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The best Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for vacuum cleaner robots (2024)

Robot Vacuum Friday Deals

Last updated: 18.10.2023 Reading time: 9 Min.

The shopping event of the year is just around the corner. Black Friday will take place on November 24th. In 2023, vacuum robots will once again be among the mega bargains. 🤩

But even before and after Black Friday (Cyber Monday / Cyber Week) there's no shortage of discounts.

However, it's not always easy to keep track of everything.

We've compiled an overview of the best robot vacuum cleaner offers for you. 💰

PS: The offers are only valid for a short time. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity! ⏱

The best Dyson deals and offers for Black Friday and Black Week.

Best Black Friday vacuum robot deals 2023

We've compiled the top Black Friday vacuum robot deals just for you. 🤑

PS: These deals are called "lightning offers" - act quickly before they're gone! ⚡️

What is Black Friday all about?

Black Friday is a worldwide phenomenon and THE undisputed shopping event of the year. Numerous top offers (limited to 24 hours) are waiting for you!

But what's actually behind Black Friday? 🤔

The Black Friday shopping event usually takes place on the fourth Friday in November.

It falls on the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday thus heralds the traditional family weekend and the start of the Christmas season.

Many Americans use Black Friday as a bridge day to get their first Christmas shopping done. 🎅🏻

Many retailers entice customers with incredible offers and top deals.

And customers don't miss out on this super event.

Sometimes, queues that stretch for miles form in front of shops hours or even days before they open.

Inside the shops themselves, unbelievable, turbulent scenes ensue. No one wants to miss out on the best discounts.

Black Friday as a "worldwide phenomenon" and also increasingly popular in the UK

Black Friday has also become a real phenomenon in the UK.

Especially in online retail, manufacturers outbid each other with discounts to woo customers. 🤑

If you missed Black Friday - don't worry!

Cyber Monday and the following Cyber Week are also waiting for you with great offers.

Experts expect record sales in the billions again in 2023.

Don't miss out - an overview of all dates for 2023!

The best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals in 2023 are expected to be available in the following periods:

  • Black Week 2023: 20th November to 26th November
  • Black Friday 2023: 24th November
  • Black Weekend 2023: 25th November and 26th November
  • Cyber Monday 2023: 27th November

Amazon UK: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week

On Black Friday, Cyber Monday and during Cyber Week you can also find numerous robot vacuum cleaner deals on Amazon UK.

But that's not all.

Amazon goes one step further and offers great robot vacuum cleaner deals already (from 25th October to 23rd November) as part of the "Early Black Friday Deals".

What you should look out for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner on Black Friday (Cyber Monday)

If you're looking for a new robot vacuum cleaner, the mega deals around Black Friday are the best opportunity to get one.

Before buying a robot vacuum cleaner, however, there are a few things to consider.

With our checklist, you will have the most important criteria at hand.

  • Good cleaning performance
  • Do you want a mopping function?
  • Fast and seamless navigation
  • Multi-map storage (important for houses with multiple floors)
  • Battery power
  • Volume
  • Control of the robot vacuum cleaner and range of functions (quality of the mobile app)
  • Quality of workmanship and dimensions of the robot vacuum cleaner
  • Price/performance ratio

In the following sections, we'll go into more detail about the individual points. 👇🏻

Cleaning performance

The most important criterion for a robot vacuum cleaner is its cleaning performance.

This can vary depending on the floor covering (hard floor / carpet).

In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner should cope well with all types of dirt (coarse dirt or fine dirt).

But how do I know if the cleaning performance of the robot vacuum cleaner of my choice is good or bad? 🤔

We recommend you take a look at our extensive reviews.

We test the cleaning performance of the robot vacuum cleaners in a specially developed test environment, but also in everyday life situations.

You can find an overview of the best robot vacuums here: "The best robot vacuums review".

Want an integrated mopping function?

Robot vacuums with an integrated mopping function are becoming increasingly popular. 🧽

There's a reason for that.

Because the so-called "combination models" (or "2-in-1 models") have a big advantage.

They can vacuum and mop in one operation.

That saves you time and effort.

We've compiled everything you need to know and the best models for you in our detailed "Robot vacuum with mop function review”.

Efficient and seamless navigation

In addition to cleaning performance, efficient and seamless navigation is the name of the game for a robot vacuum cleaner.

After all, if your new household helper skips rooms, then the device is less useful.

We recommend choosing a robot vacuum cleaner with laser or camera-based navigation technology.

Both types of navigation ensure structured, fast and seamless navigation.

The advantage of laser navigation is that it's slightly faster. Also, you can have your apartment cleaned in low-light conditions without any problems.

Multi-map storage

Especially if you live in a house with multiple floors, you should make sure that your new robot vacuum cleaner can store multiple maps. 🗺️

This makes daily floor cleaning in a multi-story house much easier.

Battery power

Battery power also plays a crucial role when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner.

It determines how long the robot vacuum cleaner can clean your home without interruption.

This is especially important if you live in a large house/apartment.

Modern robot vacuum cleaners usually have a 5200 mAh battery installed. Depending on the model, this is enough for up to 3 hours of cleaning at a time. ⏳


A robot vacuum cleaner should work as quietly as possible.

With many robot vacuum cleaners, you have the option of setting different suction power levels.

It's self-explanatory that the volume of the robot vacuum cleaner depends on the selected suction level. 📣

Simple rule: If you want the robot vacuum cleaner to work quietly, then reduce the suction power.

Many robot vacuum cleaners have a volume between 50 and 60 dB.

At this volume, you can talk or watch a movie in the same room (at a higher volume).

How the app works (or how to control the robot vacuum cleaner)

The robot vacuum cleaner can usually be controlled via an app.

The mobile app of a robot vacuum cleaner represents the brain, so to speak, and makes the device really "smart". 📱

There are sometimes serious differences in smartphone apps.

Make sure that the app offers the most important functions and is easy to use at the same time.

Any good robot vacuum cleaner app should have the following functions:

  • Map storage
  • Room separation or merging
  • Definition of exclusion zones
  • Creation of a cleaning plan
  • Selection of different suction modes
  • Single room cleaning

Quality of workmanship and dimensions

You should like the quality and design of your robot vacuum cleaner.

We also recommend paying special attention to the height.

Will the robot vacuum cleaner really fit under the couch?

Of course, you don't want any negative surprises here, because that's where a lot of dirt is usually hidden.


Quality has its price.

This only applies to vacuum cleaner robots to a limited extent.

The times when you'd to spend far more than £1000 for a robot vacuum cleaner are long gone. 💷

Absolute top devices are already available at a price of £250 - £400.

Especially on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, numerous top vacuum cleaner offers are expected again.

Our advice: Use the opportunity and grab it. You won't have a better opportunity this year. 🦊

More Black Friday deals

Besides robot vacuums, many other items will be available at great discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Browse around and discover exciting deals. 👇

Robot hoovers on Black Friday / Cyber Monday: Great offers are waiting for you!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers numerous top deals for robot vacuum cleaners.

Discounts of up to 50% aren't uncommon.

The offers are limited in time. ⏳

Our advice: Act fast and grab those deals! If you wait, you might miss out on the bargains.


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