friday

Samsung's smartwatches are among the best on the market right now.⌚️

For Android owners, there's currently no better complement to the smartphone.

Here are our best Black Friday deals. 🤩

Fitbit Smartwatches: Black Friday Deals

Fitbit's comprehensive fitness trackers and fitness wristbands are also currently enjoying great popularity.

The smart watches and wristbands record all kinds of health and fitness data. 👇

For athletes: Fitness tracker on offer on Black Friday

Fitness trackers and special sports smartwatches are very popular among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

More info here: Best fitness smartwatch.

Find the best Black Friday deals here. 👇

What is Black Friday (Cyber Monday)?

Black Friday" has become a household name in recent years.

Black Friday falls on the last Friday in November (one day after the traditional Thanksgiving holiday. The holiday is very popular for shopping.

On this day, manufacturers and (online) stores outbid each other with their offers. Bargain prices with up to 80% discount aren't uncommon.

The economic significance of Black Friday cannot be underestimated. Billions in sales are generated worldwide on just one day.

If you can't find the right smartwatch deal on Black Friday, don't despair. Cyber Monday and the entire Cyber Week are a great opportunity to get your favorite watch at a great price.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday dates 2023 📆

You can mark the following dates in bold on your calendar.

  • "Pre-Black Friday" period 2023: 25th October to 23rd November
  • Black Week 2023: 20th November to 26th November
  • Black Friday 2023: 24th November
  • Black Weekend 2023: 25th November and 26th November
  • Cyber Monday 2023: 27th November

Overview of other Black Friday offers (2023)

Black Friday is the sales event of the year

In addition to smartwatches, there will be plenty of other products on sale at low prices.

Browse around a bit and get inspired. 👇

The best smartwatch deals on Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2023

Black Friday is here.

Here are the best smartwatch deals.👇


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